An Immortal Promise

Short Summary: Very AU! 1537. Jane Seymour is married to King Henry VIII while Anne Boleyn was spared from the executioner's block has been sent into exile. Although, when Henry invites Anne to the court for Christmas, she meets the mysterious Count Dracula, whose presence drives her to very edge of temptation, is determined to win her heart and soul - no matter the cost.

Detailed Summary: Very AU! 1537. Jane Seymour is married to King Henry VIII while Anne Boleyn who was spared from the executioner's block is put under house arrest at Hever Castle. While in exile, Anne begins to have visions of an enigmatic stranger who whispers of forbidden pleasures in her dreams. It is only when she is summoned back to court for Christmas that Anne meets the mysterious Count Dracula, who resembles the stranger from her dreams, who is also determined to win her heart and soul - no matter the cost.

Pairing: Henry/Anne/Dracula

Rating: T

Disclaimer: I do not own any Tudor characters or Dracula.

Author's Note: NO FLAMES! I use them to cook marsh mellows. Okay, I am republishing this! I liked it the first time but it needed some work. I plan on expanding this as much as I can. Be kind to me, this is my first Dracula story and I think this is the only one with Anne Boleyn in it. They are both complicated characters and it is so hard writing them together but I can tell it will be worth it. Also, I plan on writing an original story line to this idea for a novel! This is the fan fiction version while I also brainstorm for the original version. Wish me luck!

Chapter One: Whispers in the Dark
Chapter Summary - Anne felt alone in this world until a stranger come to her in her dreams.

15th December 1537
Hever Castle, England

The icy breath of winter covered half of the English countryside leaving the luscious green land white and void of life. It signaled that winter and Christmas was on its way. It was supposed to mean that a joyous time of year was here, although sometimes, it was a time of despair for some people. Far off in the countryside stood the Hever Castle, the home of the dishonored Boleyn family, only four of them remained alive.

Mary Boleyn was happily married living with her husband at Rochford Hall in Essex while the other sister Anne Boleyn remained under lock and key at her family home. George Boleyn had been executed while Thomas Boleyn left for his earldom to enjoy the rest of his miserable life.

The only other Boleyn was the Lady Elizabeth who lived in exile at Hatfield castle but even worse, Henry kept his the toddler-aged daughter away from her mother. Elizabeth, Anne's only reason for living, was being kept out of sight, hidden as if she were a dirty little secret.

Up in the tallest room of the tower, Anne Boleyn, the Marquess of Pembroke, the unwanted wife of King Henry VIII stood abandoned, alone and under house arrest.

On her facial features, a frown stood where a smile use to be.

Snowflakes flew gracefully upon her window. The snow on the ground blanketed the land; it was just as cold as her heart was. She looked at the grey filled sky. Anne had been content to die, ready to face death and welcome it with open arms as a long lost lover. Only an hour before her execution Master Kingston, her jailer, came to inform her that the King had decided to be merciful declaring she would be spared death but sent away in disgrace.

Anne hated Henry for being so cruel. To live with the knowledge of her failure and the hatred bore to her person was the most punishment every imaginable. Anne had had been prepared to die with the only dignity she had left.

Anne wept so often at the thought of her daughter alone, cold and abandoned by her father. Now, she understood what Katherine had gone through. Anne often prayed for salvation of her sins against Mary and her mother. Surely, God would give her another chance if he was truly merciful. Anne turned away from the icy window with her breath evident in the air.

Her house was chilling to the bone. No fire burned in the stony fire places offering no warmth at all. It was how Anne liked it - cold and unfeeling. If she felt the warmth of a fire, it reminded her of what she did not have, the warmth of love in her cold heart.

Henry ordered that she would receive no letters or visitors, even Nan her ever-faithful friend left her to work for the new queen, that little wench of a woman. Jane Seymour thought she triumphed but in a few months Henry would see straight through that little meek of a woman and leave her as he did with Anne.

That was until Anne heard that Jane had fallen pregnant. If Jane did not produce a son, than she would be abandoned too maybe even worse is she failed? It was only a matter of time.

No matter how many sons Henry produced with Jane, they would never compare with her precious daughter. The scholars had predicted her child would bring about a golden age. Anne knew in her heart that Elizabeth would be that ruler who would led them into an golden age.

Anne slowly ran her hand through her dark tussles with a heavy sigh as she glided silently across the balcony to look down into the main room. Guards were position everywhere with the servants scattered about merely hired by him to control her.

The hours would pass slowly as Anne wondered about her home silently as if she were a ghost. The guards paid no mind to her presence. They could care less. They only cared for the money from the King. Slowly Anne walked up to her old bedchamber undressing herself for bed. Lifting the covers, she fell asleep, letting herself become lost in her dreams.


