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He felt grass. Once again he was lying on his back in a grassy field. The first thing he noticed was, with a little relief, that the sky was its normal color blue. Nothing immediate different about this world… green grass and a blue sky… He continued to stare at it, as if he was afraid that the moment he turned his eyes away it would turn green.
This is why he was immensely startled when the sky did turn green. When he tried to sit up his head made contact with the green. It felt like… fur.


Danny sat up slowly and looked at the creature that stood next to him. A large green-black wolf. "Wulf?" Danny asked suspicious. Then he saw another green black wolf, this one a lot smaller though, "Cujo?" Both the canines nodded and Danny smiled relieved. It seemed their intelligence was still normal, "Can you still talk?" Danny asked Wulf and was surprised when both the canines once again nodded. "You as well?"
Cujo seemed like he was struggling with something, then he said between a bark and a normal doglike voice "yes" It was said in Wulfs language, but Danny could understand that word.

At this revelation Danny just couldn't help the feeling of immense relieve that flowed over him. He was not alone in this world, he had friends with him: friends that, although a bit changed, didn't seem to be much different.

Thus it was completely understandable that Danny grabbed the two wolves in a tight hug. The first hug Danny had given in a long, long time. He buried his face in the fur. He didn't cry, but he needed the comfort anyway.

Slowly Danny pulled away, "I am glad you are here."

At this Cujo seemed to smirk "Told you so." he said to Wulf, again with difficulty. The little wolf obviously was not used to using his vocal cords in this manner. Even though Danny didn't understand the words the tone was enough to determine what was said. Also, he thought, it would probably be good if I learned to read their wolf-expressions as well as their language. He took another glance at the wolves, they really looked like normal wolves. Except of course for the greenblack fur, which felt rougher than it should be. And now that he looked closer, Cujo had a stomper nose and Wulf was a bit more bulky then your normal wolf. Still, with the cover of darkness they would pass as normal wolves.

Then Danny decided it was time to appraise this new world. From what he could see there was no absolute difference to his own world. He was in the middle of a grassy field, to the west you could see large mountains and a forest, on the other side there was a large plain with hill and ridges here and there. There was no complete fire, which Danny was grateful for, or even the green air from the ghost zone. Nope, only normal view. When he inhaled the air he found it strangely clear, without pollution… It either meant that there was no technology that polluted this world or that he was nowhere near a city…

So what to do now? Danny tried to reassess his mind. He needed to survive first, before anything else. Since he saw no town in the area and had absolutely no idea of where one could be, he decided it was necessary to find a place for the night. Another reason was that he did not know what creatures would reside in this world. He needed to know the full extent of his powers, before he would make contact.

He didn't come here just to be killed in ignorance.

Since he had no interest in walking around until he found a town he asked his companions "What do you think about seeking a place to rest in, to start from, until we know more of this world? I was thinking of seeking such a place in the forest, if we can also find a river, we should be able to survive for a while." The wolves barked in response.

Danny was a bit startled by the lack of response, but then it dawned on him. They didn't quite care what he did, as long as they could be with him. He didn't need to tell them everything. They were smart enough to figure all of that out. It was good to know, it helped him understand where he stood with the two canines. In the old world they had been ghosts in a canine form. Here they were canines, wolves, with a humanoid conscious. It did not help to tell them everything since, in the end, he would be… well, whatever he was, and they would be wolves. Cujo had always been more of a puppy that followed him in search of attention. Wulf had been a friend, but one that stood on himself, one that could care for himself. In this world they were satisfied with being with him. This didn't mean they needed to be told everything. They were friends of equal standing. They could each go their own way if that was what they wanted, and they would. Danny understood, the wolves were not here to fill the roles of Sam and Tucker, to help him with everything, nor did he want them to.

So this was how they set of to the forest. It took almost four hours to come to the forests end. Danny had not been allowed to train his physique much, since he would have been able to escape more easily then. His ghost powers however were a different tale. When he had just been caught he had tried to blast everything into pieces with his powers, trying to escape, unsuccessfully of course. After a month of captivity and loads of experiments, the researchers and his parents had developed a collar for him. This collar was to restrain his power, and it did. Danny tried everything to take it off, pulling, ripping, scratching; he still had the scars from scratches around his neck. He had never felt so vulnerable in his life. Not even when Vlad had done almost the same thing a couple of months earlier. Only it had been a box instead of a collar that had blocked his powers. This time there was no escape. He had seen no escape. Yet, all the townspeople still needed him to fight their battles, even with the enhanced weapons they created from their research on him. So they created a control on the collar. He had become the ultimate puppet, the ultimate weapon. His life, his own, his worth, all taken away from him.

