Set in the first book time zone and school setting, but completely different otherwise.

Alright, just gotta say it. If you're looking for a warm, always fluffy Alice and a mostly healthy relationship between her and Bella, you won't find it here. Alice is not a saint in this story, and she's not very nice at times. And neither are the rest of the Cullens, for that matter. Bella has a potty mouth and if you've ever read my first Bellice story, Equilibrium, you'll know my version of her can be a bit cynical. (A bit lawl.) They will not have a happy go lucky time of it with the occasional ups and downs that don't really mean much in the long run. It won't be abusive, but it will get rough physically and emotionally for the girls.

This is how I picture it being if Alice really was the villain deep down that Edward always claimed to be instead of a douche with a God-complex.

Warnings: Language, sexual situations.

Dusk: The darkest stage of twilight; when night truly begins to fall

I slammed the door to my truck shut, wincing at the tortured sound it made. Ancient piece of shit. Barely even made it into the school parking spot before the engine spluttered out. Awesome.

I moved from bright, sunny Phoenix to the middle of bum-fucking nowhere Forks, Washington, and all I got was this rusty red truck.

Thanks, Dad.

Needless to say, I wasn't prancing around happily thinking 'First day of school, first day of school!'

I trotted towards my new school, praying those looming gray clouds in the sky didn't start pouring rain before I got inside. That would be just my freaking luck, too. Seriously. I didn't even ask to come here. I got shipped off because my selfish mother wanted to follow her 'pro' baseball playing boyfriend, Phil around.

Translation? She wanted to ride on his coattails and cash in on him.


I slung my back pack higher on my shoulder, scowling. Seven thirty in the morning and I'm already in a hellacious mood.


I reached the steps and clambered up, ignoring all the staring from the people lingering in the parking lot.

Ooh, new kid fame. I'm totally digging it, right? Tch, no.

Especially when I slip on the last step and crack my kneecap on the concrete like a jackass.

Hellacious mood, officially worsened. I thought it wasn't possible. I stand corrected. Or more accurately, I wallow on the ground in pain, corrected. I screwed my eyes shut and held back the noises and swears I wanted to release. No use letting that long ago buried Southern drawl out in front of the whole student body in my agony.

Yup. That one's gonna hurt in the morning. And right now. Great.

"What a retard," I heard giggling coming from behind me and glanced over my shoulder.

...Where the hell is my jaw?

Oh. It's rolling down the steps like a red carpet to that bombshell blond and her crew of gorgeous friends.

Yes, I not only fell like the retard she's calling me in front of everyone, but I did it right in front of what was quite possibly the most attractive girl I'd ever seen. Her legs went for miles and her eyes were deep pools of sharp, calculating chocolate.

"Welcome to Forks, dumbass," she sneered as she passed me, flipping her long blond hair over her shoulder, shimmering in the pale gray sunlight.

Aaand her hotness just dropped a good eighty percent.

"Thanks, cunt," I muttered to myself when they disappeared inside. I sat there for a minute to gather myself as people swarmed by me, not offering any help.

Assholes. Forks is already warming up to me, I can tell.

When I finally stood up to snatch my pack up and stumble into the school, thoroughly embarrassed and agitated, the late bell rang.

Son of a bitch.

It was twelve when the bell rang for Junior lunch. I dragged myself out of Biology, sulking and pitying myself like a total loser, which I was.

Forks so far was not growing on me. I did not like the creepers that seemed to inhabit this school. Everyone so far was either just plain weird or a total snobby, snooty douche bag.

I met some kid named Mike Newton in my Algebra class who would not stop staring at my tits when he talked to me. I about slapped him when he asked me out. No, sir. Not happening, even if I did swing that way.

I turned him down gently. I may be a sarcastic, snappy person on the inside but I'm seriously too nice on the outside.

Basically, I'm a pushover.


During my twenty minute break between my first and second block classes, I met a guy named Eric. He was...Nice, but pushy. He seemed to have an odd fascination with the small scar on my neck from a car wreck when I was five. He invited me to sit with him at lunch, and I accepted, at least so I wouldn't have to sit alone and look like a dweeby new kid...Which I totally was. We kind of hit it off, which was cool.

I entered the cafeteria and searched for him, avoiding all the staring.

Yes, I'm the fucking new kid. Get over it, creepers. In Phoenix, the new kid got one good glance over from everyone and then nobody looked at them again. Why couldn't it be like that here?

