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Chapter 10: Hoheo Taralna, Rondero Tarel

(Emmett P. O. V)

"Momma's still sleeping," I whispered as Selena and I poked our heads into Momma's room. Father sat by her bed side, the moon turning everything shades of pretty gray and blue.

"Momma," Selena whispered.

Father glanced back at both of us, his face stern, but his eyes were worried and also contained something I had never seen before in him: fear.

"You two should have retired to bed," he stated sternly. "It is past your bedtimes."

"We're worried about Momma," Selena and I said in unison as we walked over to Father. "She's been sleeping since you returned."

"Momma was hurt, wasn't she?" Selena asked sadly. "She has bandages around her head."

Father nodded. "Yes, she was. But your mother is strong, something like this will not weaken her."

Even though Father said that, I could tell he was not so sure himself. Why else would he stay by Momma's side this whole time? He didn't even make dinner, Romeo ordered pizza again. Father has not left this room at all since he and Momma returned.

I grabbed Selena's hand and pulled her over to the other side of the bed where Momma wasn't laying. I struggled to climb onto the high up bed, then helped my little sister on.

"What are you two doing?" Father asked calmly as Selena and I crawled over to Momma's side and laid next to her.

"We're sleeping here tonight, right, Selena?" I asked as she rested her head on Momma's chest.

Selena gave a tired smile and nodded.

"Very well," Father sighed, but the look in his eyes showed he was actually a bit happy. He pulled the blanket over Selena and I and tucked us in comfortably.

After a few minutes, Selena was fast asleep, but I was still awake, clinging to Momma's hand tightly.

"Sleep, Emmett," Father said softly.

"I'm scared," I admitted and squeezed Momma's hand.

"Your mother is strong," he repeated.

I nodded and squeezed my eyes shut.

She is, but at the same time . . . My thoughts trailed off. I didn't want to finish the sentence. I quickly forced myself to go to sleep, and was happy to have a dream with Momma smiling and hugging me close.

(Sebastian P. O. V)

Emilie . . . It seems I am still not immune to your intoxication. I am a demon, but I do not want your soul. Still, it taunts me and pushes my sanity to its limit. The children are immune to you, for you carried them inside of you for nine months. In that time, they became accustomed to the Golden Flower. They do not crave you like I or any other creature. They were born to you, children used to your power so they do not crave something they considered normal since birth.

But I am not so lucky.

I bent down to Emilie's lips, and briefly gave her a kiss as the children slept soundly.

(Goliath P. O. V)

~The Next Day~

"You are getting too close to her for my liking!"

"Yeah, yeah. Whatever," I grumbled.

"How dare you speak to me like that, you piece of shit!"

"Shit?" I growled, my temper getting the best of me before I was pulled back. "You damn brat. Not worth my time," I said and walked out the room.

"Shit, shit, shit! Piece of shit!"

(Sebastian P. O. V)

"She is still sleeping," I muttered as I placed the children's breakfast in front of them.

"I want Momma," they sighed in unison as they poked at their food.

I remained silent as the young master walked into the room.

"Another supernatural being has gone missing," he said sternly. "And I am starting to believe the demon we are looking for is possibly connected."

"How did you come to that conclusion?" I asked as I wiped Selena's dirty cheek with a clean napkin.

"It would seem one came back, barely alive. And what he had to say was very interesting."

(Emilie P. O. V)

"A doll. She is just like a little doll," a voice echoed through the darkness surrounding me. A voice I didn't like for it was full of mockery and malice.

"Stay away from me," I said sternly. "Do not come near me!"

"A doll. A perfect doll," the voice continued before laughing darkly and mockingly.

"Sebastian . . . No," I said and shook my head as I stood up in the endless darkness. "I don't need Sebastian to guard me like a little helpless princess. Where are you so I can take you on myself?!"

But the person did not show himself, and thus, the darkness became an ominous silence . . . That is, until . . .

"Hoheo taralna, rondero tarel. Hoheo taralna, rondero tarel. Hoheo taralna, rondero tarel."

What is that? Who is that?

"Hoheo taralna, rondero tarel. Hoheo taralna, rondero tarel. Hoheo taralna, rondero tarel."

What does that mean?

The chant continued, filling me with unease.

"Hoheo taralna, rondero tarel. Hoheo taralna, rondero tarel. Hoheo taralna, rondero tarel."

(Sebastian P. O. V)

"He is here?" I asked, staring up at the rundown apartment building.

The young master nodded as Selena and Emmett each grabbed one of my hands and stared up at the building with me.

"I heard he is a goblin, I have not met one of those yet," the young master said.

"I have. They can be quite loud and rude," I muttered. "Let us hurry and meet him."

We stepped into the building and made our way to the apartment the goblin lived in. As we walked, I kept the children safely behind me. Goblins can also be unpredictable, and tend to have a hunger for children.

"This is the apartment," the young master said as he stopped in front of room 3B. He knocked firmly, and waited impatiently for the door to open.

"G-go away, Demons!" the goblin shouted from within in fear. "I-I am never going b-back!"

The young master glared at the door. "He thinks we are the kidnapper."

