title: wrap your arms around me (1/1)
fandom: Scandal
character/pairing: olivia pope/fitzgerald grant
warning(s): Spoilers for the name of America's Baby, but the headcanon connected to it is all me
summary: Tony's reaction to Kerry's win at the NAACP awards made me think of what would happen if Fitz and Liv were in a similar situation. So…

wrap your arms around me

He holds her tighter than she thinks he ever has before. His fingers press at the base of her neck and again just above her hip. His breath rumbles in her ears. "You're amazing." A whisper, an assurance, a fact. His smile pulls along the side of her face, encouraging her to do the same. The cameras flash all around them, but she only squeezes her arms around his waist. They can have him back in a second. They can have her too. She only needs this, this one moment, one hug, one — she pulls back, and he nearly dives in a second time, his lips les than an inch from hers. She turns her cheek, forces her smile to burn brighter so the cameras focus on that. He grumbles, low in his throat. She shakes her head as subtly as she can. She steps out of his hold and towards the podium.

Her hands land on the sides of it. She grasps it as she catches her breath. Rebuilds her walls. She is Olivia Pope. She reaches with her right hand to grab onto the oversized key before her.

"Thank you. I know that the average American has no idea why I'm even up here. I get this key to the city, which in a way I've had for two years." She keeps her eyes off of Fitz, but she's sure Cyrus's have gone to him. "I worked on the campaign that helped put President Grant into office. I've helped ambassadors, senators, judges, and so many more find the very thing that we are all searching for — stability, freedom, and justice. Tonight, those same people honor me with this key. I can only thank them for trusting me and accepting that if there's a problem, I am there to fix it." She straightens up, continues, "Just as our president is here to refine our country. President Grant stands before you stronger than ever before. It might have taken a while, but—" her lips twitch into a grin "—he's a man worth waiting for. And we've waited long enough. Ladies and gentleman, welcome back your president."

The people clap, cheering as Fitz makes his way back over to the podium. His hand comes to Olivia's shoulder. He squeezes once before taking the spotlight. Olivia steps back, turns so that she can crack out of the camera's view. Instead, her eyes catch Mellie's. The first lady's lips purse ever so slightly. Olivia inhales sharply. She walks to the seat beside Mellie and sits. Mellie tilts her head to the side so her voice is as close to Olivia's ear as her husband's was minutes before.

"What good is there having a key when you always sneak out the window?"

Olivia forces a pleasant smile. She returns, "Green's not your color, Mellie. Then again, neither is white."

Mellie's eyes narrow. "If you want my seat, you'll have to pry it from my cold, dead hands."

"I'll keep that in mind. I'd ask for your recommendations, but your guys tend to miss, don't they?"

Mellie jerks away from Olivia. Her fingers shake as her lips part into a "Liv?" But Olivia turns her focus back to Fitz at the podium. She has nothing more to say, well, except for—

"If you had anything to do with this, anything, I would tell Fitz before someone else does. Preferably with Teddy in your arms so he can't return the favor."