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Chapter 7: School Is In Session

(Emilie P. O. V)

"Okay," I said a bit irritably. "Tell me why the heck I'm dressed up like a boy and why we're driving to a prestigious private school."

"Because Undertaker said strange activity was happening at this school that could be related to that demon we are looking for," Ciel said. "And the school only allows boys in so you must dress up like one."

"Why can't you and Sebastian go then?" I glanced At Ciel in the backseat of the car, then over at Sebastian who was driving.

"Because that would mean leaving you alone," Sebastian muttered.

I didn't say anything more because I knew what he actually meant by those words. If I leave you behind, Goliath may show up again. That's what Sebastian actually meant, but Ciel didn't know about the incident so Sebastian didn't just come out and say that.

I nodded. "Fine. I just wish I could have brought Selena and Emmett with us."

"Their being watched by many, they are perfectly fine," Sebastian said. "They have Romeo, Jonathan, Blood, and Snake with them."

"That's not what I meant. I'm going to miss them. How long do we have to be at this school anyways?" I asked.

"Until we figure out what is happening," both demons said in unison and I sighed.

"Emilie, you and I will play as students while Sebastian will play a teacher," Ciel instructed.

I nodded. "But are you sure I can pass as a boy?" I asked and looked into my side view mirror. I had already been forced into the boy clothes, and most of my hair was hidden under a black and red snapback cap. I guess I sort of could go by as a pretty boy . . . Maybe.

"Believe me," Ciel chuckled. "I have met many boys who look like girls, so you will be fine."

I nodded.

"But when you two enroll in the school and receive your uniforms, they will not let you wear the hat," Sebastian stated firmly. "So we will have to do something else with your hair."

"As long as we don't cut it," I said quickly.

My demon smirked. "I was thinking more along the lines of a wig."

"That's fine."

As Sebastian approached the school, I stared at it in complete awe. The perimeter of the estate was encased in a marble fence that was extremely high. The black iron gate with the school's initials put in cursive in the middle of the gate was the only way to enter the school campus. Past the parking lot full of the fanciest and most expensive cars, and past the large front field where some students were, was the school.

"I-It looks sort of like a castle," I said in shock.

The school looked exactly like a castle. It was completely pearl white with four towers revealing large bells within each. The school was of gothic architecture and I could see a few stained glass windows of Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and a few other holy figures.

"It was a castle at one point," Sebastian said as he parked far from the school, that way no one would see us get out together. No one could know that Ciel and I knew Sebastian.

"It was?" I asked.

He nodded. "I actually remember making a contract with one of the help here."

"So you actually witnessed this place as a castle first hand," I said.

"What happened to the family occupying it?" Ciel asked.

"It seems they merely died out. The final heir bared no children, and the family line ended."

"Oh," I mumbled.

"You two go first, I will enter the building a few moments afterwards," Sebastian said.

"Right," Ciel and I said and got out the car together.

As we walked towards the school, I sucked my teeth and pulled up my stupid baggy jeans. "This is irritating," I muttered. I had been forced into a baggy red shirt, a black zip-up sweater, baggy dark jeans, red and black sneakers, and the red and black snapback cap hiding my long hair. The reason all the stuff I was wearing was so big on me was because I borrowed them from Jonathan.

Ciel chuckled. "Bear with it just a bit longer. The uniform here is not as baggy as your brother's clothes."

"Good," I said.

"But you will need to work on your voice."

"Huh? My voice?"

Ciel nodded and glanced over at me as we walked. "You do not sound like a boy at all, you must work on that."


"And try to avoid being recognized at all costs. Take showers only when the bathroom is empty, make sure your school uniform is not tight enough to reveal you are actually a girl, you will need to skip gym to keep from having to change in front of the boys, and on no circumstances can you spend too much time around Sebastian. It will make things look suspicious."

I nodded, remembering everything.

"Can you handle that last part?" Ciel asked me cautiously.

"Of course!" I said. "I can keep my distance."

"Alright. Make sure of that."

"Don't worry. You sound like I can't survive being away from Sebastian for a bit or something," I said as we entered the school and went straight to the place we needed to go.

Apparently, Ciel and I were suppose to be brothers. No one told me this until Ciel gave them our names.

Ciel and Emilio Roze. Emilio? Seriously? That's the name he came up with for me? I ignored the urge to yell at Ciel and merely followed the chairmen to my room. Wait.

"I'm not going to be in the same room as you?" I whispered to Ciel.

He shook his head. "They separate by grades here, meaning you must be extra careful to not be recognized."

I swallowed down the lump of worry in my throat and forced myself to nod. This was going to be a lot harder than I thought.

I was shown to my room first.

"Your uniform is already in your drawers. Please change and be prepared for first period," the chairmen said.

I nodded, not wanting to speak yet. I needed to work on my male voice.

