The Legend of the Lightfury

Chapter 1: LightStorm

Author's Note: HELLO PEOPLES OF EARTH! I BRING YOU... MY FIRST STORY EVER! OKAY I LOVE TO WRITE! LOL i actually promised myself i wouldnt put this up unil i finished the whole thing, but... to be honest I need some motivation. Just sitting there writing something without anyone reading makes me depressed so here ya go, my story early! Im really getting better at writing I think. Okay, before you guys kill be for not updating enough, I would like to point out that I am overloaded with homework, i have a lot going on right now, I am writing this on a phone, so it sometimes takes me a week to finish a chapter. I know, sorry but its true. As for the story, I think they put WAAYYYYYY to much weight on Toothless being the only NightFury theyve ever seen. hope you guys like :D. By The Way, i REALLY love reveiws. they are a reminder that SOMEONE is reading this :). tHANK YOU.

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Here we go.


"Toothless! How's it going bud?" Asked Hiccup. Toothless cocked his head to the side, amused at his human for some apparent reason. Hiccup smiled at his slightly overprotective dragon. Toothless was Hiccup's best friend. There was no denying it.

"Hiccup!" A voice yelled. He flinched.

"Hi... Astrid." She stomped up to him and punched him hard on the arm.

"That. Was for not showing up for dragon training." She said.

"That was a week ago." Hiccup mumbled. "And I was sick." He waited for the kiss that she would always deliver to him after a punch. Sure enough, he felt a tug at the neck of his shirt and a pressure on his lips in less than a second.

"That was for... everything else." She always used that when she couldn't come up with an excuse. Hiccup stared dreamily into space for a few seconds. Toothless snorted and made his weird sort of laughter. Astrid smiled at him, sharing his humor.

"So, you wanna tell me what you're doing way out here?" She asked, hands on her hips.

"I am... following Toothless." Hiccup said.

"Well, while you guys walked all the way out here in the middle of the forest for no apparent reason, I have been stuck back there," She gestured in the direction of the village, "with SnotLout. Anything you want to say to that?"

"I'm... sorry?" Hiccup asked.

"I think I'd rather be blindfolded and shipped off the island on a sinking boat before going back there. So, where are we going?"

"I'm not sure. Where are we going, bud?"

Toothless nodded excitedly in the direction of the only mountain on the little isle of Berk. His ears were pricked up slightly, looking innocent.

"That way." Said Hiccup.

"So... we're just going to follow Toothless with no idea where he is going or what kind of dangers are there?" Asked Astrid.

"I think that sums it up."

"Cool. I'm in."

"What?! And... you aren't going to give me a hard time about this?"

"Oh I'll give you a hard time," she pointed a finger to his chest. "Every step of the way." She put her hands on her hips. "Besides, I can't let you go with just him." She pointed to Toothless, who was nonchalantly chasing a butterfly. Hiccup nodded.

"True. Lead the way, bud." This stopped Toothless from eating the poor insect. Suddenly his ears pricked up and he didn't move a muscle. "Toothless?" Asked Hiccup. Toothless remained unchanged.


It all changed when I sensed her. The scent of a NightFury is unmistakable, and indescribable. It is like the sweetest smelling flower blooming for the first time. If it was female there was the added scent of chocolate. At least, thats how dragons smell them. I had no idea how humans smelled them. I knew she'd been here not long ago from her scent. I immediately turned left and ran as fast as I could toward the new scent.

"Whoa! Toothless slow down!" I heard my human and his... friend chase after me at pitiful speeds. I ran as fast as I have ever ran in my life. And I have lived for 50 years. Which was still young to a dragon, but at was pretty long for a human's standards. I leaped to the air with my wings, but I knew I could only glide. I couldn't flap or I'd be sent to the ground. I needed Hiccup to fly. I stopped and went back for the puny humans.

"Toothless! You have to remember to take me too." Said Hiccup.

"So what am I now, chopped liver?" Said Astrid.

"No! Your not... chopped liver. You're-"

Astrid laughed at Hiccup's pitiful attempt at covering for his mistake.

"I was just kidding. Now, what is it Toothless?"

I jumped up and down a couple of times, turned in a circle, then gestured to my back. I was glad they had known me just long enough that they knew that meant it was time to fly. They climbed on my back and I shot to the air like a streak of lightning. Astrid screamed almost as much as she did the first time she rode me. I snickered a little at that. I leveled out and took off to a part of the forest I had never seen before. I looked around and found a clearing in the trees. The grass swayed for side to side. Perfect to land in. And I did so. A couple flower petals flew in the breeze.

