AN: You may be confused in the beginning but keep reading it's not a mistake…


"Mr. Malfoy…" she said putting it all together in her head as she looked at the Death eater standing over her.

"Well she's figured me out… We have to kill her now." He said as he took off his mask. With a smile and tilt of his head he kicked her in the side as hard as she could. Her body curled into its self as she tried to withhold a scream of pain. "Maybe though if we start to hurt her… She'll break a little… Hand me that dagger Crabbe." The death eater did as he said while Lucius slowly pulled his mask back on. He rolled up the sleeves of her shirt.

"Question her while you do." The one named Goyle stated.

"Good idea." He said as began to slit her upper arm she hissed in pain as a tear fell down her cheek. "Harry potter where is he?" Hermione looked to him defiantly. "No?" he asked. She shook her head. He sliced her arm three more times she cried out on the third. After a few minutes of them asking tons of different questions and her shaking her head at them and clenching her jaw Lucius stood and pulled out his wand. "Incendio!" a shrill scream escaped Hermione as her side burned and sizzled. Her screams continued long after the fire had stopped. He slowly bent down over her. "You don't want that again?" she shook her head. "Then start talking." He said. She shook her head once more. "Have it your way." He stood. "Incendio!" she screamed in pain her body arching as the fire burned her skin.

"Stop it stop it!" Hermione screamed at the top of her lungs.

"You don't like it? Hmm? You don't like that Mudblood!?"

"No I don't like it!"

"Then tell us what you know!"

"Fuck you!" he kicked her across the face, Hermione gagged as blood burst into her mouth and began to run down her throat. She tried to roll onto her stomach only to have the elder Goyle hold her down.

"You fucking choke on it!" He bellowed spitting on her as he did.

"We need her alive, as much as I hate to say it." Lucius tilted his head as he watched the girl claw at the carpet next to her bound arms.

"I see we have an angle something she really doesn't like." He waved his wand causing all the blood to drain from her mouth. She gasped for air her throat now clear.

"I'm not telling you a god damn thing!" Hermione yelled. Lucius took out a handkerchief and wiped the blood from her face, all the while she struggled.

"You will tell us what you know Granger…"

"Fuck you." She spat.

"Tsk Tsk Tsk… It's not nice to say such things…" he looked to the Elder goyle. "Hold it over her face, the handkerchief." He did as he beckoned. Hermione looked out at the red cloth unable to see what her attackers were going to do to her. She took rushed breaths as the panic built in her chest. She could hear Lucius or someone slowly circling her.

"Do your worst!"

"I plan on it." she heard Lucius state. She felt something wet fall onto her face and gasped as water filled her mouth and nose. "Tell us what you know Mudblood!"

Hermione bolted up in bed as she gasped for air. Tears rolled down her face as she stared out into a dark warm room. She could still feel it, the water over her face. The need to want to gag and breathe all at the same time. Then she felt it, the pain, she slowly raised her hand and looked over her arms to see blood covering her skin.

"Oh god…" she whispered.

"Love?" Fred slowly sat up. Hermione didn't know what to do, this had happened before but she had been alone and able to hide it, also the pain hadn't nearly been as bad.

"What's going on?" George inquired groggily. Hermione got out of bed quickly and ran for the bathroom just as George flipped on the lights.

"Merlin…" Fred said seeing the blood covered sheets.

"Bloody hell…" George said looking at the blood. "Hermione!" George rushed to the bathroom door to find it was locked.

Hermione looked up and down her arms to see all her cuts from that night lay open. She caught a reflection of herself in the mirror and let out a horrified sob as she sunk down to the ground. Her face was as bad as it had been the night of the attack. It was bruised bloodied and swollen she couldn't even recognize herself.

"No… No…" She rocked back and forth.

"Hermione what's wrong!?" Fred yelled. She didn't know what to do or say. She didn't want them to come in and see her like that.

Breathe through it Hermione you're strong, you need your wand… You need your wand so you can heal yourself… Breathe… She took a shaky breath tasting blood in her mouth as she did. As she took in a breaths she felt her mind clear. I can't heal myself I can't even keep my god damn hands from shaking… I need help…

"Hermione please let us know you're okay!" George said. Hermione slowly looked to the door. She had two men who loved and cared for her more than anything. As much as she hated for them to see her like that it was nothing they hadn't seen before. In fact they had seen worse thanks to the memories.