"Bella! Hey! Over here!" Eric called, making me turn a bit red as it drew even more attention to me.

I jogged towards him, not really hungry or willing to go get food from that long line.

Fuuucckkk, Mike was sitting with him. I practically skirted to a halt and booked it back the other way but then remembered I had no other choice. Besides, I'd look like a retard if I suddenly hooked back around and pretended like I hadn't been racing towards that table.

Too late, I guess.

"Hey," I greeted him shyly as I made it to the table, ignoring Mike's staring.

"Bells, hi. This is Angela, my girlfriend, Mike, Jessica, and Lauren," Eric introduced me without hesitation as he hopped off the table.

I waved awkwardly and Angela stood, holding her hand out.

"Hi. Don't mind all the staring. People aren't used to fresh faces around here," she said kindly and I hesitantly shook her hand.

She seemed to be the only normal person I'd met so far.

"I can tell," I replied, grinning a bit.

For some reason, Angela was that kind of person I knew I was going to be good friends with without even knowing them that well. There was just something about her kind eyes and genuinely hospitable smile.

"Saw you take a spill this morning," Jessica smiled, a bit waspishly in my opinion. "Looked like it hurt."

Please don't be that girl, Jessica. The one that's the total opposite of girls like Angela. Oh, and thanks for watching and not bothering to help at all.

"Yeah, it did. I'm kind of a klutz," I said, rubbing the back of my neck.

"Nah, the stairs were slippery. Hey, Bella. We met this morning, remember?" Mike greeted me.


No, your eyes met my tits. That doesn't count.

"Well, Rosalie seems to have taken a liking to her," the blond, Lauren chuckled, sitting next to Jessica across the table.

"Rosalie...?" I inquired.

"The lascivious blond who went by you this morning, Rosalie Lillian Hale," Eric explained, grinning slightly and I scowled.

"I'm assuming she made some snide remark," Angela frowned. "And shut up, Lauren. Rosalie just needs someone new to push around."

"We all know what kind of pushing around she wants to be doing," Lauren snorted and Angela glared at her.

"I said shut up, Lauren. Bella's got it rough as it is being new," Angela snapped and my eyebrows rose.

Do I detect some hostility within this group of friends?

Lauren's sneer dropped and she glared back at Angela.

"Right? It must be hard being the new kid. We've all been through it," Angela said, face softening as she turned to me.

"Right," I nodded. "Seriously, though, what's her problem? I mean...I know I shouldn't be judging or anything but...She's kind of a..."

"Bitch?" Jessica interjected for me. (As if she should be talking.)

"Super bitch?" Eric added.

"Uber bitch?" Mike put in and Angela rolled her eyes.

"Guys," she admonished and they snickered.

"Yeah. That," I agreed, allowing myself a tiny grin.

It pleased me that she was as much of a cunt as I'd first gathered and I wasn't the only one who thought so.

"Her and her whole posse are bitches," Jessica rolled her eyes, waving her hand and I turned to look at what she was gesturing to.

Across the cafeteria was Rosalie, leaning on a table with her amazing (bitchy) ass out with her elbows on the table. Sitting next to her was a girl with short, feathery black hair and the brightest pair of amber eyes I'd ever seen.

Wow…She was unbelievably sexy, even more so than Rosalie. I found myself holding my breath as I looked at her, stunned. Her whole look seemed like some punk-fashionista-princess kind of thing, with her slim black leather jacket and stylishly ripped-at-the-knees skinny jeans. The other girls were pretty, but nowhere near Rosalie and the short girl's status.

Sitting with them were three boys, who if I were inclined that way, were also very gorgeous. One had bronze, perfect hair and a jaw chiseled from stone. Another had messy blond curls and a smirk that I knew straight girls died for. The last one looked like a frigging bear. He was tall and broad shouldered with cords of muscle wrapping around his arms.

As I stared unabashedly, probably making a fool out of myself, the small girl suddenly looked up and-

Ah, crap. I am no longer allowed to make fun of Mike for staring at me because I totally just got caught creeping. I flinched and immediately went to look away before I could make her entirely freaked and uncomfortable, but before I did, the beautiful girl cocked her head at me and raised one eyebrow, smirking slightly, directly at me.

Even from all the way across the lunch room, I could see her eyes were a gorgeous shade of amber, a peculiar color, but her gaze made something inside me twist with an odd sensation of longing and…I don't even know what.

