Hey y'all. I decided to try this out for two reasons. One, to do a decent 'Naruto is Wolverine' story, and to do a Naruto/Hana (maybe Tsume) pairing.

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"Where...am I?" A pair of shining-blue eyes twitched open and looked out at the world. His vision swam as the liquid in the tank washed into his eyes, forcing them closed again, before they cracked open yet again. He was in some form of cylindrical, glass container, filled with a somewhat-thick fluid, in-which he was suspended. An oxygen mask over his mouth shot bubbles out of the apparatus with each breath.

Outside the tank, the men and women gave no indication that he was awake. They continued with their own work, viewing various monitors and diagrams, pointing to various sections and areas. He tried to move, but lacked the strength to move. Even with the fluid in the tank, his limbs felt somewhat heavy. He couldn't turn his his head, but his eyes caught sight of a few wires attached to his body, across his arms and legs, as well as across his back, neck and torso. Seeing movement outside the tank, he watched two new men enter the room. One, a boy, slightly older than himself with large glasses and white hair. The other was decidedly older, with pale white skin, and long black hair. They seemed to converse a bit with the others in the room.

"What is this?" he thought, his mind racing, and the young boy began struggling, beginning to catch the attention of the men and women, who looked on with excitement and interest. "This isn't right. Who are these people!" Any and all thoughts were ripped from his head, his body beginning to convulse with an electric current. He wished to scream, but nothing came out. It was in his electrically charged pain that the memories formed.

He had just beaten the ever-living shit out of Mizuki, and had been rewarded Iruka-sensei's own forehead protector. He had gotten back to his apartment and leapt into bed, exhausted, but too excited to sleep. He never noticed the extra presence in his home until it was too late. A sharp sting was felt and a cold feeling began to spread through his body. Whatever he had been injected with was working fast. His eyes widened and his breathing slowed as he saw his masked assailant grab the blonde and throw him over his shoulder. And now, just as then, he found himself losing consciousness, the pain too much for his small body to handle. His last waking memory was the muffled sounds of a conversation, before the blackness consumed him.

"As you can see, Lord Orochimaru, the specimen is fully under control," the head scientist, Kanja, announced, some pride in his voice, as though subduing a small boy was a great challenge. "We've extracted blood samples, bone-marrow, skin and hair. If the boy is truly of the Uzumaki bloodline, as his name suggests, you should have...ample amounts of genetic material to use in your experiments." The pale, snake-like man did not even twitch a single muscle or bat an eye at the words. He merely stare inward at the unconscious boy.

Walking up to the glass, so close that his breath fogged the glass, Orochimaru stood, deep in thought. "Very well, Kanja," he replied, never breaking his gaze from the blonde. "Tell me, is the boy of any more use to me?" The gray-haired man stroked his chin.

"Actually, his healing, both natural and Kyuubi-related, make him the perfect subject for Project X," Kanja replied, a smirk growing on his face. "If it works, not only will you have the Uzumaki genes, but another weapon to use against the leaf when the time comes. Imagine the irony of the village being destroyed by its own Jinchuriki." Orochimaru chuckled.

"Yes," he replied. "A most delicious irony, at that. How soon can the boy be prepared for the procedure?" Pulling out a chart, Kanja looked it over for a moment before giving his answer.

"We've already begun the preparations, Lord Orochimaru," he replied. "We've just been waiting for the go-ahead. He'll be prepped and ready by this time tomorrow morning. We've been sending low level electrical pulses directly into his muscles to stimulate growth as well as his healing factor. The stress on his body has increased the amount of Kyuubi's demon chakra and his healing factor has increased accordingly. I feel that with the stress that comes with the procedure itself, we are talking about full blown regeneration." Looking at the scar-tissue only slightly visible on his hands, Kabuto voiced his own thoughts.

"Were his hands damage in the abduction?" he asked, but Kanja shook his head, reaching down into a drawer and pulling out...something. Kabuto quirked his eyebrow, not privy to this particular project of his master.

"As per Lord Orochimaru's orders, we created these," he announced, holding up what looked like a frame of some kind, made from what appeared to be bone. "We just had to make a few...adjustments to the boy to make these compatible. Once coated in our new, indestructible material, we'll insert them into the boys arms to insure that besides being the ultimate soldier in way of defense, he will always have weapons on hand, if you pardon the pun."

