Thor walked the stalls of the market, gaze flicking over the merchandise but never lingering. He was there for one purpose, after all. The Prince of Asgard found the merchant who stocked in Jotuns, and what a fine stock he had indeed. All were on their hands and knees, bits in their mouths like horses, with their wrists and ankles bound. He knew the one that was the source of rumors as soon as he laid eyes on him. The Jotun was smaller, more slender than all the others. He had long, smooth black tresses where the others had little or no hair at all. And he was beautiful. Vicious red eyes glared daggers at him. Elegantly marked blue skin begged to be touched.

"Loki, your highness," the merchant startled Thor with the announcement of the captive male's name. "A fine choice. He is young still, but mature. He'll give you the most divine milk you've tasted for many years." Thor didn't need convincing to know he must own this stunning creature.

"Whatever the cost, I'll pay it," the prince stated without ever once taking his eyes off of the Jotun. Loki. Oh, to taste that fine skin, the white liquid that would trickle down blue and onto Thor's eager tongue. He had his servants take his purchase past to the palace, to his chambers. And when he walked into his rooms and found the Juton on the stone floor in the center of the chamber, still bound upon his hands and knees with the metal bar shove between his teeth, the prince grinned.

How could this Jotun, this milk slave, hold such hatred in his crimson gaze yet still tremble so invitingly? The door to Thor's chambers was closed and locked, so he took his time approaching, circling, and appraising his pet. When he stood directly before the shivering beauty he slid his fingers into the fine dark locks and pulled to force Loki's head up. The Jotun looked so fine with that bit in his mouth, Thor decided it would have to stay, at least through the first milking.

There would be plenty of time to hear the little creature moan clearly later. Thor continued to pull at Loki's hair, causing the Juton to whimper and hiss around the metal, until the slender male was forced to sit back on his haunches and expose his already quite hardened nipples. The prince knelt before his pet, releasing his hair, to skim his calloused fingers over quivering blue skin. Loki gasped and tried to pull away when Thor pinched at one of the hard nubs.

"Do you feel full, little cow? You need a release?" Thor purred, voice dropping low and dipping his head to draw his tongue up the column of Loki's throat. The hand assaulting the squirming, whimpering boy's nipple continued to pull adorable, delicious noises from Loki, while the other slipped lower to palm between the Jotun's legs, over the thin fabric of the loincloth.

Thor tore the cloth away, leaving Loki bare save for his bindings and the bit. His warm hand closed around the cooler skin of the Juton's member, stroking gently to encourage the milk to flow down there for him. The prince was startled from his ministrations when he felt a pair of bound hands shoving at his chest. He pulled back enough to look down at his beautiful milk slave, and was shocked at what he saw. Loki's cheeks were flushed with purple, his bit was slick and dripping saliva down the delicately marked chin, and his crimson eyes were brimming with tears. The shivering male no longer glared, only pleaded Thor with his gaze, but for what? From the blush, the heavy panting, and the soft keens coming from the Jotun, Thor assumed that Loki was indeed feeling the fullness from his milk. Perhaps it had been so long since it had been drained that the poor creature was in pain. Thor thought he'd heard of that happening before.

"Shh," he whispered, stroking the other's cheek just above the strap holding the metal in that drooling mouth, "I'll milk you. Patience, little cow, you'll feel better soon." The thunder prince's head lowered again, this time to kiss the blue skin from pert nipple down to the junction of thigh and groin. With gentle hands he encouraged Loki's trembling ones behind his golden head. His mouth then descended upon the Juton's arousal, so full and eager under this tongue and lips. Thor bobbed his head to coax that sweet milk from Loki, who was now mewling from behind the bit. Once trembling and unwilling fingers now gripped tightly at the thunderer's hair. The prince was committed to aiding his moaning and whimpering pet, hallowing his cheeks and moving his mouth quickly up and down the hard length of his Juton's member. 'The most divine milk you've tasted', the merchant had said. He was so close to having that milk, if only Loki would just surrender it to him. When he glanced up, the beautiful Jotun was tossing his head back, eyes screwed shut, and biting hard at the metal in his mouth. Thor decided to give the adorable creature a final little push. Using some of the slickness now coating Loki's arousal to wet his fingers, the golden prince began to tease at his pet's entrance. His fingers weren't nearly wet enough to enter, but they were perfect for earning a sharp gasp and shiver from the blue body.

Loki went very stiff, keening loudly and gripping hard at Thor's golden locks as he finally, finally gave his master the milk he'd been desiring since laying eyes on the Juton in the market. And it was divine, indeed! The white slid so smoothly down his throat, surprisingly warm and utterly delicious. Thor sucked and swallowed until Loki was shoving at his head for him to stop, for he was fully milked at last.