All I know is, I felt like a peeping tom as I quickly blushed and sharply turned my head back towards the group I was sitting with.

Well…That was fantastically weird. And I don't even know what was up with that look she gave me.

But wow, she was gorgeous…

"The boys are okay, except for Edward, the brunette. He's just a jerk. Emmett's a big teddy bear. Sweet, but big. Really big, in all aspects," Jessica added, biting her lip as she looked him over.

"Slut," Angela and Lauren coughed and everyone sniggered.

She stuck her tongue out at them. I fought not to let the corners of my lips turn up, afraid it was too early for me to laugh at them calling each other names without seeming like a bitch myself.

"Jasper is the blond guy. He's a real, honest to God, Southern sweetheart. The short girl is Alice Brandon, Rosalie's BFF and also a total bitch, in every sense of the word," Jessica finished.

I knew she must be the gossip girl in the group. Note to self: Tell this girl nothing about myself. I was also slightly disappointed to know that Rosalie's supposed BFF was just as cruel and irritating as her, or so Jessica said. I wasn't entirely sure I could take her word for it, though. You never really can with teenagers, but if we were judging based on Rosalie, well…

I don't hold out much hope for anyone who keeps that kind of company anyway.

"Everyone else over there is just trying to get their attention," Angela explained and I nodded.

"Why is Rosalie like that?" I asked, tearing my eyes from her ass only seconds after I'd flickered my attention away from her loud-but grudgingly I'll admit, nice- laugh.

Okay, she may be a total bitch, but still. It didn't take a double take to see how gorgeous she was, how gorgeous they all were. It was almost surreal how far their looks surpassed anyone else's in the place. They were like shining lights in this gloom and doom, wet and rainy place. It was no wonder people flocked to them. I almost didn't understand how they could be that attractive…There was just something different about them, something off.

I could only hope no one had noticed my ogling. My old home town hadn't been very keen on homosexuality, and that was one plus I'd have in this place. No one knew I was gay, not that I was really hiding it per se, but sometimes it's just easier to let pride take a backseat to dignity. It was too early for me to start dealing with the crap I could very well get for liking girls.

There was a pause, a really weird pause in the talking as everyone glanced at each other, then to me.

"She's just really popular and has a big ego that goes straight to her head," Angela replied slowly, glancing back to Eric who shrugged.

Lauren muttered something I couldn't quite catch under her breath and Jessica giggled as Angela shot them both a scorching look.

Um. Okay. Odd behavior, much?

But then again, Forks was odd altogether anyway, so.

The bell rang then and everyone got up to leave.

"Nice meeting you, Bella," Jessica called and gave me what seemed to be a sincere smile. "But seriously, you should probably steer clear of Rosalie. She's a tyrant," she added as she walked away.

"See you," I said back, glad I knew who to hang with and who to give my middle finger to. Gotta get your priorities straight on day one.

"What do you have next, Bella?" Angela asked as Eric and Mike chattered about going to La Posh or something this weekend.

"Uh, P.E, I think," I answered as we pushed out of the cafeteria.

"Oh, me too! I can take you there," Angela perked up and smiled happily at me and I couldn't help but grin back. Yeah, I think me and Angela are going to get along just fine.

However, as everyone was trying to get out of the cafeteria at once like a bunch of Neanderthals (me included) I ended up yelping as someone knocked into me and nearly sent me sprawling.

"Watch where you're going, freak," a honey coated voice snarled as I stumbled, struggling to maintain my balance.

"Piss off! Why don't you watch it?" I snarled back and whirled around to see who'd half shoved me. Rude people were instantly on my shit list.

The hall went deathly quiet and Angela fluttered away from me nervously.


"Excuse me?"


I swallowed. It was Rosalie. She stopped and everyone behind her did as well. Her hands went to her hips and I shifted.

Girl got an attitude. I glared at her half heartedly, but as I did so, her dark brown eyes seemed to sharpen like a movie scene snapping into focus and I felt a chill go up my spine.

Something about her eyes made my insides quiver in fear…God she had one intense HBIC glare. I practically felt like turning and bolting down the hall. My heart had started to pound as her wicked eyes flashed and her upper lip curled back in distaste. What the crap was wrong with me? Since when do girls like this make my hands shake, make me terrified?

