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It was a girl.

James Potter sighed with relief as he gripped his wife's hand tightly.

It was a beautiful baby girl. Bawling its eyes out, but still beautiful.

Lily Potter glanced over to her husband and grinned, her red hair wet with sweat. Her entire body was shaking, probably from pain, and her insides felt like someone punched her with a hot iron glove. The ordeal had not been pleasant for both of them, in fact for Lily it was the opposite of pleasant. She had thrown every swear known to man at James before the baby had come out. There was so much blood, too. James would've fainted if he didn't know better.

"James, look," Lily whispered, holding her baby. The baby stopped crying a moment before and was looking at Lily with wide green eyes. "She's so beautiful." Lily laughed and rocked her daughter. James peered at the baby's face, smiling happily.

"She has your eyes."

Sure enough, her eyes were an emerald green. James glanced from Lily's eyes to hers. "Yeah, she is defiantly your daughter."

Lily sighed. "And now, the hard part."

James chuckled. "That wasn't the hard part?" Lily gave him a dark glare, as if daring him to joke about what had happened. "So, what's the hard part?"

"Naming our daughter," Lily said, stroking the baby's cheek. "I was thinking… we thought she was going to be a boy, and we decided on Harry…"

"Yeah, because you didn't let us check the sex," James grumbled. Lily had declared that their baby would be a boy a few months back, and he trusted her on that because he was sure mothers knew that kind of thing. They didn't even consider the possibility that the baby would be a girl.

"Well, what about Harriet?" Lily suggested. "It's a nice name, it has a nice ring to it, plus it's basically just the girl version of Harry."

"Harriet Lily Potter," James said slowly, the words slipping off his tongue easily. "It sounds like magic." James snickered at his own little joke.

The baby- no, Harriet, gave the two new parents a toothless smile, which the two returned.

Sirius Black was many things, but he defiantly was not a gambler. No, the money that Remus handed him was just something that Remus owed Sirius, and not because Sirius had said that the Potters' kid would be a girl and Remus said it would be a boy. Taking the galleon from Remus, Sirius gave a cocky grin. "Losing a bet must be the side effect of your furry problem, Moony," Sirius teased. "Hell, even Wormtail agreed with me that the kid would be a boy. Ain't that right, Wormtail?"

Peter gave a small nod.

"We just betted on our friend's pain," Remus pointed out. "She must feel like she's had a bowling ball in her womb for nine months, then it was pushed out of her-"

"No, no, don't say it," Sirius winced. "I don't want that image or that feeling."

"I'm just saying the facts."

Sirius sighed. He looked up to the girl in the desk and gave her a sly smirk, putting his hands on his pockets and leaning back on his chair. He gave her a wink, which she returned with a glare. "Ouch," he muttered.

Remus merely rolled his eyes at his friend's actions and opened up a newspaper from the desk next to him.

"I haven't read a muggle newspaper in a long time," he said, turning the page.

"What's on?"

"The usual," Remus shrugged. "Voldemort's got a stick up his ass and killing muggles, of course they don't know it's him… There's a new Doctor Who season... Not much, really." Remus yawned slightly, and then blinked at something on the page. "Hey, look at this."

"Is Moony, Wormtail and Padfoot here?" A nurse interrupted. The three stood up and stared at the nurse, millions of questions racing through their minds. "They're ready to see you."

Sirius thanked her and rushed to the room, with Wormtail tagging behind. Remus folded the newspaper and shoved it into his pockets. I'll tell them later…

He didn't tell anyone what he read on the newspaper for a year, and it turned out that he couldn't tell anyone anymore.

The Potters are dead except for Harriet.

Wormtail is dead, killed by his idol and friend.

Padfoot- no, Sirius Black (the name left a bitter taste in his mouth) had betrayed his own best friends and killed Wormtail. He did not deserve to be called a marauder anymore.

Remus sat on the edge of his bed in silence. The fireplace flickered beside him, giving heat that he could not feel. He was cold, colder than he had ever been in his life. He gazed around the room, thinking. He was alone. He was alone and he was a monster and he was alone and he was alone and he was alone

"SHUT THE FUCK UP!" Remus screamed, falling to the floor with his hands covering his ears. "SHUT UP, SHUT UP, SHUT UP!"

Monster, you deserve to be alone.


All of your friends are dead.

"…Please…" Remus sobbed.

It's the truth.

Remus continued crying, ripping out his hairs and screaming at the ceiling.

All the while, the newspaper remained in his pocket, the article still there. It was a small article, but it caught Remus' interest.


Many witnesses have seen black smoke around the area of England the past few days. It seems that a child from around the area that black smoke appears disappear the day after. Investigations continue.

And in Lupin's bed, another newspaper, The Daily Prophet, had the headlines:



Harriet Potter spent exactly one year with the Dursleys. One year filled with Dudley bullying her, Vernon calling her a demon child and Petunia glancing at her with sad eyes, before she would put on a mask and continue to wash the dishes or whatever it is she would do.

One year until the black smoke came.

One year until she disappeared from the world.

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