I'm assuming most, if not all of you, have watched the last episode of the Vampire Diaries?

Well, I'm writing this in honor of Kol-a man who died too young. (Okay, he was actually like a thousand or something…) A man who loved to easily. (Um… Did he even have a love interest on the show?) A man who was too gentle and innocent for this cold, cruel world. (Yah… sure…)

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Klaus pounded on the invisible barrier blocking him from avenging his little brother. He cursed them, cursed them all-even Caroline. The thought that she was involved in this, and he was almost certain she was, considering with how closely knit together their little group was, made him sick. It made him regret the thought of love, the notion that they even had a sliver of a possibility of being together. He had let himself get too comfortable in this town, with its enchanting baby, blond vampires, seemingly loyal servants and hybrids, and almost friendly residents, it had become almost safe. He had never really put in any effort in trying to win or in taking anyone down. He had never truly considered these people a challenge, had never really perceived them as a threat. If he had, they would have all been dead in an instant.

A sick feeling lodged into the pit of stomach and wouldn't leave. His eyes would be forever burned with the image of brother-his baby brother-consumed in flames. If he had been just a little faster in getting to the Gilbert house, perhaps it would've made a difference. But, like always, he wasn't and that was what it all essentially came down to.

He had never been quick enough, strong enough, good enough. He had never been good enough for his parents or for Tatia or for life in general. This time was different though, he wasn't fighting an unstoppable force. He wasn't up against the cunning and resilient Mikael, there wasn't some unrelenting enemy that took them by surprise, no, it was him. He did this.

Klaus had known many regrets in life. A few of them involving love, some of them involving violence, and most of the involving family. However, with his family, he had never given much thought to these regrets. His family would always be there. They were immortal and they were unbeatable and they were strong. They stuck together no matter what. Despite the daggers and the insults and the violence, they would never leave one another. If it came down to it, Klaus would have given his life for any of them and he was sure they would have done the same for him. Now, Finn and Kol were both gone, their demises both caused by his actions. He had been stupid enough to believe they were invincible and had left both of them unprotected. When had he gotten so wrapped up in his hybrids, the plan, the cure? How could it have compared to the safety of his family? His mind had been clouded full of greed and hunger and power. Now he was paying the price for it.

All of the things he felt-regret, guilt, pain, grief-they hit him hard and harsh. It was the sick realization of a loved one's death that had finally snapped him out of his insanity, how twisted was that?

He finally stopped his attack on the impenetrable wall in front of him. It was no use. He deserved to be trapped in here. He didn't yet wish for death, but in all his thousands years, this was the closest he had ever come to longing for that punishment. Even the hunter's curse couldn't compare.

He leaned back against the counter, breathing out a rough, unneeded breath. Bringing a slightly shanking hand up to his eyes, he brushed of the tears that had formed at the corner of his eyes. They clung to his lashes as a few stray tears escaped despite his efforts to clear them away.

Though it was dead silent in the house, he could hear the next door neighbors arguing, the dog across the street growling at a chattering squirrel, and the occasional horn honk from down the street. What sound stood out most prominently amongst all this, was the clack of boots on the sidewalk. The gait was steady, calculated, and smooth. However, the right boot came down a bit heavier than the left and there was a slight, almost imperceptible, pause every few paces or so.


He immediately, out of stupid habit, straightened out his shirt and stood a bit straighter. As soon as he realized his actions however, he immediately growled and slouched, a sour expression gluing itself to his already grim face.

It had been a day, nearly, and he was surprised he was being visited at all. He had been positive they were all out searching for the cure, though he supposed someone had to stay home and "hold down the fort".

She had entered and was standing in the hallway now, out of his view but within the range of every other sense. He sighed.

"Caroline," he greeted, his voice stony and as cold as ice.

He sensed her tense up as her shallow breathing became more labored. There was some satisfaction in knowing he still scared somebody, somewhere. Though, that was never really his problem. He had always been sufficiently frightening, just never enough of anything else.

She appeared around the corner. Her curls bouncy and clothes immaculate, she looked like the picture of perfection, but he wouldn't let Caroline affect him. He didn't know if he ever really liked the girl in front of him or just the thought of her.

"Klaus," Caroline murmured hotly. With her hands perched on her perfectly rounded hips, she narrowed her eyes at him. He wasn't intimidated by her stance at all. He simply crossed his arms over his chest, leaned back further, and quirked an eyebrow, all while keeping his scowl.

"Yes, sweetheart?" he asked, putting bite into his little endearment. It had the desired effect. She flinched and furrowed her brows, but unfortunately held her ground.

Klaus eyed her carefully as she slowly and cautiously pulled something from her bag, he could smell it the second she opened her purse, but didn't react.

She threw it into his little enclosure, carefully avoiding his eyes. He didn't reach down to retrieve the blood bag, instead choosing to scrutinize her.

