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Mistress Slytherin

Fun fact Number 9: Severus keeps a bottle of 'Taken Gently' on his nightstand and refuses to use any other brand.

Chapter 19

Damian sat down in the empty chair beside Harry and stared sightlessly at the mound of dirt before them. War…such a bitter thing, so many had died, so many had suffered, and more would continue to suffer. "Every one else has left Harry." He said quietly. Harry stared blankly at the mound of dirt his hands folded under his chin his green eyes circled with deep black smudges.

"I killed a man." Harry said quietly. Damian's gaze softened.

"I know." He said quietly. Harry's eyes filled with tears and he didn't stop them from falling.

"So many dead…" He rasped. "So many families torn apart, grieving, so many funerals but…" His breath caught in his throat. "Will anyone mourn Tom Riddle?" He wondered aloud.

"I will." Severus said coming up behind them his expression set and grim. Harry stared up at the man with wide eyes begging him for answers that no one could give. Severus nodded slowly. "Come Potter, we have one more grave to visit today." He said quietly before holding out his hand for Damian who accepted it with tired eyes. Severus hesitated briefly before holding his other arm out for Harry. Green eyes stared at it for a long moment before Harry found himself lurching forward curling into Snape's side like a child clutching at his robes. Severus sighed but curled an arm around him as he guided him further into the cemetery. They passed many silent graves, some old, some fresh, some lonesome and without care, some clean and well tended. Stone angels looked down on them and images of mothers and children gazed sightlessly at them as they passed deeper and deeper until Harry could see vague shapes that sharpened as they approached.

McGonagall stood proudly with her chin held high dressed in crepe and lace her eyes somber. Harry could see a few others as well, others that he vaguely recognized from Tom Riddle's memories and it took him a moment to recognize who's burial he was attending. Vermont came around him on the other side and gently settled a blanket across his shoulders to ward off the bone deep chill that filled the air. Harry couldn't help it, he turned into their embrace and wept safe in the arms of the two men who had sacrificed nearly everything to get where they were today. Harry stood with the others and said farewell to the darkest lord of their era, mourning the loss of the clever boy who took all the wrong turns and became something great and terrible.

When it was over and the others had gone each giving him a significant look just before leaving, one of respect and sorrow and acceptance, Severus did something Harry would have never expected and simply hoisted him into his arms carrying him like a child to the apparition point. Harry gripped the front of the man's robe glad that he could feel like a child being comforted and sighed as they apparated. The long walk up the front lawn was silent and Hogwarts, having ended early felt oddly hallow as Severus' and Damion's footsteps echoed across the stones.

Harry was nearly asleep by the time they reached the hospital wing, lulled by the comfort and exhausted by grief.

"Longbottom." Severus said greeting the young man who's back had been bandaged while the flesh and bone re-grew.

"How are you feeling?" Damian said reaching over and settling a hand on Neville's pale sweat slicked forehead. Severus twitched.

"No, no, no, no, no, no." He said shaking his head as Damian glanced at him worriedly. "No Longbottom's in the family! I draw the line here!" He said with a frown. Damian smirked slightly and Severus groaned inwardly.

"Of course my love. Now put uncle Harry down before you make Neville here jealous." Severus flushed to notice that he'd all but forgotten about the weight in his arms before carefully he moved to the empty side of the bed and settled the burden down frowning at how thin Harry was while he tucked the boy in. A green eye opened and a faint smile appeared on Potter's lips as he curled further into Nevilles arms. Damian cleared his throat daintily and Severus frowned before noticing that his hand was settled on Harry's forehead checking for fever while the other was running a diagnostic scan on Neville. Severus straightened and cleared his throat lamely.

"Right, Longbottom get some rest and for merlin's sake make Harry eat something!" He said with a lift of his chin before stalking away. Damian smirked slightly at Longbottom's raised eyebrows.

"You heard the man Longbottom, rest up." He said with a pointed look. Neville winced visibly and nodded before resting his forehead against Harry's and slowly relaxing. Damian smirked at the image the two made before slowly making his way to the door way where Severus was standing dark eyes softening as he watched the two fall asleep.

"He sees you as a father figure you know." Damian said with a small smile. Severus made a sound in the back of his throat before turning sharply and lifting his chin.

"And if you have anything to do with it Longbottom will too." He said as he closed the doors to the infirmary behind them. Damian's smile didn't waver.

"And what's wrong with that hmmm? You're a good father." Damian said as they walked slowly through the halls.

"I am hmm? What proff do you have of that?" Severus said amusedly. Damian smirked.

"Nine months worth." He said simply. Severus frowned and halted as his mind processed that.

"Nine months? What the devil does that mean?" He asked curiously. Damian smirked slyly and settled his hands over his stomach.

"You'll find out in nine months." Damian said. Severus stared at him his expressions shifting from one to the next before suddenly he was dropping to his knees beside him staring up at him in hope and joy and wonder.

"Do you mean…" Damian's smirk didn't waver.

"Better get to work Severus, you have nine months to practice on Neville and Harry before your own children are born." Damian said proudly. Severus' hands shook as he grasped Damians' and pulled them forward pressing a kiss to each of them before pressing another to Damian's belly.

"Damian…" He whispered reverently his eyes shining with unshed tears. Damian's smirk softened into a tender smile.

"I love you too Severus." He said quietly. Severus pressed his cheek to the still flat stomach and sighed softly.

Never in a million years had he anticipated that he would have what he had, would be where he was.

But he was.

And the war was over. And finally, finally he could welcome his child into the world knowing that it was safe…wait a moment…

Severus' eyes snapped open.

"Did you say children?" He demanded. Damian smirked.

"Yes, you see the thing about Vermont males is that we give birth in pairs- I believe you've met my cousins? The twins?" He said raising his eye bows.

"Twins." Severus repeated blankly.

"Twins." Damian said smirking.

"With our brains and magical prowess." Severus said softly. Damian grinned.

"Of course." He said lifting his chin.

"I will retire when they are old enough to be students." Severus said dryly. Damian snorted.

"And just who are you going to entrust Hogwarts to?" He said amused. Severus thought for a moment.

"Potter." He said with a nod. Damian rose both eyebrows.

"Why Potter?" He asked laughter in his voice.

"Revenge." Severus said before slowly standing.

Damian's laughter could be heard though out the halls of Hogwarts that day.

Unfortunately Severus would not be turning over his headmastership to Harry Potter until the day he turned one hundred years old and finally decided to leave Hogwarts. By that point he and his husband had nine children, the last of which surprisingly didn't come in a pair. Severus Snape and Damian Vermont would go down in history as the men who revived a dying society; they would revive magical hotspots all over the world. Their children were taught the old ways and one by one after having proved themselves took control of a hotspot spreading their power under the watchful eyes of their mother figure Damian who was well known for his ability to stare even the bravest of men into doing as they were told.

By the time their last child graduated from Hogwarts the war was little more than a bad memory in the eyes of the aged. Harry Potter, became something of a living legend as well, it was said by the venerable Severus Snape that no matter where Harry Potter went a troublesome adventure was sure to follow. Of course Harry Potter was not the only legend by the time he and his husband Neville Longbottom decided to settle down indefinitely at Hogwarts. The legendary Arbutus twins and the dragons of Panzer were quite famous as well…but that my dear friends, is another story, for another time….