"I… I need help…" Hermione said just loud enough for them to hear.

"Open the door we'll help you." Fred said panicked.

"Promise…" She took a small breath. "Promise not to react… Promise to just help me."

"We'll help you please Love open the door." George beckoned. Hermione made sure she dimmed the lights in the bathroom before slowly unlocking the door. She turned away as it opened and the twins slowly walked in. The first thing they noticed was the bloody hand prints on the sink, door, light, and floor. Then they noticed a shaking Hermione who had her back to them.

"First… Before I turn around… I need to explain how this happened." Hermione said with a shaking voice, the pain was building and building making it hard to even speak.

"Go ahead…" Fred said softly.

"I told you that I had been having those nightmares again and that they had changed because Dumbledore had dropped in the memories he had taken away."

"Yes." George said.

"A side affect is MPTSS."

"What's that?" Fred asked.

"Magical Post Traumatic stress syndrome…" George said. "Her body is recreating what happened to her that night… Love did most of your wounds re open?" He asked alarmed.

"They're very shallow scratches but they bleed and bleed because I'm sleeping when it happens… It looks worse than it is… Except for my face… Tonight I remembered that Lucius kicked me across the face so I'm a little swollen and cut up… like I was that night… It's hard for me to ask for help…" she said quietly. "Soo… So please don't react badly… I just need you to support me and heal me right now…" She felt a two hands slip into hers and slowly turn her. Hermione looked away as she faced them. "Gods look at my face..." she said letting out a soft sob.

"It's alright love, we're going to get you healed up don't worry…" George said slowly and carefully wrapping his arms around her. "Fred run a hot bath she'll need one."

"Already on it…" he said walking to the tub and turning the water on.

"It's okay Love… It's alright…" George said as he sat her down on a chair beside a vanity.

"My face… It's really hurts…" She said still shaking from the building pain.

"I'll fix that first… I'm very good at these spells thanks to years of Fred catching Bludgers to the face…" she slowly nodded. "Just close your eyes…" she did as he said and let out a shaky breath as a tear rolled down her cheek. It wasn't so much that she was sad about how she looked but the pain she was enduring was becoming crippling.

"W-wait…" she said her voice shaking.

"What is it?"

"C-could I please have a pain tonic?" she asked her mouth chattering now from the pain.

"Fred…" George said.

"I'll get go get it." he rushed from the room.

"The pain is getting pretty bad…" she said softly.

"I know love sit tight…" George said taking her bloody hand in his.

"I'm s-so sorry about this."

"Hey it's fine…" George said with a king expression. "Both Fred and I prepared for this…"

"I'm so embarrassed."

"Don't be Love… I wasn't embarrassed with you when I was hurt…" she slowly nodded as another tear slipped down her bloody cheek.

"Got it." Fred ran in and handed the vial to George as he knelt beside Hermione and took her hand in his. "It's alright Love; we're going to get you in tip top shape."

"I know…" she said softly as she took the potion. She instantly felt some of the pain begin to subside.

"Is that better?" Fred asked, and she nodded.

"Thank you…" she said softly.

"Okay Love close your eyes…" George said, she did as he said and took a shaky breath as another tear rolled down her cheek. "Episky." She hissed in pain as her nose gave a loud snap. Fred rubbed her back as she leaned into George's shoulder. She slowly sat back and George smiled. Her nose which had once been completely crooked was back to its original straight petite self. "It looks good."

"Yeah?" she asked her eyes watering.

"Yeah… The worst is over, Fred is the best at taking down swelling…" they switched positions.

"Okay Love tilt your head back…" she nodded and did as he said. "Close your eyes…" tears fell as she did what he said. "Okay… Take a breath…" she shakingly did as he asked. "Sarcio…" he waved his wand over her face and watched as the bruising and swelling slowly disappeared from her features. "Feel better?"

"Yes…" she faced him and George moved forward a wet towel in hand. He slowly wiped the blood from her face and smiled when he saw that she was once more unscathed. "Do I look okay?"

"You look lovely…" Fred said.

"Is that lovely, lovely? Or your girlfriend now looks like the back end of hippogriff but you can't say anything because you're afraid you'll hurt my feelings lovely?" Fred wiped one of her tears away.

