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James scratched the back of his head, and looked through the re-enforced glass that shielded the main cabin.

Some of you mentioned that the UNSC didn't get shields until the Human-Covenant war. I know that. Before I began writing, I did a little research on the Halo franchise. What I meant was that the glass was re-enforced, so therefore it took the brunt of the attack and didn't kill everyone. Let me say the line differently.

James scratched the back of his head, and looked through the re-enforced glass that helped protect the main cabin.

Happy now?

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"Sir! Starboard side has taken a direct hit! We won't survive very long if-"

The young mans voice was silenced by another ship rocking explosion. The lights flickered.

The captain was frantic, jumping from console to console in hope he could shed light on the situation. "Dammit! We're fighting blind!"


"Shit!" The officer swore. "Get those Mac Cannons ready, now!"

"But sir-"

"Do it!"

The weapons officer tapped with unreal speeds at the keyboard. The lights by the hologram of the cannon glowed green for a second before flickering to read and a message popped up at the screen.

"We lost power to the cannons! We can't defend ourselves!"

The ship shook violently and the lights flickered before blacking out. They were in the dark.

"Dammit dammit dammit...get the emergency power back on, now!"

The man at the console reached under his desk and flicked a switch. A whirling was heard and dim lights flickered back on. The ship suddenly stopped shaking.

The main screen flickered on and a hissing sound was heard. There was no face or anything. Just hissing.

Then it spoke.

"For the Prophets!"

The men on deck turned to the giant plane of glass and they all froze in fear, despite their training.

A ginormous, purple vessel loomed ahead.

The captain's eyes widened in fear. "Holy...shit..."

"Dammit! You can't keep us here forever, you bastards!"

"Actually, they can."

Naruto whipped around to face his comrade, who was leaning against the dull walls that defined the prison that they were forced into. "You shut it!"

"I don't think that you slamming on the doors will do anything, dumb-ass. Were in captive for a reason, think that they would just 'let us out'?"

Naruto slammed his now sore fists against the doors once more. "It's worth a shot!"

"You! Shut up!"

This voice wasn't from John, but it was from the speakers that resided in the corner, along with a camera for extra security. "It's already hard enough to deal with the others that are here!"

The blond Spartan promptly flipped off the camera. "Up yours!"

"Wait!" John shot to his feet, "Others?"

There was no reply.

"You know what? Screw this!" Naruto growled and crossed his two index fingers and middle fingers, and brought information given to him by his inner beast. "Kage Bun-"


The Kyuubi's yowl of anger interrupted Naruto's plans and cut him off. John sighed, not aware of his comrades slip up, leaned back against the wall and slid down it to sit down and said nothing more, giving Naruto the time to have a short conversation with his demon inside.

"What the hell! I was going to get us out!"

"And get shot?! We've been over this, brat! What did I tell you when we started training!"


"Tell me!"

Naruto sat down on the concrete floor with a light irritated growl. "That I cannot use my chakra unless necessary. I. Get. It."

The Kyuubi let out a scoff of anger, presumably rolling his lips back in his dank prison locked away inside the Spartan. "Clearly not boy, otherwise you wouldn't have tried to use damn shadow clones."

"Does this not fall under the 'we're fucked so I need to save our asses with justu' situation?"

"The only time you can use justu is when shit hits the fan."

"Shit has hit the fan, in case you haven't noticed. We're in a military prison!"

"With an extraction coming for your asses in three days. Just hold off until then. So no chakra; no nothing that could be considered 'super national' to these humans."


The blond leaned against the wall and closed his eyes. To his relief, the Kyuubi broke his telepathic bond with him and kept to himself.

He shot a glance at John who had his chin between his index and thumb, holding a thoughtful look.


John took a moment to reply. "When we get back, we get the Prisoner of War medals."

Naruto blinked in confusion. "So?"

"...something tells me I'll need it."


Naruto was shaken awake roughly by a firm hand. "Naruto! Get up!"


