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Last Time on the Survival Game:

"Whatever, I don't care what you do. Just don't get in my way shorty!" he grunted, walking forward. Levy grin broke into a huge smile "Ay sir!" she exclaimed, walking beside him

Chapter 2: Secrets

Levy POV

The evening sun burned brightly overhead as the duo walked down the dusty old path. Levy could feel the sweat pouring down her face as she continued forward.

They were on a mission to find a precious old artifact taken by bandits in some remote jungle. Sounds hard? Well Levy didn't care, not when the reward was 70,000,000 jewels.

Neither of them spoke, and to her, that was a good thing. Usually whenever the dumb Metal Slayer opened his mouth, he would say something that upset her. But as she continued next to him, she looked up, and saw his routine like frown; Levy couldn't help but feel at ease.

Feeling brave, she placed her hands behind her back, giving him a small smile. "Beautiful day" she mused, trying to get a reaction out of him.

But Gajeel just continued walking forward, ignoring her, and Levy noticed his muscles were becoming more and more tense with the passing time.

"Whats up with him?" She thought, tilting her head in confusion.

But instead of asking, Levy decided not to pry. She began walking with him in silence once more, but this time, she noticed with a hint of amusement, his body becoming more and more agitated, and she knew that something was bothering him. Turning her gaze back forwards, she smiled.

"Oh spit it out already Gajeel" Levy said knowingly.

The big haired mage then stopped in the middle of the road, his eyes looking down at her with not anger Levy thought surprisingly, but rather worried annoyance.

"I know I said you could come Shorty, b-but…."

Levy's eyes widened in surprise. Never in her entire life had she seen the Dragon Slayer stumble on his words. She wasn't going to lie, there was something about him that had always intrigue her. On multiple occasions, he was able to make the Solid script mage blush, so seeing him so lost words was almost cute.

"You should just go home. I don't want to be the one to tell your guild mates that I'm the reason you got hurt." He finished.

Levy let out a small fit of laugher as she looked at the Mage. "You must be really stupid Gajeel if you think that's going to make me go home."

"Tch!" Gajeel said, his voice laced with agitation "Go home shorty!"

Levy stopped laughing, and looked up at Gajeel's hard face. Her eyes were cold with determination, and she crossed her arms a crossed her chest. "You're stuck with me for this trip." She stuck her tongue out to him "Deal with it."

And with that, Gajeel roughly turned back around and continued forward. Levy followed much slower than before, her hazel eyes now darker than before. She clenched her fist into a tight little ball.

"Why?" She asked herself, staring hard at Gajeel's back "Why does he treat me like I can't do anything on my own? He lets Lucy do what she wants, even Wendy…..why is that he thinks I'm helpless?"

Levy was so engrossed in her own thought that she didn't even hear Gajeel yelling at her name, let alone the ever darkening clouds overhead. Suddenly a rain dropped fell on her face, and she jumped up startled. Looking up, Levy was stunned to see dark clouds hanging low in the sky, Rain pouring down heavy, and Lightning strikes throughout it all.

"Wha? Wasn't it just Sunny and hot 10 minutes ago?"

"Oi Shrimp!" Gajeel growled through the storm, he was waving to her from farther up the road. "Come on!"

Without hesitating, Levy ran forward. As she tried to catch up to Gajeel, suddenly a large lightning bolt strike down on the ground near Levy's feet. She was thrown across the ground, skidding to a halt just a few feet from Gajeel.

The Metal Dragon Slayer quickly ran to her side, picking her up and laying her small body over his shoulders.

"Hold on Shrimp!" he growled through the wind, running forwards.

Levy stared at the raging storm that surged overhead, her hazel eyes large "Is this a freak storm or something?"

Suddenly a thought came into Levy's mind, and she began to struggle in Gajeel's arms.

