Once Upon a Time

SwanThief: The Tale of Emma Swan and Neal Cassidy; Together and Apart

Post-eps from season 1 and season 2

A/U: What were Emma and Neal thinking? How did Emma feel being abandoned? How did Neal feel abandoning the one woman he loved?


11 months. That's what Emma Swan "received" for the suggestion to take the wrap for Neal.

*Flashback *

"You want to steal the watches to help me get away with stealing the watches?" Neal Cassady asked his girlfriend.

"That's exactly what I wanna do." Emma responded, reassuring Neal that she wanted to be with him.

"I love you." She said sweetly and with that he responded, "I love you too."

*End of flashback *

"Damn him," she thought. "I loved him! And how does he thank me? By letting me take the wrap for something he did!"

The anger and mystification as to why Neal would leave her and turn her in made absolutely no sense to her.

They loved each other. So why did Neal leave her? It was a mystery. One of which; someday, she hoped would be answered.

August knew that Neal loved Emma but because of circumstances bigger than him, Emma or Neal, he had to convince Neal to leave her somehow. He had Neal leave Emma to steer her in the right direction, so she could do what was required of her when she turned 28.

August had strayed away from Emma. He screwed up royally. He wondered how his father would feel about his son after he had found out that he did not fulfill his promise, but more on that later.

The pink plus sign on the pregnancy test made Emma nervous. But because she did not have the most conventional upbringing, Emma was scared.

Scared because she didn't know the first thing about being a mom, considering she never had one or a family that most little girls or boys dreamed about.

Neal instantly regretted leaving Emma. But what were his options: Let her go and hope that someday they could be together or screw up the one thing she needed to. It was a terrible dilemma, but he knew that in the end, maybe they could reunite and be a family that he is convinced they are supposed to be.

To be continued…

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