There was just something about her…

"You're excused," I snapped back, deciding fighting with this girl was totally not worth my time. I turned to walk away. Whatever, man. She may have been weirdly scary when she wanted to be, but I didn't have to take her shit. I'm a peaceful person, but if she persisted...

She persisted.

"Who the hell do you think you are?" I heard her scoff and the clack of heels greeted my ears. I turned back and whoa, she was taller than I thought. It's really easy to intimidate someone when you're taller than them, and she was looming over me. Her heels sure helped.

That sensation of raw fear came rushing back and I fought the peculiar urge to gasp, to blurt out an apology, duck my head and run for it.

Seriously. No. What the actual fuck. I am not going to be this girl's little bully victim, as terrifying as she magically was. No way.

"I think I'm Bella Swan," I said back with false bravado. I was aware that we had gathered an audience, presumably because of Rosalie's popularity and my new kid status.

Rosalie paused and I saw Alice appear behind her, captivating amber eyes meeting mine briefly.

My breath caught; she was even more gorgeous up close. Her brilliant soft features lined with pixie like definition coupled with the mysterious, haughty smirk on her mouth created an effect that was almost a balm to Rosalie's. Instead of wanting to run away, I wanted to run towards her.

What exactly was in that meatloaf they were serving? LSD? Am I tripping on drugs right now?

Get a grip, Swan, before you get your ass kicked!

"Rose, we have class," she called, hands in the pockets of her black leather jacket. Her voice was as beautiful as her face, like bells on the wind, sweet, enticing. It was lackadaisical, but sounded somehow happily content at the same time, totally unaffected by our standoff.

Hearing it immediately drew my attraction towards her higher, but I shook it off because now was so not the time to be swooning over a pretty face…And voice.


"No wonder you're stepping out of place, loser," Rosalie sneered, resting one hand on her cocked left hip. "You're the dumbass who fell this morning, right? The new kid?"

Several people snickered at the reminder of my fall and I blushed.

God, what is this girl's problem? Seriously. She had bully written all over her.

And it was completely irritating that her perfume was so intoxicating. A delicious blend of pine and sunshine, if sunshine had a smell.

Yep. LSD. It must be.

"Your big ass head blocked out the sun, and I couldn't see the step. Lose the ego before you hurt someone," I sneered back.

The crowd ooh'd immaturely. If I have to throw down, I will throw down. I may be a push over, but I will not be bullied, no matter what they put in that meatloaf is making me feel.

Rosalie's sneer turned to a scowl instantly.

"I'll show you hurting someone," she hissed and I blanched as she took a step forward, face in mine as she glared down on me, backing me up. Her whole demeanor changed and she got real aggressive, real quick.

I felt my blood run cold as this girl moved into my personal space, her jaw locked as every instinct in my body screamed at me to run. I felt my knees tremble and I took a step back, breathing in sharply as my heart jack hammered in my chest and the very air around us seemed to shift with her change in posture and aggression.

Holy shit

"Rosalie," Alice snapped with a vicious warning lacing her tone. What, so now she cared?

Great. My first day of school and I'm already going to get my ass kicked.

So why does it feel like I'm about to get my ass killed?

"Girls! Is there a problem here?"

Everyone whipped around and the principal trotted over.

"No sir," Rosalie smiled instantly, retreating back to her sweetest attitude possible, taking the spikes of fear cleaving me with her. "I was just greeting the new student, and welcoming her to Forks properly."

Oh, really? Does that always include making them shit their pants, or am I just special?

I was breathing hard but trying not to show it. I've never had a reaction like that when someone tried to bully me, and being gay I've had my fair share of people try and have a go at me. I've never felt that kind of unadulterated fear, ever, but when Rosalie moved at me like that, looked at me like that…

I was nothing but small, powerless and helpless. She was scary as all hell. God.

"Good on you, Ms. Hale. You are a model student. Well, then. Off to class, all of you!" The oblivious principal shooed us and Rosalie's smile dropped as she turned back towards me. She walked towards me and as she went to pass me, she ducked her head and whispered in my ear with a voice like a poisonous cobra.

"Welcome to Forks for real, Bella. I'm going to make sure you feel very welcome here," she hissed and I winced when she shoulder checked me, whacking me out of her way.

Ow. It felt like a fully grown male hockey player had just tried to vault me through the glass and I smothered a yelp, still trying not to let her see how much she'd gotten to me.

Her posse followed, but as Alice slowly floated by, she actually had the gall to grin at me. My breath caught again and I froze as her upper lip curled back just enough to reveal the hint of her canines. The sight of them sent a tremble through my belly, but it was her lidded, lazy amber eyes that got to me.

They swirled, hauntingly, hypnotically beautiful. As she passed me, she said something softly under her breath that I almost didn't catch.

"That was sexy, Isabella Swan," she murmured, her voice like silky sex as her left eyebrow quirked just slightly at me.

And then with an elegant dancer's twirl, she spun once on the tips of her toes and was gone, down the hall after her demented "BFF."

I rubbed my shoulder and glared after her with a WTF look. I say glared, but I really mean stared, enraptured as she seemed to effortlessly slide down the hallway in an impossibly graceful gait. The sensation of surrealism came rushing back.

Did she just…Hit on me?

I was too overwhelmed by the whole weird altercation to dwell on it and you know, celebrate because she had totally just flirted with me. Did the people of Forks know their precious Alice was into girls? Because she sure seemed like it to me. Not to mention the girl all around just seemed weird as fuck. Shouldn't she have been snapping at me like her friend, insulting me or something?

Whatever, I bet Rosalie thinks she's so cool, walking around like she's the hot shit...I should have shoved my foot up her ass...

"Wow, Bella. No one's ever stood up to Rosalie Hale like that. Not even the new kids. Especially the new kids," Angela breathed as we walked towards the gymnasium for P.E.

"Yeah, well...She had it coming...Why do people let her walk all over them?" I muttered back, still massaging my aching shoulder.

Angela pursed her lips and didn't reply.

Somehow, I think she knew the answer. She just wasn't telling me.

After being pelted with balls for a good twenty minutes of a good, old fashioned game of dodge ball and running around like a moron playing kickball, I had enough. I complained to the teacher of nausea and she told me to go into the locker room and lay down until I felt better.

I walked towards the door and waved off Angela who was actually good at sports. I went inside, shutting the door behind me softly out of habit because my mother has a pet peeve against slamming doors or shutting them to where she can hear it.

Oddly enough, I missed her. I wanted to go back to Phoenix in a bad way.

As I trotted past rows of lockers, I halted at the sound of quiet...Moaning.

Whoa. Were some people getting it on in the girl's locker room? Gross. This day just keeps getting better and better.

As I turned to high tail it back to the gym, I glanced to my left.




"Fuck, Alice," Rosalie Hale groaned, the fingers of her right hand wound in Alice's feathery black locks, guiding her. Alice was on her knees in front of the bombshell blond, hands on the girl's curvaceous hips, but that's not what made my mouth drop open. Alice was moving her head swiftly, doing things, and then she was moving her one hand down and laughing in a haughty, sexy way that made my insides burn.

She was, unbelievably...Eating out Rosalie Hale.

They were both lesbians? Or bisexual-

Or whatever, that was so not the point. They were totally doing it, right in the middle of the locker room!

"What the fuck!" I yelped without meaning to as the realization hit me.

Alice immediately lurched back and lunged to her feet, so fast that I almost didn't see her do it.

Scratch that shit, I didn't see her do it. One second Alice was on her knees, in the process of driving Rosalie to an orgasm with her tongue and the next she was standing-No crouching, her shoulders bowed back and her arms extended out to her sides-

-and with a stark, sudden terror I realized she was snarling at me, like a feral animal.

And she had fangs. Long, glistening, pointed sharp fangs.

What in the actual fuck!

The fear that Rosalie had instilled in me only a couple of hours before came rushing back with a vengeance at the sight of Alice in front of me, looking like some beautifully horrific monster all set to tear out my throat, her black eyes locked on mine.

I thought her eyes were brownish amber, but no, they were a vivid, swirling, endless and all consuming black. Looking into them felt like I was having the life drained from me, causing my stomach to drop and my heart to stop. I couldn't breathe as a low, rumbling growl emanated from her and she bared those wicked looking canines at me.

Oh my god, ohmigod, holyshit!

If I had enough air in my lungs to scream, I would have. Like a little girl, high pitched and squealing, enough to wake the dead.

God almighty, I was petrified. Never in my life had I ever felt a fear so primal, so instinctive.

"Swan?" Rosalie snarled, jerking away from the lockers as her burning brown eyes locked on mine. For an instant, I froze.

Then, I did the only thing I could.

I bolted for the door and didn't look back.