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Robin concluded that getting a hug from a giant man wasn't exactly fun. She used her powers to push the man away from her and gasped for breath, her extra arms disappearing in petals. The students stopped cheering and gaped at her.

"I would appreciate it if you didn't touch me," Robin said bitterly. The man was taken aback. "Now, Dumbledore, what is going on?"


"Robin," Robin corrected. "My name is Nico Robin, not Harriet." She narrowed her eyes.

"Robin, then," Dumbledore said, peering at Robin curiously. "You've certainly grown since I last saw you. I will explain everything later in my office, but for now you must go through that door." He pointed at a door behind him.

Robin crossed her arms and cocked a brow. "And why should I trust you?"

"Bring a friend if you must, but no one in this room would dare lay a finger on you," Dumbledore assured. "Or your friends," he added after a moment's thought.

Luffy dashed over to Robin and grabbed her arm, grinning like an idiot. His eyes were sparkling in admiration at Robin. "Robin, let's go, let's go, let's go!" he chanted. "Captain's orders! We're going through that door! You guys wait here!" He pulled her towards the door and went inside. Robin gave a sigh of relief; she was glad to be away from the crowd, although she could still hear their excited whispers.

They entered a small room. Portraits hung on the wall ("They're moving," Robin muttered under her breath, staring at one in wonder), staring at the two pirates. Some were fighting to get a good look at the two. An old woman fled to the portrait next to her and started to whisper into a beefy man's ear. A handsome fire roared in the fireplace opposite them.

Three teenagers were sitting around the fire place, looking like they were waiting for someone. Two boys and a girl. The girl glanced up at the two pirates, throwing back her silver hair. One of the boys was hunched back and leaning against the mantelpiece, brooding. He looked like the swordsman, only with dark hair and an unshaven face. The other boy was staring into the fire, his hands behind his back. He blinked when he noticed Robin and Luffy. He stared at them blankly.

Luffy gave them a thumbs-up. "Hey!"

The girl gave him a confused look. "What is it?" she said. "Do zey want us back in ze hall?"

She probably thought that they were there to deliver a message. Logical, but not the right answer. The two didn't answer her. Instead they looked at the three.

The sulking boy studied Luffy and Robin, crossing his arms. He looked back into the fire, disinterested. The other boy simply stared blankly at Robin, specifically her scar. Robin noticed and stared back at him. The boy swallowed and looked away.

There was a sound of scurrying feet behind them and Dumbledore came in the room, some teachers following behind, including the giant man from before. The man mouthed 'I'm sorry' to Robin, who simply nodded back.

A short man hurried to the front of the group. He tried to grab Robin's arm but she dodged. He beckoned her forwards instead.

"Extraordinary!" he breathed. "Fantastic! Brilliant! Merlin's beard, this is the discovery of the century!"

The teenagers and pirates gave him a confused look.

"Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce the fourth champion… Harr- I'm sorry, you preferred your other name, didn't you? The fourth champion, Nico Robin, also known as Harriet Potter!"

The girl dropped her jaw. The handsome boy nodded slowly. The sulking boy straightened up, surprised.

"Unbelievable, isn't it?"

"Yes, it is," a voice drawled from the back of the room. A man with greasy hair and a hooked nose stepped forward. "It's unlikely that a girl who disappeared fourteen years ago would come back today, older than she should be and a Triwizard champion. Unless there was some sort of dark art involved…" he eyed Robin and Luffy suspiciously.

"If you're suggesting we used dark arts to get here," Robin began, "I'm sorry to say that you're wrong. We were in a storm on the seas one minute and then we were here the next, Mr… what was your name again?"

"Severus Snape," Snape replied.

"Mr Snape," she finished. The two narrowed their eyes at each other and were staring each other down.

"It's fairly obvious what brought her and those pirates here, isn't it?" barked the man with the fake eye. "And even so, Nico Robin and those eight have no idea what's going on so I say that Albus explains everything to her and leave this whole Triwizard business for tomorrow!" He glared at each of them in turn with his real eye, his fake one fixed on Robin.

"Ah- yes, splendid idea Alastor," Dumbledore beamed. "Everyone else, go get some rest and I explain everything to Robin in my office right now. Severus, would you please escort Robin and her friends- the others are in the Great Hall- to my office?"

Snape nodded and turned around. "Follow me," he said. Luffy walked after him, with Robin at his side.

The Great Hall was almost empty, everyone probably went to bed. The Straw Hats sat on a table at the far end in silence. Their heads snapped up when they heard the three walk in. They all rushed over to them and started to pester Robin and Luffy with questions. Robin held up a hand. They all stopped talking at once.