"Go away!" the goblin shouted again.

"It would seem so," I said with a smirk.

"We don't have time for this," Selena said impatiently, her cheeks puffed out in irritation as she too glared at the door. "We need to go back to Momma!"

Emmett nodded. "Open the stupid door you ugly pig!"

"They have Emilie's mouth," the young master said while I sighed.

"That is not always a good thing," I assured.

The door to the goblin's area suddenly opened, but not enough, for the security chain was still up. We all stared at the door as the goblin's crazed milky white eyes appeared in the crack. He was in his human form, but that was just as fowl as I guessed his goblin form looked.

"Children?" he asked in a sickly voice.

I stood in front of Selena and Emmett, hiding them. "They are not for you," I said coldly.

"Come on. Just a little taste."

"Were you not afraid of us just a moment ago?" the young master asked.

"You are not the demon who took me. You look nothing like that damn brat."

"What did he look like?" I asked.

"Around your height, and just as skinny," the goblin began, pointing at me. "His hair was all messy and covered one green eye. He had two strange little pieces of jewelry on his lips and was pretty cocky. Dressed weird too, and had on these weird things in his ears that played music."

I already knew who the goblin was speaking of. "Goliath."

The goblin nodded, his disgusting finger still pointing at me. "Yeah. That's what he said his name was. Said he was on a mission to make an army."

"An army?!" the young master gasped before glaring at me. "Goliath is the demon from yesterday, correct?"

"Yes," I answered.

"The one who saved, Emilie," the young master mumbled to himself.

I nodded bitterly, recalling the memory. His filthy hands on my mistress, his disgusting lips by her ear as he forced her limp body to dance with him. How distasteful.

"Do you know why he is creating this army?" I asked the goblin.

"Don't know, don't care. Now go . . . But leave one of those kids behind. The little girl looks good," he said and licked his lips.

Emmett wrapped his arms protectively around his sister as I glared at the goblin. I will not allow any being to look at my children in such a tainted way.

"Young master, take the children downstairs, please," I said.

The young master smirked, already knowing what I was going to do. "Alright, but make sure you do not cause the humans to start poking their noses."

"Of course."

"Oh, and rip his tongue out while you are at it so he will never speak or taste again," the young master added as he left with the twins.

I smirked and cracked my knuckles. "Gladly."

When I was finished with the goblin, he was barely alive once again. I chuckled darkly as I left his home.

"Never look at my children in such a way again," I said before shutting the door behind me and heading downstairs.

As I did, the phone in my pocket began to ring. I quickly answered it, hoping for good news on Emilie.

Instead, I was given the opposite.

"Emilie's gone!" Jonathan shouted.

(Emilie P. O. V)

"Hoheo taralna, rondero tarel," I whispered, my mind in a haze as I walked through the chilly late fall weather outside in nothing but my silk nightgown. Still, I couldn't feel the coldness. I couldn't feel anything for that matter, not even my lips chanting the words I did not understand.

"Hoheo taralna, rondero tarel," I continued to chant as I went deeper and deeper into the forest.

The scenery began to grow unfamiliar to me. The trees' barks were beginning to turn from brown to a silvery white, and all their multi color leaves were suddenly gone. The ground was now covered with a thin layer of snow, that not even that I felt.

"Hoheo taralna, rondero tarel."

Something I thought of as snow began to fall from the sky, but after a while, I noticed it wasn't snow, but ash.

"Hoheo taralna, rondero tarel."

I walked straight into a cobweb, but fear didn't grip me like it should have. Instead, I thought of the web as a veil, hiding me from something I didn't quite know.

"Hoheo taralna, rondero tarel," I whispered.

"Yes. Come, dear girl," a voice I didn't recognize called. "Come."

"Hoheo taralna, rondero tarel."

"Come, hurry, hurry!" a second voice said in excitement. "Hurry, hurry!"

"Hoheo taralna, ron—"


I gasped and my heart skipped a beat. "S . . . Sebastian," I whispered, the scenery around me beginning to vanish back to the normal forest I knew so well.

"Emilie!" strong arms suddenly wrapped around me and pulled me back into a tight embrace. I held in my yelp as I yanked the spider web off my face and flicked it to the ground.

I looked up into Sebastian's face as his eyes stared down at me, intently watching.

"What just happened?" I asked.

Sebastian said nothing and picked me up, bridal style. We began heading back to the house, and I shivered as a cold wind blew by. I hugged myself tightly and leaned into Sebastian's chest.



"What does 'Hoheo taralna, rondero tarel' mean?" I asked and felt Sebastian slightly stiffen.

"Where did you hear such foolishness, Emilie?" he asked me, his voice sounding light, but I could sense the undertone.

"A weird dream," I muttered. "Do you know what it means?"

"It is merely made up words children say to summon fairies," he answered.

"Fairies?" I asked before a smile spread across my lips. "I remember when I used to want to meet a fairy."

Sebastian's grip on me tightened, and I stared up at him questionably.

He shook his head before smiling sweetly at me. "I am glad you are awake, Emilie."

Sebastian . . . What are you hiding from me?

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