"Toothless! That was-... was..." Hiccup was staring at something off the the side. I turned to look at whatever it was. My heart almost stopped.

It was... She was... Beautiful. A NightFury. Another NightFury. The only one I'd seen in thirty years. Her scales were a luminescent silvery white color. Like lightning. Her form was smaller than mine, her ears a little shorter, but not too much. Her body was leaner, built more for speed and agility than I was. She was younger than I was for sure, but not by much. She still hadn't shed her white scales into black... but then again, some of the females never did. She had an electric blue mark above her left eye. My mouth was hanging open, and I closed it immediately. She was also hurt. Who would harm such a beautiful dragon? There were jagged claw marks running down her side. She was bleeding furiously. She was also passed out.

"Oh my gods." Astrid gasped. The humans climbed off me and walked over to the dragon. I raced ahead of them, hoping she wouldn't wake up. I knew when she did... she would NOT want to see humans. She was a wild dragon. And wild dragons don't like humans. I used to be one of those, then Hiccup found me. I gently nudged her with my nose. Her eyes snapped open immediately. They were the strangest eyes I'd ever seen. One was green, the left eye, and the other was blue, the right eye. She immediately jumped up, her eyes on mine. A deep growl rumbled in her throat, breaking the silence. Her eyes narrowed.

::Who are you?:: A thought came from the female dragon. Dragons communicate telepathically. We have two lines of thought. One that we keep private, and one we let other dragons see. Sometimes you jumbled up the two and all your thoughts were visible.

That was not now.

::I am Toothless.:: I said. ::Who are you?::

::You have a name.:: she growled. ::You are a weak PET.:: she practically spat out the words. I became offended.

::I am NOT weak.:: I said. She snorted.

::Prove it.:: She said, starting to circle me. I turned with her, never letting her out of my sight.

::I will not fight a wounded female.:: I swelled up with pride. A growl rose in her throat. Suddenly her line of sight changed and she looked right at Hiccup and Astrid. The dragoness looked confused and shocked, then another growl rose in her throat. I immediately moved in front of them, blocking her view.

Her stance changed from killer to... feminine.

::I just want to... see.:: She walked up to me slowly, watching me with interest. I stood my ground. My eyes narrowed.

::Sure. So you are just going to walk up to them without touching a hair on their heads?:: I said sarcastically. She looked at me innocently.


"Toothless move." Grunted Astrid, who was pushing my tail. I growled.

::If you try anything, I will attack.::

The dragoness smiled slyly.

::I don't think I'll have to worry about that.:: Her shimmering scales reflected the sunset in gold, pink, and orange colors, yet they still shone with the blinding light of a lightning strike. She moved past me on all fours, her side still bleeding heavily. She whacked me in the head with her tail. I growled.

::Oops, did I do that?:: she looked back at me with a mocking look. Grr... I could have just killed her right then. Hiccup started walking toward her, holding his hand out. The dragoness did not expect this. She stopped and looked a little shocked.

::What is he doing?:: she said.

::He is getting to know you.:: I said. She growled and Hiccup stopped, but he didn't run away.

::I don't want to get to know him. I want to watch what he does.::

::Well, watch as he gets to know you.::

Her growl became louder.

"Hiccup." Whispered Astrid. "I wouldn't get close to that dragon."

"We can't just leave her. Look at her wound."

::You never told me your name.:: I said.

::I don't have a name,:: she said, still growling, ::I am not some pet.::

"Hey there, girl." Said Hiccup, still approaching. The dragoness shut up for a second.

::Why is he talking to me? Humans never talk to our kind.::

::This one does.:: I said. She finally stopped growling and looked at him with interest. Her ears stood up a little and her eyes widened. Hiccup walked toward her, raising his hand to touch her face.

She looked suspicious.

::Why am I not eating him? He is vermin. IT is vermin. Doesn't deserve to live...:: It sounded like she had mixed up her thought lines.

Just before Hiccup touched her, he looked right into her eyes, and then he stopped. He looked back at Astrid, then at the dragoness, then Astrid again.

"Astrid. Come here."


"Just trust me."

Astrid warily moved out of the shadows, and came into the dimly lit clearing. Hiccup gestured her forward. The dragoness growled at the girl. Astrid stared her down with a determined look and she shut up. An Astrid stare could kill a squirrel on spot. Hiccup raised her hand to touch the dragon.