"We're going with him. I've come to the conclusion that this is another world and I'm from here," she said bluntly. "And I'm famous" She gave a small smile. "Ironic, isn't it?"

Most of them knew what she was talking about (the only ones who didn't were Brook and Snape). For them the Enies Lobby incident had just been a short time ago, a couple of months in fact. Just a couple of months since she had yelled out her will to live to them.

"That's enough gossiping," Snape snapped. "You're supposed to come with me."

"And why should we?" Nami asked angrily. "It's bad enough that we've been dragged away from our home… world, but now you expect us to just follow your order-"

"Nami!" Luffy cut in. His eyes were hidden under his hat, making his expression impossible to read. "This isn't about us, this is about Robin, and if Robin wants to go with greasy-guy then we go with greasy-guy!"

Snape mumbled his nickname under his breath and glared at the pirate captain. "If you're finished, then come with me." He swiftly turned around and they started their journey to Dumbledore's office again.

There was a thick tension in the air. They all remained silent. Robin felt the hairs on the end of her neck stand up; they were staring at her. She didn't blame them, but it was annoying.

They came to a staircase when Snape held up his hand for them to stop. Usopp blinked. "What is it?" he asked.

"The stairs move," the man replied. The pirates gave him a confused look. Just as they were about to ask what he was talking about a flight of stairs two floors above them moved. The pirates stared in wonder.

"It should be safe."

It took around ten minutes to get to Dumbledore's office. It was high up. Soon they were faced with a statue of a bird, its wings spread out far. A phoenix, Robin noted. Snape walked up to it and clearly said, "Chocolate Frogs."

The statue moved, revealing a flight of stairs behind it. "Go through there and you will be in his office," Snape said.

One at a time they went in, Robin at the front and Usopp at the back with the rest in the middle. The door they came to was ajar. Robin opened it fully and glanced around the room when she entered. Portraits like the ones in the other room before hung on the wall, the persons in them snoozing. There were many strange instruments in cabinets. Robin made a mental note to get a closer look at them. There was a large desk opposite her, and on the desk sat Dumbledore himself, patting a handsome fiery gold bird.

"Fawkes, his name is," the professor said when he noticed Robin's stare. "A phoenix. Remarkable creatures, phoenixes. Their tear drops possess healing properties." Fawkes squawked, flying over to Luffy, who had his arm out.

"Awesome!" Luffy said, his eyes sparkling. "Hey Sanji, do you know how to cook phoenix?"

The cook light a cigar, smirking. "I could make soup with it."

Fawkes gave Sanji one look before flying away outside. Nami punched the two on the heads.

"Now look what you've done! You scared him!"

The two apologised, Sanji declaring how beautiful the navigator was when she was angry. He was interrupted mid-sentence by Dumbledore.

"Please, have a seat." Dumbledore waved a stick and armchairs flew down from the second floor of his office. "I will explain everything."

The pirates adjusted themselves on the seats. Brook was the first to speak.

"Ah, Mr Dumbledore… exactly who is Miss Robin here?" he asked, a bony hand clutching his cane.

"It's quite the story. There was once a dark wizard…" Dumbledore began. "His name was Voldemort-"

"I don't like him," Luffy cut in.

Dumbledore chuckled. "His name was Lord Voldemort, though few knew his real name- Tom Marvolo Riddle. He was every witches and wizard's nightmare. He killed for the fun of it. He believed in power. In fact, he craved it. One night, on October 30th, he went to Godric's Hollow with one mission- to kill a child. He believed that killing this one child would bring him greater power than ever before." Dumbledore stared at Robin. "That was you, Miss Robin."

"I see…"

"He went into a house and killed both of your parents. Lily and James Potter. They both died protecting you. Then, Lord Voldemort turned to Robin, or Harriet as she's known here… but the spell backfired, and Voldemort disappeared from the world while Robin survived. That's what the scar is, it's a curse. Dark magic lives in the scar."

Robin rubbed her scar subconsciously.

"You were treated as a hero, even though you were only a year old. But thirteen years ago, you also disappeared. And now here we are," Dumbledore finished.

The pirates stared at the raven haired woman in awe. "You're awesome, Robin!" Chopper and Luffy chorused.

"Hey, you've told us what happened to Robin-chan, but what about where we are?" Sanji asked.

"You're in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry."

They all tilted their heads to the side.



"W-Witchcraft?" