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The bulky figure sat straight in his throne, his arms lazily yet sharply draped over the handles. To his right, his sister stood tall and straight at 5"11 just shorter then him at 6 foot. Her bright red head stood out among the clouded room, its haze shifting the shape lights and the dancers below. To his left, his younger brother stood short but strong. 5"5 height meant nothing with the fang in his mouth jutting out like it did, and with a name like Beast no one dared joked to him about his height. The various bodyguards around them shifted their weight slightly, the company this gang was awaiting was late, and it made them wary.

"I don't understand Victor, the Knights set this meeting up why would the not attend?" The red head whispered to the man sitting in the throne. He shook his hands out noisily and grunted.

"They are either up to something or just late Kori." The man replied quietly, " Give them time." He said louder so the guards heard.

"But Vic-Cyborg," Beast corrected, "they should know the importance of this meeting. It's just bad to be late."

"Late but here none the less!" A deep voice called from the stairway. All eyes darted to the stairs and a tall dark figure walked onto the platform. Directly behind him were two hooded figures, then followed by 10 bodyguards.

"Ah so the Knights have made it." Cyborg called hoisting himself off the throne. He nodded then waved his hand to both squads of guards. "I feel its unnecessary for them to be so alert, this is business not rough housing am I right?"

The figure nodded and reached his hand to Cyborg. Cyborg gripped it back then pointed at a throne stationed across from his own. The man sat down and the hooded figures positioned themselves on either side of him.

Batman made himself comfortable in his throne then addressed everyone, "As you know I am Batman, Leader of the Dark Knights, this is Robin-" He pointed right then left, "-and this is Raven." The two dropped there hood and bowed quickly.

Cyborg nodded back "I am Cyborg, Leader of the Kings. This is Starfire-" he pointed to his sister, then to his brother, "- and this is Beast." The two bowed. "What is your business, Batman, that you wished to discuss so badly that you called a meeting with the Kings and the Queens. I couldn't help notice Queen Bee's private jet fly in yesterday."

Batman scoffed, "Yes it's a very lavish black and yellow plane isn't it? If your opinion is that alike my own and Queen Bee's, she will be join us when she is called. I have come to discuss the matter or the gang called the Circus have you heard of them?"

"Yes." Cyborg nodded, "They called themselves that because they say they are a bunch of freak shows."

"Yes them. It has come to my attention that the Circus is planning a bit of expansion into Gotham, Jump and Steel City. I run Gotham and you and Bumble have some area there. You run Jump, with few rivals, and she runs Steel mostly… He plans to hit Gotham first; it's the closest to the city to the one they run, which is Arkham. Arkham is an island off of Gotham, which I know you're aware of." Batman sighed dramatically and waited.

Cyborg ferried his eyebrows and looked at Batman. "So you've got a rival? Congratulations, welcome to the club. You've called a meeting by Leaders because you feel threatened by a rival gang who has only just succeeded in attaining a city? My friend this meeting needs to end now if that's all you plan on telling me."

Batman sighed again and looked around the club, "Could we be somewhere more private. Perhaps just you and I?"

Starfire's face twisted into a glare and leaned to Cyborg, "This is unwise brother. We mustn't trust them. Two weeks ago they tried to overtake a section in Steel city from us. They're going to trick us into some sort of war to benefit themselves."

Cyborg sighed and shook his head. He looked over to Beast. Beast looked over the two standing beside Batman and nodded to his brother, "We will all wait for you out here. You won't know until you give them a chance right?"

Starfire turned her gaze to her little brother then away form them both, "Fools." She scoffed so only her brothers could hear her.

Cyborg agreed and the two moved into the hall behind Cyborg's throne. The room was still without the leaders. All the sound being made came from the pounding music of the club. Starfire eyed the boy called Robin curiously, he returned her gaze and they were immediately locked in a stare.

"Star?" Beast questioned quietly after a few moments, seeing her gaze. "Do you know him?"

"No." she answered shortly.

Moments turned into minutes and minutes turned to hours. The four standing around the thrones were restless. They kept looking back and forth between each other and the dim hallway. The guards on both sides had either joined the club below or were leaning lazily against the rail talking quietly amongst themselves.

"Should we check on them?" Raven whispered.

Robin shifted his weight looking to Starfire for a moment, "Have patience Rachel. I'm sure they are just discussing their course of action." Raven didn't seem convinced and stepped forward, which immediately made everyone perk up.

"I request one of you and one of use go and see what's happening." She called strongly. Both gangs perked up and a dull roar formed from the guards.

Starfire hushed the guards behind her, she looked to Beast and they conversed silently. "I need to see Victor's ok Garfield."

Beast nodded and bit his fang into his lip a bit, "Ok but if he's in trouble you don't attack unless he tells you or your in danger yourself got it. Don't be rash."

"Says you. I won't don't worry." She scoffed. Starfire stepped forward and met Raven. " I will go."

Raven nodded and looked back to Robin, "As will I." He glared at her and the girls walked together to the hallway. A massive door sheltered the sound and privacy from the rest of the club. A guard stood on alert and nodded to Starfire, he stepped out of the way to a pin pad and she typed in a quick code. The door slide open and the girls walked in. Another guard was standing on the other side and held his hand to both of them. Starfire slid off her leather jacket and placed it in one of this hand. In the well-lit corridor Raven and Starfire got a good look of one another for the first time.

Without the jacket Starfire's metal studded, tight, black long sleeve could be seen reaching past her bum. It was open backed and exposed a tattoo of a crown, the trademark all Kings had somewhere on their bodies. Her cream leather shorts went just higher then mid-thigh and her high topped black boots reached just under her shorts, exposing only an inch of her brightly tan silky legs. She wore leather gloves and her red hair was put up in a messy ponytail that trailed to her hips.

Raven unclipped her cloak and handed it to the man as well. Underneath it she wore tight leather pants that clung to her every curve ended by pointed black short boots. She wore a black, long, sleeveless shirt with no logo but a purple Raven. The neck on her shirt dove deep revealing a tattoo of a black outlined raven with its wings spread out. Her pale skin was accented by short, dark plum hair.

The guard left into a room off to the side leaving Raven and Starfire alone to themselves.

"I am Starfire." Star said raising her hand out.

"Raven." Raven accepted Star's hand.

"Nice to meet you." Starfire shook there hands lightly. "No matter the state of our leaders violence between us is not necessary."

"I agree." She said dully shaking back. They released hands and Starfire lead them to the room in which their leaders we in supposedly. Starfire took a deep breath before tapping in a code to enter the room. The door clicked and Raven opened it.