Seeing Double

Part II


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Disclaimer: JK Rowlings world twisted to my liking.


Hermione smiled as she moved about the kitchen with Mrs. Weasley. It was the end of her first month living with the Weasleys, and tonight Mrs. Weasley had decided to throw a dinner in celebration. They were making a dinner of roast beef with potatoes, Hermione's favorite. Mrs. Weasley was handling the main course while Hermione decided to make a Muggle style cake using traditional techniques instead of magical ones. She could tell Mrs. Weasley was a little worried about it but Hermione just had to continue to reassure her that she knew what she was doing, and in truth she did. A week hadn't gone by during her summers that she didn't bake something for her parents, and she would make sure this summer was no different.

"So tell me how are you and the twins?" Mrs. Weasley asked hoping to get a bit of girl talk in.

"Oh we're okay." She said.

"You don't seem enthused about being okay." Hermione brushed her hands on her apron.

"It's just I haven't seen them very much except at night, they've been busy with the shop. I'm still adjusting with not getting to have them to myself all the time. It's different now that we aren't in school."

"That makes sense but I thought you all had dates set up I mean I've seen you get all dressed up." Mrs. Weasley eyed her.

"Oh well those really didn't work out."

"What do you mean?"

"Well the twins being so busy had to cancel a few times… like all the times."

"They pulled out on the dates with you?" Mrs. Weasley inquired.

"Yeah but it's okay, the shop is way more important." Hermione said with a smile, before Mrs. Weasley could correct her on that assumption the front door opened.

"Hello hello." Fred said walking in along with George.

"Hey you two." Hermione said as she turned. The twins walked over and kissed her on either cheek.

"What are you girls making?" They asked in unison.

"Hermione here is making a special dessert for us and I'm making roast beef and potatoes."

"What kind of a dessert?" Fred asked while George walked over to the stew pot with a smile.

"One of my mother's cake recipes." Hermione said as Fred tried to dip his finger in the icing she was making. "Hey." She said swatting his hand only to have another finger dipped in. "George." She said seeing he had snuck over. Before he could put the icing in his mouth she had licked it right off his finger. "Not until after dinner." She said while he blushed.

"You're no fun." Fred said.

"Yep I'm just awful." She said with a cheeky smile. "Now go upstairs and get ready for dinner."

"We are ready." George said.

"Yeah." Fred added.

"Oh yeah?" she asked. "Because I see two young men who are covered in…" she smelled George's jacket. "Minkus powder?" Mrs. Weasley laughed.

"Good nose." She commented.

"Like a hound." Hermione confirmed. "Now upstairs you two shoo." She kicked them both in the butt making them run up the stairs.

"You really are the woman for them." Mrs. Weasley said making Hermione look to her. "I mean it… I'm really glad you three found your way to each other.

"Thanks Nanoon." Hermione said.

"Nanoon?" Mrs. Weasley asked with small smile.

"It's a term of great endearment." Hermione explained making the older woman laugh.

"Well I like it a right side better than just plain Mrs. Weasley." The two women bumped hips. After a half hour Fred and George came down the stairs as Harry and Ron did. What met them was a glorious smell.

"You know sense Hermione came to live with us… Dinner's even better." Ron stated.

"I've noticed it too." Harry said. It was the first time he had spoken that day, and Ron couldn't help but smile. Slowly Harry was starting to go back to normal, and Ron couldn't be more grateful.

"Everything looks great girls." Mr. Weasley said walking into the main room. "Well everyone do sit down." Mrs. Weasley said. Hermione smiled and sat in her now usual spot right between the twins and across the way from Harry.

"We made potatoes Harry your favorite." She said. He smiled at her before scooping them onto his plate. Dinner went good and then Hermione brought out the cake she had made.

"It looks like a cake." Ginny said.

"It is a cake Gin… Honey cake with a light lemon topping to be precise." She said with a smile.

"But mum said you made it the Muggle way."

"Indeed I did… Did you really think I couldn't at least bake?" she asked with a smile as she and Mrs. Weasley plated the cake.

"You should all dig in Hermione's is a great baker." Harry said already eating his cake. "Yep… yep that's good… Merlin that's good." He said. It was the most he had said in one breath sense the department of mysteries.

"Well if it gets Harry here to talk it must be good." Fred said taking a bite. He froze his eyes widening. George took a bite as well the same expression forming.