It had consequences though, a week after the collar had been placed to stop his powers, they began to build up. Danny could feel them grow in him, and without being able to let them loose in any way, they continued to grow. It became painful; it was like he was a balloon just waiting to explode from too much air in it.
And then it did, his power passed through the restriction. Once the current found its way, it opened a flood of raw energy, destroyed nearly half the building in which he was being held, since they didn't keep him in the restricted area anymore. It was the first time his actions had human casualties, intended or not. Needles to say, Danny had been horrified. He should have escaped right then, not worry about the bodies and the wounded. If only he had ran away back then. It might have been different.
But he didn't and soon he was caught and put into the restriction cell again.

After that Danny tried to save his power, trying to escape again, but his captors forced him to train his powers, almost to near exhaustion: all for the research of course.

Danny shook his head out of the memories as he reached to finger the collar. He wondered that, now he was in another world, he could take it off… To take off the black band that had sentenced him to slavery. While touching the collar, he no longer felt the power it had once emitted. The pass through the portal had probably redirected and destroyed its circuit. He was glad, now he didn't need to worry about his powers still being restricted.
But instead of immediately trying to take it off directly he ran further, forgetting his past for now, or at least trying, and enjoying the run. The experiences were still to raw in his mind. Danny didn't want to feel the nauseating disappointment, should he not get it off…

Danny loved every four hours of the run. There was no one he had to run from, he didn't feel like behind every rock there was a possible danger. He felt freer than ever.

The wolves walked with him, sometimes ran back and forth, playing games of tag with each other. Danny was glad to see them happy. He was glad to see that they held no regrets.

Coming closer to the forest's rear, the trees looked more ominous. There were dark and long limbs hanging over dark green bushes, giving the feeling that something was watching there every move in the shadows. Danny could only see clearly into the forest for about a meter of four before shades shrouded the rest. The woods looked ancient and with the many under brushes the place seemed like it wanted no one to enter. Danny didn't pay much attention to it though. He reasoned in his head, having fought Undergrowth, surely an ominous looking forest couldn't be that bad now could it? Yes it could, Danny retorted himself. You know nothing of this world; something worse than Undergrowth could be out there. Besides, you don't even know if you still have your Ice powers. He needed a place to settle first however and a forest would provide him with everything. If he treated the forest with care… it would be alright. Danny reasoned again, just no attacking the trees and we will see if the forest will tolerate me. He had to take the chance since he had nowhere else to go anyway.

Once in the forest the wolves each set out to race each other to find the best spot to stay for the night. Danny himself too searched, but he knew the one of the wolves would probably find it faster. This gave Danny some time to think. After obtaining a safe place he would need to start getting sight of his changes. He didn't even know if his outward look changed, like Cujo's and Wulf's did. And what of his powers as well as theirs? Would Wulf still be able to tear into dimensions? Would Cujo still be able to grow as big as before? Heck, would they all still be able to turn intangible? Or invisible, for that matter?

He had tried to change into his ghost form, try and asses what his powers were, and if he could fly instead of run those miles towards the forest. He had thought that they would travel faster if he flew, but when he tried to change it did not work. After some though, he had found it logical. In his own world he had been half human half ghost. And so his core had been half human and half ghost. Now that his core had changed… it was almost obvious that that meant that at least his human part and ghost part would merge.

Danny was shaken out of his reverie as he heard loud barking, indicating that one of the wolves had found something. He guessed by the voice it was Wulf. Not long after Wulf indeed appeared from the bushes, "Come, Friend" he said, also flashing a smug wolf smile towards the just appeared Cujo. He had won the game.