"Lovely as in the most beautiful woman on earth…" she smiled softly.

"Can you help me with the cuts next?" She asked.

"Of course those will go fast…" Hermione slowly took off her shirt and the twins stared at all the tiny cuts across her body not to mention the huge patch of red bloody skin on her side and stomach.

"Those are where I was-."

"Burned." Fred said his jaw clenching.

"I'll take those Fred you take the cuts, this should go fast enough." George stated.


"Novum Cutis…." They muttered together waving their wands over her body slowly. Hermione felt her panic slowly begin to disappear as her skin was returned to its lightly scarred status. When they were done she watched as both Fred and George wiped the blood away.

"You don't have to do that…" she said softly.

"We don't mind…" Fred said.

"Thank you for being so kind…" she said.

"Thank you for trusting us enough to come in and help you." George said.

"I'm sorry I ran I didn't know what to do…" she admitted softly. "Then I saw my face and I just kind of freaked…"

"Has this happened before?" Fred inquired.

"Once and it wasn't as bad… Just the burns were freshly bleeding… I healed it right away and threw the clothes away not wanting your mum to find out." they nodded. "I didn't tell you two because I didn't know what was happening to me… No one mentioned MPTSS to me before…"

"No one?" George asked.

"No one, not until that day Dumbledore came to see me…" They nodded. "Can I ask you a favor?"

"Anything Love." George said.

"Can I have something else to wear? I really want to destroy this…" they looked down at the silk blood soaked baby doll shirt and shorts she had been wearing under her outfit that night.

"Of course… I'll go get something." Fred said.

"Thank you…" she watched him leave before looking to George.

"I'll give you a moment to get into the bath tell me when to come in, because you drank a full sleeping draft made for a person of Fred and I's size I'm afraid I can't leave you alone for too long."

"I understand." She said with a smile.

"Be right outside." Hermione watched him leave and close the door before she instantly took off the bloody clothes. She threw them in the garbage before taking a rag and wetting it to then clean off the rest of her body, the sink the light switch and the floor as quickly as she could. She ringed it out and threw it away as well before getting into the tub that was filled with cherry scented bubbles and slipped in.

"Love you alright?" Fred's voice came.

"Yes you can come in." she said sinking into the hot water. The twins slowly walked in and smiled seeing her slowly relaxing into the tub. "Thank you for running this my body was so sore…"

"Of course." Fred said sitting down next to the tub George doing the same only facing Hermione and his brother.

"How bad is the bed?"

"I've already taken care of it." George said.

"I'm sorry… We probably shouldn't sleep in the same bed for a while-."

"No I think we should, if it gets worse you'll need someone by you." George said.

"Yeah love no way we're letting you out of our sight during nights now."

"What happens when I get back to Hogwarts and this happens?" She asked leaning her head against the cool tiles.

"Maybe you should think about having Ginny as a roommate… She could help you, and understand what's going on."

"Ginny still doesn't know what happened to me that night all she knows is that it ended up with a lot of blood… Still it isn't a bad idea."

"You should talk to Dumbledore about this; maybe he might extract the memories again."

"Don't really feel like talking to that man." She said. "It's not fair that he did this without my consent…"

"That's true." Fred said.

"So do you maybe want to talk about what was different about what had happened?" George asked.

"It wasn't much…" she said playing with some bubbles in her hand. "It was right after they had burned me… Lucius asked me to tell him everything that I knew which I obviously wasn't going to do… When I refused and said something not very nice to him he kicked me across the face… Then when I refused to tell him things further he put this uhm… This handkerchief over my face… and I'm not sure… But I think he water boarded me…" George let his jaw clench as Fred gritted his teeth.

"Dumbledore needs to extract your memories you don't need these extra things floating around in your head." Fred stated.

"He won't remove them no matter what…"

"Do you want us to talk to him Love? Or maybe you should tell Mum and Dad. Mum can be very convincing." George said.

"I don't want to worry her and if she found out it was getting as bad as I was bleeding and bruising and having bones break she'd lose her mind."

"True." George said.

"Love, Mum has a way of figuring things out… You'll have to tell her eventually and the sooner the better."

"Fred's right."