It was quiet.

She was in a garden. The moonlight shone through the trees onto her skin making it glow brightly. A fog covered the ground as she walked into a maze, mystified by the beauty. The flowers; all white glowed in the lunar shadow. It seemed so surreal. Slowly as she began to walk down the path, the maze of bushes began to sway. A strange breeze came in front of her blowing her nicely kept hair free of its bun and it tumbled down her back.

She felt the breeze pulling her deeper into the maze.

Her heart began to beat faster.

As she rounded a corner, Anne gasped even more. In the center of the maze was a beautiful water fountain. The white marble shinned. Soft raindrops feel on her cheek. Only a few seconds later, it began to rain harder.

Anne could not explain what came over her body but suddenly it began to dance around in circles as if she were a child. Raising her arms towards the sky, she spun around in circles feeling the rain cover her body completely. She laughed for the first time in a year.

A man's chuckle filled the air but Anne paid no mind. It was as if someone watched over her, felt her pain and offered her a moment of true happiness.

As she spun around more than before, intoxicated by the feeling of the rain, her senses heightened, she felt two strong arms come around her waist, lifting her high in the air.

Anne laughed even more. It was as if they were floating, no flying in the rain. Anne laughed even more. 'Anne…' A dark voice spoke and Anne opened her eyes trying to find the source of the voice. Red eyes stared back at her.

Anne's scream filled the air. She quickly turned away from the red eyes and hurried into the labyrinth. The rain beat on her face making it impossible to see clearly. Her breath was started to become ragged as she traveled through the twists and turns of the labyrinth. Anne could not stop. A loud growl filled the air, roaring for his intended mate. Anne gasped in fright. Her heart was pounding so hard it was feeling her eardrums.

She quickly turned a corner but stopped dead in her tracks. The strangest sight came before her. She was in the main banquet room of Whitehall Castle. Many couples danced. She took a deep breath before reaching to her dress.

It was dry. "How is this possible?" She whispered to herself. Her hair was perfectly in place; everything seemed fine. No one however noticed her arrival. It confused her o no end. Could no one see her?

The court twisted and swirled with bright colors all around her as Anne walked through the dance floor. She turned around. No one had come to talk to her. "My lady?" A deep accented voice came behind and made Anne hold her breath. She turned around and -

Anne woke up.

15th December 1537
Castle Dracula, Transylvania

Red eyes of Prince Vlad Dracula snapped opened as the sweet sound of laughter echoed throughout his ears. Within his twenty year sleep, a young woman with dark eyes came to him, dancing. Her black as night hair glistened in the candle light as she twirled on the dance floor upon the dream court, becoming him to her. Her almost black eyes starred straight into him.

Dracula instantly knew who she was, Anne Boleyn the ill-fated Queen of England. Such a passionate fiery soul slowly turned into a lingering ash caused by the fickle love of her husband. She was perfection itself with her long slender neck calling out to him. Her blood fired something deep within him; it was a primal instinct he had not felt in so long. Vlad gasped as he clenched his chest in pain, a faint heartbeat. Anne was making his heart beat again. The vampire lord, Count Dracula chuckled as he walked across the room to the window.

He stared out at his kingdom below.

Across the Mediterranean Sea, over the Carpathian Mountains, deep within a dark forest sat a land of legend, myth and gateway into the supernatural world. Word spread of werewolves prowling into the night looking for victims. They were rumored to do the work of the undead, the cold ones. Vampires.

They prowled into the night feasting on the blood of humans. The most powerful of them all was Count Dracula. The savior of his people a hundred years ago, the dead for all eternity, cursed to die but never die. He ruled over the land sending fear to his subjects' immortal and mortal alike. For the last few years Dracula slept waiting for the day he is needed again.

Dracula ran a hand through his long black hair watching the woman in his mind. Anne, lovely Anne had a daughter. A perfect daughter with bright red hair named Elizabeth. She was going to be a great Queen someday.

Loud hisses came from inside Dracula's castle and he knew his three brides awakened shortly after he did. For twenty years he slept in the earth, tired from emptiness that plagued him. His heart no longer held a beat when he drank the blood of humans. Nothing satisfied him. He desired someone to be his countess; a person who could fill the void in his heart forever. Perhaps make him less bloodthirsty.

His brides cared nothing for him. No one did. He was a monster who prowled the night. Honestly, he cared nothing for his brides. He did care though for his lovely Anne. He wanted to make her smile. He wanted to sweep her away in the night and never let her go.

He had to hurry. He had to go to England. Anne was waiting for him.


"My lord." The eldest of his three brides, Verona stepped forward to him, yearning for his dark embrace. "We have yearned for your presence for so long."

