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-United Nations Space Command-

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Sub-lieutenant James loosened his death-grip on the safety rails, his face pale, and his body in cold sweat. UNSC Creeper or otherwise known just as the Creep, was a newly built ship. So new, in fact, that James, along with his comrades, were the first squadron of men to pilot the ship. It is, or was, on its second mission at this point in time.

It was a simple mission really, one that would take a week at most. Their job was to transport goods to one of the Human Colonies on a planet that was orbiting Warrant-6549. A newly formed star. However, they had only made it a quarter way there when a group of pirating warships intercepting them. UNSC Creeper was not, however, a war ship. Sure it had weapons, but nothing like MAC cannons.

When the Space Pirates had intercepted them, hell had broken loose. The stolen Warships that the Pirates controlled, had open fired upon the Creeper. When it was obvious that they were out matched, they were forced to make a random Slipstream Jump. The UNSC Vessel had landed somewhere near the edge of the Galaxy, an Unmapped part.

They were currently in orbit around a Earth-like planet.

The commander of the ship, Captain Victor, a middle aged man, was furiously working the console. "Petty Officer Reid. The Creeper. What condition is she in." The man snapped the order.

Petty Officer First Class Reid looked down at his own console and winced.

"Uh...she's in bad condition sir. The shields took most of the blow, but we have some problems with the main hull and batteries. Our weapons systems are offline, gravity in the living quarters are down, air pressure systems are online, except in some areas." Reid reported.

Captain Victor tapped the console.

"AI Joanne. Come in." Silence. "AI Joanne. Do you copy?" More silence. The middle-aged man sighed.

"Looks like our AI is down." The Captain retired into his chair.

The main entrance doors slid open, and Dr. Halsey came through the entrance.

"Well, that was one hell of a ride." The young woman stated the, well, obvious.

The Doctor was there to be sent to the colony to do some research for some project. Currently, she wasn't letting out any information at this point in time.

James scratched the back of his head, and looked through the re-enforced glass that shielded the main cabin. It was a miracle. For them to get out of slipstream right before they rammed into a planet. Of course, such an act was illegal, as you had to stop about five-hundred thousand kilometres away from any planet, due to the slipstreams possible...miscalculations...

Dr. Halsey walked up to the Planetary Officer.

"Bruce. Scan the Planet." She said, interested in the Planet. "It looks a lot like Earth."

Officer Bruce snapped his head, and looked at Captain Victor.

"Do as she says..." The commander sighed.

Bruce nodded, and returned to his console, and tapped away. After a few seconds, a document in the form of a hologram appeared on the deck. A second hologram jumped up, and an 'alien' stood there. The console scanned the planet, and simulated what an alien would look like, if the planet hosted any species at all. Apparently this planet was loaded with life.

Dr. Halsey, for once, was lost for words. The dominant species, didn't look alien at all. In fact, the 'alien', Dr. Halsey didn't know what to really call them, looked human.

Bruce started reading.

"Looks human. Even goes so far to state that they have adapted a Japanese-like culture. Interesting." Dr. Halsey raised her eyebrows. "That can't be a coincidence." She wondered out loud.

The Planetary Officer carried on. "Technology...very low. Around nineteenth century. So they probably have no idea that we're up here." Bruce looked out the window. "Obviously, they're not in the Space-Age."

"Atmosphere quality...very good. Breathable to us, and no pollution. Animal lifestyle...very hostile. Alien Lifestyle...very hostile. Seems like they've been at war numerous times. Alien qualities...as you can see, they look like us, but they have some sort of...energy coming of them. And that's where the report ends." Bruce concluded.

"Navigational Officers." Captain Victor snapped his head to a female officer, and then to a male officer. "I want you two to find us a LZ. Possibly a non-populated area."

"Yes sir!"

The commander of the Creeper opened up the intercom. "All hands on deck, prepare for landing. Also, I want a team of marine's to stand at the ready."

James looked at the Captain.

"Sir? What're we doing?"

The Captain looked James.

"We're landing so we can make repairs. The ship wont be able to make another slip-stream jump, not in her condition."

"Understood sir."

Captain Victor opened his ship's two-way radio.

"UNSC Fleetcom. This is Captain Victor, commander of the UNSC Creeper, reporting in. Do you copy?"

"Yes, we read you loud and clear. However, you're off course by over a hundred thousand light years. What is your status?" Was a male reply.

"We were attacked by some rouge ships, and had to make a random slipstream jump, and we landed around these coordinates-" He sent them their coordinates "-we are landing on a nearby planet to make repairs to the ship. We're in bad condition. We'll contact you again once we've landed. Do you copy?"

