Spike smoked his cigarette as he blew the gray smoke from the right side of his mouth, grinning at the white coated, badass mare, with her electric blue mane and tail and sexy, magenta colored eyes. She looked over to the dragon and rolled her eyes, tapping out the ashes on her own cigarette to the left of her into the blue ashtray. With a loud sigh, she did not even notice the drake slowly crawl towards her before his long, slightly spit tongue slid slowly up her neck. She gasped.

With one last long drag of her cigarette, she blew out the gray smoke from her nose before putting it out in the ash tray. She turned to Spike, who was blowing out the last of his own smoke, and for the second time, put out his cigarette in his left palm before flicking it to the ground. Vinyl did not say a word and instead kissed his rough, scaled lips. He softly chuckled before he squeezed her right tit and stroked the left with his right claw, making her giggle.

The two laid on the bed as Vinyl stood on top. The dragon blinked, but soon smiled darkly. He kissed her neck slowly, gradually becoming sober as lust overtook his mind. He smacked the mare's ass, leaving a red imprint on her right ass cheek. She scoffed and thumped his chest with a hoof before his lips caressed her own. The kiss was sloppy but passionate as they deepened it, moaning as Vinyl opened her mouth, allowing Spike to explore every nook and cranny as she intertwined the two pink muscles.

Pulling away, Spike felt a strand of saliva trail from his lips as he grabbed Vinyl's left ass cheek in his right claw, allowing his fingers to spread them before let his middle finger stroke her tailhole. This made her gasp but kiss him longer. The drake grinned as his pinkie and ring finger trailed down to the end of her vagina, and with a light push, he let his fingers enter into her warm, slightly moist hole. She moaned louder.

"Ah, damn, reptile, don't get ahead of me," she hissed.

Spike ignored her and thrust his two fingers deep into her, letting a squirt of her vaginal juices hit his palm. His left claw slid from her chest to her tits before he grabbed her left in his claw, giving it a squeeze. He kissed from her mouth to her neck to her forehead, his tail gently intertwining with her own before it brushed her tail hole slowly, awaiting for Spike to allow it to penetrate the hole. He laughed, pressing his fingers deeper into her pussy. She again moaned loudly into his chest.

Spike's left claw switched from her left breast to her right, making sure to squeeze and pinch the nipples slowly. She growled, her face flushing red from the multiple attention her body was receiving.

She felt the dragon's penis touch her stomach. She looked under her to see a medium sized cock; not so big, but not too small. She smirked, unwrapping her tail from his own. She allowed it to stroke and gently wrap around his purple scaled dick, with its green ridges on both sides.

Spike gave a small grunt from the contact and accidentally poked her tail hole with his tail, making her grunt, feeling her orgasm coming to a close. His left claw was pleasing her pink nipples, and his right was thrusting even deeper into her vagina, completely soaking her in juices. She kissed him, forcing his mouth open; she was done bucking around.

Her tail, despite its efforts, was merely long hair and was not doing so much to stimulate his arousal. The drake grunted when Vinyl screamed into his chest as she released her vaginal cum all over his claw. Her muscles squeezed the life out of his fingers. Spike gritted his fangs but did not comment from the pain before he pulled his claw from her soaked marehood, making her pant. She growled at him, her eyes having nothing but lust as she sank her teeth into the left side of his neck. With his scales, however, he felt no pain, and instead, he smirked.

Feeling her teeth hurt worse than his neck from her action, Vinyl pulled back and whispered darkly into his left ear fin, "You better buck me now, or I swear I'll tie you to the damn bedpost, and buck your brains out until morning, you shitty reptile."

He blinked, feeling his cock twitch from the threat. He bared his fangs and bit into the right side of her neck. She screamed, more from pleasure than pain, since Spike was careful not to bite too deep. He slapped her ass hard, and without a word, he picked her flank up from the bed and aligning his dick to her pussy. He thrashed hard into her, causing Vinyl to scream into the air. She gripped his neck with her forehooves, panting as he thrust into her soaking marehood, not caring that he had yet to cum.

Using the momentum with his back legs, he slammed harder into her, making her cry out, "Oh, CELESTIA!"

Seeing the large imprints he left into her neck, he growled into her ear, "Celestia's not here, bitch. I'm your God now."

He thrust his tail deep into her anus, stretching the hole deep as the appendage rammed hard into her. His penis rammed into her again, and her cum dripped into the bed. Shifting his body, he caused her flank to fly higher into the air, throwing her cum onto the wooden floor. Her hot, wet vagina was forced open by his cock, jabbing so hard, she could feel it touch her pelvis, but she ignored the white flare of pain that came from the action, not wanting him to stop for a second.