"Quite fitting, wouldn't you agree, Kabuto?" Orochimaru asked. "When we're done, this little brat will be an animal, if not by our doing, than by the Kyuubi's influence. Why not give him claws?" Kabuto wasn't quite convinced.

"Are you sure that's wise?" he asked. "How do you stop something you plan to make 'indestructible?' What if he goes rogue?" Orochimaru held up his hand to silence his trusted companion.

"Don't you worry about that, Kabuto," his master replied. "I have a fail-safe in place in the event things go awry." Turning, the Snake Sannin left the room, his loyal servant following right at his heels as the scientists continued their work.

Naruto awoke with a start, no longer in the tank of water, but rather, on a metal table, situated atop a second tank, this one more box-like. Frantic, and eying all of the sharp and frightening looking instruments, Naruto attempted to get up, but was bound to the rack.

"You're awake," a voice said. "I'm rather impressed, though it's a pity. You'd be in far less pain if you had only remained unconscious." Naruto turned his head to get a good look at the gray-haired, aging man.

"Who...who are you?" Naruto asked, weakly. The man walked up to the rack, ruffling the blonde's hair, before strapping his head down and positioning an oxygen mask over his face.

"My name is Kanja," he replied. "I'll be the one directing this procedure." Upon seeing Naruto's frightened look, he gave a small smile at the boy. "Hey, hey, it's alright, kid," he replied, placing his hand on the blonde's shoulder. "I promise, you'll be better for the pain you're about to go through."

"Why are you doing this? And what ARE you doing?" Naruto asked, and Kanja moved toward a container of some sort of silver liquid.

"About a year ago, a meteor, a rock from space, crashed to Earth where this facility now lies. Lord Orochimaru, studying this rock, discovered something very...interesting," Kanja announced. "The rock was unrefined metal. Nothing like what you find shuriken and kunai to be made of. This was...something else. I had just come to work for Orochimaru at that point. I was a man of science, but couldn't get the funding for my research. Orochimaru found me, and promised all the funding I could want, so long as I helped him with his own...projects."

"The metal in the rock, we discovered, was difficult to refine. Once we got it melted, we couldn't let it cool, because we found that if the refined metal were allowed to solidify, it became nearly indestructible." Naruto quirked an eyebrow.

"Nearly?" he asked, and Kanja nodded.

"The metal is somewhat malleable, to a degree. It is still indestructible, but is highly reactive to chakra. If infused with the right amount, it can become pliable. At lest in theory. We call it...Adamantium. You'll be the first to test if it keeps both indestructible and malleable. If it doesn't become pliable, well, you won't be able to grow any bigger due to the rigid structure. If it doesn't remain indestructible, it's really no loss to you. But if both contradictory properties CAN exist in one substance, it will be the dawning of a new age of metallurgy."

"That's really great for you, but what does this have to do with me?" Naruto replied, beginning to struggle with his restraints yet again. Kanja smiled a sad smile. His love of science was one thing, but he had too good of a heart for this work. It pained him to see Orochimaru's project people in pain, but he knew that he had to do this...without his funding...He sighed.

"We're going to coat your bones in it," he replied, causing Naruto's eyes to become wide as the boy struggled even more, the rack beginning to lower into the water as Kanja forced himself to begin the procedure. "May Kami forgive me," he whispered, moving to the control panel for the specially designed, automated equipment.

Naruto's screams went unheard beneath the water as several whirring, drill-like needles inched closer and closer to his body. "May you forgive me too," he said, as the needles drilled into Naruto's flesh and bone, shooting the blazing hot liquid metal into the boy's body. He stiffened as the metal rapidly cooled from the cold water encasing his form. The lights began to dim for Naruto, and Kanja's team was frantic. Naruto's heart was going into overload. Even with his healing factor, he wouldn't be able to survive much longer.

As the last of the Adamantium was pumped into Naruto, red chakra began to surge around his form. It caused the water to boil and glow an eery red. A sudden explosion pelted the scientists with hot water and broken glass. Kanja was amazed, looking on from behind his protective glass shield. In the middle of the room, their tank had been completely decimated by the surge of demon chakra. Naruto was left gasping for breath on the now warped metal rack, still strapped down, his heart still beating rapidly, but not as much as it had been.