"Your roommate has already gone to his class, so you will not be able to meet him yet."

I nodded again and entered my room.

My eyes widened in disbelief at the luxury I was seeing. Two king sized beds were in the room, both black canopies with mahogany colored velvet draping over them. The sheets and pillows were the same color of mahogany, and the walls were pure white. The curtains were black and open to let in the outside light. The floor was dark wood, and the two wardrobes were the same.

One of the beds was unmade and that side of the room looked like crap, so I went over to the clean side, guessing it was mine. I opened my wardrobe and stared down at the uniform. Before changing, I shut the curtains to make sure no one would see.

"Only twenty minutes in, and I already hate this mission," I sighed as I quickly got undressed and changed into the uniform that consisted of a long sleeve white oxford shirt, black pants, a red blazer with the school's coat of arms over the heart, and a black tie. I put on the sneakers I came here with, and smiled at myself when I saw the uniform was baggy enough to not reveal I'm a girl. Still, I'm not really flat-chested, so if someone bumps into me, they might figure it out. Then there's also the concern with my hair.

I frowned, remembering I couldn't wear the cap.

"That uniform suits you."

"My hair," I muttered and glanced over at Sebastian who had suddenly appeared in the room. He walked over and stood behind me as I looked into the mirror. "Do you have the wig with you?"

Sebastian nodded and picked up all my hair, putting it into a tight bun before placing the wig on me. It was the same dark brown as my hair, had the right bangs, and even was a bit spiky like my normal hair. I patted down the perfect wig and stared at my complexion fully.

"I still say I look a bit too feminine to be a boy," I said and glanced up at Sebastian.

"Everything will be fine. No one will notice," he muttered and leaned down, his hand cupping the side of my face as he brought his lips to mine.

Damn it. I have to give this up. These kisses, all hugs, and even . . . Yeah, that. I blushed, thinking about the last thing as Sebastian broke the kiss.

"That will not be the only kiss we exchange during this mission," he said, that naughty smirk on his face.

"So you're going to risk getting caught?" I asked.

He shook his head. "No one will find us," Sebastian said as he placed a finger under my chin and made me look up at him again. "Trust me."

"Alright," I said, a small smile on my face. "Now go. I have to get to class."

"I am aware. After all, I am your teacher. Did you know that at this school, only one teacher teaches all classes?"

"E-eh?" I asked dumbly. "So that means . . ."

"You and I will see each other quite a bit," Sebastian said with a nod as he pushed me towards the door.

"This mission just gets harder and harder," I groaned and stepped out of my dorm room.

(Goliath P. O. V)

"Hmm? You said she's at a private school?" I asked.

"Yes. St. Johnson Private School For Boys."

"For boys? So how the hell is she there? In case you haven't noticed, she's a girl."

"She is in disguise, you fool."

"Oh," I said, feeling dumb. I quickly moved on. "So what do you want me to do?"

"Go to the school and keep an eye on her."

"Right, Cap-e-ton," I said and saluted.

"Just go."

(Emilie P. O. V)

Damn it. Everyone keeps staring at me. They act like they've never seen a new student before, or maybe they've seen through my disguise. Maybe they already figured it out that I'm a girl! No way. Impossible.

"You're Emilio, right?" a random guy said as he came up to me. He was pretty tall with curly red hair, pale skin, freckles, and brown eyes.

I nodded.

"Nice to meet you, I'm Frederick. I'm a friend of your roommate."

A whole bunch of decisions ran through my head. Should I play it off and be the silent kid? The loner? Ciel looks kind of like one, so it would make a bit of sense since we're suppose to be brothers. But what if Ciel is being the opposite of himself? Crap! I don't know what to do! I should speak. But what if my male voice sounds terrible?!

"Nice to meet you," I said, and was shocked at my fake voice. It actually sounded pretty good. Not great, but good enough to not cause suspicion. "Who exactly is my roommate? I haven't met him yet."

Frederick glanced towards the top of the classroom. See, the classroom was half of a circle. The part of the classroom that curved was full of rows of desks, sort of like a college classroom I had seen on TV. At the front of the class was a slight stage with a desk, and behind the desk was a large white board.

I followed Frederick's gaze to the top row of the classroom and saw a guy staring down at Frederick and I. He was obviously shy because when our eyes met, he blushed slightly in embarrassment and looked away. He had curly, dirty blonde hair and gray eyes. He was scrawny and really pale.

"Does he not like me already?" I joked.

"Henry's just a shy kid," Frederick said. "He gets sick a lot, so for most of his life his parents kept him indoors."

"I'm guessing he didn't make a lot of friends as a kid then," I muttered.

"Yeah. His parents finally let him leave the house and enrolled him in here, but he didn't really know how to make friends. So I stepped in and became his friend," Frederick said and turned back to me, a smile on his face. "And now that you're his roommate, you can be his friend too."