"Affirmative sir. Contact us again if you are in need of assistance."

"Will do. Over." The commander cut the radio line, and ordered the Navigation team to lower them down into the atmosphere.

-United Nations Space Command-

The terrain, much to Dr. Halsey's surprise, was not all that different from Earth. She stood outside the ship as it lay on a huge field of land, that was surrounded by a deep, dense forest. The Commander was issuing commands, as squads of Marines fortified the area.

"Sub-lieutenant James. I want you to take Squad Lion out to explore the area. I want you back as soon as possible, so take two days max." Captain Victor ordered.

James snapped a salute. "Yes sir!"

Squad Lion was a small squad, with a whopping five marines. James examined the grouping, in his marine armour.

"Remember, this is only a reconnaissance mission, but I don't want to take any chances, so take your Assault Riffle's and Magnums, and gear. Meet me here in five minutes, and don't be late." the Sub-lieutenant ordered. "Squad, dismissed!"

The squad leader saluted James, in which he returned the salute, and marched off his marines. He turned to see Dr. Halsey walking through the long grass.

"Yes Ma'am?" James canvassed.

"I want to go with you." the older doctor explained to the squad leader.

"But Ma'am-" The younger soldier went to disagree, but Halsey intercepted him.

"I don't care marine. I want to check the locals if we come across any. You'll be my escort. Understand?"

"Y-yes Ma'am."

Four minutes later, his marines he was leading had returned to him, equipped with M208 Assault Rifles and M105 Magnums, with full body armour.

"Alright, we'll have to hoof it from here. We'll find the nearest civilization in a ten kilometre circumference. If there isn't any in that area, we'll just explore the rest out. Any questions?" James ordered. Private Florence, a female marine, raised her hand.

"Yes Private?"

"Sir, why can't we take warthogs?" She asked.

"Because of the technology difference. They would freak if the locals saw us rollin' in the armoured warthog." The sub-lieutenant reasoned his answer.

"Any other questions? No? Then fall out, and head east from our position."

The HUD system incorporated in the helmets were a strong advantage. Especially the motion sensor at the bottom left of the visor. They were proven useless at the fact that the planet was full of life, and what made it worse was the fact that they were currently in a forest that was moving all the time. They were forced to rely on their senses for the time being.

"Fascinating! I can't believe how close this planet looks in comparison to Earth! Its unbelievable!" Dr. Halsey exclaimed in her rare glee. James had to agree.

He looked at the sky. It was around noon. Time to radio in... James opened his com, when a different language came through. It sounded like Japanese. His computer that powered the HUD system whirred as it translated.

"We have a group of seven unknowns in our area. Shall we attack Itachi?"

"We can't take any chances. They could be ninja wanting to take advantage of us. Its only been four years after the Nine-Tail fox attack. Get into the four man attack formation." The man known as Itachi answered with a gruff in his voice.

It took James three seconds to find out who the man was talking about.

"Marines! Contact!" James barked out. The five said soldiers whipped out their guns and surrounded Dr. Halsey for protection.

"Wait! Don't kill them! They could be mistaken!" Dr. Halsey screamed.

Four blurs came out from the bushes. After what seemed like a millisecond, four largely built men stood around them, each holding weird, metal weapons. They were all wearing in what seemed to be green armour, and they wore masks. The 'leader' in what James presumed, spoke in Japanese. Again, his helmet whirred, and translated into subtitles at the bottom of his HUD.

"By order of the ANBU Black Ops, we order you drop what ever the hell you're holding, state your business in Fire Country."

James and the other soldiers stared blankly. The helmets did translate, but it didn't as hell teach them how to speak Japanese. Dr. Halsey somehow reconsigned the, and to the squads surprise, answered. Dr. Halsey's speech was subtitled as well.

"We are the UNSC marines, and we request that you take us to your civilization to talk."

James eyes widened. "With all due respect ma'am, but are you-"

"Hush!" Dr. Halsey snapped at him. "We need to find out if they're a threat to us."

The sub-lieutenant bit back a retort. "I'll radio in to explain the situation." He groaned.

"UNSC Commander Victor. This is UNSC Sub-Lieutenant James," James called out.

"This is UNSC Commander Victor. I read you James. What is your situation?" Was the reply.

"We ran into the locals sir, and we're going into their civilization. We don't know how long we'll be."

"Affirmative. If you need help, we'll send re-enforcements."

"Copy that. Over."