It was entirely possible her friends had asked her to give him the blood. In fact, he was almost sure that was the case. However, something in her posture said different. She was hunched over slightly, and even while trying to appear defiant, it seemed as if she had just given up. There was a dead look in her bluish-green eyes and he noticed belatedly that the rims were red as if she had been crying. All that, piled in with pale skin and her vulnerable demeanor made him realize something.

She felt guilty.

Caroline quickly snapped her head up as if she had felt him come to this realization.

"What?" she snapped, patting down her hair self-consciously. He smirked.

"Can I tell you something Caroline?" he asked, though his tone of voice indicated he was going to tell her anyway. She swallowed and nodded. He gripped the edge of the counter, craning his neck toward her and half smirking, half glaring. "I put my trust in you, all of you. I truly believed that because we were working together for a common cause, that we could call a truce. I thought maybe, just maybe, that we'd all get along and play nice for once. I realized though, last night, when I came in here, and I saw my brother burning, that something such as that can never exist. As I saw my brother, dying right before my very eyes, I came to see how terrible you all really are."

He paused, seeing the way his words were affecting Caroline. Her hands had dropped down and were hanging limply at her sides and she had ducked her head into her chest.

"He was trying to kill Elena," she defended meekly. He growled, but didn't lunge for her and let any more anger seep through his exterior. She seemed to try and pull herself together as she straightened up.

"Yes, I've already taken into consideration this fact. And had it not been for your friend trying to kill Kol in the first place, this wouldn't have taken place. I thought I was a monster, but you people. You're picking off those who show the slightest resistance to your plans, destroying anyone's dreams who don't match your own, and killing everybody who gets in your way, all with a guilt free conscience. And you're doing it just to get something you simply want. You all have become as horrible as me, maybe even worse." She clenched her fists. He smirked and knew she was close to breaking. "What about you Caroline? How many people are on your list? You preach about keeping your humanity and not hurting others, but really, how many have you killed? Maybe not by your own hands, but by playing your part in their death."

"Stop! Just stop, okay? I'm sorry! I didn't know! They never told me anything! I didn't know about Kol's death!" Caroline cried at him, meeting his eyes as she spoke. While honesty seemed to radiate off her, he couldn't trust the torn up beauty in front of him. He knew how good she was at acting around him.

"I'm sorry, but I don't believe you."

"The compel me," she pleaded. He froze, narrowing his eyes at her. "Look, if you compel me, then you'll know. I'm not lying, I promise." She was desperate, he could see that. What he couldn't determine was her motive for allowing him that power over her.

He didn't move as she inched closer. Before, he would have refused, but he was sick of all the lies. He wanted the truth.

His eyes caught hers.

"Did you know about or play a part in the plot to kill my brother?" he questioned roughly.

"No," she answered monotone.

He paused for a minute, deciding to go deeper.

"If you had known, would you have participated?"

"No." While that answer was more than surprising, he continued.


"Because I couldn't betray you like that, not again." He smirked at her answer, but while the shock coursed through his veins anew, somewhere deep he had always known she wasn't totally resistant to him.

"How do I get out of here?" he asked, motioning to the undetectable boundary around him.

"I don't know."

He growled, frustrated. "Didn't they tell you anything?"


Unexpectedly, he yanked on her arm, forcing her inside the barrier. He had already made note as she tossed the blood bag in earlier that things could come in, they just couldn't go out.

She was snapped out of her compulsion and instantly glared at him.

"You took advantage of me!" she growled, struggling hopelessly against him.

"Yes, yes I did," he answered bluntly. He placed a hand forcefully over her heart, prepared to rip out one of the last essential organs she still needed. She instantly stilled and gasped.

He faltered as a heartbreaking look of betrayal and hurt crawled into her eyes. He was about to pull his hand away when her expression hardened over with hate. He suddenly remembered his purpose.


"If I can't get to your friends, then you'll have to do," he growled.

She scowled at him, but it quickly changed to an expression of pain as his nails dug into the skin of her chest.

"Wait!" she gasped. He stilled, but after a moment of silence, positioned his arm again to plunge directly into her chest. He was going to remain steely and distant and do this, for Kol. "Wait!" she yelled again.

He snarled and gripped her tighter, one hand marking an arm with bruises and the other hovering over her chest. "Give me one reason I should allow you to live," he whispered, his voice containing the promise of death.

"Kol!" she said in a rush. He hissed, unsure of where she was going with this. "I can bring your brother back."

"Lies! My brother is dead!" He slammed her against the counter, painfully aware of how close his body was to hers, but carefully ignoring it.

"There's a way to bring him back!"

The silence following her statement sent an eerie chill throughout the house. "Continue," he ordered.

"You have to promise to let me go and you have to promise to stay away from my friends," Caroline bargained. He stayed silent. "Promise."

"You better not be lying," he threatened.

"I'm not, I swear." He reluctantly nodded, willing to do anything for his brother. "The cure, it's buried with Silas. Most people believe he can raise people from the dead, but it's not true."

"What exactly is the "truth" then?" he questioned, doubtfully.

"He's buried with a book.

"So?" Klaus growled.

"A book with instructions on how to raise the dead."

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