"I know…" she said sinking further into the tub so half her face was concealed by bubbles. She looked to George and wiggled her eye brows at him making him smile. She came back up and moved down the tub to Fred. She took some bubbles in her hand and spread them over his chin making George laugh.

"How do I look?" Fred asked arching an eyebrow.

"Very debonair." She moved back and put a bubble mustache over George's top lip and then added a little dollop at his chin. "You though, look a little sinister." She said before laughing.

"Oh yeah?"

"Mhm…" He smiled as he splashed her with the bubble filled water. "Oh!" she said jumping slightly as it hit her face. "Oh you suck!" she said wiping it away as the twins laughed in hysterics. "That's it!" she grabbed George and pulled him into the large wizarding tub.

"Hermione!" he whined his pajama bottoms thoroughly soaked. Fred fell back laughing his head off as he pointed at his twin.

"He thinks it's funny." Hermione said.

"Get him." George said and they both lunged forward.

"No! No!" Fred laughed as he was pulled in the water as well. Hermione smiled as she watched George throw some water on him.


Hermione slowly opened her eyes and peered around an unfamiliar room. The last thing she remembered from the night before was a nice snog session with both the twins, then everything went fuzzy. She looked to both sides of the bed to find no twins. She then looked down at herself to see she was wearing a purple button down shirt with orange buttons, obviously one of the twins.

"Fred? George?" she asked and her voice instantly made her head throb.

"Love?" she turned and looked to a bathroom to see a half dressed George walking out of the room.

"Where's Fred?" she asked softly trying not to hurt her head with her own voice.

"Here Love?" she turned to see him walking in from another room.

"What happened last night?"

"I knew she'd get groggy… I shouldn't have given her the whole Vial…" Fred said.

"Vial what vial?" she asked laying back her hand on top of her head.

"You don't remember the pain tonic?" George asked walking over and sitting beside her on the bed.

"Tonic? Tonic… Tonic tonic… Oh that's right…" her eyes slowly opened. "I had one of those dreams last night you two fixed me up…" she said the memory slowly coming back. "Last thing I remember is being in the tub. You two were rough housing after I pulled you in."

"And then you nearly drowned." George said with an amused look.

"The tonic knocked you out right after George pulled me in."

"Mmm… Gods my head is killing me."

"That's because you're hung over from the tonic…" Fred said.

"Stop screaming at me…" she muttered making the twins smile before she suddenly sat up. "My hair." They laughed as she jumped out of the bed and rushed to the bathroom. "Holy hell!" she jumped back. The twins shook their head at her frightful jump back from the mirror.

"It's not that bad." Fred said walking over his twin alongside him.

"Not that bad I just found big foot on top of my bloody head!" she whined. The twins tilted their heads. Hermione's hair wasn't the normally tamed waves she had grown accustomed to but was instead a head full of wild curls, something both found very alluring. She put out her hand and a wand instantly flew into it.

Whoa even hung over she can do wandless magic… George thought wide eyed. She waved her wand and they watched as the hair slowly relaxed into soft waves. Hermione smiled softly before looking to them.

"Better. What time is it?" she asked bouncing back incredibly fast.

"Twelve." George answered.

"Twelve?" she asked. "Twelve noon? Your mother is going to kill me."

"We wrote to her after you passed out last night told her you were under the weather and couldn't apperate or use the floo network." Fred said.

"Then I went early this morning and got you a fresh change of clothes…" George said motioning to a neatly folded pile on the night stand. "She got them together for me."

"Thank you two for covering for me." She said. "So do you two have work today on the shop?"

"No today is our last day off for a while seeing as the shop opens tomorrow." Fred said.

"We thought we might have a day out on the diagon alley town." George mused.

"That could be fun, I'll just grab a shower and get ready?"

"Sounds good… We might be down stairs when you get out…" Fred said.

"I'll just plan on meeting you down there then." She said getting her clothes and heading into the bathroom with a smile.

Fred and George quickly got finished getting dressed in their separate bedrooms before heading down into the shop together.

"So last night after your private time with Hermione you seemed awfully smiley." Fred said.

"That's because you had just rushed in thinking we were having sex, it was hysterical." He laughed.

"Still something is different I can tell…" Fred said as they got down into the work room. "Just like you could tell something was different when I told her I loved her."

"Okay fair enough…" George said setting his hand on the edge of an empty cauldron. "Last night…" he shifted uncomfortably. "Our relationship moved… To another level."

