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Last time on the Survival Game:

"That makes 14…" Sitting down on the chair, she began to sip of tea quietly, a sweet look on her face. She sighed with blissfulness.

"Let the Games begin."

Chapter 3: Thrown into a Death Game.

Levy's POV

Levy groaned as she slowly opened her eyes. She laid on a cold damp forest floor, with no sunlight shining through.

As she slowly got up, pain shot through the back of her head, and she automatically threw her hands behind it. She whined in pain as she clutched her throbbing head.

Looking around further, Levy noticed the night sky peeking through the overgrowth. Placing her hand on the ground, she felt grass run through her fingers. Her hazel eyes gaze at the forest around her in wonder.

"W-Where am I?" she asked herself, peering at a blade of grass. Suddenly realization hit her, and she jumped up on her feet, despite the agonizing pain coming from her head.

"Gajeel!" Levy cried, looking around wildly "Gajeel, Where are you?!"

But looking around her, Levy could not find a single trace of the stupid Dragon Slayer. Her heart began to race faster, and she ran forward through the bushes. Her eyes where wide with fear, and sweat poured down her face.

"I'm I going to be left alone in a place I don't know?"

Suddenly, a figure came into view from the distance, and Levy's heart lifted. "Gaje-"She stopped dead as she got closer, her eyes dropping in downheartedness.

The person had heard Levy, and she turned around. The person standing in front of her was not the Metal Dragon Slayer, but rather a pale skinned woman, with short Violet hair. She wore a long white polo shirt with a short blue skirt. She had a young face maybe that of a 15 year old and her blue crystal necklace glowed from her chest.

Levy found herself staring at the girl with uneasiness. "Is she the enemy here?"

But the girl seemed to smile with a big grin, and pointed towards Levy, excitement shown in her brown eyes.

"Millianna!" the girl seemed to yell "There is another mage here!"

Levy stared at the girl, her mouth gaped open in puzzlement. "W-Who are you?" she asked the young girl, who looked back with her big grin.

"My name is Amelia Cormilla, I'm the newest member of Mermaid Heel!" she turned back towards the direction of where she called her guild mate "Myself and Millianna have been stuck in this dreadful place for days." She began to pout "We haven't figured out how to get out y-" Amelia was cut off as a shriek sounded behind her, and both of the girls turned to see the Cat mage Millianna launching herself in between Levy and guild mate. Her teeth were clenched in a hiss, and her eyes were narrowed.

"W-What the?" Amelia asked nervously "Millianna? What are you doing?"

Millianna growled at Levy, standing protectively in front of Amelia. "We can't trust anything here Amelia… This mage could be the enemy."

Levy waved her hands in the air "N-no! Millianna, It's me Levy!" she exclaimed, turning around to show off her light Fairy Tail mark. "I'm a Fairy Tail Mage!"

Millianna stared at her for a second, the uncertainty dimming from her eyes. Finally the cat women sighed, giving the blue mage a hug, squeezing her gently. "Levy,…..Finally a friendly face."

"Please!" Levy said pushing Millianna away after a while "Have you seen Gajeel anywhere?"

"Gajeel?" Millianna turned her head in confusion "No we haven't. Why was he with you?"

Levy nodded, her mind racing with worried thoughts. "The Last thing I remember is walking into this old women's house with …I picked up this strange book…and then…nothing…" Levy looked at the two with distress in her eyes."

"Was that book called 'Death Game'?" a new voice asked from behind her, and Levy spun around to see both Lamia scales' Sherry and Chelia Blendy standing there.

Levy stared at the pink haired girls, her mouth twisted in disbelief. "Sherry, Chelia? You're here too?"

Sherry nodded; her mouth curved into a small frown "We came just yesterday…Millianna and Amelia found us." Sherry shook her hands in the air "But that book, was it called 'Death Games'?"

Levy nodded, "Yeah, I picked it up and it stared to glow…."

Millianna sighed "That's how we got here too. Was there a freak storm for you guys too?"

Levy's mouth gaped opened slightly "The Old lady?..."

