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Robin rocked on his heels back and fourth eagerly. It was about eleven in the morning and Starfire was supposed to meet him. There was something she needed to do before they went into Arkham. A day had past since they had met at the Nest. After they exchanged numbers, the following day was filled with Starfire downloading all of her plans of her trip into Arkham into Robin's head.

It was an elaborate but good plan that considered disguise to be the only real option. With that however, came the need to get a disguise for Robin. Star had prepared hers after days and hours spent surveying the patrols during the past few weeks. She had decided that blending in would be easier then forced entry and after hearing more and more of Starfire's discoveries, Robin agreed.

His phoned buzzed in his black pant pocket. 'I'm almost there, Sorry. Got a call from Jump.'

It was interesting to see how quickly they had trusted each other in the last 48ish hours. Robin texted back saying it was no problem and continued to rock back casually until her taxi pulled up. He unconsciously pulled at the collar of his signature red jacket and adjusted the green and black t-shirt underneath. He wore his signature yellow utility belt, but it was obviously not his usual kind because this one was not quite as bright.

The cab door flew open and her slender, toned, bronze leg slid out from the shabby interior of the car. Star had black peak-toe heals on along with a long black dress with blue mesh over it. Her hair was puffed in the front and in a perfectly cute bun in the back.

She waltzed over to him smoothly and stood to his left, "Good morning Robin." She greeted kindly.

"Good morning Starfire." He replied, his stomach doing flips for no reason, " how come you wanted to meet here?"

Star looked almost disappointed he had not been more interested in her attire, "We are here because there is knowledge I need to acquire from the Queens. I believe it to b e relevant to my people. The one called "Aqua" should be here now."

She had been at the Queens' Gotham headquarters the other day but has been refused access to everything and anything they had. There was a mass murder the night before and over 20 people including undercover police, drug dealers, Queens' people, and civilians were killed. Someone had broken into one of there many 'secret' hideouts. A sinking feeling had announced itself in Starfire's stomach but she refused to address it. They assured her someone would contact her within the week after they had dealt with their crisis.

They had never contacted her back, though it hadn't been a week yet, so she had made it her mission today to get as much as she needed from the Queens before she and Robin made there way North.

"Aqua... I was in Steel City last week, I saw him there. I don't think he's back yet."

Funnily, Star squished her face up in fret, "Shall we try anyway?"

Robin's grin was stifled by his surprise, "You want me to come too?"

"It matters not." She said shrugging her shoulders lamely, "I feel if we are both there, they will believe the matter is of utmost urgency."

"That's probably true." Robin conceded, " Alright."

They opened the doors and walked in. At first glance, the hideout looked more like an aquatic shop for scuba divers and swim enthusiasts. It made no sense to have such a store so far from the shore and in Gotham nonetheless, but it was a cover for the underground trades that took place here so it didn't matter much.

At closer scrutiny, the walls were riddles with security cameras and a wall of flippers concealed, what looked like a safe door.

The bell had rung at there entrance and a brisk voice sounded from behind the counter upon recognition, "You're so not welcome here."

"And why's that." Robin responded bitterly.

"I'm not talking about you birdy. I'm talking about red over there." The man pointed a gloved finger at Starfire.

"Me?" Star said, obviously shocked, "I have done nothing! And who are you to say such things!"

The man came out from around the counter and into the blue light that cloaked the 'shop', his eyes covered by a mask like Robin's usually would be.

"You forget so quickly eh? Not surprising" He scoffed, "The names Arrow and you're not welcome on Queen territory, King!"

A light of remembrance flickered in Star's head and she took a step forward, which made Arrow puff up, "Arrow! Apologies we have only met once. Though I don't understand, why am I so unwelcomed? "

"LIKE YOU DON'T KNOW!" Arrow spat, moving closer and pointing an accusing finger at her. "You and you're people caused that raid in Steel City last week bitch! Don't think we haven't found out! Wasn't hard! YOUR GUYS TOO COCKY TO CLEAN UP THEIR OWN MESS! GET THE HELL OUT"

Star growled and was about to reply when she was cut off by the orange hair boy, "Betcha she told you something different didn't she! Don't be so gullible birdy!"