"Get your ass up! I'm not waiting for you!"

The blond got to his feat, excitement lighting up in is blue eyes. "Hell yeah!"

The lights flickered for a moment before going out, and the sounds of gunfire grew closer. Suddenly, a scream full of fear and agony could be heard echoing outside of the re-enforced door. "Oh God, what the hell-"

It was cut off with a thud that Naruto swore he could feel.

John and Naruto exchanged rather boggled glances before backing away from the door, backs to the wall.

Thump. Thump. Thump. Thump.

The sounds of heavy footsteps combined with the sound of clanging echoed from the other side. The two Spartans took another step back, hitting the back wall.

Thump. Thump. Thump. Thump.

John, for lack of character, actually let a sigh of...fear? No, it was more of a gasp of anticipation. A gasp of battle ready expectancy.


To the disbelief of even John, who's hope of ever fighting whatever lurked behind the barrier was dashed, a fist was smashed through the door with a crack that echoed in through the room, crinkling and deforming the once smooth door.

Was it even considered a fist? It was dark green, laced with armour.

After a second or two, the fist was slowly removed from the door, leaving the hole. A hissing sound was heard, and the door slid op, revealing the wielder of the fist.

It was a green...beast? It was in the form of a man, and took the height of the two prisoners at around 6'4. Actually, it was a bit taller than the two, but only by a couple inches. A flashlight glared from the right side of what could only be called a helmet, and John and Naruto could see their warped reflection off its menacing chromatic visor.

Then it spoke in a deep, rough voice.

"John-117, Naruto-059. You have been chosen by upper officials for an event. Come with me."

Naruto and John's eyes widened ever so slightly.

Another, much smother female voice broke in. "Dude. Stop."

The 'man' groaned before raising its hands to his helmet. It hissed before smoothly sliding off relieving a face.

John face palmed before letting out a rather pissed off sigh. "Sam?"

Sam sighed and shot a glance behind him with an annoyed glare at the figure that stood behind, then, after turning back to John and Naruto, he burst into outrageous laughter. "HA! I bet I scared the living shit outta you guys!"

The female lifted off her helmet off, confirming Johns suspicion. "And Kelly."


John pressed his index and thumb against his forehead. "God...dammit, Sam."

Naruto leaned to the side to gaze around Sam, looking down the enlightened hallway. "Okay, where are the others?"

Sam and Kelly glanced towards each other before turning back to the blond Spartan. "What others?"

"Okay, no." John spoke up in disbelief, "You expect us to believe that both of you took out a base full of heavily armed Innies?"


Silence fell.

Naruto grinned in eagerness and indicated to the suit that his trainees sported. "Where can I get on of those?"

"When we get you two back. Come on, extraction is just outside."

The two armoured Spartans led the two now ex-prisoners down the bloody hallways. Naruto rose an eyebrow at the sight.

More than just a few dead bodies littered the floor. Sam stepped over a few. "Jeez. You two really laid a number on these guys."

Sam let out a cough. "That's our job."

"Just one question." John pipped up, curiosity laced in his voice, "Why didn't UNSC send drop troopers?"

"Well..." Kelly replied, "You're gonna have to ask Dr. Halsey on that one."


The four Spartans then reached the entrance to the base. The door there was deformed and smashed into the wall, presumably kicked in.

Walking into the night, a pelican was waiting for them. LED lights flashed on and the engine roared to life.

Sam raised his hand to the side of his helmet and pushed a button. A slight crackling noise, most likely due to interference, came off the head.

"This is rescue squad echo, we have the prisoners and we are ready for extraction."


The cargo area of the pelican hissed and the entrance broke open, allowing the four Spartans access to the transportation bird.

Naruto hesitated, a deep frown began to define his angular face. An idea began to form in the mind of the knucklehead. The blond's moment of indecision allowed for the others to push past him and vault into the pelican, upsetting the delicate balance that held the machine into the air, making it wobble before stabilizing once more under the weight of the two fully suited up Spartans. After a few seconds of silence that was only interrupted by the hissing of the pelican, Sam shot a glance at the blond before slightly narrowing his eyes.