Wulf led the both of them over fallen trees and rocks, passed a river and finally they had to crawl under a thick thorny bush. But it was worth it. The place Wulf had found was a small area beneath a large willow tree. On one side of the willow there was a large stone ridge that was joined on one side by a river. That river also made a borderline between the place underneath the willow and the other part of the forest.
Danny decided with further inspection that the place was a good spot. It would help them at least come through the first night, if not, more, which was what he wanted. Now that they had the spot he asked the wolves to go and hunt for food. Not because he was too lazy to do it himself, but because first he didn't know how to hunt a rabbit or something else. Secondly he thought the wolves would like the hunt, last of all he was the only one with a chance at making a fire. And he succeeded! After almost an hour and a lot of bruises (from gathering fallen wood) he created a small fire by rubbing a stick very fast and blowing on the embers of the dried wood. The little he knew about survival was that you needed a fire for warmth and so that you could cook. The warmth wasn't necessary, since Danny had an ice core and therefore could not get cold. But he didn't fancy eating flesh raw.

"I did it," he said, as he looked at the fire, he quickly sheltered the fire, not wanting it to go out so quickly, or upset the forest by accidentally burning one of the trees down. "I did it." Danny said again. Not only creating the fire, but so much more. He had finally escaped, he was free. It dawned on him once again. He was free.

At that thought Wulf burst through the vines of the willow with Cujo hot on his tail, both held a prey in their mouths. Wulf looked smug as he had once again beaten the smaller wolf. Danny couldn't help but laugh at the two canines. As he laughed he found he couldn't stop laughing. Why should he? He was free! So he laughed, and the wolves stared dumbfounded at the boy that was rolling over the floor laughing. Danny just couldn't help it, so he kept on laughing. He was just too happy.

When he finally recovered Danny felt like the weight of the world was off his shoulders, tears of joy ran down his face.

"We're free! Cujo, Wulf, we're finally free!" He rushed forward and hugged their necks, they both gave a soft chuckle and response. He released the both of them, but he never dropped his smile.

Finally, after a few moments of blissful silence, he reached towards the prey, fully intending to make them clean and put them on the fire. Then he realized that he had no knife to do such a thing. Still he could only smile at that fact. It only meant he had to search for a city soon.

"You eat it, I'll be fine for tonight." Danny was used not eating for a while, and he needed to know his range of powers before he could make 'first contact'. So it would probably be a while before he could find a store somewhere and buy a knife. Danny had no intention of staying in a town with other people, human or not.

When it was clear Danny would not eat a piece of the rabbit Cujo burst out of the vines again, leaving a startled Danny. He raised a questioning eyebrow at Wulf, who seemed to shrug and began gnawing at his rabbit.

Danny was relieved to see it as was a rabbit. It meant that at least some of the animals in this world were equal to those in his.

He hadn't seen many differences between his world and this one. Except maybe that there was a lot more nature in this world compared to his own. Technology had ruled there, maybe it didn't exist here. Danny shook his head, too early to say. He would need to find other people to know and understand more about this world. So he made a plan for himself, when he was sure he would survive at least for a while, he would seek out population. Depending on what he would find, he would proceed to interact with them or just stay hidden and live in the wood. He rather liked the idea of living on his own in the woods, no one to give him orders and no one that put all their trust in him, no one that could betray him. Danny nodded to himself that was what he would do. Thinking it over, he wondered if the language was the same. But he shook that thought off; he would worry about that when it was needed.

Of course, Danny first needed to know what the extent of his changes were. Initially he had wanted to wait till he had dinner, so he wouldn't be so exhausted afterwards. But since he had no dinner, why not now? It wasn't like he had to be up early this morning. He put the fire out, having no need for it now since he could not cook his dinner above it. He stared a bit sadly at it, because he just symbolically ended his freedom. Then he mentally-smacked himself and decided with a grin that the fire was not important, it was the freedom that counted.

Danny stood up and walked towards the small grass area next to the willow. He didn't want to burn the tree by accidental loss of control or something, when he tried to find the extent of his ghost powers. Besides he did not know what his powers had become, so he took no risks that he could avoid. When he had first acquired his ghost powers it had been trial and error to understand them. Danny didn't really have another way of testing what had changed, so he decided on the same method, hoping for the best.