::What are they doing? And what is this girl going to do?::

::She is going to bond with you.::

::What?!:: She looked outraged. ::I will NOT become some pet!::

::Just try it. And if you don't like it you can leave when you are healed.:: I said.

::Who ever said I was coming with you?!::

::You need help. It's worse than you think.::

::How do I know that she won't put me in one of those cages?::

::You are welcome to go ask StormFly what being her pet is like.::

::Who is this StormFly?::

::She is Astrid's dragon. A little full of herself, I think, but she is fairly nice.::

::Is she your mate?::


::Oops sorry. Lost my lines.:: Lines were what we call our thought lines. It was easier that way.

::Next time try to keep your thoughts to yourself.:: I said, offended.

This whole conversation lasted an instant. That was the beauty of telepathically speaking.

Astrid slowly reached up, waiting for the dragon to respond. When she didn't, Astrid's hand touched the dragonesses head, and the white dragon started to purr.

Just like that, the two trusted each other. That was how their worlds connect. At first I ran away from my bond, but the dragoness didn't shy away. She stood her ground. And so did Astrid. The purring went on as she closed her eyes and pushed her head close to Astrid, and she scratched behind the dragon's ear.

::Are all humans like this?:: Purred the dragoness. I smiled slyly.

::Well look who likes being a pet.::

::Shut up.::

I looked at her, amused.

::No. All humans are different like all dragons are different. Astrid happens to be the most merciless, stubborn, and beautiful Viking youngling in the village.::

::What about yours?::

::You mean Hiccup?::

::I guess so. Isn't he your human?::

::Yes. He is smarter than the others. They think he is weird.::

::Well he DOES look kind of puny.::

::I'm glad for it. If he weighed as much as the other Vikings my neck would fall off.::

The dragonesses' mouth curved upward slightly in amusement.

::True that.::

And suddenly I didn't want to bite her head off anymore. Dragon's moods worked that way. We will go from wanting to bite someone's head off to perfectly content in a heartbeat.

Astrid moved to the dragon's side.

"That looks like a pretty bad cut. What happened to you?"

The dragoness paled.

::I don't want to talk about it.::

"Well, you need a name."


"How about it girl? Want to have a name?"


"Okay. How about..." Astrid thought for awhile.

::Don't give me a name! I don't need one.::

::Humans think they have to have a name for everything.:: I explained.

"StarKad? No. Aroura? No. Too girly."

::She's right. Aroura sounds like a Terror or Nadder's name.:: she said thoughtfully.


The dragoness nodded excitedly.

::Well, if I have to have a name, that isn't the worst.::

::What's the worst?::

::Toothless.:: She thought shortly and to the point.

I guess I walked right into that one.

::Very funny.::

::Isn't it?::

"Alright LightStorm. Lets get you back to the village so we can get you patched up. Then you can meet StormFly."

::What's StormFly like?::


"Can she fly on her own?" Asked Hiccup.

::Probably.:: said LightStorm. ::But not with her on my back just yet.::

Translation: she nodded.

Astrid hopped on her back.

::You do know that humans can't hear us right?::

::Oh. Forgot.::

::Just try to fly with her on anyway, and if she hurts you, flip her off and I'll catch her.::

::Fine. Just... Don't touch me.::

::Uh... Why?::

::Because you have male cooties.:: She scrunched up her nose. I laughed at her pitiful excuse. ::But first you are going to feel the power of an injured female.::

::What?:: then my thoughts were'AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!'.

LightStorm sprang straight at me, knocking me to the dirt with Astrid and all. Her small form tackled me with ease, and she sunk her teeth into my ear, which took a tiny bit off. I yelped in pain and pulled back to see her spitting out some of my scales. My vision turned red and I was about to charge when Hiccup appeared right in front of me.

"Whoa Toothless!" He put his hands up and I tried to get around him. He stayed in front of me. My ear was throbbing violently, and I could feel the faintest trickle of blood run down my face. For what?! For her to make her point! I growled. I always knew that females were more violent, as my father had warned me, but not like this. This was too much. I roared at her. She got up slyly, watching me, and again it struck me that she was being 'feminine'.

::That teaches you your place.::

"LightStorm!" Scolded Astrid. "We HAVE to at least TRY to refrain from ripping someone's head off... I mean, unless they really deserved it."

::I like this girl.::

I rolled my eyes, still growling up a storm.

::Females.:: I mumbled.

So... what do you think? should I continue?