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"How is he?" The doctor looked up to see The Hokage moving down the hall, Hana Inuzuka not far behind.

"Lord Hokage," he replied, giving a respectful nod to the village leader. "I was just making my rounds. Naruto hasn't woken at all since being admitted. Shall we?" The Hokage nodded, and the three moved further down the hall, entering a private room, seeing Naruto awake, his hands dripping with blood. Eyes widened, the two Shinobi and the doctor rushed over and each took a hand, but finding no cuts or wounds from which the blood could flow.

"Old man..." Naruto uttered. Sarutobi looked at Naruto, who pulled his hands away, holding them in fists as he pointed them away from the others. "Please...tell me this is normal." With a slow, metallic 'snikt' sound, like metal sliding against metal, the skin between his knuckles tore and pulled apart to make room for six metal blades, three on each hand. Eyes widened, the doctor sent for a nurse and ordered an immediate x-ray.

I don't understand it,Lord Hokage," the doctor announced. The two were currently looking over the x-ray photos. "It's impossible. To graft metal to the bone like this's just not possible." Sarutobi frowned.

"Somebody managed to do it." he growled. "It doesn't matter how, what matters is 'why."

"We've tried taking a sample of it," the doctor said, motioning to a row of broken medical tools, a hammer, a chipped kunai, and a chisel. "We failed, as you can see. I've never seen any material so resilient before. It's the most solid metal I've ever seen."

"There isn't a way to remove it?" Sarutobi asked. The doctor shook his head.

"Unfortunately, no," he replied. "On the plus side, if there is one, the metal on his bones, coupled with his enhanced healing, will make him quite possibly the most durable warrior in the village. Capable of brushing off blows that could kill a normal shinobi." Sarutobi growled again.

Naruto lay in his bed, trying to get a feel for how to extend and retract his claws. It wasn't too difficult. The muscles that controlled the blades which were in his arms seemed to be almost designed for the purpose, and controlling them was almost second nature. He looked at his body, which was far more defined than it was the last time he had checked. He didn't remember ever doing any training to increase his muscles, but then again, he didn't recall much of anything. Hearing footsteps outside the door, Naruto turned to look as it opened, revealing Hana, who entered with tray of food, placing it in front of the blonde.

"You're the one who found me, aren't you?" he asked quietly, going back to flexing his 'blade-muscles,' as he called them, the metallic 'snikt' sound a constant break to the silence of the room. Hana sat next to the blonde, nodding. "Thank you," he continued. "It was lucky you were around." He looked up at the girl and noticed the markings on her cheeks. They looked familiar.

"You wouldn't be related to Kiba Inuzuka, would you?" he asked, and Hana smiled.

"He's my little brother," she replied. "You know him from the academy, I take it?" Naruto nodded. Kiba was one of his few...pseudo-friends at the academy. They skipped class and pulled pranks together, but they were never exactly close. "Now, unfortunately, we can't put you on active duty right now, as there are no teams available..." At Naruto's downtrodden look, she continued. "...But if you'd like, you can train with me until a slot opens up." Naruto looked at the girl who had found him and his lips stretched into a small smile.

"You'd be my sensei?" he asked, but Hana shook her head.

"More like a training partner. I'm only a chuunin, so I can't have an actual student, but I only get sent out of the village on search-party missions, so I'll almost always be around if you need it." Naruto's smile grew even bigger, and he stood, holding out his hand.

"Shake on it?" he asked, and Hana chuckled at his antics, but indeed shook his hand, sealing the deal. The door opened, and both the Hokage and the doctor entered, the medical professional carrying the x-rays.

"What's the news doc?" Naruto asked. "Give it to me straight, I can take it?" The doctor shook his head, placing the x-rays on a light-board on the wall.

"Well, in summary, your muscles have been artificially enhanced, you now have six, razor-sharp cutting tools in your arms, your natural ability to quickly heal has been increased to the point of near instantaneous regeneration...and you've had metal so strong it might just be indestructible grafted to, and around, your bones..." the doctor announced, but after the word 'indestructible,' Naruto became too preoccupied by the searing pain in his head. The pain was unbearable, and he dropped to his knees, gripping his head, as a disembodied voice echoed through the recesses of his mind.