"Tch!" she said impatiently "Gajeel you baka! This is a Thunder storm! You're a giant metal magnet! Let me f-" Levy was then cut off as a giant lightning bolt struck the ground beneath them. Gajeel was then sent flying forwards, his grip on Levy loosening until she flew off.

Landing a few feet from him, Levy quickly got up despite the pain. She ran until she caught back to an injured Gajeel, standing protectively over his body. She spun her hands in the air, and the word "Guard" spelled out, sending a barrier over the duo. Just in time too, because suddenly a giant Thunder bolt landing directly on top of the barrier, shattering it.

"Tch!" Levy growled, her hair blowing widely in the wind. She then spun her hands again, this time the word "Hole" showed, and suddenly the ground beneath her and Gajeel disappeared, sending them underground in the blackness.


Levy slowly opened her eyes,, only to be met by complete darkness. She scrambled around trying to find hold of Gajeel, her heart racing when she couldn't find him.

"Gajeel!" she called out hoarsely. "Gajeel where are you!?"

"Tch…" a voice mumbled close by "I-I'm right here shorty…stop yelling.."

Levy let out a small sigh of relief and she waved her hands in the dark, spelling out the word "Light". That word then turned into a giant yellow ball of light that hung overhead. Able to now see, Levy turned up, seeing the large whole from where they came. "We must be at least 40 feet down…."

Gajeel sat on a small bolder, ripping is already torn clothes. "Nice job shorty…. Look what you have done."

Levy spun around back at him, an annoyed look on her face. "I saved us, you know! If it weren't for me, you would have become a roasted piece of metal!"

Gajeel shot up from his seat, his eyes blazing "I would have been fine!" and he turned his back to her, crossing his arms a crossed his chest. He held his nose high in the air, and he closed his eyes. "I told you, you shouldn't have come."

Levy stood there frozen, unable to hear her ears. "I saved us…." Her muscles began to tense up, and she clutched her hands into tight little balls. "And he still thinks I'm helpless!"

"Fine!" she yelled at him, "Once we find a way out of here I will go back! You can continue by yourself!"

Her words rang clear through the cavern, and Levy felt her heart damper slightly at them. "Here I will at least start a fire….." she said, waving her hands in the air.

Once the fire was well contained, Levy sat on the bolder across from Gajeel, neither of them speaking. Levy then began to feel her arm throbbing in pain, and she turned her forearm upside down to reveal a long white scar that lay crossed it.

Unknown to her, Gajeel had turned his gaze to look at her, and he saw the long scar that she began rubbing. His red eyes began to turn guilty, and he turned back towards the wall, trying to look like he didn't care. But after a moment he let out a long sigh.

"You hurt shorty?" he asked quietly. Levy snapped her head in up surprise at hearing him. Then realizing that he was looking at her scar, her hazel eyes became sheepish. She turned her gaze back down to it, rubbing it slightly with a small, weak smile.

"I got this a while ago…."

"Oh…" Gajeel said, still looking at it. Levy then began to clutch it with her whole hand, her body trembling slightly.

"Actually…" she started to say, her mouth twisting into a sad smile "I got this when you attacked my team….Back when you were in Phantom Lord…"

Levy turned up and saw Gajeel's eyes widen at her words, his mouth gaped opened. She saw immense guilt and regret flash through his red eyes, like he was wishing he had never done that. She watched as he nervously tapped his foot on the ground, putting his hands behind his head.

"S-Shorty….I guess I should a-apologize for that night…" he started.

Levy put a hand up to stop him, closing her eyes. "No, it's alright Gajeel…I know that you regret it…." She laughed nervously, staring up at the ceiling "It's funny…..did you ever think that we would be here, from back then?"

Gajeel sighed with a hidden emotion "Not at all.." he admitted.

Levy looked over at her, her eyes puzzled, but suddenly movement above caught her attention and she heard an old cackle.

"Hello?" Levy called, getting up "Is anyone up there?!"