Wulf followed his silently and sat, with his prey, at the end of the hanging vines from the willow. Almost as if to watch over Danny.
Danny smiled at the wolf "You don't have to watch me you know, I have experience with this" he said jokingly. Wulf huffed in response and began to gnaw on his rabbit again.

The teen just rolled his eyes and sat down. Meditating, he shut himself off of the world. He reached inside himself to get to his core. It felt like softly falling through a rabbit hole. Chilly, but not uncomfortable air surrounded him, cushioned him, before he came to his core. Danny was also glad to find the comforting chill. The Ice in his core was still there. He knew he was right because it gave off a familiar feeling. He knew the feeling. In trying to escape the torture Danny had always tried to hide inside himself. Once in a while he would get to his core, and be safe there, safe for all the pain. That's how he had known his core had been split in the other world.

Falling further he felt a whole core. Just as suspected, his ghost half and human half of the core had merged, now forming a core that embodied both death and living. This was to be expected, but still gave him a shock. If he was both dead and alive… then, since he was obviously living at the moment, could he stop that? Could he stop living, as in, could he die? Since he was both, could he also be only just one of them? Probably not. He was both dead and alive. But… would that then… make him… immortal?

Danny shuddered at the thought, he didn't quite know if he liked that idea. What is the point of living if you out-live everything? Then he pushed away the thought, it wasn't like that would influence him now. If he really was immortal, then he would know in a couple of years. It would not be logical to worry about it now.

He continued his journey towards the center of his being. When he felt he had arrived there, he opened his mental eyes. He was floating in a area that had no color. It was not even white or black. It just was nothing, and everything at the same time. Danny felt a bit unnerved by the lack of… well, anything. He had nothing to focus his eyes on. At least that was until he turned around and spotted the grayish-silver globe that also floated in the area. With interest, and no idea how he did it, he floated towards the globe. It was about one and a half times bigger that he was and he could faintly make out a deformed reflection of himself. Like it was a giant mirror ball. *

This is me, he thought. I am that globe. That globe was his soul, or core, however you would want to call it. While watching the globe he reached to an understanding. It was logical, really. He was not dead or living, he was both. He was not evil and the years in captivity had certainly not made him much better either. He was not black or white, he was both. He was grey, he was the in between, he had been the balance in his own world. And now he was here, in one way still being a balance, but not one that was necessary to the world. Not one that was needed. Just a balance to make sure he didn't unbalance this world. Not good, not evil, he was in between and would only do what he wanted. He was silver. He was his own balance, his own boss. He was himself.

And he was happy with it.

With that revelation he fell forwards into the globe, into the self he had accepted. He was surrounded by the globe and for a moment he was at perfect peace. It didn't matter he was in a strange world in where he had still no idea of what his powers were to protect him. Or what they should protect him from. For a moment, his past didn't matter. It didn't matter that he had been used, abused and tortured for experiments. It didn't matter that he was not recovered from that whole experience by far. It did not matter that he did not know what this world, and the future in whole had in store for him. On this moment, right now, he was whole, he was at peace, he was Balance, he was Danny.

That moment passed after an eternal second. Then the whole world flooded into him. Almost literally. His senses opened and they didn't close. Danny tried to close his eyes, but he kept seeing, he put hands on his ears, but he kept hearing. The smell, the taste, the sound, the sight, the very feel of this new world flowed into him. He was connected to everything in the world. He felt the earth he stood on, he noticed the lives that crawled in it. Same for the trees that stood high and mighty, the creatures that ventured in the woods, the trees themselves, to the highest bird in the sky. He could feel the greenish life-force of everything, the life. The massive populations of probably, hopefully, humans in the south and the copper red death that tainted the land further in the southeast. The death and life everywhere, he felt it. For one moment he felt like he was the world. He had the strange sensation that this world welcomed him.

Then, like a elastic, his senses bounded back, with force turning back to how they once were. Or at least, close to how they once were. After being opened so far, there was no way his senses would be unchanged. But that was fine. This was his new life. Changes came with that.

Still faintly he felt a death-presence close by, Wulf, Danny thought faintly. The wolf rubbed his nose against Danny's hands, worried for his friend. With reason, because then Danny dropped to the floor exhausted. Wulf could do nothing but lay next to him, to keep him sheltered from the wind that could get pretty fierce and protect him from any other danger.