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The group of people that now consisted of Chris, Duncan, Trent, Lindsay, Katie, Sadie, Bridgette, Geoff, Tyler and Scott all drove all the way back to where Chris originally dropped off Owen that morning and found the local police station. Chris got his wallet and took the keys out of the van and went to go and retrieve Owen while the whole group sat in the van and waited.

"I should take you all to jail." Scott complained "This is kidnapping."

"I think this is so fun!" Lindsay clapped "Then once we get fashionable Tyler we can all hang out!"

"Oh..." Tyler sighed. "Why do I even bother?"

"This is so lame!" Duncan complained. "I vote that we just go back to my house and crash there for the night and watch movies!"

"I'm in!" Sadie hugged Duncan "That sounds so fun!"

"I was talking to Bridgette and Geoff..." Duncan glared at her. "Seriously, is there any room in back for me?"

"No." Trent told him.

"Then how the hell are we going to fit Owen in here?!" Duncan asked them.

Chris came out of the local police station with Owen in toe right as Duncan asked that and little did they know that this ride was about to get even more annoying than it already was.

"Okay guys, I got Owen." Chris told them. "His parents owe me 5 grand but I got him..."

"Hi guys!" Owen waved at them all "Isn't this great that we all get to hang out?!"

"This isn't my idea of a great outing." Scott told Owen. "So, where are we going to fit him?"

"Owen, just hop on Scott's lap!" Chris told Owen as he hoped the door to the minivan and Owen sat on Scott's lap while Scott sat on Trent's lap and Trent was about to die from a lack of oxygen and his leg fell asleep.

"Okay, no more people until we drop some off, is everyone good with that?" Chris asked them.

"Yes!"everyone agreed except for Lindsay who asked if they can get fashionable Tyler in which everyone glared at her.

"Okay, so the game plan as of right now is that everyone is going to the mall except for Owen who is going home, right?" Chris was shooting everyone dirty looks.

"How did I end up being a sandwich?" Scott asked "Why wouldn't he sit on someone else's lap?"

"Deal with it." Duncan told him and pointed to Sadie.

"Yeah, but at least she's a girl." Scott told Duncan. "Do you see what I have going on here?"

"Chris, I decided that me and Geoff and Bridgette are going to my house." Duncan told him. "I don't really want to go to the mall anymore."

"Yeah, but Sadie and I want to go to the mall!" Katie yelled at Chris "You have to take us!"

"Actually, I was going to Duncan's house." Sadie told her. "I want to be there when he breaks up with Gwen."

"Wait...What now?" Duncan asked her. "I'm not breaking up with Gwen."

"How are we going to be together then?" Sadie asked him.

"Uh...we aren't." Duncan told her. "So, just drive me home, Chris!"

"Fine!" Chris groaned. "Then, I'm going to drop you all off at the mall by Duncan's house."

The group drove all the way back to the place he originally got Duncan, Bridgette and Geoff from. This was the longest and most annoying drive yet. Owen kept farting and the windows had to get put down and it was cold outside, Chris ran out of cigarettes, Duncan and Sadie were arguing about Gwen, Trent was moaning but nobody could understand him because he was squished, Scott hated everyone, Katie was mad at Duncan for taking her BFF away, Tyler was trying to get Lindsay to remember him and Bridgette and Geoff were now making out again. Finally the bickering and conversation came to an end when Owen happily made a suggestion.

"Hey Chris! There's a burger king!" Owen told him. "Can we go through the Drive-thru?"

"No." Chris told him. "No stopping until we get to Duncan's house."

"But we're almost there." Owen told him. "I haven't eaten in like 3 hours."

"Do you have money Owen?" Chris glared at him.

"No." Owen blushed.

"Well then I guess you aren't going." Chris told him.

"I could go for a burger." Duncan told him. "My house is like 10 minutes from here."

"I could go for a strawberry milkshake!" Tyler told him. "Can we go?"

"C'mon guys!" Chris complained. "Are you guys serious?"

"Yes." Geoff came out of nowhere and said "I could go for some fries."

"Really Geoff?" Chris glared at him. "Fine! I guess we're all going to the damn Drive-Thru."

Chris pulled in and got his car in line. It was a long line and at least 4 cars were in front of him and 3 behind him. Chris was stuck in the Drive Thru now. They have been in this line for about 20 minutes and didn't even move! Finally Chris got mad.

"What's taking so long?" Chris complained.

"I don't know." Duncan rolled his eyes. "This line is horrible! I have money so, I'm just going to go and eat inside."