"Once we got it melted, we couldn't let it cool, because we found that if the refined metal were allowed to solidify, it became nearly indestructible." Naruto's claws shot out and he let lose a feral roar as he saw red. Sarutobi leaned down to help him, but had to back away to avoid a decapitating strike from the blonde. Hana shot behind the blonde, placing him in a full nelson, but he managed to reach back and slip his claws into Hana's shirt, before whipping forward and throwing the girl over his head and into the wall. The doctor fiddled with the door, handle, unfortunately drawing Naruto's attention.

The doc had to duck a swipe from Naruto's metal claws, which sliced through the door like a hot knife through butter. A kick to the back from the Hokage sent the blonde through the door, startling the nurses, who ran for cover as Hana rushed through the broken door, pinning Naruto's arms to the wall, but the blonde used his feet instead, shoving them into Hana's stomach and launching her into the other wall of the hallway, before leaping at her like a wild beast. She moved her head just in time to avoid being impaled through the eyes, the claws sinking into the brick easily.

Naruto reared back his other clawed-fist to finish the job, but became distracted by the field of white feathers entering his vision. It had a soothing affect on the blonde, and his claws retracted back into his arms, before he stumbled forward, being caught by Hana, who struggled for a moment, not expecting the blonde berserker pf a twelve-year-old to suddenly become 250-some pounds of dead-weight. Having completed the genjutsu and putting Naruto to sleep, Sarutobi and Hana moved him back into his room and onto the bed, and the doctor pulled out straps to restrain him.

"What the hell was that?" he asked, strapping the blonde's left leg down. Sarutobi fixed the boy in the bed with a hard gaze. Grabbing the genin's hair, he pulled his head off of the pillow, his eyes narrowing as he now noticed the smeared seal placed right near his hair-line in the back of his head.

"I've never seen a seal like that," Hana announced, and Sarutobi ran his finger across the destroyed seal, the array having since set.

"Not surprising," he replied. "Not many do. It's called the Mind Decay seal. A special array normally used for the banishment of traitors."

"What does it do?" the doctor asked, continuing his restraining of the blonde.

"The seal acts as a container. When used, the person activating the seal can, in a sense, place specific memories, such as village secrets or defensive plans," Sarutobi replied, investigating the smeared and destroyed seal. "I think we know why Naruto doesn't remember being abducted and experimented on for a month. Someone even went to the trouble of destroying the array, so that he can never recover any of these memories through having them unsealed."

"Why would anyone do this to him and then erase his mind and leave him behind?" Hana asked. "It's obvious they wanted him to be a weapon. Look at what those claws can do." Sarutobi stopped examining the seal, sighing, and turned to Hana.

"Based on the blood-covered state he was found in, and the fit of rage we just saw, he probably went on a rampage," the old man replied. "I would assume they eradicated his memories and abandoned the facility as a way to cut their losses." That brought up another point that Hana decided to voice.

"Where did that rage come from?" she asked, curious. "Kiba always said that Naruto was a bit reckless, but always laid back...It couldn't be the Kyuubi's influence, could it?" Sarutobi's eyes widened, before he glared at the chuunin.

"How do you know about that?" he asked, menacingly, making the girl back away slightly under his menacing gaze.

"I was six when the sealing happened, Lord Hokage," she replied, trying not to lose her cool. "Mom is on the council. I was young, but not stupid."

"Have you told anyone?" Sarutobi asked, and Hana shook her head no.

"When Mom learned that I knew, she swore me to secrecy," she said. "But do you think it could be the fox?" Sarutobi stroked his chin.

"That may be part of it. His regenerative capabilities have been, for lack of a better word, supercharged, and that could only come from a higher output of Kyuubi's chakra." As he said this, he channeled his chakra across Naruto's stomach, revealing the seal which held the Kyuubi at bay. The output of Kyuubi's chakra had definitely increased, but the seal remained intact. "That should also explain his heightened senses and his new-found rage. I would assume something the good doctor said triggered some memory, but the damaged seal tried to keep it blocked, and that resulted in his temporary devolution into a berserk state. He's something of an animal now, and he has the claws to prove it." Hana's eyes lit up for a moment.