"Ohhh?" an elderly voice rasped "What are two young people like yourselves doing in that whole?" The figured leaned over the whole, and Levy peered up to see a white haired, elderly women, her eyes squinting down at them.

Levy gave a big wave of her hands "We got caught in that storm… Can you help us?"

The elderly women gave a cackle "Sure I can! I may be old, but I still got some magic left in me!" She stood up, "Hang in there, I will have you out faster than you can say 'Frozen squid legs'"

"Frozen Squid Legs" Levy heard Gajeel mutter under his breath, and when she gave him a hard look, he became denfensive.

"What?" he asked her, his gaze narrowing up at the women "I don't trust her.. the magic she uses feels weird."

"Well whatever" Levy said walking close to him, giving his side a small punch "She is going to help us."

"Ready?" the elderly women called, and suddenly stares appeared from the wall, carved from the earth.

"Earth Style Mage…" Gajeel muttered "I never liked them.."

"Shut up!" Levy hissed quietly at him as she began to climb up.

Night had come, and once both of them had escaped the whole, Levy turned and got a good look of their hero. She was about 4 ft, even shorter than Levy, with a wrinkly old face. Her white hair was short and spiky, and her wore an unusual purple dress.

"Uhh T-Thank you" Levy managed to say, smiling awkwardly to the women. "Who knows how long we would have been stuck there for" Gajeel stood next to her, and she punched him in the side, causing him to jump.

"Oh- Y-Yeah Thanks Grandma.." Gajeel coughed out.

The women smiled, waving her hands "No need for thanks, now," she turned around "Follow me, I will take you to my home."

Levy smiled nervously "N-No need for that….I need to go back home anyways…." She added bitterly, remembering her promise to Gajeel.

"Oh?" the women said "But I can't allow such a young, pretty mage to go off by herself." She began to smile "Please just for tonight."

Looking at the elderly women's smile, Levy then turned to Gajeel, with pleading eyes. The Dragon Slayer looked back at her, and after realizing what she wanted, he impatiently let out a sigh.

"Fine. Fine" he growled "But one night! Then you go back home."

Levy smiled at him, giving him a thumbs up and a wink "That is if you don't change your mind!"

The elderly women clapped her hands and laughed "Good! Good!" she turned back around walking towards a dark path "Follow me!"

Following the women father, Levy began to regret her decision to come all of sudden. She didn't know what is was, but it didn't feel right. Looking beside her, she could tell that Gajeel was having the same thoughts, his red eyes high on alert.

Finally an old shack came into distance and Levy felt the hairs on the back of her neck rise.

"Home sweet home" the elderly women said, opening the door. Inside, Levy mentally shriek seeing all the stuffed dead animals that hung on her wall.

"Be right back young'uns, I will get the tea ready." And the elderly women disappeared into another room, leaving both Gajeel and Levy alone. Levy touched an ancient old book that lay on the table, the dust covering the title. After wiping it all away, Levy mentally read the Title

"Death Games?...It doesn't sound familiar"

"I don't like this" Gajeel said quietly to her.

Levy nodded, understanding "Something isn't right…."

Suddenly the book in Levy's hand began to glow bright red. Levy's eyes widened in complete surprise, and she felt Gajeel's hand on her shoulders.

"Shrimp what did you do?!" he demanded, trying to grab hold of the book. "Tch!" he struggled "It won't budge!"

Levy's mind began to work furiously, but it was too late. All of a sudden a strange field of magic began to twirl the world around them, and suddenly the book opened up to the first page, the words written in red ink.

"Welcome to the Game"

Then without warning, both Gajeel and Levy were sucked into the book, disappearing from the room, and dropping the book to the dusty old floor.

The elderly women slowly came out, 3 tea cups in her hand. When she saw that her book at had fallen in an empty room, a sadist smile spread over her face.

"That makes 14…" Sitting down on the chair, she began to sip of tea quietly, a sweet look on her face. She sighed with blissfulness.

"Let the Games begin."

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