Dr. Halsey was now in a conversation with the leader. She had confirmed his suspicions at him being Itachi, but that was all she was getting. The subtitles was being recorded, and Itachi had told them that they we're being taken to the 'Hidden Leaf' or something like that. James wasn't to sure if his computer had translated that correctly.

-United Nations Space Command-

The architecture was beautiful, in Dr. Halsey's opinion. She stared in wonder at the well built 'Ninja'. After she had convinced Itachi (who had dismissed the other three ninja) that they had no idea who they all were, he explained. From the Elemental Nations, to Kage's, to Ninja. After he had told her what a justu, and had proved that he could, in fact, control the elements, she had turned to James.

"James! They're perfect! All I need is a young child, and he or she will be trained!"

James looked at the doctor. "Excuse my confusion, but to be a soldier?"

Dr. Halsey rolled her eyes. "No. To be a Spartan."

The Sub-lieutenant looked in confusion. "A Spartan?"

The young Doctor explained to James. "Spartan: A genetically modified warrior trained into the best of

the best; a super soldier. In other words, the SPARTAN project."

James raised an eyebrow. "When are you launching this 'SPARTAN' project?"

"I'm hoping next year."

Itachi lead them through his village, towards a large, red building. Confirming her expectation, many had turned to stare at their clothing. She asked about the four, large faces built into the side of the mountain. Apparently they were the last three Hokage's, with the third leading the village at this point in time.

As they were walking, James turned to meet the gaze of a young, three or four year old, with spiky blond hair, and brilliant blue eyes. The kid was huddling in the shadows of a building, as he seemed to be hiding. He stopped as a group of men and woman with weapons of all sorts come around the corner. The blonds eyes widened in horror, as he scrabbled away from the angry horde. The kid then jumped to his feat, and raced over to him. He then huddled behind James legs.

"Kid, what's going-"

"Give the kid to us!" On of the henchmen snarled. The group he was walking with had now stopped to observe the situation.

"What could a young kid like him do to deserve such treatment?" James barked back. He liked many things, but child abuse was not one of them. He then realized that he didn't speak their language.

"If you don't give the brat to us, you'll get whats coming!" She spat, subtitles translating what she said.

James swore under his breath. This could get tricky. He did not back down. The drunk man charged him, and went to punch him in the gut. James swiped the fist away, and gave him a hard one two into his stomach. The man screamed in agony, as he fell to the ground. The group of attackers looked surprised at the fact that a man who was obviously not a ninja took the man down so easily.

Itachi phased in front of James, and barked orders at the group. The hoard scrambled, leaving the drunk on the ground.

Itachi turned to the sub-lieutenant, and nodded. He spoke to the young kid, and when they started off again, the blond followed them. Dr, Halsey stopped for a moment, and spoke to the kid. She looked at the marines. "He says his name is Naruto." and left it at that, and continued to speak to the kid.

-United Nations Space Command-

They had finally reached the huge crimson building, and took multiple flights of stairs up to a hallway. Itachi had led them through the hallway that was rounded, and doors that looked identical branched off into different rooms.

Finally, they had reached the midpoint of the rounded hallway, and there was a larger red double door, and there was a weird Japanese kanji painted in black right in the middle. The ninja stopped and rapped on the door quietly. After a moment or two, a older voice was heard. Their computers had translated it to 'Enter'

They were greeted by a old man, with a red...suit. James didn't know what to call it exactly. The man had a pointy beard, and a red hat to complete the uniform. He was also defined by his ageing wrinkles.

He exchanged a couple words with Itachi, and then obviously dismissed him. The scarred ninja had gave him a bow before leaving the room, leaving the UNSC personnel in a uncomfortable silence, along with a squirming Naruto.

After a couple more seconds, the old man flipped through some weird hand signs of something, like he was trying to do some sort of shadow puppet show. His fingers twisting in some unusual ways, he finally stopped, and spoke something that made absolutely no sense on the translators.

"Ninja art: Language Translator justu!"

After a couple more seconds, this time more of confusion then awkwardness, the man spoke.

"Handy, no?"

James eyes, along of the other personnel, widened. He could not only understand him, but it seems that the elder man had spoke in English!

"What is this sorcery?" Private Florence demanded. The old man just laughed.

"Sorcery? Haha, no. Just a justu that I have picked up during my travels. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Sarutobi. Hokage of this village," 'Sarutobi' introduced. "You see, to me, it seems like your talking in my language, but in your point of view, I'm speaking your language."

