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Satine's Death

He saw it over again. Over, and over, and over.

As his very worst enemy choked her. She turned blue, and purple, and tried to breathe. She couldn't. He couldn't reach her. He tried, though. Over, and over, and over.

Each time, he was subdued.

And then... and then...

He could take taunts. Those didn't matter to him. He could tune them out. But when he threatened the woman he loved, that was different.

It was different when the enemy speared her with the Darksaber.

The Darksaber he, seemingly a lifetime ago, had saved her from.

But that was a different, less powerful enemy. That enemy was dead now, and didn't matter anymore. This one was in the present, and she was dying.

When she dropped to the floor, he ran to her, turned her over, cradled her in his arms.

He didn't remember her last words. In books, heroes always remembered the dead's last words. He couldn't. It was like watching his Master die, at the hands of the same enemy. She was so close to him, even after their separation of so many years. He wished he had reestablished the ties with her earlier.

He couldn't now, but he did remember that she had said she loved him.

He wished he'd said, "I love you, too."


The Jedi turned around. "You're Satine's sister, aren't you?"

She looked away, ashamed of herself. She and Satine had been friends, once. And while she had joined a renegade group trying to bring her sister down, Satine had been establishing peace on Mandalore.

Then he said something surprising. "I'm so sorry."

Sorry? she thought in alarm. What?

But the ramp closed behind him before she could ask him what he was talking about.

And then it hit her. She's dead. Satine's dead.

The thought brought her to her knees as a sharp pain hit her heart. I should have reestablished my ties with her. I should have told her I love her. I should have helped her. I should never have joined Death Watch. I could have saved her.

And now she's dead. And now I'm stuck on Mandalore without her.

She cried in the middle of explosions and deaths, because her sister had been everything, and she had never noticed.