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Klaus had backed away from Caroline, much to her relief. She had… no, she had always known how terrible he was. In fact, she had screamed it in his face, telling him just how horrible he was time and time again. However, she never thought that he would actually attempt to… kill her.

It wasn't that she didn't think he was capable of such a feat, he was very capable. He could rip apart a helpless old lady without a blink. No, it was the fact that he had truly seemed to… care about her that made her think he wouldn't. A part of her felt betrayed.

Oh hell, who was she kidding? All of her felt betrayed. She had been stupid enough to allow him to compel her. He could have made her do anything. He had pulled her into his cage and tried to remove her heart. He had nearly ended her undead life. Through all the life endangering circumstances she had been in, that was the closest she'd ever been to the feeling of death.

Klaus was beaten up and broken over his brother's death, Caroline could see that now. She knew grief could make a person do irrational and terrible things. Actually, irrational and terrible was the exact description of Klaus. Now, she realized that despite her constant refusal of his advances and despite the fact she had told everyone and herself that he was a monster, her sight had always been clouded when it came to him. Sure, she knew what he had done-all the lives he had taken and the people he had tortured-but she had foolishly thought that she was different than all those people. That she meant something to him.

Of course, how could one thoughtless, shallow, and airheaded baby vampire compare to all the women he had encountered in all his thousand years? If none of them had managed to capture his heart, how could she? She was just part of some unknown plan that never got put into action or a good one night stand that was never had. Maybe, one day, she'd ask him why he spent so much time pursuing her. Was it a game? Was it a plot to get to Elena? Was she just someone to pass the time on?

Shaking her head, she raised her eyes to meet his. She didn't feel the guilt any longer.

She took a deep breath. No more lying to myself.

Okay, she felt a small amount of guilt. Sure, compared to the massive amount that had tugged at her heart strings earlier, this was nothing. It had receded into the pit of her stomach. It was curled up and almost unnoticeable, but she still felt it. She felt bad for him. He was losing everyone and while she couldn't be held exclusively accountable, she still felt somehow at fault.

He had been carefully analyzing her as all this had passed through her thoughts and she became painfully aware of his powerful stare. Shifting from side to side nervously, she crossed her arms defensively.

"If you're going to say something, just say it!" she barked.

He smirked, that infuriating smirk that was now laced with a hint of grief.

"I'm just wondering how someone like yourself came across this small bit of information," he grinned, his eyes narrowed slits as he studied her.

She sighed, sliding up to sit on the counter, careful to keep him in her view.

"Someone came to me," she started, lacing her fingers and clenching them together tight, "he told me that if I wanted to fix things, then I'd better listen to him." She was quiet, going over the encounter in her head.

Caroline's heels clacked loudly against the pavement as she made her way to her car. Wasn't being a vampire supposed to give you some sense of grace and balance? She at least wanted to be able to make her way across a parking lot without waking the dead with her shoes.

Then again, she was a little drunk.

She knew she shouldn't be driving while she was drunk. However, she always kept a small cooler in her car with one or two blood bags in it for emergencies. She didn't want to attack someone just because she skipped breakfast. She would drink the blood and it would restore her to her normal, functioning, and coherent self.

She stumbled when she was about a foot away from her car. The Grill's warm lights were a ways away now. She didn't want to be spotted, so she had parked as far away from the establishment as possible. She would've stayed home to drown her sorrows in alcohol, but the liquor cabinet had been empty. Matt had been gracious enough to allow her to get drunk in the back storage room as long as she still paid.

In hindsight she supposed she could have bought a bottle and left, but she didn't really want to be alone. Caroline was a people person and she had been grateful for those few minutes when Matt would take a break and come talk to her as she drank.

However, just because she was thankful for Matt's company didn't mean she wanted the whole bar to see her at her worst.

She tried to avoid thinking about the source of her distress, so instead she just shook her messy curls out around her shoulders and huffed, clearing her head.

She had just reached into her purse to pull out her keys when a hand wrapped around her mouth and she was crushed against a body larger than hers.

A surprised squeak left her mouth before the hand clamped harder and she was silenced. She struggled against her attacker. She swung her legs back and tried to kick them. She lifted up her arms, though the arm around her torso didn't give her much room to move them, and tried to elbow their stomach. She even went so far as to rear her head back in an effort to smash the person's nose.