"Uhm… Is it… Bad?" Hermione asked not sure how to feel about their lack of expressions. They looked at her for a long moment.

"Will you marry us?" they asked in unison making the whole table laugh.

"Very nice you two." Hermione said shaking her head as she watched them devoir their pieces of cake.

"New rule Hermione makes cake every week." Ron said his mouth full of the honey cake.

"Second and third it!" the twins said.

"We're going to have to get a bigger cake pain there's no more seconds." Mr. Weasley said a little sad.

"Well done dear." Mrs. Weasley said to her. "You should maybe make us a Muggle first course."

"Oh no." Hermione said with a laugh. "I'm a good baker but a bloody awful cook." Everyone laughed. "You might have to help me on that."

"Will do dear." She said pointing a fork at her with a soft expression.


After dinner they stayed about in the living room the twins playing exploding snap against Ron and Ginny while Hermione and Harry sat on the couch books in hand. They kept exchanging glances as if having a conversation with in their mind. After a while Hermione stood and stretched.

"Off to bed Mione?" Ron asked.

"I think so I got up pretty early today…" she said. "Night all." She kissed the twins on the cheek before heading up the stairs. Hermione lay in bed for hours, not once being able to find a moment's piece. Her mind was racing. School wasn't even a month near and she was already obsessing. Obsessing the most manly because nor her Harry or Ron had gotten their OWL scores. It was slowly beginning to eat away at her. Hermione stood and walked over to her window. It looked nice outside. Breezy, a nice comfort considering the air in the burrow was sweltering. She smiled grabbing a book and a light cover up. She snuck down the stairs hopping over the last step the twins had made permanently creaky. She was about to reach the door when the dark room was filled with light she spun to see the twins sitting on the couch.

"Hello." They said in unison.

"Going somewhere? Fred asked with a quirked eyebrow but a playful smile.

"Yes actually… I have a hot date." She said with a cheeky smile.

"With who?" George asked he and Fred standing.

"With the great long dead historian Comencer Shims." She said holding up her history book. They instantly smiled.

"Why aren't you reading inside?" Fred asked.

"It's so hot in here I can't bloody concentrate there's a nice swing out there by the lake that looks cool and inviting." She said with a smile.

"You know you can't go out there alone." George said.

"Well then you both will just have to come with me then won't you?" she asked opening the door. "If you don't I might be killed." She joked as she headed out. Before they could move she poked her head back in. "Seriously though I might get killed so you should probably come with me…" she headed out again while Fred and George smiled as they shook their heads and followed. Hermione was wearing a pair of jean shorts converse and a lilac tank under a light pink cover up. They had to admit that from behind Hermione wore the ensemble well. Both twins tilting their heads to get a better look. Hermione walked over to the swing and sat down Fred and George moving to sit on either side of her. She crisscrossed her legs and cracked open the book.

"Summer reading for school?" Fred asked.

"No I already finished my reading." She said. "This is for fun."

"Fun?" the twins asked.

"Mhm… It has with it all the possible history on Muggleborns and their role in the ministry since its inception. Mostly all men I've noticed…" she stared out at the lake with a troubled look.

"Oh no." George said. "I know that look.

"So do I… That looks means Hermione is troubled."

"Deeply I'm afraid." She said with a soft expression before looking to them. "Can I ask you two a question?"

"Anything Love." George said both him and Fred setting their hands on one of her legs.

"During your OWLS… Did they ask you what you wanted to do with your life?"

"Of course pet." Fred said.

"Yep." George confirmed.

"What did you two say?"

"We told them we wanted to be business men of some sort." George said.

"No that's what he said I told them I wanted to run a joke shop… George was a bit more careful…"

"Why?" George asked. "Did they ask you it?" she nodded.

"What did you say?" Fred inquired.

"I kind of… Well… I froze. I froze bad." She said.

"I thought you said you wanted to be minister of magic." George stated.

"Maybe… But he was there I couldn't look him in the eye and say oh yeah in five years I plan on stealing your job away from you."

"So what did you eventually say because you had to say something?" Fred inquired.

"I lied told them I wanted to be an Auror." She took a deep breath. "Truth is I don't know what I want to do… Why make a decision about a future that's so uncertain…"

"You've said that before." George said.

"What do you mean by uncertain?" Fred inquired.

"I don't know… I just… I just don't know what I want in even three years from now… I mean I know I want you two in my life and I of course still want to be fighting beside Harry and Ron if need be… But other than that no clue as it goes for a job."

