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Klaus had gone silent by the time night had fallen. Caroline had drifted off to sleep hours before, which surprised him to no end-who would willingly lose consciousness with a thousand year old murderer in the room? Though he rarely rested, he could feel the beginnings weariness forcing his eyelids to droop.

He felt… anxious, as if something was going to happen. With all the information Caroline had told him and all the information she had withheld, his mind was going into overdrive trying to sort it all out. He was worn out mentally and physically, yet he couldn't-no wouldn't-sleep.

His brother could come back, that he understood, but at what cost? Was this all a trick to get him to the island and turn him mortal? A plan to end his and the rest of his family's existence? How could he trust a girl that now had vervain coursing through her system?

As if in sync with his thoughts, his whole body turned to face Caroline. Even after everything that had went down, her curls were still shiny, blond ringlets. There wasn't a frayed edge to her clothing. She didn't even have the dark hand marks on her arms that he had inflicted earlier. Her face was smooth and innocent in her slumber; she portrayed even more kindness in her face now than when she was awake.

Klaus felt guilty for hurting her; for making her fear him even more than she already did. His actions felt justified, but they also felt wrong. He wouldn't show any compassion though. His sinister attitude toward her was needed.

Was it though?

She hadn't known about the plot to kill his brother. She had said she wouldn't have joined in on it even if they had told her. Still, she would never join him. She would never love him. She was too loyal to her friends. He was planning to kill them. She would only get twisted up in his plans. Even if she didn't take a side or chose to stay out of it, she would end up getting hurt. She would end up hating him even more and taking her friends' side. His brother deserved to be avenged and he couldn't leave it be. No, he couldn't fall to her charms. He wouldn't be the lovesick puppy he was before. She would only end up using his affections against him. She was a weakness he couldn't afford.

His overly alert body sensed the presence rather than heard it. He stiffened up and cocked his head to the side, listening for any detail that might clue him in to who was approaching.

The gait of the walk wasn't familiar, but from the weight of the footfalls on the concrete as they marched up to the door, the person was definitely female.

He readied himself for whoever his next visitor would be, but didn't try to hide or run. However, without his conscious mind noticing, his body moved to shield Caroline from view.

The woman was confident as she strode through the door and into the house, already seeming to know who was in the home and how to get to them.

As she came into view, his eyes narrowed and he crossed his arms.

"Velia," he greeted coldly.

The witch was beautiful; there was no doubt in his mind about that. She had long, dark curls of black that flowed down her back to her waist. She wore a simple button down coat with boots, but the clothes didn't hide her curvy figure at all. Dark, nearly black, captivating eyes, stared tauntingly at him. Smooth, caramel skin was as unblemished as the rest of her.

The words coming out of her perfectly shaped lips sounded like butter. "Klaus, it has been much too long," she smiled mockingly. He scowled at her, his eyes thin slits.

"Not long enough," he grumbled. Suddenly he brightened up with a smirk. "How's the shoulder, luv?"

Her smirk turned into a dangerous scowl in a second.

"About the same as your leg, I assume," she replied sharply. He darkened, but contained his growl.

"What are you doing here?" he demanded, tired of the pleasantries.


"She's here to help," Caroline added in softly from behind him. He was unaware of her waking up, but had sensed the shift in the room all the same, too late to realize what it was.

"Caroline?" he snapped questioningly, directing his words to her, but not taking his glare from Velia. Caroline slid off of the chair from behind him and came to stand directly in front of Velia.

"She was sent here to help. She's going to get us out," Caroline murmured, her eyes carefully studying their interactions. She flicked them back to Velia, uncertainty in her eyes, but also a trusting knowledge.

"Is this true?" Klaus questioned harshly.

Velia sighed, lifting a hand up to stare at her nails. "Unfortunately, it is. Personally, I would rather you stay here to rot."

"Then why help?" Velia suddenly lost interest in her probably very expensive manicure. She raised her eyebrows with an "isn't it obvious?" expression on her face.

"Money," they both answered simultaneously.

"Who's paying you?"

Velia's eyes briefly rested on Caroline before moving back to him.

"I'm not permitted to say."

Klaus huffed, irritated, and gestured to his surroundings. "Well, then, get on with it!"

Velia's sneer was back in place as she placed her hands on her hips.

"Say please."


"I said, say please," she repeated.

He heard Caroline sigh beside him, but paid her no attention. He should have ripped this woman's heart out years ago. She was the bane of his existence now just as she was back in Italy.

"No," he defied instantly, ignoring the fact that he sounded like a petulant child.

"Then you can just stay in here and await your demise."

"Klaus!" Caroline warned. He turned to Caroline, speaking only to her.

"I will not succumb to this woman's will. She is a dirty and manipulative strumpet who should never be enlisted or trusted with any plans, conspiracies, and/or secrets." Caroline glared at him, clenching her fists and breathing heavily. He returned to glowering at the vile sample of the female species that was refusing to unleash them from their invisible cage.

"It is only one simple, little word. Six letters, hardly any effort at all," Velia crooned in faux sweetness.

"I'd rather die," he protested.

"Then so be it," she shrugged, readying herself to leave.