"Which level?" Fred asked his eyes narrowing as he took a step forward.

"Just uhm…" George moved back. "Another one… Small one mind you."

"How small?"

"She uhm… did something for-to-for me…."

"What did she do for to for you?"

"I don't think it would be proper to-."

"Whaa'she do Georgie?" He asked with a sinister look as he continued to walk towards him making his twin backup.

"She uhm… Went uhm… Down… On…" he cleared his throat. "Down on me."

"Oh…" Fred said stopping.

"I thought you two might have had sex."

"No sex."

"So how did it happen?" Fred asked.

"You really want the details?"

"No… No actually I don't." he said.

"Are you alright with this?" George asked looking over his brother carefully.

"Of course we talked about it but to be honest." He laughed scratching the back of his head. "I thought I'd reach that step first…"

"I expect it's because I had a hole put in my side."

"Probably." They heard the bell in front of the store ring telling them someone had walked in.

"Uhm we're not open yet." Fred said walking out of the back room before freezing.

"Hello there…" His eyes narrowed.

"Who is…" George let his voice trail off as he set his eyes on one Lucius Malfoy. "You have some god damn nerve…" he went to move forward.

"Mr. Malfoy…" The twins turned quickly to see Hermione walking out from the backroom.

"Miss Granger…" He bowed his head. "How are you my dear?"

"Doing okay…" she said her hand on the counter. "You know I've been meaning to write to you." Fred and George raised an eyebrow at her.

"Have you now?" he asked.

"Yes I wanted to ask how your neck was doing…" she said with dancing eyes as Lucius glared into her heavily.

"Was going to ask you the same…"

"Pretty good." She said walking past the stunned twins.

"Should we get the others?" Fred asked.

"No I don't think so…" Hermione said. "So Mr. Malfoy to what do we owe the displeasure of your company?"

"I come with a message."

"A message?" she asked. "Interesting… From who?"

"You know who?"

"No I don't think I know who, do you two know who?" she asked the twins.

Gods she's playing with him… George thought wide eyed.

"The dark Lord…"

"Ahh… Voldemort." She said.

"You dare speak his name…" he moved forward only to have his neck jab into the end of her wand.

"Let's be civil Lucius…" she said with a quirked eyebrow.

"How dare you raise your wand to me?" He asked.

"Well whenever I have mixed feelings about raising my wand to the likes of you I just remember the look on my mother's face when you stabbed her repeatedly in the chest…"

"One of my fondest memories…" he said his eyes dancing.

"I'm sure…" She said. "The message, what is it?"

"Too watch your back."

"Very original." She lowered her wand and turned away from him. "You can scurry now." He slowly backed away his jaw clenching. "Oh Lucius?" She asked turning to look at him once more.

"Yes?" he asked with a hiss.

"The next time I see you… I'll cut your god damn heart out…" he took a step back as her eyes eclipsed black and she smiled softly. He blinked not believing what he had saw only to now see her eyes had returned back to normal.

"Yes… Well…" he backed away towards the door. "Ta ta for now…"

"Be seeing you…" Hermione said as he walked out the front door. They watched him straighten out his robes outside before walking away out of sight.

"You alright Love?" Fred asked.

"I am…" she said with a soft expression.

"We thought you were going to kill him…" George said.

"No…" she said shaking her head. "Your store is a place of Joy, not blood shed… I would never pollute its walls or floor with his blood…" she smiled at them. "Well boys I think we would be better off having a day by the lake, from his message I need to stick close to the safety of the burrow until school."

"Agreed." They said.

"Meet you upstairs?" she asked walking away. Fred and George watched her disappear into the backroom before looking to each other.

"We should have killed him." They said at the same time.


"Dear are you okay?" Mrs. Weasley asked she and her husband sitting close to one another. Fred, George, and Hermione had filled them in on everything that had happened at the store so they could relay it back to the order.

"Yes I'm fine…" she said with a soft expression.

"I'm surprised you didn't take your revenge." Mr. Weasley said.

"I wouldn't pollute Fred and George's store with his blood…"

"You could have taken it outside easily." He said.

"I suppose I could have…" she looked down at her hands. "I've come to realize that revenge may not be what I need to do to heal what's been done…" Mr. Weasley smiled.