"Well? Lets go. Halsey's waiting."

Naruto's answer was short, and was laced almost with regret. "No."

For another time, an almost deafening bout of silence broke loose, right until John let out a growl of frustration. "What?"

The grounded Spartan shifted his gaze from side to side, only before narrowing his gaze and meeting Johns' head on. "There's something else going on here. Why were the Insurrectionist here to begin with?"

It was a whim, really. One that, if seen the wrong way, could defiantly him court marshaled. On the other hand...

"I think they were looking for something."

John let out a scathing scoff of irritation. "Well, no shit. But this is not the time to be chasing off, without orders might I add, on a wild goose chase! If anything, a search team will be sent down-"

"No, I have to do this myself. Look, John, this is my home world we're talking about. If there is something that is threatening it, then I want to know." Naruto turned on his heals in the direction of the Leaf, with a determined, hard gaze in his ocean eyes.

"You do realize," Kelly broke in, "That this can very well get you into trouble, right? You're going against direct orders."

Naruto turned his head back at the trio that stood in the doorway of the transport bird with a smirk. "Well, I never was one to follow orders, now was I?"


Naruto yelped in surprise and in agony as something rather cold and heavy smashed into the back of his head, almost guaranteeing a mark later. Said object clunked into the soft grass as Naruto scowled. "Okay, what the hell?"

"If you're gonna be out here, might as well have a weapon." Sam waited for the blond to turn before he tossed something that had the potential be a tad more lethal than the rifle.

A handful of grenades.

The blond's eyes widened as he leaped back into cover, waiting for the bang that usually accommodated the explosive.


"Jesus, dude, you really expected me to lob a handful of pulled grenades at you?" Sam coughed after the rather scathing remark, then called into the pelican, "Okay, we'd better go."


"Oh, and Naruto?" Kelly spoke over the roar of the bird in a rather worried tone, "Be carful! Veronica would kill me if-"

The doors hissed shut, and with that, the pelican lifted into the air and zoomed out of sight, leaving Naruto to himself and to his thoughts.

"Question." The Kyuubi's growl finally broke into Naruto's thoughts after a moment of silence. "What the hell are we looking for?"

Naruto froze before letting out a sigh. "No clue."


The blond spun on the spot towards the foreign, raspy voice that almost echoed from behind him. A figure stood in the doorway of the base. This... kid? No, a teen at most, was defined by jet black hair and his eyes were the same colour. His face held a stone cold look that could only be from someone who has seen war. Naruto studied his face for a moment curiously. The blond took a breath to speak, but the teen beat him to it.

"Who are you?"

The blond scowled. Something about this kid unnerved him. "Isn't it rude to ask for someone's name before you give your own?"

The teen let out a growl, and his stone flat face broke into one of near outrage before composing back into his emotionless expression. "I get that more than one would think."

The only Spartan on the planet narrowed his eyes before scoffing. "Naruto."

"Well...Naruto." The raven haired boy bit his tongue. His pride would have to take a fall on this one. "Who trained you?"

Naruto leaned towards the grassy earth to sling his rifle over his shoulder. He glanced towards the base and began to make his way back to it. Brushing past the flabbergasted teen, who was steadily becoming more and more irritated, he let out a rather irritated growl. "I believe I already gave you my name. Now leave, I have things to take care of."

You could almost hear the black haired teen smirking. "You mean like what those guys were after?"

Naruto froze and turned to the teen once more. "What was that?"

"I said," The teen was probably enjoying having the taller man by the strings. Hook...

"That I may or may not know something." Line...

The Spartan's breath hitched. There's no way this...this boy could know anything. But it wouldn't hurt to check...

"What do you know."

The black-eyed teen let out a visible smirk. Sinker. "Fight me for it."

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