"Wait!" Caroline yelped. Caroline could resort to pleading if she wanted to, but he refused to beg like a dog that wanted to be let out of its kennel. "The deal!"

At her words, Velia froze and turned her icy stare to Caroline.

"The deal is from here on invalid until you provide me with the rest of my share of the bargain," Velia countered, her voice callous. Caroline appeared to be helpless for a moment before moving closer to Klaus and pulling him away from Velia.

She kept her voice low as she whispered to him. He frowned at her.

"Look, if you ever want to see Kol again, you have to listen to me and do as I say," Caroline ordered with a hint of desperation. Klaus could hear the edginess and decided to use it to his advantage, but first needed an assessment of the situation.

"What exactly do I need to do, sweetheart?"

She seemed quiet before wincing. "She has already been paid, but you need to say please and ask for us to be let out," Caroline started hesitantly. He hardened. "And then… you need to apologize for whatever it is she is so mad at you for."

He growled. "Never."

"Klaus!" Caroline prompted, exasperated.

"What's in it for me?"

She stared at him dumbly, as if he didn't get it. Klaus smirked at her. "Um, we'll be let out? We can get your brother back?" she stated obviously.

"I think I need a little something extra to sweeten the deal," he declared, smiling the whole while.

"What? What do you want?" Caroline asked, suddenly wary.

He could see Velia out of the corner of his eye trying to discreetly listen in. Lowering his voice, he made his own little deal, "Tell me who orchestrated all this. Tell me who approached you and informed you. Tell me who planned everything."

She seemed to think about it before a grim line set her face. "Okay, I agree," she approved, adding in a quiet mumble, "you'll find out sooner or later anyway." He nodded.

Waltzing back over to stand near to Velia, he held out his hands innocently.

"I formally, with Caroline as my witness, apologize for what happened back in Italy. Now, can you get us out of here?"

Velia smirked. "What's the magic word?"

"Can you please get us out of here?" he tacked on through clenched teeth.

"Fine," Velia agreed, apparently appeased with his halfhearted apologies. Crouching down and inching forward as close as she could get to the barrier without getting trapped inside it, she placed her hand directly on the boundary line.

She started muttering and scrunching her eyebrows together, focusing on the spell that had been used while Klaus was focusing on her. He would make her pay. As soon as he was out of here, her liver would be hallway across the room. Her stomach would be ripped apart. Her heart would no longer be residing in her chest.

A touch on his arm suddenly pulled him from his thoughts completely, startling him.

"You can't kill her," Caroline whispered from his side, as if she had read his thoughts. "We still need her for everything to work when we go after the book and the cure."

Klaus didn't comment on this or confirm Caroline's suspicions that he was indeed planning on killing Velia.

Unexpectedly, it didn't take long for Velia to disarm the spell that had locked him in. Velia was powerful, probably as strong as Bonnie Bennett. If she wasn't so untrustworthy, he would have undoubtedly had her as his personal witch.

He felt a large amount of relief being able to step outside of the space he had been confined in. He felt himself exhale as soon as he was out of Elena's house.

Not surprisingly, Velia immediately climbed into her luxurious car and drove off as soon as they exited, but not before shooting him a look of disgust and contempt.

Caroline tried to lead him to her car, but he resisted with a smirk.

"We're out, sweetheart, what makes you think I can't just go after this little book myself?"

She climbed into the driver seat, leaving her door open so he could hear her.

"Well, for one, you didn't see the hunter's mark, you have no idea where the cure is buried."

"Yes, but you didn't either, we have an equal amount of chance here don't you think?" Klaus responded.

"Just because I didn't see it doesn't mean I don't know where it is." He reluctantly climbed in the car, already realizing she knew something he didn't, again. He would have to play to her rules, for now.

Letting it drop for the moment, he returned to their deal.

"So who is it? Who's helping you?"

He blanched and widened his eyes as she answered.

Katherine snuck past the pilot who was carelessly having a smoke. The man leaned up against the plane, completely unaware of her presence. She rolled her eyes. She had thought she would have to have used at least a little force or swindling or something, but no. He didn't even have the instinct to detect that something was amiss. Humans these days, they were just so… lazy.

After smoothing down her curls, she slipped inside the plane. She was taking a huge risk here. She had already searched his hotel room and she had gone to all the safe houses nearby. She knew he would be keeping what she desired close to him, but still, this was getting too dangerous, even for her.

But she had come this far and she sure as hell wasn't going to withdraw her efforts now.

Climbing up the steps to the plane's entrance, she entered, checking behind her for any threats.

The plane was lavish. No expense spared for luxury. There were fine leather chairs, champagne, and small, strategically placed tables. She gulped half in fear and half in anticipation as she smelled his familiar scent.

Her eyes searched and her ears listened.

Making her way to the back of the plane, she followed the heartbeat, feeling how close she was to discovering what she wanted.

Just as she was about to pull back a curtain, where she was certain the person she needed was hiding, she felt someone tap her shoulder.

She froze, already recognizing the breathing patterns and fragrance.

She had been so focused on the heartbeat, on a different person's breathing, she had forgotten to watch her back.

Cautiously, she turned around, her heart filled with fear, though she determinedly didn't show it.

"Katherine," he addressed, his accent alluring and smooth. She tilted her head downward in acknowledgement.


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