"Well what do you like to do?" George asked.

"I like to read." She said with a smile as she looked down at her book.

"Librarian." They offered at the same time.

"Maybe a writer?" she asked.

"There's a good one…" George said.

"Yeah, you could publish the Hermione chronicles you've been keeping for years." Fred offered with a smile.

"I'd never betray Harry's trust like that…" she said softly.

"What else do you like?" Fred asked.

"Mmm… I don't really know." She said.

"How can you not know?" George inquired.

"Well I've really never focused on me… I've only ever focused on Harry and Ron…" they nodded, it was true after all.

"You should use this summer to discover yourself Hermione." Fred said.

"We could help…" They said in unison making her look to them.

"You could help." She said with a smile.

"What's that look?" Fred asked.

"That look means she's planning something…" George stated.

"Okay I know there's one other thing other then helping Harry and Ron, and reading that I like to do."

"What is it?" they asked in unison.

"Well my… My inventions…" she said pointing to the gifts she had given them that allowed them to communicate with each other over long distances.

"You do have a gift for it." Fred said thinking back on the charmed note book she had given him for Christmas.

"She really does." George added.

"You guys own a shop that's built upon great ideas and inventions… If you would be interested before you guys open maybe I could learn from you two…"

"Learn from us?" they asked in unison.

"Yeah if it's okay."

"Its fine with us love." Fred said with a bright smile.

"One condition." George said.


"You help us decorate the shop… We're at a loss." Fred said reading his brothers mind.

"Sure I think I can help with that." She frowned.

"What is it?" George inquired.

"Do you think they knew I wasn't being sincere and they marked me off on my OWLS?"

"No way love." George said.

"They'd be a fool to try and mark you off." Fred stated.

"Why haven't I gotten my results back yet?" she said.

"It takes a while you have to patient." George cooed.

"I don't wanna." They laughed at her rare whine. Hermione slowly stood her book now lying forgotten on the bench.

"What is it?" Fred asked seeing her serious expression.

"We should head back inside… I can feel eyes on us." She said with smile trying not to tip off any one around them that she had noticed. "Come on race to the house." she laughed as she sped off. Fred and George quickly followed. They knew that the house was being watched by death eaters so far they hadn't acted on hurting any of them. Hermione and Harry seemed to be the only two people in the house that could sense when they were around and when they did they acted as if nothing was wrong while calmly telling them in hushed tones that they had to get back inside. When they got inside they headed up the stairs. As Hermione made a move to go to her door Fred and George stopped her.

"Hey…" George said making her look to him.

"Do you want to maybe… Stay with us?" Fred asked motioning to their bedroom. Hermione looked to the door and then to hers.

"Guys… We shouldn't…" she said softly.

"It's been two months love…" Fred said in a pleading voice.

"I know… But your parents were kind enough to let me stay here… If I snogged you two it would betray their trust…" she explained.

"How about tomorrow night we take you on a date and then go back to our flat at the shop hmm?" George asked while Hermione smiled softly.

"A date? Like one we'll actually go on this time because you too have forgotten the past few times…" She said quietly.

"We'll remember." Fred said.

"We promise." They said in unison.

"You're not too busy?" Hermione asked. "I don't want to put too much on your plate…"

"We're not too busy…" Fred said.

"So what do you say? Date night?" George asked and she nodded with a bright smile.

"Okay… It sounds like a fun time. Well, night you two." She kissed them both before heading into her bedroom. She leaned against the door. They had asked her on tons of dates that summer, so far not one had gone through.

They'll come through this time…

"They promised…" she smiled softly before walking over to her bed and laying back.

Dear Hermione,

George and I had to do some early meetings at the ministry for permits… We'll pick you up at six. Ginny said we should put down what to wear, something dressy… Maybe a short skirt tight top?

Hermione shook her head with a laugh.

You're shaking your head No, aren't you? Damn… Well a dress none the less we're taking you some where really nice. Ginny said it would be called "black tie."

Love Fred

Hermione rushed back into her room to put something together. After an hour she quickly realized she had nothing really dressy other then the dress she wore to her parents funereal and she already knew she would never wear the garment again. She looked around in distress the twins we're taking her somewhere really nice and she had nothing nice to wear. She couldn't run to Ginny and ask her if she had anything because the only thing that fit her that Ginny wore was a few of her coats. The two had completely different body styles.

