Fair warning: This chapter is extremely MA. There is very little plot and very considerable amounts of non-con. If you don't like dub-con/non-con, please don't read.

The characters and setting belong to Marvel.

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Now that the strap holding the gag was longer, Loki was able to turn his head and spit it from his aching mouth. He snapped his head back immediately to look directly at Thor, glare at him and bare his teeth. "Are you deaf as well as dumb? Get off me!" the Juton hissed, shifting his hips beneath the prince's, though there was no way he would shake the other off without Thor's compliance.

An absolute beast! A cow, nay, a bull with words for horns! The thunderer had to catch the writhing male's bound hands before they could connect with his chest, as was their aim. Perhaps the horns were more than words, he thought as he found himself huffing and struggling to get Loki's hands back on the floor above his raven hair.

"Be still!" the prince ordered in exasperation as his pet continued his futile, exhausting efforts to get free or damage Thor. "Behave or I shall have to force you!" A moment after the vow was made, the idea fully dawned upon Thor. This was no demon, merely a creature still feral. A milk slave to be taught obedience; a bucking cow to be broken. As he watched the blue skin shift over sharp hip bones and lean muscles, he decided that he was very willing to train this beautiful creature.

After much screaming and clawing at Thor's arms and hands, and a lucky kick to the prince's ribs, Thor successfully had Loki flipped over onto his stomach. The Jotun's arms where pinned beneath his wriggling body so the prince had a relatively easy time fitting the bit back into the gnashing mouth, with a pull on the strap behind Loki's head to force the metal in securely. He held the strap like reins, rather short reins, as he sat up enough to survey his room for something to ease the way as he claimed, and hopefully tamed, his wild pet.

There was an oil lamp he might be able to reach, but he only had one free hand and he had just spent so much time settling himself between Loki's legs that he dared not risk standing. The result was pressing his body completely flush with the Jotun's, perhaps even squishing him a bit if that was truly a squeak that Thor heard from beneath him, so he could reach just past his pet's head to snatch up the lamp. He blew out the flame and poured some of the oil on the cold stone floor, giving it a moment to cool before slicking his fingers in it.

The prince had to lift his hips off of his milk slave's rear so his thick fingers could begin teasing the other's entrance. Loki gasped and tried to tug away from the feeling, but Thor yanked at the bit hard enough to prevent the Jotun from pulling too far away. The result was a lovely curve in the creature's back, as his head was forced up from the pull on the metal in his mouth and his knees beneath him were attempting to push his backside away from his master's probing digits.

"If you remain still and relaxed, this will not hurt," Thor murmured in a low voice, heavy with lust at the sight of his feral, little cow before him. "You will enjoy it, perhaps enough to yield more milk," he added, with a grin though the Jotun could not see it. And with that promise, the first finger entered. He kept his grip tight on the strap of the bit, stopping any struggle before it could happen.

Loki whimpered most pitifully, so Thor kept his finger still within the surprisingly warm passage of his pet's body. His clever little cow did seem to figure out, rather quickly, that the pain he felt would cease if he would only relax a bit. So it was after a few moments of whimpers and stillness that Loki released a breath and finally loosened a bit for his master. The oil made it easy to thrust his finger in and out, and certainly lessened the resistance with the addition of a second digit.

The beautiful milk slave was uttering soft noises of discomfort, and occasionally pleasure when Thor's fingers rubbed just right, trembling once more by the time three fingers were stretching him open. There was a delightful little whimper from his pet when he removed his fingers to fumble with the lacings of his trousers. Once he finally had his arousal free of the leather confines of his pants, he poured more oil from the lamp and used it to slick himself thoroughly. The point of this was to dominate his new milk slave after all, not truly harm him.

Thor aligned himself carefully then pushed in. He sunk into Loki's quivering, mewling body slowly, allowing the precious creature time to relax around him before pushing himself deeper. Once he was fully seated, his Jotun's body twitching delightfully around his member, he placed his free hand upon a cool blue hip to hold the slender being steady as he pulled back almost completely to thrust in again. Loki cried out around the bit, shaking his head and clawing at the ground with bound hands. Thor kept his pace slow, though the sounds coming from his milk slave did not lessen no matter how long he waited. So, it was with minimal hesitation that the golden prince increased the pace of his thrusts.

He claimed his pet deep and hard, soon too overwhelmed by how good Loki felt inside to monitor his speed. The thunderer also found that, with a good tug on the bit, he could get the little Jotun to push back against him as he thrust in. He groaned happily at this discovery and quickly set to using it each time he pushed in to his hilt. Thor felt himself getting close to his climax, and perhaps would be embarrassed at how quickly he approached it later, but for now everything about possessing the lovely male beneath him burned his cares away entirely.

He belated remembered that he'd promised Loki pleasure as well, so he slowed his pace in the hopes of staving off his own orgasm a bit longer as he reached under the Jotun with the hand that had been roughly grasping his hip. He was so pleased when he found that his little cow was hard and dripping that he began thrusting in earnest once more, though this time with his hand upon Loki's arousal to mimic the pace. Now, even without a tug on the bit, his pet pushed back into his thrusts and forward into his hand, moaning and panting around the metal in his mouth most deliciously.

Loki came first, throwing his head back and tightening around Thor as he did. Thor knew it was unnecessary, but the sight of his pet's head tossed so far back as he came was too exquisite to surrender, so as he raised his milk-covered hand to his lips he yanked hard on the bit. Loki's hands were almost off the ground, his back unable to arch any more. The sight, mingled with the truly divine flavor of his milk slave, pushed Thor over the edge. He spilled himself deep inside the Jotun and did not stop his thrusting until he was completely spent.

Thor released the strap of the bit and Loki fell back to the floor as soon as he had. The metal slipped free from the Jotun's mouth, clinking softly against the stone ground before the noise was overtaken with sound of his pet's unobstructed, though still labored breath. The prince pulled out and eased Loki's hips to the floor so the exhausted, lightly trembling creature would not collapse and injure himself on the hard stone. The thunderer laced his pants back up before gently pushing on Loki's shoulder to roll him onto his back.

Loki was crying. Saliva glistened all over his chin from when he'd been straining against the bit, a gag that had left ugly red and purple marks on either side of his mouth. His crimson eyes, that had only been capable of a vicious glare, were closed. Yet the tears still trickled free.