"-Old Man Hokage! Quit Ignoring me!" A young childish voice clashed in. James turned to see Naruto, crossing his arms, and with a scrunched up look on his face. He had completely forgotten he was there. Sarutobi seemed to have felt the same way.

"Naruto! My boy, you seemed to come out of nowhere!" The Hokage exclaimed. Naruto pushed his way through the crowded office and found his way to the older man. Sarutobi picked him up and placed him on his lap.

"Now," Sarutobi looked seriously at the five marines. "I want you to explain who you are, what you are wearing, and what business you have with us. And I'd rather talk to you're faces. You can take off those masks."

The marines looked at James, and the leader nodded. One by one, the helmets came off, reviling their faces. Dr. Halsey, for once, looked nervous. "Sir, with all due respect, its a long story..." The doctor looked uncertain for a moment, as if unsure what to say, which in James suspicion, was the truth. However, the Hokage looked intrigued. "Well, due to you're suits, and masks, you seem to have have a vast greater technology. Care to explain that?"

Dr. Halsey looked confused. "Sir, you're the first one to recognize that fact! Why haven't any others picked up on that?"

Sarutobi sighed. Clearly he had some explaining to do as well.

"Genjustu. I think Itachi placed one on your appearance so no one would ask questions,"

"Oh." Dr. Halsey replied.

"Ma'am, whats-" One of the male recruits began.

"Later." Dr. Halsey stopped his short. "Sarutobi, back to our technology difference, what year is it here?"

Sarutobi looked surprised at the question. "1990. Why?"

"Because we're about five-hundred years ahead of you in technology." Dr. Halsey replied. She began to explain all of the current events leading into their landing on the planet. She had even gave him some of their history as well.

At each passing moment, Naruto became more and more interested at the story, fascinated at some of the recent battles that they went through in the near past. He was soon bouncing on the elders lap in excitement.

When the story was finally finished, Naruto leaped off Sarutobi's lap, and bounced around the office.

"That's so cool! I wanna be a marine like you guys! Can I old man?" The blond demanded. However, Sarutobi was currently speechless at the moment.

"I-I don't know what to say..." The powerful ninja looked put off at the fact that there was other life out there. Astronomers had suspected at the fact there was other life out there, but never in his dreams that they would be visited by them.

"Excuse me for asking, but if we're from different planets, then why do we look the same?" Sarutobi shook his head, still taking in all this information. Dr. Halsey shook her head.

"That's a question that even we cannot answer at that time."

As the doctor and the Hokage continued to chat, James noticed something rather strange. The kid's wounds...they're gone! Is this some sort of DNA trait, or something else?

"Well? Whats you answer?" Naruto squeaked out. Sarutobi had to laugh. "Its 'your', not 'you'. And you're a little too young to be making decisions like that. Now," He looked at the group of soldiers, including Dr. Halsey. "Since you are on my territory, I would like to see your 'Space Ship'." Sarutobi sounded awkward saying it, as if he still didn't believe them. Dr. Halsey nodded. "Alright."

The Third excused himself for a moment as he called for his personal message hawk. He grabbed a small piece of paper, and scribbled some kind of message. Just as he finished the message, the hawk flew through the open window- Dr. Halsey was even more shocked that the animals looked alike- and tied it to its leg. He muttered 'Kakashi' and the messenger hawk flew off.

-United Nations Space Command-

To say Sarutobi was shocked, would be a understatement. He gawked at the mere size of it. Dr. Halsey had to just laugh, and told him that it was one of the smallest ships that UNSC had built.

The third had left Naruto in Kakashi's care to join the soldiers return to the ship. Truth be told, Kakashi was the most trusted out of his ANBU squad. All of the others seemed to despise the blond kid, but seemed to care for the kid. Kakashi was one of the few people that knew of his heritage, and him being the fourths son.

James had dismissed his squad, and left with them to get some rest after reporting in, leaving the Hokage and the doctor alone to speak.

The younger woman had decided at that moment to talk to the Hokage.

Briefly, she described what her program was, what her plans for SPARTANs were, and she told him about the kids who were qualified for this program, and that it was very rare for a child to qualify.

Sarutobi seemed apprehensive at first. "Why are you telling me this? It is very interesting and all, but i doubt that you have found anyone here."

Dr. Halsey sighed. She always hated this part of the conversation.

"That's where you're wrong. I've did a little bio reading on Naruto on our way to your tower. He didn't only qualify, but he scored a perfect ten. If we were to turn him into a super soldier, he would be unstoppable. Naruto would be the perfect Spartan ."

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