"Then you have learned one of the most important lessons of your life…" she looked to him. "I'm very proud of you Hermione. I'm very proud you didn't take him on."

"Thanks…" she said with a soft expression.

"So what will you three be doing today?" Mrs. Weasley asked.

"Wait uhm I have more to tell you…" Hermione said, and the twins looked to her.

"You're going to tell them?" George asked.

"About last night?" Fred inquired.

"Oh my god you three had sex." Mr. Weasley said.

"And your pregnant!" Mrs. Weasley laughed.

"Molly this isn't good the order said she needed to wait we couldn't risk her getting pregnant!"

"Bloody hell the order talks about my sex life?" Hermione asked.

"Our sex life?" The twins asked with wide eyes.

"Are you dear are you pregnant? Am I going to be a grandmother?"

"Dear god no." Hermione said.

"Oh…" she relaxed with a crest fallen look. "That's uhm… Wonderful."

"You could be a bit more excited about our charge not becoming a teen mother." Mr. Weasley stated.

"But I want grand babies."

"Can we get back on topic?" Fred asked.

"Yes, Hermione has something very important to tell you." George said.

"Oh sorry dear please go on." Mrs. Weasley said all business once more.

"Uhm… Well I might have forgotten to mention that Dumbledore had dropped those memories he had taken before back in my brain… So yeah… That's it."

"And…" the twins said urging her on.

"Oh and I might have a small case of… You know… MPTSS…" she said quickly. "That's it though that's all…"

"Magical post traumatic stress syndrome?" Mr. Weasley asked.

"Oh my dear girl…" Mrs. Weasley reached forward and took her hand.

"Did he warn you about this?" Mr. weasley asked.

"Dumbledore?" Hermione asked.


"No…" Hermione said. "Not until after he had dropped the memories in without my permission."

"He's gone too far this time." Mr. Weasley stood quickly and grabbed his hat.

"Arthur where are you going?" Mrs. Weasley inquired.

"Where do you think? I won't have Dumbledore messing with her brain!" he said pointing at Hermione with an outraged look. "How dare he do that to her after all she's been through after all she's done for the order!"

"Mr. Weasley it's really okay." Hermione said and he quickly walked to her.

"No Hermione. No it's not." He said. "You're too kind and have far too much trust in Dumbledore to realize the crime he has committed against your mind… Now you are living in my house, you are under my care and you are my daughter damn it and I won't have even Albus Dumbledore messing with one of my kids minds! Now Molly are you coming with?"

"Damn right I am." She said taking off her apron as her husband apperated from sight. "We'll try not to be too long." With that she disappeared with a loud pop. The twins smiled softly as Hermione took a small breath.

"Whoa… They got really angry."

"Who knows maybe they'll make Dumbledore take those memories away." Fred said.

"What was that commotion?" Ginny asked Luna by her side as they came down the stairs.

"Oh nothing, your parents went to go speak with Dumbledore is all… Hello Luna."

"Hi." She said with a whimsical wave. "How are you three?"

"Pretty good." Hermione said.

"You have a lot of Nargles." Luna commented.

"I thought I might…"

"I can bring you a charm, my dad makes them you see."

"That would be lovely Luna."

"Alright…" she started to walk away.

"Oh Luna you don't have to go now…" Hermione said.

"I don't mind, see you later." With that she walked out, and Ginny crossed her arms over her chest with a smile.

"Funny bird she is." Hermione and Ginny said at the same time with identical head tilts.

"Hey where's mum?" Ron asked walking down the stairs Harry trailing him.

"Your mum and dad left for a bit." Hermione said.

"Uhm Hermione I kind of need to talk to you and Ron about something." Harry said.

"Are you okay?" She asked.

"I am… It's uhm…" he looked at the others. "It's private."

"Right." She got up and followed Ron and Harry back up the stairs. Ginny sighed her fingers slipped into her back pockets before she mozzied over to her older brothers.

"Think they'll ever let us in their world?" she asked.

"I don't think it's a world we would want to be let in Gin." Fred said.

"I guess you're right." She muttered.

"You okay Ginny you're looking a bit down." George said.

"It's nothing."

"No we know that look." Fred said.

"That look means you're troubled."

"Harry won't make a move." They blinked.

"Harry?" they asked.

"As in Harry Potter?" George inquired.

