You reach into the bag and pulled out a cross connected to a chain.

"Eh?" you and Hiyoko stared at the necklace confused.

"I… think you got Yoshio."

A sudden cry was heard throughout the room and Anghel Higure fell over, clutching his chest.

Oh god I got the weirdo…

Hiyoko apologized to him and helped him back up. Before Yuuya could lead you two in the closet Anghel looked around anxiously and suddenly grabbed your hand and dashed into the closet dragging you with him.

"Well that was easy," Yuuya huffed as he locked the door behind you.

You two stood in the darkness. The Bananaman was still holding your hand at the time.


"Shh!" he hushed you as he glanced around the room, "… I have trapped us here… I am sorry."

"Wha-? What do you mean you're sorry?"

He isn't going to bring me into those hallucinations is he?

He didn't answer but you felt his hand on your back as he muttered something about Wallenstein trapping you here or something another.

You sighed. You always thought he was a complete freak… but you admired him in some way. He was acting like himself while others try to fake their personality during school to make themselves cooler… somehow… you've always done that… you hated being around others yet with him… you felt like you could act like yourself and he wouldn't judge you… even though he kept claiming he was an angel…. Eehhh…

You felt his teal hair tickle your face and moved his hair with your hand which forced his attention back to you.


… Was that the first time he said your name without any title?


He was looking around again, "I… I have something… to say."

"Yes…?" You feel his hands grasp your arms. You blushed. In the dark you could barely see his face but you can notice his wide eyes were filled with emotion, "[Name]… I… I feel like I'm… betraying…"

You blinked, confused then it clicked in your head.

He is madly in love with Hiyoko right? Does he also have feelings for someone else?

… Maybe for you…?

You blushed at that thought but knew it wasn't true.

You knew Hiyoko only thought of Anghel as a friend and nothing else. She told you that herself… but you knew Anghel couldn't take that, knowing how much he liked her.

How else was he going to realize that? You knew you had to tell him yourself or he might tear himself apart if that's how he really felt.

"Anghel, I don't think Hiyoko—"

He put a finger on your lips and his hand on your back pressed against you, forcing you to move closer to him.

He was whispering something you couldn't make out… possibly something about The Apostle of the Golden Rose and the dark sorcerer or whatever. You didn't exactly care for his hallucinations... no matter how adorable it was.

"… We are locked in." He commented absentmindedly.

"Yes, we established that," you stared at him quizzically; "did you hit your head or something? Are you ok?"

What an understatement… As if he's ever ok.

Suddenly he claimed your lips, catching you off guard. Your whole body grew stiff as your heart furiously pounded.

… It was… nothing you expected.

Not to be cliché but it felt heavenly. Your eyes almost shut but you realized what you were doing.

Snapping out of your trance you quickly forced yourself out of the kiss, "Wh-what are you—?!"

"Isn't the Key to Escape is to Awake the One?" He stared at you in concern as he tilted his head.

You stared back as you translated his 'Angelic speech pattern' slowly in your mind.

You got the 'Key to Escape' part down but 'Awake the One'? What did that mean?

…. Wait, by 'One' did he mean as in an emotion?


… Love…?

For us to escape don't we have to kiss? Was basically the translation

Clever little Pilipino.

"W-well… erm…" you hesitated, blushing, "I guess so…"

Again he moved close to you and your lips met his again.

The magical feeling like you reached heaven entered in your heart once more as you returned the kiss.

Slowly you wrapped your arms around his neck and fingered his long teal hair. You weren't surprised that his hair wasn't soft. His hair was mostly a mess anyway so it was no shock.

He took a step forward and leaned you slightly backwards, deepening the kiss.

After a while your lips separated for air.

You felt his warm breath caress your face, making you shudder. You pulled his face closer to yours as you stared in each other's eyes until your lips met again.

It was a truly enchanting kiss until light filled the room and a voice echoed into your ears, "Times up~"

After a few moments when you heard the voice you practically had to force yourself out of the kiss.

"Oh my~ now that's adorable~" Yuuya cooed, smirking.

"H-hush you pervert," you brought yourself out of the angel's grasp and stomped out of the closet. Suddenly Anghel jumped beside and took your hand as he exclaimed, "we have escaped! Follow me, Seducer of Angels!"

He pulled you into his world of hallucinations and never let you go…

And you didn't care.