A/N. An idea that popped up based off of the hypothetical and luckily, very unlikely situation that Ash's Pikachu is actually a Shadow Pokemon. Mind you, I hope this never actually happens in the TV show, but I thought it interesting anyways, and I couldn't seem to find a fanfic out there that at least held some portion of this concept. If you find one like that, I'd like to read it.

Summary: After her defeat in the Unova League Ash decides to travel to Orre in search of new challenges, things however take a turn for the strange when, while resting at a small stand in the middle of the desert, she meets skilled trainers Wes and Michael, as well as their strange companion Rui. They claim that her best friend is a Shadow Pokémon, but Ash refuses to believe them. Is what they say true, or are they lying? And could it be possible that an old enemy has reared their ugly head again?

Warning: Fem!Ash fanfic.

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EP 1: Hidden in Shadows PT. 1

Chocolate brown eyes gazed out with barely held excitement from behind short, soon to be horribly wind-swept locks of already messy black hair, watching with silent amazement as the familiar landscapes of dense vegetation and glorious cities and small, though prosperous towns transformed suddenly into sharp and jagged cliffs and mountains, and then just as quickly into seemingly endless expanses of desert, the winds changing just as quickly and to just such an extent as well. It was quite the contrast to what the young, eleven year old pokémon trainer was used to admittedly, having grown up and spent most of her life surrounded by dense vegetation and life, to only have it change so quickly into the exact opposite. But it also promised new things, and hopefully fun adventures for both her and her rather mixed party of pokémon that she currently held in her grasp. The prospect in of itself seemed to only make her more impatient to reach some form of civilization soon, as she tightened her grip on the soft brown feathers of the flying type she was currently using to get across the hot and dry sands of what was known as the Orre Region. It only spurred the pokémon into flying faster as it beat its broad wings twice before picking up speed.

"Pika!" the familiar voice brought a smile to the young girl's face as she dismounted from the back of her pidgeot, feet coming to a crunching stop in the sand as she gave the large bird pokémon a gentle pat on the head for its efforts, before returning it to its pokéball for a long rest.

"You did great Pidgeot." She said to the small, round containment device in her hand, voice soft as she tucked it away for later before turning her attention onto the yellow powerhouse that was her starter pokémon and best friend. "So what do you think Pikachu? Think we can find something interesting to do while here?" she asked as she reached down to pick up the small electric type, giving it a small hug before allowing it to take its normal place on her shoulder as she walked towards the small, rundown train car that had been turned into a rest stop of sorts sometime in the past.

"Pikachu!" her friend called out as he rubbed a red cheek against his own trainer's affectionately, causing the young girl to giggle slightly as she took a seat at one of the bar stools, returning the gesture whole heartedly.

"Well ain't that a rare sight, if'n I ever saw one! So what can I do for ya, little miss?" a large, rough looking man wearing a rather gaudy bandana greeted as he turned his attention to the newly arrived trainer, a big, friendly grin on his face as he placed a menu down in front of her.

"Hmm… I'd like a hamburger with a side of French fries and a large soda please!" she said as she put the menu down after taking a few seconds to quickly skim over the laminated piece of paper.


"Oh, and an omelet… With lots of ketchup." She added on for her partner, giving the electric mouse a scratch between the ears to show that they were both indeed listening to him.

"Ok, got it!" the man replied turning away to begin cooking up the ordered food. "So what's your name little miss, and what in the world would bring someone like you out to this desert?"

"The name's Ash Ketchum, and this is my partner Pikachu." She introduced, giving said pokémon a pat on the head before she continued, "I came to challenge the colosseums."

"I see." The man chuckled at her response, not turning away from what he was doing until he finally finished, setting the piping hot food down in front of the young girl and her pokémon, and watching as both began to dig in excitedly. "Well, you're still a bit far off if it's the colosseums that you're here for, but not too far all the same."

"That's good. So can you explain how the battles work in this region? I heard something about double battles from a friend of mine before coming here."

"Well sure. It's really just as you heard, in all honesty. All the trainers in this region do double battles, basically a trainer against another trainer, and instead of using one pokémon each, they use two."


"Yep, if you're not very good at them, then you better get good fast if you want to take on the colosseums. Otherwise your pokémon are going to get wiped out!" the man finished explaining, watching with a quirked eyebrow as the girl's pikachu all but drowned its omelet in what had to be a bowl's worth of ketchup so it was more red sauce made of tomatoes, rather than an actual meal to be eaten. He had a feeling that he might as well not have prepared the omelet at all and just given the small electric type a ketchup bottle to snack on instead.

"Cool, I like a challenge." Ash spoke up suddenly, dragging the man's attention from the ketchup infested sight in front of him and back towards her. "So do you know where the closest one is?"

"The closest would probably be the one in Phenac City." The man replied, reaching over into a nearby sink to pull out a dirty glass cup and begin cleaning it. "Just head west from here and you'll find it, you really can't miss the place, it's the only oasis for miles around."

"Ah. Ok, I got-"

"Rui, for the last time, you need to stop dressing up my pokémon in those stupid frilly bows!" their conversation was interrupted as a rough looking boy with sandy blond hair walked in through the entrance, looking no older than sixteen at most with sharp yellow eyes and clad in blue trench coat and tight, black pants. Not even a foot behind him, a young girl walked in around the same age, followed shortly their after by three familiar looking pokémon, and a young boy maybe a year older than Ash herself with wild, spiky red hair.

"They are not stupid Wes, they make them look cute!" The girl loudly objected, her voice borderline worthy of making a scene within the small rest stop.

"Cute? Cute? Half of the pokémon you stick those things on are boys for Arceus' sake!" the first boy, Wes, yelled out, voice dripping with a combination of disbelief and exasperation. "I can't even believe I'm having this conversation with you!" he finished, throwing his hands up in seeming defeat as he plopped he turned to face her, expression vehement and just as stubborn as the girl herself. They were about to continue further when the sound of laughter reached their ears, causing them to turn their combined attention onto Ash, who was currently working very hard, and failing exceptionally at trying to contain her laughter.

"I told you guys not to argue."

"Oh shut it, Michael. I'm shocked you're not yelling at Rui too, with what she did to your Aggron." Wes barked at the younger boy, looking completely exhausted from having dealt with their female companion.

"Jovi does the same thing all the time, and it's not just the Aggron either."

"Wes, Rui, Michael! Long time no see!" the rough man from before called out, officially ending whatever argument would've arose without his intervention, as he drew their attention towards him.

"Hey there Old Man. How's it going?" Wes replied, a grin coming to his face as he plopped himself down in the seat next to Ash, giving the man a one handed wave in the process.

"Good, what brings you three here?"

"Just decided to stop by really. Oh, and Michael wanted to stock up on pokéballs, seems he's gotten obsessed with those pokéspots lately and ran right out!" he replied, motioning with his head towards the aforementioned as said boy pulled himself into a seat as well.

"I see. Well, we just got a new shipment of some dive balls and ultra balls in. Take your pick!"

Nobody seemed to notice as the girl, Rui, seemed to gain a sort of fixation with Ash's Pikachu, the look she was giving it going completely overlooked as she stared at it with a strange sort of mix between fear and wonder.

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