"Do you know another Harry?" She asked.

"No." they said in unison before looking to each other.

"Actually we really don't…" Fred said.

"I don't even think there's another Harry in all of Hogwarts…" George muttered.

"I don't think I've met another Harry ever actually…" Fred said.

"Weird…" they said in unison.

"What kind of move hasn't he made?" George asked getting back on topic.

"He won't ask me out." She said grabbing an apple from the fruit bowl.

"You want him to ask you out?" Fred said.


"Yeah Fred duh." George said making his little sister laugh softly.

"I've been waiting all summer for him to ask me out and he just he just won't… I know he likes me and he knows I like him… At least I'm pretty sure… Still he won't make a move."

"You should make a move." Fred said.

"I'm not making a move."

"Yeah Fred she's not making a move." George said making his twin glare at him.

"Here I have all these other boys sending me letters asking me out and I don't reply because I'm still hoping Harry will ask me out."

"You need to make him realize what he's missing out on." George said.

"Yeah you should say yes to one of the boys who asked you out." Fred said.

"Dean is pretty cute… Thanks guys." she got up quickly.

"Wait Dean? Dean from our house!?" Fred called as he and George stood quickly.

"That git… Who does he think he is asking out our little sister?" George inquired.

"We'll get him…"

"How? We're not at school anymore Remember?"

"True…" Fred said. "We'll think of something."


For the rest of the day the twins didn't see Hermione. She had instead been up stairs talking over secret things with Ron and Harry. By now most in the house had gotten un easy. Whenever the trio talked things over for a long time it meant something big was happening.

"What do you suppose has happened?" Ginny asked looking to the stair well.

"I'm sure nothing too awful." Mrs. Weasley said as she tried to not worry but instead tried to focus on dinner.

"Still it's never good when they're alone for that long." Fred said.

"Does Hermione talk to you two about what she Ron and Harry speak of?" Mr. Weasley inquired.

"Only if it's something small." George answered.

"I see… Those three are so loyal to each other."

"A little too loyal…" Mrs. Weasley said. "They're going to get in trouble mark my words."

"They get in trouble all the time." Fred said.

"It's kind of what they do." Ginny added.

"I mean big trouble… You all are lucky you didn't get killed at the Ministry." Mrs. Weasley said pointing a spoon at her daughter.

"I was looking out for her." Hermione said coming down the stairs.

"Good thing you were." Mr. Weasley said making his daughter smile softly.

"So what did Dumbledore say?" Harry asked walking in with Ron. "Hermione said you went to speak with him."

"We did." Mrs. Weasley said.

"And?" Hermione asked. "How did it go?"

"He won't budge but we let him have a right piece of our minds." Mr. Weasley said. "I'm sorry Hermione I wish I could have done more."

"It's alright, thanks for trying."

"He did give me recipe for a potion that will help with uhm… Well what's going on." Mrs. Weasley handed her the piece of paper.

"These ingredients are very rare…" Hermione said quietly.

"Let me see Love." George said, and she relinquished the paper to him.

"Oh we have all this." Fred said looking over his twins shoulder.

"We could make it for you if you'd like Love, we wouldn't mind." George said.

"Are you sure?"

"Of course." He kissed her cheek.

"Anything to help." Fred added doing the same. Ron scowled as he watched the exchange before he spotted Ginny whose hair was delicately curled, and had make up adorning her features.

"Why are you so dressed up?" Ron asked.

"Ginny here has a date." Mr. Weasley said.

"What!?" Harry and her brothers asked making her jump.

"That's right our little Ginny is growing up." Mrs. Weasley said.

"Who are you dating?" Ron asked.

"That's none of your business…"

"You should get going I think." Mr. Weasley said. "And upon your request Tonks will be the one tailing you for safety… You won't even know who she is because she'll be in disguise."

"Excellent…" Ginny stood and Hermione watched as Harry's eyes grew wide. Ginny was wearing a green silk beaded camisole tucked into a pleated purple skirt.

"Hermione I borrowed those purple high heels and your Purple sweater."

"Awesome, you can keep them if you like looks better on you." Hermione said.

"Be careful I might just." Ginny said with a wink. "Wish me luck."

"Good luck." Hermione said as she headed to the chimney and flooed out of sight.

"Boys…" Mr. Weasley said to Fred and George.