"Gullible? I wouldn't be here with her if she was involved, you know that! Who the f-" As Robin was about to release hell on Arrow, a figured emerged from the shadows behind the counter and yanked Arrow to his side.

"I think we've started off this meeting with the wrong fin. Shall we start over?" From his slick demeanor and blue attire, it was easy to assume Aqua was back in Gotham.

"Aqua get the fuck off me! Do you know who this chick is!" Aqua flashed a stern glare to Arrow to shut up, then turned back to Star and Robin. At this point Robin was seething and Star was lost.

"Allow me to explain. Shall we go to the back?" Everyone nodded, except Arrow who just trudged to the backroom and dumped himself onto the nearest chair, whispering curses at Aqua for cutting him off twice.

Once they had all sat down, Robin and Star across from Arrow, while Aqua sat regally at the head. Aqua dismissed the Queen members who were lounging about the room and they filed out a couple different exits.

"I apologize for Arrow, I haven't had time to inform him of our situation, because I literally just stepped off my plane minutes ago."

Arrow blushed a bit but perked up enough to listen. Robin's attention was fixed on Aqua long ago but Starfire was looking between all of the men and taking in her settings a bit as Aqua began.

"As you know last week one of the southern hideouts in Steel City was raided, initially killing 10 members, then the entire building was burned down killing the rest of our people and civilian who were out and around the building in the process. We've determined the Kings are responsible. One of the corpses was a King and had excessive burns compared to the others. We know for a fact now he set off the bomb or the fire. The ground had the signature crown of the kings laid in the soil… Either you've been set up quite well or the Kings are at fault."

"And it's being investigated at the moment?" Robin asked.

"Yes the investigation is ongoing. We have a feeling the Circus has a big part in this…"

Arrow grumbled and piped up, "We can't just blame the Circus! You guys all know what that crazy ass has been doing! Attacking Batman and Bumble Bee! Cyborg's probably one doing which means so does his right hand lady and that guy who went rouge in Jump probably is in on it too!"

"I had no idea of the catastrophe until I came here last week and was informed of the devastation it caused." Star defended, "You have no idea if it was Cyborg, maybe it was someone who impersonated us!"

Arrow jumped up and slammed his hands onto the table, "Ya right! Everyone knows not to step outta line in this business red!"

Star followed Arrow and leapt onto her feet, "My name is not red, you imbecile! Dare you criticize me for temporarily forgetting your name and yet there you are not knowing mine and accusing me of things I had nothing to do with!"

Arrow barely paused, "I don't care. You're not telling us something!"

"Arrow sit down! She didn't have anything to do with it for what we know." Aqua pulled Arrow so that he could speak into his ear, out of range of Star and Robin, who were both in very defensive stances, Robin still sitting.

"She is the Kings confident that has been in contact with Bumble Bee you idiot! She's the reason we knew Cyborg was in Steel at all!" He hissed quietly, then shoving Arrow back in his seat.

"Please let's get back on topic."

They spoke for a bit longer on the subject of the crisis but there wasn't much more to say. Star had completely forgotten what she was originally there for and by the time they were getting up she had completely zone out in distress, unsure who could be responsible for the raid. Robin and Aqua continued their conversation, but Arrow noticed. They all began walking to the exit when Arrow pulled Starfire aside.

"I'm telling you, Cyborg is out of control." He whispered into her ear. Star froze and turned her face to his. She scrutinized his face for a moment; he looked apologetic and frankly ashamed.

"But how do I get him back under control." She replied, in a similar whisper.

Their faces were very close, making Arrow visibly nervous. He really began to take in how pretty she was. He looked at her eyes then down to her lips and back again. Star looked confused for only a moment before turning away in discomfort under his gaze.

"Apologies." She said facing the other way.

Arrow blushed and shook his head for a sec, "Don't worry about it." He began to walk away but stopped and turned to her again, " Hey look, I'm sorry about earlier and… if you need something just ask."

Star looked puzzled, "I thought I was your enemy?"

"Nah, Cyborg and those Circus creeps are the enemy…"

Star gave him a forced smiled before looking away. Arrow realized his words and sighed deeply. He walked back to her and placed a hand on her shoulder.

"We'll fix this. I'll cooperate."

Star patted his hand, "Thank you."

Robin and Aqua noticed the two had lagged behind.

"Starfire." Robin called, " Ready?"