"It seems like she tricked us all into her house.." Sherry said placing her hands on her hips. Chelia took it step towards Levy, a sad smile on her face. "You're hurt Levy-san….let me help you."

Levy stared hesitantly at the girl, but a moment later nodded, letting the God Slayer heal her.

"Did you come alone?" Sherry asked her, standing in front of her. Levy quickly shook her head, her old fears resurfacing.

"Gajeel was with me…..We were doing a job together…But something happened." Levy gave the pink haired girl a pleading look, tears in the corners of her eyes. "Please! You have to help me find him!"

The pink haired girl gave Levy a warm smile, understanding. Nodding her head, she held her hand out for Levy to grab. "We will."

Gajeel's POV

"Tch!" Gajeel growled, pacing back and forth "Where the hell did that Shrimp bring me?! And how dare she leave me by myself!"

Suddenly a twig snapped behind him, and Gajeel turned, his alertness on high.

Walking out from the darkness of the night were two shapes. One hefty and the other smaller. Gajeel's red eyes narrowed at the visitors, seeing their faces. The bigger of the two had long light green hair that stopped at his back in a whirl wind of directions. His body was much more muscular than the other person, but his partner held a look of cold resentment in his red eyes, his Black hair wavy in the night.

Seeing them, Gajeel's frown turned into a wide smirk "Gehee" he snickered at them, "You want a rematch kid?"

Rogue gave him a cold smile "And here I was, hoping it would be someone useful."

Orga, the God Lightening mage beside Rogue gave Gajeel a look. "I don't suppose you know where we are Metal Breath?"

"Tch!" Gajeel growled, all signs of playfulness over "How the hell should I know? Shorty touched a book and suddenly I found myself here!"

Orga eyes widened in surprise slightly, but Rogue's remain impassive. "A Book you say?" he asked, placing a hand on his chin. Gajeel nodded, crossing his hands over his chest "An odd looking book if you ask me, I always tell shorty she should stop reading th- HEY! WHERE ARE YOU GOING YOU BASTARD!?" He watched as Rogue and Orga had turned their backs to him, walking away. Rogue turned back to face the steaming Gajeel, his eyes full of boredom.

"We are trying to figure out how to get out so if you don't mi-" he didn't have time to finish, because suddenly Rogues body vanished in thin air, leaving Orga and Gajeel behind.

"What the?" Gajeel took a step back, staring at the spot where the Sabertooth mage had disappeared. All of a sudden Orga's body disappeared next, and then it was Gajeel's turn. He felt his body left and suddenly he vanished, leaving the clearing silent.

Levy's POV

After Chelia had finished healing her, the group of girls started to walk in one direction. Levy began to feel like the 5th wheel looking at each girl with a guildmate. She began to miss Gajeel more than ever.

Millianna smiled at levy, trying to cheer her up. "Don't worry Levy-san, I'm sure Gajeel is fine. You Fairy Tail mages are unbelievably stubborn."

Levy gave the girl a weak smile, nodding slightly "I know…" she sighed "Gajeel is as bad as Natsu…..it's just…." She placed her hand on her arm in shyness. "I worry about him every second I'm not around him." She gave a small smile, thinking back "He can be quit Stupid."

The girl Amelia smiled at her, giving a laugh "Sounds like you two are really close."

Sherry turned and faced Levy, a mischievous look on her face "To think the bookworm was able to calm the beast of Phantom Lord."

Levy felt the heat rushes to her face and she quickly shook her head, waving her hands. "No, No, No! It's not like that!"

"Sure it isn't Levy-san" Chelia said smiling, not believing her. The four of them gave a laugh

Levy scowled at the 4 girls, her face still red. "It isn't like that!" She repeated in her head, stomping on the ground as she walked forward. Her eyes were filled with embarrassment and she thought of it. "Gajeel is just a stupid Baka who needs someone to watch over him so he doesn't die."

Millianna stopped at the front of the group, and Levy could see the mages body tensing up all over.

"Millianna?" Levy spoke up, looking at her with nervous eyes. The girl turned around, facing the group.

