Going For A Wild Ride

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: I wanted to do something fun with this little one-shot. After all, I do love me some Crazy Taxi. And I love BD Joe, too.

BD Joe and Gus were both in San Fransisco, being near the green grassy park close to the baseball stadium on the northern side, their taxi cabs on the grass.

"So, things seem pretty peaceful." BD Joe remarked as he looked around, to see barely a few cars on the road as he nodded his head.

Gus smacked his lips as he sighed. "Yep."

"It's a bit peaceful, so I'm gonna go for another wild spin in San Fran," BD Joe stated as he stretched his arms, turning to Gus. "You wanna race, Gus? Just you and me, two crazy taxi cab drivers on the road!"

Gus scoffed as he rolled his eyes, reading a newspaper in his cab. "Nope. I'm just waiting until I see some saps with loads of dosh."

BD Joe shook his head in disappointment. "Really? All you care about is money?"

"That's the reason we're here." Gus stated as he flipped through the pages of the newspaper.

"But money isn't everything!" BD Joe interrupted as he placed his hands on his hips. "What about the satisfaction of helping customers? The thrills of a wild speeding ride?"

Gus yawned as he lowered his eyes further. "Nothing to justify existence but gold coins and green dollar bills."

BD Joe rolled his left hand at Gus as he started up his own yellow colored cab. "Well, forget you. I'm going to go tear the pavement a new one!"

Gus ignored BD Joe as BD Joe took off to the streets, speeding off. BD Joe screamed with joy, blasting Bad Religion's "Inner Logic" on his radio as he went around the bend, heading downwards the highway as he bumped several slow moving cars, passing by the baseball stadium as he approached the sea barrier, going through and hurdling towards the Pacific Ocean. But BD Joe didn't care - he was looking forward to it, as his taxi cab then went through a transformation, being able to hover over the water as he pumped his arms in the air, hollering gleefully.