"Yeah, he is, isn't he..." she pondered. "The way he was definitely rough around the edges, but it was animalistic, almost feral..." Rushing toward the door, she turned to the aging Kage. "Please, Lord Hokage. I'll be back shortly, please wait here." As she left the room, both Sarutobi and the doctor shared a confused look, before tending to the unconscious blonde.

" I?" His vision swam as the liquid in the tank washed into his eyes, forcing them closed again, before they cracked open yet again. He was in some form of cylindrical, glass container, filled with a somewhat-thick fluid, in-which he was suspended. An oxygen mask over his mouth shot bubbles out of the apparatus with each breath.

Outside the tank, the men and women gave no indication that he was awake. They continued with their own work, viewing various monitors and diagrams, pointing to various sections and areas. He tried to move, but lacked the strength to move. Even with the fluid in the tank, his limbs felt somewhat heavy. He couldn't turn his his head, but his eyes caught sight of a few wires attached to his body, across his arms and legs, as well as across his back, neck and torso. Seeing movement outside the tank, he watched two new men enter the room. One, a boy, slightly older than himself with large glasses and white hair. The other was decidedly older, with pale white skin, and long black hair. They seemed to converse a bit with the others in the room. And then they were replaced with a single, younger man in a lab coat, grinning a stupid grin, studying him like some lab rat.

The scientist who was studying him looked at the boys hands, getting closer and closer to the glass. Three razor-sharp claws pierced not only the glass of the tank, but the man's head as well, once claw going through the bridge of his nose, while the other two went straight into the eyes, right into his brain. Then the shocks came. Focusing all the willpower he could muster, Naruto slashed at the walls of his submerge cage, slicing it up and causing it to shatter. With a roar, he leapt out onto the nearest scientist, slashing across the her throat. Her own heart was responsible for pumping the blood from her veins, the blood gushing over Naruto's face...

Eyes snapping open, Naruto awoke with a roar, his claws shooting out, tearing up the blankets and mattress. He tried to sit up, but found himself strapped down to the bed. He struggled to break lose,, but was held down by both the Doctor and the Hokage. "Naruto, it's alright!" Sarutobi assured him, trying to calm the boy down. Once Naruto did calm down, the straps were removed, and Naruto sat up, retracting the blades into his arms.

"Well now, that was a very interesting sight." Turning to the door, the three in the room caught sight of Hana, alongside an older, slightly intimidating woman. Unlike Hana, she wore her long, brown hair spiky and untamed. Her eyes had vertical slits for pupils, elongated canine teeth and nails. The Inuzuka fang-markings adorned her cheeks, as well as markings over her eyes, and she wore a dark shade of purple-lipstick. In terms of clothing, she wore the standard outfit of a Konoha Shinobi, consisting of a flak jacket, with a black suit beneath, the sleeves of which were rolled up. She had bandages around her legs, but wore no forehead protector.

"Who are you?" Naruto asked, and the woman walked forward, wearing a feral grin as she ruffled his hair.

"I'm Hana and Kiba's mother, Tsume," she said, "But, with Lord Hokage's permission, you can call me 'Tsume-sensei." Sarutobi raised an eyebrow in confusion.

"Tsume, what are you talking about?" he asked, and the Inuzuka turned to her leader, nodding respectfully.

"Lord Hokage, Hana has informed me of Naruto's new abilities, including how similar they are to the Inuzuka clan's," she replied. "Since his place on Kakashi's team was filled, there is currently no slot available on any team to place him, correct?" Sarutobi nodded, knowing where Tsume was going with her argument, and he had to say, he liked it.

"Well then, I offer my services, as a Tokubetsu Jonin, in training Naruto in his new abilities, as an apprentice," she continued. "You assigned Kakashi to the Uchiha's team because he is capable of teaching about the Sharingan. Why can't I teach him about fighting like an animal?" Sarutobi chuckled.

"Yes, yes, you've certainly made your point, Tsume," he announced. "I'll have the paperwork done up by tomorrow-morning."

"Good," she replied, turning to Naruto, ruffling his hair again. "By the time I'm finished with you, kid, you're gonna be a regular Alpha." Naruto wasn't really sure what that meant, but he smiled all the same. For the moment, forgetting all about the awful, bloody wouldn't be his last.

Chapter end.

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