"Something's coming.." she said ominously, suddenly the girl's eyes widened in astonishment as her body disappeared from the group.

"Millianna!" Amelia cried running forward, but she wasn't fast enough. She was already gone.

Sherry stared at the spot where she disappeared, her eyes wide with Fear. "Where did she go?"

Suddenly all three girls body vanished along with her.

Next thing Levy knew, she was standing in a big clearing, a Bonfire roasting underneath the full moon. Multiple people stood around the fire, confusing all mirrored on their face.

"Were we teleported?"

"Shorty!" a familiar voice called, and Levy spun around to find Gajeel running from the other side. Levy could feel tears form in the corners of her eyes, and she ran forward, giving him a giant hug. She could feel Gajeel freeze underneath her touch, but he eventually relaxed, returning her hug. "Gajeel you baka…" she thought happily.

She pulled away from him, looking up. "Where are we?"

Gajeel shook his head "No idea," he walked forwards till he was closer to the fire. "But I'm sure we will figure out soon."

"Ren?" Levy heard Sherry call out, and she turned to see the pink haired mage run forward, into the arms of her Fiancé from Blue Pegasus. Looking around, Levy could make out some familiar faces in the crowed. There was Millianna and Amelia. And next to her were Sherry, Chelia, and Ren. She saw in dismay the Shadow Dragon Slayer Rogue and his guild mate Orga standing off on the other side. She noticed with alarm that Rogue was glaring at Gajeel with an even more powerful hatred then before at the Grand Magic Games. Levy then turned to see the happy drunk Bacchus from Quarto Cerberus along with a guildmate she never saw before. Other than that, there were 2 mages she had never seen before in all black ropes, and another pair off to the side with grim expressions.

"Both new, and old Faces…" Levy turned up to the moon, shining brightly down on them. "Were they all trapped as well?"

Suddenly she felt Gajeel freeze beside her, and she turned to look up at him, only to find his face staring intently at the sky.

"Gajeel…." She said to him, placing a hand on his shoulder.

"That old women's magic…..she is coming." Gajeel said, not tearing his gaze from the night sky.

"Hmmmm Very good Dragon Slayer." A mischievous voice boomed through the clearing. Everyone there froze, and Levy stared up to see the Moon now held a face, the face of the old women.

"Where are we?!" Gajeel growled the women.

The old women smiled down at them, her eyes dark. "My name is Demtia, and as for why you are here well….. it's to play the game of course!" Levy watched as Ren took a steep away from Sherry, his face irritated.

"Game?" Ren asked "What Game?!"

The women looked genuinely surprised at his demand, and she look down at them with an excited look in her dead gray eyes.

"Why, the Death Games!" she waved a finger in the air, giving the group a wink "You all picked up my book remember, you were chosen."

Gajeel took a step forward, obviously not pleased with her answer. "Well I don't want to play this dumb game! Let us out!"

Demtia's smile didn't falter and she waved her finger again, like scolding a kid. "There is only one way out now."

"What is it?" Millianna asked, taking a step forward.

Something in Levy froze, and an idea began to form in her head "No…"

The women dropped her hand, and starred at the group with a solid face. "You must kill eachother…"



The clearing turned incredibly silent as Demtia's words rang out. Levy could feel Gajeel tense up beside her, obviously not thinking that would be her answer. She own eyes widened in shock and she clutched Gajeel's arm harder.

Millianna took a step back, her eyes wide with Fear "No…. That can't be…."

Levy heard Chelia begin to sob behind her, but she couldn't do anything to help. Her own body was frozen as she stared up at the women. Finally Gajeel, beside her ran forward, his muscles tensing up in anger.

"Tch! Don't screw with me old bag! Do you really think we will go for that?!"

Demtia lowered her gaze to rest on the Dragon Slayer, and Levy felt her heart skip a beat.

"If you fail to have a winner by the end of the Month, this world along with whoever is left in it will disappear….never to come back again."

Levy gasped along with others, her mind only focused on what Demtia was saying. She saw Ren clutch Sherry harder as the girl began to cry. "You can't just have us fight one another! Some people here are loved ones! Guildmates!"