Removing the injured men and women from the room, Kanja pulled out the metal coated blades, and used a medical scalpel to slice open Naruto's arms. However, Naruto's healing factor had advanced beyond their predictions, the wound closing as fast as it was made. Kanja sighed as Naruto cried out at the unwanted intrusion. Six hours of very intense and careful surgery, and six hours of a young boy screaming, and the deed was done. The unconscious form of Naruto was placed back into his tank, made to continue his shock-muscle therapy.

The next thing registered by Naruto was the rapping of knuckles on the glass. His eyes cracked open enough to get a good look at one of the younger scientists staring at him. The man was grinning like an idiot, and saying something Naruto couldn't hear through the glass and water, but he could see the other scientists sharing a laugh. A laugh at his expense. Naruto's form began to quiver with rage, and a sharp pain in-between his knuckles twinged.

The scientist who was studying him looked at the boys hands, getting closer and closer to the glass. He looked in at what would be the last thing he would ever see. Three razor-sharp claws pierced not only the glass of the tank, but the man's head as well, once claw going through the bridge of his nose, while the other two went straight into the eyes, right into his brain. Death was instantaneous. Then the shocks came. Focusing all the willpower he could muster, Naruto slashed at the walls of his submerge cage, slicing it up and causing it to shatter.

Having no shinobi-training, the scientists were defenseless against the weapon they had created, and the monster they had unleashed. The man Naruto wanted most, Kanja, was nowhere to be seen, and in the blood of the slain scientists, Naruto howled in rage and grief. Hearing a noise, and smelling someone coming, his senses also having been enhanced by the Kyuubi's chakra, Naruto turned his head to the pale man he had seen once before.

"Such a shame," he said, not even flinching at the numerous bodies littering the floor, the blood soaking the blonde's hair and skin. "You had such potential."

"I don't know who you are," Naruto growled, his eyes red and pupils dilated. "But I'm going to get back to the village. I'm gonna get the Hokage..and we're going to come here and kick your sorry-" He never got to finish as Orochimaru placed his hand in a half-tiger seal, hissing as Naruto felt a sharp pain in the back oh his head, where his spine met his skull. What he couldn't see was the special seal which Orochimaru had stuck there.

"You won't tell the Hokage anything, because you aren't going to remember anything," he announced. The seal was a series of Kanji drawn in a circle at the base of Naruto's skull. As it activated, more kanji, each representing a memory of Naruto's time held captive, began to spiral from the ring towards its center. As the seal was beginning to solidify, Orochimaru smeared the seal with his chakra coated fingers, rubbing out some of the few memories there actually were.

"Perhaps a few lingering flashes or dreams will remain, but nothing that will do you any good," he whispered into Naruto's ear, before he began to melt, only a mud clone. Yet again, Naruto blacked out, his mind far too strained from the memory seal. When he woke again, the bodies and blood, except the blood which caked his form, were cleaned and gone. The entire facility had been cleared out. No people, equipment, or furniture to show anyone had been using it.

He used his ear and nose to try and determine the best way out of the facility. Reaching a thick steel door, he screamed in fury and agony as three metal claws shot from his hands between his knuckles. Slashing through the door with ease, he shakily stepped outside into the cold air. He could hear dogs barking and people shouting in the distance, and he screamed to get their attention. Howled to the sky so they wouldn't pass him by.

Soon, three dogs as well as a young woman ran into view. His claws retracted as they neared. The woman had long, brown hair, which she wore in a ponytail, with two locks of hair framing her face, and large, black eyes. She also wore a light shade of lipstick, and had the traditional fang-like tattoos of the Inuzuka Clan on both of her cheeks, and a tattoo on her upper, right arm that resembled a flower.

She bent down next to him. "Are you Naruto Uzumaki?" she asked the blood-covered boy. He looked up and she could see the identifying whisker-markings on his face. She had her answer. Wrapping a blanket that she unsealed from a scroll around the blonde, she helped him stand.

"Come on," she said. "Let's get you home."

Chapter end.

So, I wanted to do a Naruto/Hana (maybe Tsume), and decided 'What better story to do this pairing with than a 'Wolverine,' type story.'

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