"Yes?" they asked all ready for the order.

"Follow her."

"No!" Hermione and Mrs. Weasley said at the same time halting the movements of the twins.

"You will do no such thing." Hermione said. "This is a big night for your sister."

"And we won't have you two ruining it." Mrs. Weasley added.

"But Molly!"

"Don't but Molly me Arthur Weasley." She said pointing a spoon at him. "Your daughter will have a magical romantic night understand?"

"Right…" He groaned.

"So who's she going out with?" Ron asked looking to Hermione.

"Yes you must know." Fred said.

"No I uhm… I don't…" she said watching Harry slowly disappear up the stairs. "I think I'll run up and get a sweater, it's a bit chilly down here." Hermione headed up the stairwell. Instead of going to her room she went to the top of the house where she found Harry sitting at the edge of his bed a glass mirror in hand. "Hey…" he jumped and stowed it away.

"Hi…" Hermione frowned softly.

"You're not going to see him in there Harry…" He looked to her. "Sirius I mean."

"I know." He said. "But I still can't help looking…"

"I know…" she walked over and sat down beside him. "You're putting on a brave face but I can see how sad you are."

"You always could read me better than anyone else."

"Other than Ginny…" He looked to her for a moment before looking down at his hands. "Yeah… She's been helping me talking to me about it..."

"You two have been spending a lot of time together." Hermione said.

"Now she's on a date with lord knows who…"

"Dean." Hermione said.

"Dean?" he asked. "Dean from our house?"


"Dean…" he shook his head. "I guess he's you know appealing… he's tall, muscular, deanish." Hermione smiled.

"You're not okay with this are you?"

"Not even a bit." He said standing. "I mean we were spending all this time together and then wham she goes on a date? What's with that Hermione?"

"I don't know… Were you two dating?"

"No of course not." He said pacing.

"It kind of seems like you wanted to be dating her from your reaction."

"Well of course I do did do…" he shook his head. "You know what I mean."

"I'm afraid not do you want to date her or not?"

"Of course."

"Then why didn't you ask her?"

"Oh I don't know let's see I'm sleeping next to her insanely hot headed brother every night." Hermione looked to see Rons bed was just five feet away from his own. "He could kill me in my sleep!"

"I don't think Ron would much mind if you two dated."

"No?" he asked.


"Did you see his face when she said she was going on a date tonight it was beat red!"

"Yeah but if it was you she was going out with I think he would be elated."

"Really?" he asked.


"Oh I can't get involved with any one." He said sitting down.

"Why not?"

"I have too much to do…"

"Harry you deserve happiness."

"Do I Hermione?" He asked, and her expression softened.

"Of course." She crossed the way to him and kneeled before him her hands setting on his. "Harry you're a great guy who deserves great happiness."

"I don't feel like such a great guy and I don't feel as though I deserve great happiness. Besides if I dated Ginny if I fell in love with gin-."

"You're already in love with her."

"If death eaters ever found that out if Voldemort ever found that out she'd be in danger great danger."

"Ginny can take care of herself."

"Just like you could?" she looked at him for a long moment.

"What's that supposed to mean?" she inquired softly.

"You were, are the only woman I have looked at as family Hermione, and look what happened to you…"

"That wasn't your fault Harry."

"You know it was."

"No it wasn't Harry."

"How are you not angry with me? I'm the reason you're parents are dead-." A loud crack sounded and Harry blinked as pain filled his cheek. "You slapped me." He said.

"And I'll do it again if you ever say that. You Harry did not kill my parents a group of death eaters did. I don't ever want you to say anything like that ever again do you understand me?" she asked.

"Yes…" he said.

"Good… I'm sorry for slapping you."

"You've got one hell of a right hand there." She laughed and he smiled as he rubbed his cheek.


"It's alright…" he looked to her. "You really think I should make a move on Ginny?"

"Yes but a wait a bit you don't want her to think that he only reason you asked her out was because she was suddenly taken…"

"Right… So I wait… Wait and let Dean snog the girl of my dreams."

"If it makes you feel better, a lot of guys have had to let Dean snog the girls of their dreams."

"Oddly doesn't help."

"Sorry." He laughed.

"Come on let's go down stairs and get some food."

"Right…" she helped him out of the chair and headed out of the room.