"Uhm Hermione? What's your look of sheer terror for?" Ginny asked already knowing why Hermione was freaking out. Hermione turned.

"The twins are taking me some where amazing tonight and I have nothing to wear…" her surrogate sister smiled brightly. "That look says we're going shopping doesn't it?"

"Yep." She said rubbing her hands together. "Mom!" she shouted before running out of the room Hermione just smiled as she pulled on some clothes and did her makeup lightly.

"Hermione dear that looks nice what your wearing." Mrs. Weasley said. "You could wear that tonight.

"Yeah but the twins said it was black tie." She said.

"Oh dear… Well let me get my purse and we'll head out."

"I'll just need to stop at the bank of course." Hermione said.

"Good because so do I We'll make an errand day out of it." Mrs. Weasley said with a smile. Harry walked into the room his hands deep in his pockets.

"Would you mind if I came?" He inquired.

"Would you like to dear?" Mrs. Weasley asked glad Harry seemed to want to get out of house.

"Yeah I used to shop with aunt petunia anyways… Pretty good at holding purses. In fact I'm pretty sure I'm an expert." The girls smiled. He hadn't attempted a joke in weeks.

"Well then everyone let's get going…" Mrs. Weasley said. "And Harry dear I hope you know I'll take you up on your purse holding offer." He smiled at her. Harry went through the floo network first then Mrs. Weasley.

"Glad Harry is coming?" Hermione asked Ginny as she stepped in.

"Ecstatic." She said with a smile before she stepped in and threw down the floo powder, Hermione was next. When she got there Mrs. Weasley magically removed the soot from their skin and clothes. Their first stop was the bank where both Hermione and Mrs. Weasley made a withdraw, Hermione enough for a few supplies and of course a dress. Then they headed back out onto Diagon Alley.

"Now you three go ahead onto the dress shop I have to stop in at the book store…." Mrs. Weasley said.

"Sounds good." Ginny said grabbing Hermione's hand and dragging her down the street. Harry smiled while shaking his head as he followed.

"So you and the twins are going on a date tonight?" he asked as they walked in.

"Yeah… It will be our first date in near two months… We made a few plans but they always got busy and had to cancel…" Harry bit his tongue. In all honesty he hadn't been pleased with the twins the last few weeks. He had watched Hermione get dolled up just to be let down by a note the twins would send to her about being busy. He hoped they wouldn't pull the same thing tonight especially with Hermione spending money on a new outfit.

"They've cancelled?" Ginny asked.

"Oh I don't mind they have a deadline for the shop." Hermione said.

"Yeah but they have a limited amount of time with you until you go back to Hogwarts." Ginny said.

"Ginny makes a good point…" Harry said looking at a tiny red number. "Don't wear this okay?" the girls laughed.

"Really not an issue there. Alright everyone spread out." Hermione said. "We're on a mission something pretty and something classy."

"Can I just hold purses?" Harry asked. Ginny and Hermione smiled as they handed them over. "Wicked now to sit." He did as he said in a chair by the dressing rooms while the girls watched him. "My jobs done here." They laughed before heading around the store. After a half hour Hermione was beginning to feel like there was no hope until she turned and saw a dress on a mannequin. She walked over and smiled.

"Would you like to try it on?" she smiled at the shop keeper.

"I would very much like too." She said with a smile.

After an hour of looking it over on her body with Ginny and Harry Hermione was convinced she had to have it.

"Great thing about it is you can make it really dressy or kind of casual with a leather jacket or something you know." Ginny said as they headed up the counter.

"Did you find a dress dear?" Mrs. Weasley asked walking over a book bag in hand.

"Yep, Harry finally convinced me to get it." Hermione said.

"She didn't know how nice she looked in it." Ginny said.

"Good to have a man's opinion." Hermione said winking at Harry who smiled. After that they all went back to the burrow where Ron was seething over the fact Harry had gone to Diagon without him.

"Well you sleep until twelve mate!" Harry said chasing his friend up the stairs.

"Could have woken me up!"

"I try that every morning!" Hermione smiled as she and Ginny headed up her room.

"I'm glad we'll be going out again… It's been too long sense the three of us spent time alone together." Hermione said.

"How many times have they cancelled on you sense you being here?"

"Six times." She said. "I'm always ready to go and then I get an owl saying they've been caught up… Two times they just didn't show completely forgetting…" she sat on the bed. "I understand you know because their trying so hard to open this shop and I'm so proud of them but… Am I wrong in being a little irritated?"