The dragon was in heaven as he felt her pussy grip his cock hard with every push he gave her, bottoming out to the head before thrusting into her again, finding her entire body to be sexy. He loved how her flank looked held into the air, his tail pushing in and out of her ass with the force of a rope being pulled as his claws were rubbing, pinching, and playing with her breasts with the speed of a train. He did not know about himself, but at the rate he was going, Vinyl was going to cum… hard.

Their lips were locked to each other like two magnets. They breathed through their noses, her front hooves rubbing his chest swiftly, as her rear legs were high into the air, kicking every once in a while as pleasure coursed through her entire body

"Gods, Spike, buck me, buck me, you damned God you… BUCK ME!" Vinyl screamed into his right ear fin.

He complied and slammed into her body even faster and with much more force, feeling Vinyl's teeth bite hard into the left side of his neck with all her might. He did the same to her right, this time not remembering to bite soft in the throes of their orgasm as he drew long flows of blood from her neck, forcing her to scream into the air with all the breath in her lungs.

Her vagina and anus squeezed his penis and tail so hard, he lost feeling temporarily in both. She released all the cum her body had until it could make no more, flowing onto the bed like a miniature waterfall and even slowly trailing down from the sheets. Spike shot his thick roped, hot white sperm deep into her womb, overfilling it as it dripped from her vagina, staining the bed sheets even more and rapidly pooling onto the floor. Their breathing was heavy. Spike dropped Vinyl's body onto his own as he pulled his tail from her tail hole, ignoring the smell that assaulted his nostrils.

Vinyl was panting so hard, she almost blacked out. A small kiss on her horn made her lift her eyes and stare at the dragon.

Spike grinned and chortled, seeing the mare completely drained. He, too, was completely exhausting after having had the best sex of his life.

Vinyl waited five more minutes before speaking, her voice hoarse from all the screaming her voice box had let out.

"Damn… Spike, you really, really know how to please a mare," she whispered, making him smirk.

"Thought you would deserve a little extra treatment for winning the bet tonight, I had not had sex like that since my second night bucking Sweets," he spoke.

She chuckled. "I haven't had sex like that since I had bucked a pegasus stallion named Thunderlane in college. Shit, you're good, drake," she gasped.

Spike exhaled a deep breath, while the mare caught her breath.

The two laid in silence for a few seconds before Spike asked if she had a smoke. Vinyl rolled her eyes and chuckled, levitating two of them towards the reptile. She put one in her mouth before giving the other to Spike, who, with a numb left claw, lit it in a small stream of emerald flame. The dragon inhaled a long, well deserved drag before exhaling it out his nose.

Vinyl was about to get a match for her own when Spike smirked and lit it with his flame. She smiled.

"Appreciate it," she said.

He only returned the smile and kissed her lips. After parting from the kiss, she inhaled her cigarette with a deep drag before blowing the smoke out her mouth.

The two merely laid on the soaked, smelly mattress, smoking as Vinyl laid her head on his chest, breathing in his scent with a sigh. His scales smelled like liquor and cigarettes, a smell she loved for some reason.

"You really are the God of Sex, Spike." Vinyl laughed, him soon following.

He pressed her body closer to his own as he whispered into her ear, "Only for a worthy mare."

She laughed out loud, taking another long drag before she blew it out her nose and nestled her head into his chest. She gripped her cigarette in her magic aura and tapped the ashes into the ashtray, only to float it back into her mouth, taking a smaller drag.

Spike sighed loudly, tapping his ashes onto the floor, which Vinyl saw but did not say anything about, honestly not caring. Her lips brushed his once more, and she asked if he had to go home for work the next day.

"Nah, don't work until Saturday. It's Wednesday now, babe… besides, I think my sister can be without me for a night or two," he answered back.

She took one last drag, exhaling the smoke out her nose before putting it out. Looking up , she smirked at the dragon, who took a longer drag, exhaling it out his mouth then putting it out in his left palm. She felt his lips on hers, warm and passionate.

"So, drake, ready for round two, or is that all you have for tonight?" she teased.

He smirked darkly, remembering that he had bit into her skin, and quickly grabbed a red washcloth she had on the nightstand under a magazine with his tail. He softly wrapped it around her neck, kissed her lips and said slowly, "Thought you'd never ask, Vinyl Scratch, but what about your work for tomorrow?"

"It can wait, and what are the chances of a mare getting to buck a dragon's brains out… again," she purred, only flashing him a smug look.

He chuckled, and their lips connected before the two chose for to go right into round two.

It did not feel like just today Spike and Sweetie Belle broke up viciously. With Vinyl Scratch, he was able to put that out of his mind. This was not love, but it was slowly getting there. All the two needed… was a little push and to be blessed by the Gods of Equestria, as they reveled into an intimate act for the second time of the night.

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