He growled at all of them, making all his brides shriek back in terror. All three of the sisters hid behind the columns of his castle. "Igor!" He bellowed making the whole castle shake.

The hunchback appeared from the entrance, bowing to his dark prince. "Master, you have arisen at last." Igor was one of his many servants and time had not been good to him. The hunchback was even uglier than he was twenty years ago.

Dracula walked past Igor with a smirk on his face. "I am heading to England."

Igor was puzzled, "England master? What resides there?"

Dracula smirked at him, "My future countess."

The three brides wept in sadness. "My lord." Aleera began to cry blood tears. "You promised one of us that we would become your countess." She was desperate. Dracula consumed her soul from the first night she had seen him all those years ago. He was so handsome; she needed to be his equal!

"I choose who my wife is!" He yelled making the very earth shake with unholy power. Aleera hid back behind the columns with her other weeping sisters.

"Who is the lucky lady my lord?" Igor stepped forward directing his master's attention to the object of his focus.

Dracula smiled brightly, making Igor slightly uncomfortable. The master never smiled that way. "Anne Boleyn." Vlad answered his servant.

Igor raised his eyebrows in surprise. 'My lord, I have heard of her dark beauty, I offer my congratulations." He bowed low to his master. He had been portraits of the former Queen Anne from the height of her power.

"Thank you Igor, prepare for my journey to the English coast."

15th December 1537
Hatfield, England

The night rain and it poured. Thunder lit across the sky flashing bright colors. Inside in the darkness, the king's daughter, the four year old Lady Elizabeth sat clutching her doll watching the rain hit her bedroom chamber window. Most children would be afraid of storms but the Lady Elizabeth was fascinated with them. As the rain poured the lightning and thunder clashed. Elizabeth never could tear her eyes from it. ...Elizabeth…

Someone's voice called to her. She curiously walked passed her sleeping ladies and followed the source of the voice. It led her outside; Elizabeth clutched her dolly as she moved around the snow in her slippers.

The thunder flashed in the air making Elizabeth giggled as she dropped her doll. The little girl lifted her arms in the air and spun around in a circle. Suddenly someone grabbed her waist lifting her into the air. Elizabeth laughed with delight. It felt like her papa lifting her into the air as he use to do. He did not do it anymore.

A chuckle filled the air and Elizabeth clutched the stranger's neck giving him a hug. He halted and hugged the little princess back warmly. She sighed happily. It felt wonderful for someone to hold her. "It is alright little princess." It was a foreign accent but Elizabeth did not care. It was warm and loving.

She closed her eyes. "My Papa."

Dracula smiled smoothing the young child's bright red hair. "My Elizabeth." He softly spoke in her ear. The little princess smiled in her sleep.

17th December 1537
Hampton Court Palace, England

Hampton Court in the winter time was beautiful. It left the spirits of many and served as a reminder of happier times ahead. The Lady Anne was in exile for the reminder of her life. The king married the gentle and gracious Queen Jane who was already with child. It would be a golden prince. His Majesty knew in his heart. His eldest daughter, the pearl of his world, Lady Mary was back at court and in his life. He should be happy.

He was not happy.

Each passing day, Henry VIII, King of England, Ireland and France, Defender of the Faith and Supreme head of the Church of England felt like something was missing.

He missed Anne.

He had Jane, whom was calm and obedient everything a wife should be. Although, Anne had been such a big part of his life for many years, Henry just missed her company.

He missed having Anne in his life. He knew that being together was no longer an opinion but he would like to have her friendship back. "I plan on inviting the Lady Anne and my daughter the Lady Elizabeth to court for Christmas." He spoke to Cromwell as he signed some documents concerning his church.

Thomas Cromwell always tripped over his own robe when the King spoke. "The Lady Anne and Lady Elizabeth, Majesty?"

Henry looked up from the table. He stared at Cromwell with hard blue eyes. "Yes," He sat back in the chair. "I have had reports of the Lady Anne and she has not displeased me in anyway. It is about time to let her come to court. Write to her and say that we plan to welcome back with every pleasure as our beloved sister. Also, write to the Lady Bryan about the Lady Elizabeth. Tell her that she is to bring my daughter to court as soon as possible."

Thomas spoke. "Majesty if I may?"

Henry nodded. "Yes?"

Cromwell pulled out a letter addressed to the King. "I have received a letter from the Prince of Transylvania, Count Dracula. He is been traveling the continent and has asked to see the English country side."

The king sat back. "Has he been to France or Spain?"

Cromwell shook his head in a disagreeing manner. "No, he says that those countries don't strike his interest. He rather visits the English soil where a King knows how to rule and do it well. He rather stay away from France and Spain because they are not as mighty as England." The King chuckled heartily.

