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Chapter 1: The Story

"2000 years old….."

"The earth, just new to the world flourished in everlasting light and purity"

" The power of Magic had not yet been discovered, People dance, people sang, and all was blissful."


"One Night….One terrible, dreadful night, a monster came to attack the helpless naked apes. Its body the size of the moon, that flew on two wings. Its tormented roars echoing throughout the land."

"It raged terrible storms and powerful Flames across the continent, killing thousands in the process. Many believed that God's wrath was now raining down on them, and their sins."

"But when all hope was lost, a man stood up from a tiny village in the west. His head held high and proud as the monster rained its terrible destruction within his borders. Not once was he frightened."

"His name was …..Demetrius…"

"Coool" the children said in awe.

"Continue the story Levy-chan!"

"Levy smiled "Alright"

"Demetrius was a Nobel priest from his village, and through the power he thought to be God, he unleashed a magnificent force, destroying everything in his path."

"People ran screaming in terror of the power mad priest who then turned to attack the humans."

"Within his power of destruction, a single light appeared into the sky, centering itself over Demetrius's head. A voice echoed throughout his head"

"Nobel priest" The voice said 'You were chosen by the Gods'

"Demetrius had asked the voice what they meant, and in response, the light grew brighter around him. 'With powers unknown to all of life, you shall lead us into a new age….an age of Magic!"

Suddenly Demetrius felt his body grow in size, and his muscles tensed up. He felt a strange flow of energy stream into him, and suddenly his body erupted into a rainbow of light."

"From then on, Demetrius vowed to use his new found powers for the sake of humanity. He began to teach the younger kids about the mystic magic that god bestowed on him."

"Life went on, and eventually that small village that Demetrius came from, was born into a mighty country, by the name of Fiore."

"The Age of Mages's had begun."

"The End" Levy said, shutting the book on her lap.

"You can't seriously be telling me that's it Levy-chan!" Romeo protested. He sat next to Wendy on the ground, listening intently to Levy's story, his eyes wide in awe.

"What ever happened to Demetrius Levy-san?" Wendy asked in a small child like voice

Levy smiled underneath her glasses, point her finger to the ceiling "Well no one really knows Wendy, but the book says he eventually died, and was reincarnated through the circle of Life. He might be alive to this day!"

"Hmp! What a bunch of crap!" A rough voice snorted next to her, and Levy jumped slightly. Turning around, she realized that her face was dangerously close to a certain red eyed Dragon slayers.

She felt the blood rise up in her face, and she could hear her own heart beat thumping loudly. She squealed slightly, jumping off of her chair, and staring down at him.

Gajeel looked up at Levy, his face bored "Eh? What's up with you shorty?"

"You-You Baka!" she stammered "Don't come up from behind me like that!" She let out a long sigh "I Hate that he is able to make my heart beat that fast!"

Gajeel just snorted "Whatever! Im going out on a job." He turned his back to her and waved.

'W-wait!" Levy called out, quickly saying goodbye to Wendy and Romeo. When she caught up to Gajeel, she smiled sweetly up at him.

"Need any help for the job?" she asked, placing her hands behind her head. Both she and Gajeel walked out of the guild doors, and he glanced at her.

"Psh! I'm fine on my own Shorty. Just stay here will ya!?" He began to walk down the street

Levy groaned running up with him "Aww come on you baka! You know Jet and Droy went to train for a while! I'm too weak to go out by myself, Plus…" she smiled innocently at him "Lilly isn't with you right now, so you will need some company."

Gajeel stopped in the middle of the street, obviously thinking. "Well it true…" he said "Lilly went off to the Mountains. That stupid cat of mine is trying to teach Salamander's and Wendy's cats how to unlock their Battle form….."

"So….." Levy smiled "Can I come?"

She watched as Gajeel quickly shook his body, trying to focus.

"Whatever, I don't care what you do. Just don't get in my way shorty!" he grunted, walking forward. Levy grin broke into a huge smile "Ay sir!" she exclaimed, walking beside him

"Little did I know that day was the start of the end. It was the beginning of our deadly fate that had yet to come."

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