Not Mine Valentine

He heard Rangiku moving about and for some reason despite the fact his head felt fuzzy he found himself sitting up and looking at her. The woman was changing but for some reason he found himself unfazed by the fact he just seen her not fully clothed. His mouth opened and the words came out of his mouth with no hindrance. "I thought you were going to tell me when you were done." He watched as the woman startled. "Well... she did say she was going to tell me when she was done."

"That was last night. I was hoping I wouldn't wake you."

"Oh." Toshiro tried to keep his eyes open but found himself shutting them. "That is nice of her. I'm guessing she's going in to do paperwork. Perhaps I should get ready to go in as well."

"I'm sorry to make you feel discomfort like this."

"Discomfort? Why?" Toshiro found himself trying to open his eyes again and blurted exactly what he was thinking. "For some reason this doesn't seem any different then when granny changed. Except you're not wrinkly. You're pretty. But I wouldn't date you because I'm not interested in dating girls. They're icky. Except Karin. Plus, you're old. But not like granny. More like a mommy."

His eyes snapped shut again. "Girls are icky..." He suddenly felt Rangiku move forward to kiss his forehead. "Yes. Rangiku is like a mommy. I like this feeling."

He wasn't though happy with the fact she pulled away and his eyes opened in time to see her have a rather worried look on her face. "Taicho... you have a fever."

The next thing he knew she was tucking him into bed and she was telling him to behave. Instead of dozing off he found himself sitting up and pulling his uniform on. He got up then and headed to the office to do his paperwork. Rangiku was busy speaking with Hisagi about something so he felt he could sneak in without her noticing he was even there. However, what ever conversation she was having with the man was cut short. "Taicho..."

"I'm fine."

"Go back to bed."

Toshiro looked up in time to see a rather exasperated look on Shuhei's face. "You're kind of busy I see, so I'll be going."

"It's a date though?"


"Date?" Toshiro looked up from his desk, the panic he felt causing his aching muscles to tense up. "Tomorrow is valentine's day. Tomorrow..." The boy's hand reached out to grab the ink pot from the desk and flung it at Shuhei. "Go away you! You're not Ichimaru!"

"Taicho!" Shuhei then choose to leave but despite the fact he had made it clear that he wasn't happy with her and Shuhei going on the date she insisted that it still proceed. "Matsumoto!" Things fell apart then. "I'll file a report!"

"How about I file a report directly to Yamamoto about you throwing things in the office as well as not remaining in bed after I told you when you have a fever. I think I'll request punishment of him spanking you. I'm quite sure that what ever spanking he gives you will be far worse then any I could give you." He then found himself storming out of the room after that.

"She's so mean! He's so stupid!" He came back a few minutes despite the fact his dragon protested to get the paper to write on. He fell asleep while doing the paper work on the floor of his own room and found himself waking up to Rangiku calling out for him from his room in a rather panicked manner. He quickly stacked the papers together and shoved them under something so she couldn't see and slid the door open.

"I'm here."

"Have you been resting?"

"I fell asleep while I was doing lines." The boy blinked a couple of times.

"Come here you."

Toshiro flinched before standing up and walking over to the woman in a slightly wobbly manner. The woman however pulled him into a hug. He felt himself snuggling close to her. "Matsumoto... do you have to go on a date tomorrow?"


"I should have known the answer to that one." The child found himself falling asleep in her arms. When he woke up it was because she was yet again getting ready to go out. "Matsumoto..."

"You slept like a babe through the night and most of this morning." Rangiku came over and pulled him up into her arms and placed her forehead against his. "I'm so glad your fever is gone."

"You're going on a date with Hisagi, aren't you?"

The woman let out a deep sigh. "Taicho... I'm a grown woman. It's my choice who I date. Do you understand me?"

"No. I don't. You..." The boy stopped short. "Saying you belong to someone is rude. Rangiku wouldn't take it well."

The woman let out a deep sigh. "All right. I admit that the whole dating thing honestly goes over your head as you don't see a point to anyone dating."

"I didn't say that." A sudden thought occurred to Toshiro. "You know. You're right. I was rude to Hisagi yesterday. So..." The boy hopped up and slid into his room, scooping the papers he had hidden under something and reshuffled them so that Rangiku wouldn't notice what he had written on some of the pages. He then walked in. "Give this to him as my way of apologizing to him."

"Really?" Rangiku gave him a smile.

"I don't like the fact this is making her happy. I don't want her to be happy with him."

"I know you probably want to get back to work but I would appreciate it if you rested today as well. That way you're all better for work tomorrow." The woman scooped him into a hug, causing him to flinch.

"All right, all right. Just stop hugging me." The boy glanced away. "Why was I so excited about her hugging me last night?"

Rangiku let out a sigh and she stood up with the papers while the boy flopped onto the bed. "I'll have one of the division members bring you something to eat."

"Not hungry."


"All right." The boy waved his hand. He then paused. "Can't you bring me something before you go? You did promise that nobody would know I was staying in your room."

"I'll have them leave it outside of your room."

Toshiro glanced away. "I can't argue against that."

His breath pulled short as Rangiku grabbed his cheek. "I should hope not."

His eyes widened as he stared at her, his eyes narrowing. The woman slipped from the room. "What has gotten into her." He thought for a few minutes. "Is she falling in love with Hisagi? I don't... yuck."

"You're just being paranoid, not to mention you're behavior is questionable."

"Do you understand what is going on Hyorinmaru?"

"Yes... but I'm not sure how to explain it too you."

The sound of someone leaving food outside of his room caused him to sit up. He slipped through the door between his and Rangiku's and rooms and went to the door of his room and slid it open. He startled upon seeing one of the division members staring him right in the face. "I hope you're feeling better Hitsugaya Taicho."

Toshiro's head titled to look at the ground. "Thank you."

When the man disappeared he slid the door shut and carried the trey to Rangiku's room and sat on the bed. Instead of eating he picked at the food. He felt Rangiku's reiatsu from outside and his head darted up. The woman slid the door open. "You're still awake?"

"I'm still eating." Toshiro watched as the woman paused. "Something the matter?"

"Hisagi loved your little gift." The woman's voice tightened. "Why did you have to throw a tantrum like you did yesterday and... well... today as well."

"It's valentines day."

"Did you want me to stay with you?"

"That..." Toshiro's mouth clamped shut. He then took a deep breath out. "Matsumoto, I asked yesterday if you could stay. But... well. That wasn't it."

'What is?"

"You and Ichimaru belong together!" The boy watched as Rangiku frowned. He looked away expecting her to yell at him.

Instead she sat next to him. "Taicho..."

"What was wrong with what I said?"

"Taicho... I guess the best way to put it is Gin and I are not close like we used to be."

"But..." The boy looked away. "You know, I think I'll just go to sleep. I have a busy day tomorrow."