He liked this Count Dracula.

"Invite him to court. The Queen and I would love to receive him." He waved his hand dismissing his secretary. Thomas bowed to the king and walked out the door.

Why would the king want to invite his old wife to court after the events of last year? Did he not remember the Lady Anne was a witch and deserved to be under house arrest for the rest of her days? Why did he want the Lady Elizabeth to come to court? What was the king planning?

"His Grace, Charles Brandon," The page announced as he bowed.

Henry walked to his friend giving him a hug, "Charles, come sit, tell me how fair you?"

Charles sat down next to his friend, "I am fine Your Majesty. How are you?"

Henry gulped down some wine before speaking, "As fine as can be Charles, but I have something for you to do. I want you to go to Hatfield and bring the Lady Elizabeth to court for Christmas."

Charles nodded to Henry, "I could leave today."

"Good, see to it."

17th December 1537
Hampton Court, Palace, England

Jane Seymour could not become happier. She had a husband who loved her, a stepdaughter who loved her and a son on the way and she was Queen of England. Nothing could ruin this moment. Lady Rochford, widow of George Boleyn sat beside her mistress sewing. "My Lady, have you heard?"

Jane looked up from the cloth she has been sowing. "Yes Lady Rochford?"

Jane Boleyn was very concerned for the Queen. In the days of her pregnancy, the Queen shut herself away for the sake of the child. Due to the king's past history with his wives, it would be expected for the Queen to take every measure to keep this child within her belly or everything would be lost. "I thought your Majesty should know that the King has invited the Lady Anne for Christmas." Jane turned a pale ghostly white.

She shuttered for a minute before calmly putting a smile on her face. "He must do as we will. Remember Lady Rochford, we must always honor and obey. If he wishes for the Lady Anne to come to court then we must welcome her with open arms." Her hands fidgeted before standing up. "Ladies, pardon me but I have grown tired. I am going to lie down for a while."

Her ladies curtsied as she went to her bed chamber and shut the curtain. She sank to her bed and gasped aloud. The King invited Anne Boleyn for Christmas. Jane laid down maybe she needed to rest before she told her brothers. Jane closed her eyes.

Jane was in a garden.

Her blond hair blew with the wind as she walked her hand brushing along the maze walls. Jane pressed her lips together as she came to a fountain. "Little Jane…" She gasped turning around and saw Anne standing behind her with glowing waves. Her long black hair tumbled down her shoulders, her skin as pale as snow and her eyes were as red as blood. "Jane, you must think so highly of yourself." Anne cooed as she stepped forward making Jane step back.

Jane's eyes narrowed at the sight of the witch. "Harlot, I have won and I am going to do what you could not."

Anne stared at her with those eyes. She threw her head back and laughed as if Jane just told her a joke. "You think you have won? Henry will see you are nothing but a meek little mouse that got lucky. He will abandon you as he did me." Anne stepped closer to Jane. "Although there is something I know you don't. Everyone gets what comes to him or her. Yours is coming."

Suddenly something grabbed her and threw Jane into the air. Jane cried, as she slammed into the fountain dripping wet. Her back ached from the impact. Suddenly something was on her. Teeth puckered into her skin. Anne's laughed in the background. Jane could feel her heart slow. She slumped to the ground and she stared up at her attacker.

All she saw was- a flash of white teeth.

She screamed before it launched at her.

The Queen's scream echoed throughout the palace. Her ladies in waiting rushed to her side. Lady Rochford held the Queen as she sobbed. Her whole body was shaking as her hands turned white from clenching them together. Jane felt her neck and found nothing. The dream had been so real that she could still feel the scene of blood about her. She quickly put her hand underneath her dress. Jane pulled her hand out, covered with blood. "Oh my God!" She fainted in Lady Rochford's arms.

"Get the physician!" Jane Boleyn screamed supporting the Queen.

17th December 1537
Hampton Court, Palace, England

The Queen had not miscarried the prince, thank goodness. Now she was confined to her bed chamber until further notice. The Lady Mary Tudor looked up at the cross for comfort, for solstice. Her faith was the only steady aspect in her life at this point. It was the only thing that filled her with warmth. It was the only thing she could really rely on since her mother's death.

Queen Jane was good to her as her sainted mother had always been. Mary prayed for the soul of Jane and for the soul of her little brother. England needed a son on the throne. Mary could teach him about the true faith and being England back from heresy.

Mary crossed herself to cross the room to read a little bit. Mary gazed outside of her chamber windows and noticed the black skies coming from the sea. Mary could felt fear grip her heart.

Something was coming. She just did not know if it was good or evil.