"Gajeel…" Levy spoke desperately in her head, looking at the tall, dark haired Dragon Slayer.

Demtia gave them another wink, her smile back. "Oh, but that's what makes this game so great to watch!"

"Tch!" Ren muttered "You sick bitch."

Demtia clapped her hands, "Now!" she began "The rules are quite simple. You have one month to win. It will be a Guild vs Guild sort of match. Anything goes in order to kill your target but here is the hitch…"

Suddenly Levy felt a burning sensation coming from her left hand. She cried desperately in agonizing pain.

"Shrimp!" Gajeel rushed to her side, grabbing hold of her as she lost her balance in dizziness. Eventually, the burning sensation calmed down to a low simmering, and finally the pain vanished. She opened her eyes to find her in Gajeel's arms.

Pulling out her arm, Levy noticed a long white scar now resting on her hand, in the shape of a Target. She pulled it close to her face, giving Gajeel a worried look, which seemed to be mirrored in his own face. She then looked around to the group and saw the same mark on Amelia and Chelia. Both Millianna and Sherry standing over them worried. Ren's guildmate, who Levy didn't know had the same mark burned into the skin. She turned to face the other side, and saw Rogue looking at his new scar on his hand. Bacchus guild mate was also marked. Then she noticed the girl in black robes on the ground, starring at the mark, and another girl, no older than 15 being comforted by her much older guildmate. Levy's eyes widened in surprise as she connected all the dots. "One member for each guild…"

Gajeel quickly pulled Levy back to her feet, and growled dangerously at the women.

"What is this?" he asked her through clenched teeth.

Demtia smiled and waved a finger in the air. "Your Life tiles."

"Life Tiles?" Ren asked the women "What do you mean? What did you do to Taro?!" He demanded, helping his guild mate up.

Demtia sighed "Honestly! Do I have to explain everything?! They are what will keep you alive in this game. If your partner that is marked dies, so will you."

Millianna hissed from holding Amelia up, the young girls face worn out from the pain. "This is sick!"

Demtia gave out a big laugh "Don't care. To Everyone else, those people who are marked will be the ones you go after and kill. That's how you win. Last guild standing will be crowned winning and will be released." She gave them a big sadistic smile, and winked at them. "Happy Killing"

Demtia clapped her hands, and suddenly her face disappeared from the sky, leaving the moon by itself.

The other mage dressed in black ropes stood up from his injured guildmate. He took off his hood to reveal is jet black spiky hair and usual golden eyes.

"What just happened?" he asked to no one in particular.

Levy turned to face a furious Gajeel, who was still staring at the sky. She gave a big sigh and turned to face the teenage boy, her voice laced with hopelessness.

"We just all received our Death Sentence." She muttered darkly.

Hearing her words, Gajeel's head snapped from the sky and turned to face the blue haired mage, his eyes full of many emotions; Regret, Guilt, Stress, Worry, but they were all replaced by that of a cold hard determination as he grabbed hold of her arm, pulling her beside him.

"No! No one is going to die! Especially not you Shorty! I brought you here, so I will damn well make sure you get back."

Levy stared up at him, a hint of red on her cheeks "Gajeel…"

"The same goes for everyone here." He said, turning to the group "If we just work together-"

"You heard her Gajeel!" Rogue hissed, holding on to his marked hand. "If a winner isn't decided in one month, we all die!" He turned his back roughly to the group "Come on Orga, We will try and find a way out of here by ourselves." And the duo walked out from the clearing, disappearing in the night.

"Tch! You bastard" Gajeel roared after them "Fine! Go by yourselves!"

Rogue stopped right before totally disappearing, and turned back around, his eyes dark "To Everyone here." He said to the group "Protect yours that are marked…It might mean that we have to do this ugly game of hers….if that's the case" he muttered, and he turned his gaze to face Levy, his eyes unreadable "We won't hesitate to kill."

Gajeel snarled fiercely next to Levy, understanding Rogue deeper meaning. He took a stance in front of Levy protectively, rising an arm out, and a dangerous look on his face. "Just try, Sabertooth. Hurt her, and I WILL kill you."