"Caroline! Behave! I'm not going to hurt you!" Her eyes widened at the familiar voice and she stilled. "Good," the voice praised, sounding full of relief. "Now, if I take my hand away from your mouth, will you scream?"

Caroline thought about. She considered just saying no and screaming anyway, but she wasn't convinced the person would hurt her and she was certain it would cause more harm than good anyway.

With sagging shoulders, she shook her head in a no.

A reluctant hand hesitantly left her face and she sucked in fresh breath of air. Though she didn't need it, it still felt normal to do so.

"What are you doing here?" she questioned in a hiss, spinning around so fast that she thought she saw a look of surprise on his face.

"There's no time for explanations, I need you to go see Niklaus."

"Klaus?" she wondered aloud. Who would willingly call him Niklaus? Seriously? "Why?"

"Because if you don't, there shall be dire consequences." She huffed in exasperation, fully pulling away from his hold so she could properly glare in his face. She wasn't going to be intimidated by him. Maybe it was the alcohol in her system or maybe it was the fact he had never really frightened her that much to begin with.

"Why don't you go see him? He's probably holed up in his mansion, plotting to rule the world."

His face seemed truly surprised and stunned.

"You mean you don't know?" Her heart became a frozen block of ice as she processed the tone of those words. She lost her fire as she clenched her fists in worry.

"Know what?" Caroline meant for her words to be strong, but they barely made it out in a whisper. She stood there in perfect shock and silence as he went on to explain everything that had gone down in the past twenty-four hours. When he finished, she finally unclenched her fists and furrowed her brows. "I- I hadn't known, they never told me."

"Yes, that seems apparent." She slowly returned to her normal self as a scowl settled back onto her features.

"So what is it you want me to do?"

"So you'll do what I ask?"

She rolled her eyes and tapped her finger against her chin, thinking for a moment. Though she hated her friends for leaving her out of the loop, she wouldn't betray them. However, she knew the pain of a lost loved one.

"If I don't?"

"I have people all over the world. I have allies and hit men set up to take down your little group. So even if you manage to get rid of me, there will be a never ending line of others to kill you, all of you." She pretended to think for a moment, though she already knew her answer. Apparently, her silence went on too long. "If you do not assist me, and your friends go through with their plan, the Earth will cease to exist."

She blanched. "If I do this, you have to promise, and I mean, give your word and mean it, that you'll protect my friends and keep them from harm. You, nor anyone else, are allowed to harm them."

She stuck out an uncertain hand and he grasped it tightly.


"Caroline?" a voice called, snapping her out of her reverie.


"Who contacted you? And what did they tell you?"

She thought back to the meeting and remembered a small detail.

"I can't tell you." Klaus's eyes darkened, not yet turning gold, but becoming a dangerous hazel. He didn't move from leaning against the wall across from her, but his face was intimidating enough. Still, she held her ground. "But I can tell you this, we are getting out of here, and you better listen to everything I say if you want your brother back. There are some things I still haven't told you yet, and you don't get to know them until it's the right time," she explained, adding a glare in here and there to make him understand she meant business.

He smiled, actually smiled, and leaned forward.

"What makes you think that I won't just compel it out of you?" he cooed in a dangerous threat. She swallowed nervously.


"Yes, love?"

Quicker than a blink of an eye, she had a tiny bottle of vervain out of her purse and burning down her throat.

It had been a while since she'd drank the stuff. There had been a time when her blood had been flowing with it, but that was a while ago. She'd stopped getting the plants, as it was too hard to obtain. She'd been advised to bring the vile stuff, but didn't actually think she'd need it. It turned out that she did.


She coughed, unused to the once familiar flames that scorched through her body. He growled lowly, looking as if her were about to attack. After the coughing had stopped though, Klaus simply grinned, staring at her as if she were some naïve little girl. She glared at him, silently asking what his expression was for. Her throat was on fire and breathing was a pain, but her body slowly started adjusting.

"It doesn't matter, love. You're stuck in here with me. I imagine, with only that small bottle in your system that it should wear off in a day or two. I'm practically guaranteed my escape in a few days and you should be perfect and ready to be compelled, then I'll just be on my merry way. It's only a matter of time, sweetheart."

It was her turn to smirk. He either didn't notice it or was gloating too much to notice.

With a scratchy voice, she forced herself to talk.

"We'll see."

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