"No not at all… You should have been furious and yelled at them when they just forgot." Ginny said.

"But they're trying so hard." Hermione said.

"No if they were trying hard they would have gotten their butts back in time to take you out…" Hermione looked down at the new dress and Ginny sighed not wanting to make her friend feel worse. "Well… At least they said they were sorry…" Ginny added. Hermione just looked out the window. "They said sorry before for cancelling and not showing at all right?"

"Not… Really…"Hermione said. "They just said that I must understand."

"Since when do you Hermione Granger take this shit?" Hermione looked to her friend with surprise.

"Ginny watch your mouth and you know they're trying so hard… Besides I know tonight they won't cancel they were excited… Also they promised." she said with a hopeful look.

In truth she was a little worried they weren't going to show. The last time they hadn't she had to admit she was more than irritated and she was a little sad. When she was back at Hogwarts finishing up the school year they had talked to her every night saying they were excited to take her out on the town when she got back. She was excited for it and so far it hadn't happened. So this night she took a little longer getting ready and by six ten she came down the stairs in her dress.

"Oh wow…" Ron said slowly standing. Hermione was in a crème colored dress with black piping and tall six inch suede black closed toed heels. She looked amazing, even straightening her usually wavy hair.

"How do I look?" she asked with a smile.

"You uhm." Ron cleared his throat his hands slowly slipping into his pockets. "You look good Hermione."

"Thanks…" she said before checking the clock. Fred and George were labeled as at work. They still hadn't left the shop. She wondered if they had taken clothes with them to get ready. So far they were ten minutes late but Hermione figured it was because they were finalizing their plans for the night. She walked over to the couch and sat down next to Harry. "New Quidditch book?" she asked.

"Yeah looking over new techniques for this season." He said.

"Ron you're trying out this year right?" she asked him.

"Yep." He said walking in and leaning against the stair well.

"What position again?" she asked.


"I think you'll be good at that." He blushed again and Hermione wasn't sure why. "You should wear that vintage helmet I got you last year for Christmas, make a statement."

"I'm going to be wearing those vintage pads you got me… Also the goggles." Harry said.

"Ron do you have any pads for Quidditch?" she asked.

"Fred and George are lending me theirs all I need is a new chest pad."

"Next time we go to Diagon alley we should stop and get one." Ginny said. "I have to get pads anyways."

"Why can't you use hand me downs?" Ron asked.

"Because I'm a girl I need different pads." She said.

"You get all the new stuff." Ron muttered.

"Because she's a girl you wouldn't expect her to wear your older brothers clothes would you?" Harry asked going to her defense. "So when are Fred and George picking you up?" Harry asked.

"Well…" she looked to the clock. "Fifteen minutes ago…"

"They're late?" he asked.

"That usual?" Ron inquired.

"No they usually cancel or don't show up." Ginny said beating her friend to the punch before she could make an excuse for the twins.

"They've stood you up?" Ron asked a little mad, they didn't know how good they had it. Then again he hadn't either.

"Their busy opening the shop." Hermione said quietly as she rubbed her hands down her knees.

"No excuse dear." Mrs. Weasley said. She and her husband had overheard the conversation from the dinner table.

"I know… But if I complain I'll feel terrible… They've put a lot up with me."

"Like how?" Ginny asked.

"Well you know all the death eater attacks and my grieving…"

"Hermione they're your boyfriends they're supposed to do that." Ron said.

"See even Ron knows that." Ginny said earning her a glare from your brother who she in turn smiled at cheekily.

"Guess you're right... If they don't show tonight we'll have words but they'll show… They promised." She said with a smile.

"Did they promise the six times before?" Ginny asked.

"Maybe once twice… Or three times…" Her friends scowled and she just smiled softly. "But they were really excited for tonight… So they're coming…" she said.

"They better…" Mr. Weasley said just loud enough for his wife to hear. She in turn nodded before returning to watch the clock like a hawk.

Come on guys… Don't make a fool out of me… Don't make me wrong about you two…

Six turned to seven and seven to eight. The last person to be waiting with her was Ginny who was fuming; her mother had reached that same point after only a half hour.

"You shouldn't wait on them Hermione." she said.

"They're coming… Trust me." Hermione muttered quietly.