"Hmph" Rogue said simply before disappearing.

Levy turned to see the older women from before, holding the younger girl, her brown wavy hair blowing in the wind. "We appreciate your offer to work together, but Wild Storm mages work alone." And she carried the younger girl off into the forest.

Levy spun to see Bacchus and his guild mate with black hair walk up, a smile on their faces. "This is Wild" he started to say "You can count Quarto Cerberus in, but we will be venturing this place alone. Whenever you need us, we will help, but we prefer to stay alone."

Levy nodded, a faint smile on her face "Maybe we Can do this…."

"We understand Bacchus," she said to him, "Just be safe."

Bacchus gave her a toothy grin, wrapping his hands over his guildmates shoulder. "Don't worry! You're talking to the Drunken Falcon here! I won't let those Saber-bitches touch Kai here!"

Gajeel slap Bacchus shoulders, understanding "Take care."

Bacchus nodded, and the duo walked away from the clearing.

Levy turned to see 4 guilds left; Blue Pegasus, Lamia Scale, Mermaid Heel, and those two mages in all black.

Sherry took a step forward, determination in her blue eyes. "If I learned anything from fighting along Fairy Tail mages, I know to never fight against them. Lamia scale will help."

Levy smiled at the girl, and then saw Ren stand beside them, his dark eyes hard with anger. "I don't like this one bit!" He turned to look at Sherry with worried eyes and Levy realized how hard this must be for him. "Your lover and your guildmate in the same death game.….."

"You can be sure Blue Pegasus will stay with you Fairy Tail mages." He concluded with his guildmate Taro.

Millianna smiled at Levy "Do I even need to explain why we will stay with you?" she asked the blue haired mage "Mermaid heel will always fight with you."

Levy gave a cry of relief seeing the 6 mages standing with them. Turning around, she then looked at the two mages in black robes.

"Who are you?" Gajeel asked stiffly

The boy from before stood forward, his golden eyes uncertain. "My name is Ayden…." He waved his hand to the girl sitting on the rock beside him. She seemed to be staring at nothing. "This is Serenity. We come from a much smaller guild than you guys. It's called 'Black Nightmare'"

Levy gasped hearing his guild name "Black Nightmare….You are the oldest guild in all of Fiore!"

Ayden nodded, walking forward "I can't say that we are strong enough, but we will fight for you guys."

Gajeel nodded at them "Good choice" he then turned to the rest of the group "From now on, we are a Team, fighting to get back home. Now, go get some sleep." He turned back to the night sky "Tomorrow is when it begins."

Nodding, the 8 mages turned and began to prepare for sleep, they all huddled in one circle. Levy stared at Gajeels back, then suddenly, her gaze drifted to her now marked hand. "They will be coming for me…" She paused to look at the newly formed group, her heart damping, "No, not just me…..Chelia, Taro, Amelia, and Serenity…."

Levy quickly shook herself "NO! Don't think like that!" She turned and walked besides Gajeel, who was still staring at the full moon. They stood in silence for a while, until finally Gajeel just sighed.


"Yea?" she turned to look at him and was stunned to find him gazing at her with worry.

"Do you remember back on Tenrou island, how I told you never to leave my side?"

Levy nodded, smiling slightly at that sweet moment between them. Gajeel turned his gaze back to the sky, his face unreadable. "This time, I'm definitely meaning it. Got it?"

Levy nodded, turning to follow his gaze. "We will get home. I promise.

I Never knew how deep those words I said that night were, until it was too late.

Lu-chan…..Natsu….Gray, Erza…..Everyone…..Find us.

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Fairy Tail-Gajeel and Levy

Sabertooth-Rogue and Orga

Mermaid Heel-Millianna and Amelia Cormillia

Quatro Cerberus- Bacchus and Kai Cardwell

Lamia Scale- Sherry and Chelia Blendy

Blue Pegasus- Ren and Taro Fujii

Wild Storm-Coronia and Rain Vermillion

Black Nightmare-Ayden and Serenity

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