"You're getting out?" Chris glared at him. "Now?! After I pulled in this stupid line and got trapped in here?"

"Yeah." Duncan smirked at him. "It would be easier to just go eat inside and then I can just walk home from here, Geoff and Bridgette you coming?"

"Yeah, I'm down for that!" Geoff told him. "Maybe Dave is working today! He's the manager and always gives me free food, he's also in my gym class."

"Cool. I can go for a milkshake." Bridgette agreed as Duncan opened the van door.

"Oh! I wanna go too!" Owen pleaded "Please let me hang out with you guys and go to Duncan's house?!"

"Sure, why not?" Duncan agreed "Sadie, get off of me."

"Can I please come too?" Sadie begged. "I really like wanna hang out!"

"What the hell...Sure." Duncan rolled his eyes. "But I'm NOT dumping Gwen!"

"Okay! yay!" Sadie agreed.

Duncan, Bridgette, Geoff, Owen and Sadie left the Minivan and walked into the restaurant, leaving Chris in the van with Tyler, Lindsay, Scott, Katie and Trent. Katie started to cry and Chris glared at her.

"Well this is just great!" Chris slammed on the horn. "Now, I'm stuck here and I don't even want food. What a huge time waster! I bet Duncan planned this."

"Sadie left me!" Katie cried. "For Duncan! Now what do I do?!"

"Go to the mall with Lindsay and the not so fashionable Tyler?" Scott suggested as he climbed in the front seat. "The good news is that with both of the fatasses gone, I can sit in my own seat!"

"Help..." Trent groaned.

"Do you guys think we should like try to take him to the hospital?" Katie asked. "He looks kinda broken..."

"He had two people sitting on him, what did you expect?" Tyler asked her.

"Are you trying to say this is my fault?" Scott asked him. "We were just fine until Owen got here..."

"Everyone just shut the hell up." Chris told them. "Nobody is going anywhere until we get out of this drive thru..."

Finally after over 45 minutes of wasted time, The group finally made it out of the Drive-Thru without any food and a lot of complaining from Scott. Then Chris got lost with his GPS giving him wrong directions to the mall. So, they made it to the mall eventually and Lindsay, Tyler and Katie got out of the Minivan while Scott sat there with his arms crossed and Trent looked like he wasn't fully conscious.

"You still didn't find me fashionable Tyler!" Lindsay complained.

"He's in the mall." Chris lied and glared at her. "just go! You too Scott!"

"I don't want to go to the mall." Scott told him. "Trent's unconscious and I'm not dragging him around."

"Okay fine." Chris sighed. "How about I drop you and Trent off at the emergency room?"

"No!" Scott told him. "I just want to go home! You kidnapped me and wasted my time, I'm not going to drag Trent around the emergency room either! I already have to take my trombone and I hate the trombone!"

"Yeah, you're going to the emergency room." Chris drove off leaving Tyler, Lindsay and Katie in the parking lot of the mall.

So, Chris tossed Trent and Scott out at the emergency room doors and made Scott get his Trombone from the back.

"But, this is Trent's minivan!" Scott complained "Aren't you going to stay with us considering this was your fault?"

"No." Chris told him. "I'm just going to keep the minivan...Well...Bye!"

Chris quickly drove away before Scott could protest. He wanted to get home and attempt to sue Courtney and get the hell out of this. Chris sighed and looked around, No teenagers! He was so happy that he somehow managed to get rid of them all.





"No way in hell am I answering that..." Chris laughed





Silence for a minute.





This person was determined. Chris groaned and answered the phone.

"Yeah?!" Chris yelled into it.

"Hola, Chris!" Alejandro spoke into the phone "I was wondering if you would be willing to give me a ride!"

"Do you definitely know where you're going?" Chris asked him.

"Yeah." Alejandro told him. "I am going to Heather's house! I've been going crazy since the show ended and I haven't been near her! So, you and I are going to drive to Heather's house so I can confess my love to her."

"Oh god..." Chris groaned. "Okay fine, just promise me ONE thing!"

"What is it?" Alejandro asked.

"You don't have anyone with you." Chris told him. "Just promise me that!"

"It's just me." Alejandro assured Chris. "So, will you take me to her house?"

"Yeah, I'll take you." Chris agreed. "At least if she rejects you it can be amusing..."

That was the chapter. Will Heather reject Alejandro? Who else is going to show up randomly? Only I know these answers. However If anyone wants to shoot me a suggestion, I'll see what I can throw in, It's what I've been doing!