"It's nearing eight fifty…"

"Ginny their coming okay?" she asked snapping slightly as she ran her fingers through her hair. "Sorry… Sorry…"

"No they're your boyfriends… You're supposed to stand up for them and believe in them…" Ginny looked to her. "But Hermione at nine most places close where are they going to take you at this time?"

"I don't know…" she said quietly. She looked down at her hands. "But they were excited so they're coming…"

"If you say so…" Ginny sated. As each minute past Hermione became more and more irritated, which then at nine thirty turned into sadness. They had forgotten for now the seventh time.

"I'm gunna get ready for bed… You should to Mione…" Ginny said.

"I will I'm just going to finish up my tea…"

"Alright... I'm sorry about this Hermione."

"You're not the one who should be sorry." She said as she took a sip of tea. Ginny headed up the stairs glad to see Hermione had gotten her spine back. Hermione downed her drink and then headed into the kitchen. As she washed out her cup she heard two pops outside the door. Fred and George walked in a second later.

"God what a long day…" Fred muttered.

"I'm bloody tired…." George added.

"You're about to get even more tired." They stopped and turned to see Hermione at the sink. She slowly turned and faced them her arms crossing over her chest.

"Well don't you look stunning…" Fred said while George smiled.

"What's the occasion?" George inquired. She stared at them for a long moment before laughing.

"You guys really did forget… Again." she said throwing the rag down into the sink. "Let this refresh your memory." She pushed a note into George's chest so hard he stumbled back. "Seven times guys seven bloody times!" she yelled as she headed up the stairs.

"Why is she so angry?" Fred asked.

"Bloody hell!" George shouted seeing the note before handing it to Fred who read it with dread.

"We asked her out last night… and you sent her a note this morning." He added.

"Merlin our reservations!" Fred said. The twins rushed up the stairs. They went to Hermione's door and knocked on it. She opened it and stared at them.

"Love we didn't forget." George said. Her eyes only narrowed more.

"Yeah we were just joking when we came in…" Fred said.

"This was the plan the whole time."

"You know how we love our pranks." The twins said in unison.

"Don't you two dare lie to me…" she said pushing them back lightly and coming out of her room. "You two forgot again just admit it…" The twins looked to each other before sighing.

"We did but love… The shop we had meetings and-."

"Meetings?" she asked cutting off Fred. "That lasted until nine thirty?" her eyes narrowed. "What were you two doing this whole time?"

"Inventing." They said in unison.

"This whole time you were screwing about over a cauldron?"

"It's not screwing about!" Fred said upset she had put it that way.

"It's inventing! Our bloody work Hermione!" George added taking offense.

"For one night for one bloody night do you think you could take even an hour off your work so we could have a nice proper date which we haven't had in near three bloody months!" she said snapping. "Oh no wait we had seven other nights where we had planned on doing something but then you two once again pulled out because you were doing your work."

"It's our job Hermione!" Fred said.

"I understand that I really do! I think I've been understanding! Seven times Fred seven times George!"

"We understand that your angry-."

"I'm not angry!"

"Then why are you yelling!?" George asked.

"Because I'm sad!" she slammed the door on them.

"We're not done talking!" Fred shouted.

"Yes we very much are!" she bellowed through her door. "Go away!"

"Hermione open the bloody door!" George shouted.

"You two off to bed." they turned to see their father who had his arms crossed over his chest as he glared at them. "You've put the girl through enough tonight…"

"Put her through? We know we missed the date but-."

"You know she defended you for hours on how you two had planned something and that you were going to show because there was no way you would break your promise…" He said cutting off Fred. "She feels like a fool. You made Hermione Granger the wisest witch of her age feel foolish… She's not just angry you stood her up she's angry you made her look like a fool to everyone, she's angry you lied, and most of all she's angry you broke a promise to her… Also she's sad because she thinks you two aren't interested any more…"

"She can't think all that its way too much." George said.

"Boys she's a woman she can think a million things in one second… Then again she's also Hermione Granger so she can probably think a billion things in one second…"

"That's insane." George said.

"Trust me I've been married to your mother for twenty seven years as women there's no limit to how and where their mind might wonder. You two have a lot to make up for and you better start doing that tomorrow. I can't believe she defended you and then you have the bloody gull to try and lie right to her face and then yell at her when she calls you on it." he shook his head and headed out of the hallway. "I'm disappointed boys very disappointed." Fred and George exchanged glances before taking a long look at Hermione's door.

"We'll start making it better tomorrow." George said.

"Wish we could make it better tonight…"