I nodded and looked back at my roommate, Henry. He was pretending to read a book, but I could clearly see him looking at me from the corner of his eyes sheepishly.

"Come on, you can sit with us and meet him," Frederick said.

"Alright, sure."

"Henry, meet your roommate, Emilio," Frederick introduced as we approached Henry.

Henry looked up at me curiously, his mouth hanging slightly agape as he tried to figure out something to say.

"Hey," I said to him and stuck out my hand for him to shake. "I'm Emilio Roze. Don't worry, I'm not mean," I joked and flashed a small smile.

Henry blushed again and grabbed my hand. "H-hi," he said shyly as he shook my hand.

I can't believe this kid is my roommate. I mean, when I saw the messy side of the room, I thought I would have this big, bearish jock type of guy who likes to burp and stuff like that. Not this small, shy, sweet looking boy.

"I-I'm sorry you had the see o-our room s-s-such a mess," Henry stuttered as he let go of my hand and I sat next to him while Frederick sat on the other side of Henry. "F-Frederick m-m-made it a m-mess."

"Hey! I said it was an accident," Frederick defended.

So my roommate really isn't that kind of person.

"It's fine," I said.

At that moment, Sebastian stepped into the room and everything fell silent.

"So that's the new teacher," Frederick whispered as Sebastian introduced himself as, of course, Mr. Michaelis.

"I haven't seen anything strange," I told Ciel during break. We were currently standing in one of the school hallways. I glanced out one of the windows as I spoke to Ciel.

Ciel nodded. "Neither have I, but Undertaker is never wrong."

"Well, the school day isn't even over yet, so we'll just keep looking," I said as a group of kids around Ciel's age came over.

"Hey, Ciel, come on," one boy said before looking up at me. "Is this your older brother, Ciel? He looks so cool!"

Ciel nodded and did something I was super shocked to see because he rarely did it.

Ciel smiled!

"Yeah. This is my big brother Emilio. He's my role model," Ciel said in a cheery voice that sounded so foreign coming from him.

"Wow~" all the kids said in unison, and I noticed the dark look in Ciel's eye as he smirked briefly.

Wow. He's good.

"Well, let us go," Ciel said and the boys nodded and followed him.

"That kid seriously deserves an Oscar," I chuckled.

(No One P. O. V)

In the darkest place of the school, in the lowest area, far lower than the basement, were the people Emilie and the others were looking for.

"I brought another student," one person said and threw a bag into the middle of the room. The bag began to move chaotically as the person within fought for his life.

"This one looks lively. Good," the second person laughed.

(Emilie P. O. V)

"I knew you would not be able to stay away for long," Ciel sighed as I sat on the desk in Sebastian's private office. I had taken off my wig, so my long hair was set free, and I even took off my annoying red blazer, now only in my white oxford and black pants.

"I came here for tutoring," I lied as I hugged Sebastian's arm.

"Nonsense," Ciel said and rolled his visible eye.

"Okay, so I couldn't stay away," I muttered. "So what? No one can really come in here unless they knock and Sebastian lets them in. Plus, it's after school hours and not many students come for tutoring."

Ciel nodded.

"Have either of you found anything interesting?" I asked both Ciel and Sebastian.

"Nothing," Ciel sighed.

"I have found something," Sebastian admitted. "It seems students have been going missing, or so I believe."

"What do you mean you believe?" I asked.

"The students who vanish are known to be rebellious," Sebastian explained. "And also have a record of trying to escape the school, so the teachers merely believe the students finally managed to escape."

"So why don't you think so?"

"Because I heard the students talking and they mentioned how the missing students took nothing at all with them, not even their civilian clothing."

"That's weird. You'd think they'd at least take the clothes they came here with and maybe some of their stuff," I muttered.


"So where do you think the students are then?" Ciel asked.

"I am not sure. I will do more research tomorrow," Sebastian said.

"See to it then," Ciel ordered and left the room.

I remained silent and stared at the door Ciel had just left from.

"Something troubling you, Emilie?" Sebastian asked and cupped the side of my face with his hand.

I looked up at him. "I suddenly have this feeling that what we're looking for isn't here."

"You mean the kidnapper of the students?"

I shook my head. "I mean the demon. I feel he isn't here and what we're looking for is something else."

"Should we leave then?" Sebastian asked as he began to trail his lips down my neck and unbutton the front of my shirt.

I shook my head, my face beginning to burn. "No. Whatever is here, I feel I need to know. Something . . . inside of me is telling me . . . to find this kidnapper."

Sebastian kissed me passionately. "Then we shall stay," he whispered against my lips before pushing me down and laying me on his desk. He smirked. "Now, on to more pleasurable matters."

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