Star nodded and gave Arrow one last small smile before thanking Aqua and leaving with Robin.

Aqua turned to Arrow. Arrow was starring out the door in a daze.

"Idiot." He murmured, "Bumble Bee's got a message for you, come on. I need to fill you in still Roy."

Arrow flushed and sputtered profanities, following after him.

"Sir! Please! Give me another chance! I won't fail you!"

"I think you've had more then enough chances." The man called arming himself and throwing the henchmen to the floor.

"Please, I didn't even know she was a target! I would've taken her out!"

"Shut up. You're useless. She not a target, she's the incentive for the green one."

The man on the floor was confused and sputter, "Green one?"

"Foolish children, this is getting fun!" A burst of laughter echoed through the black room. The henchmen yelped and crawled backwards towards the door. When he hit it, he reached back and opened the door; it was only locked on the outside. In his attempt to be secretive, the door unlatched loudly and he jumped up to run, which was in vain.

The man halted his insane laughter and ran to catch up with the henchmen, dragging him back into the room by his foot.

"NO! Cyborg please! Have mercy!" The henchmen screamed.

"Too late." Cyborg laughed, his red eye locking onto the screaming man.

"So that was unexpected." Robin commented as he followed Starfire.

"We attained much important information, I believe I am somewhat relieved as of now, however a few new troubles plague me."

Robin almost trip over himself then caught up to her, bewildered, "Sometimes your speech is just crazy intense. I haven't heard talked like that since the last time I read a Jane Austen novel."

"What is 'A Jane Austen'?" Star repeated, clearly unaware of the novelist.

"Not what! Who, she was a writer a long time ago, can't believe you've never heard of her."

They were silent for a minute before Robin cleared his throat and asked, "So what guy was he talking about?"

Starfire didn't skip a step or halt a breath, but she did play a bit dumb, "You have met Cyborg have you not?"

Robin shook his head and rephrased, "Who is the guy that's gone rouge in Jump City?"

Star thought for a moment, in all honesty she did not know, she only knew the main headquarters was having a lot of problems since she left. "I couldn't tell you even if I knew." She said shortly, it wasn't a lie.

Robin only nodded and looked around the area they were walking.

"Uh where are we going?"

"Here." She paused outside a dollar store and opened the doors, "You need a disguise."

Just as Robin was going to ask what she meant, Star had made her was to the second last isle and began pulling things from the shelf. Robin plucked a basket from the front and star dropped hair dye, clothes and make up into the bin. As they approached the counter she pulled two disposable cameras off the shelf closest to the till and piled the products for the cashier.

The cashier rung everything through quickly, asking little questions once and a while. Star said something about a costume party to her and they giggled together for a bit. Once out of the store Star b-lined to the alley closest to the shop. She walked to a rather large green dumpster and pushed it easily to the side. Robin stood in shock for a moment.

"Bit strong?" He murmured in amazement, holding onto the bag from the dollar store.

"Its…a prop is all, I needed a hiding place." Behind the dumpster was a small black door. She pulled out a key and unlocked it quickly ushering him in. Once inside, Robin was welcomed by a bight space cozy with cabinets and lockers along one side, tables and chairs. There was an obvious bathroom at the end of the small room.

"Its just a little shared room if our guys need help, you know?" Star said walking up to one locker and pulling a small black bag out. "You should change into those, you can put your clothes in my locker if you want. I'll be back in a bit."

Star walked into the bathroom and closed the door behind her. Robin opened the dollar store bag and dumped the contents on one of the tables. Just as he stripped his shirt off, Star threw open the door.

"Wait, wait! We have to-" Star stopped short. Her face began to flush, beginning to match her hair. She stood for a second in shock, before turning around and covering her face. "Sorry!" She exclaimed.

Robin stood dumbly holding onto his new shirt, which was just a button down lime green dress shirt. Her entrance didn't faze him until she was blushing furiously turned away from him.

"Uh what am I waiting for?" Robin said, slipping the green sleeves in and buttoning the shirt.

"Hair." She said quickly moving into view; she had changed into a horrible white large polka dotted dress that flared oddly in the shoulders and hem. To Robin's surprise her hair was covered in a silly purple wig. She grabbed the bottle of dye from the pile on the table. "We must dye your hair."

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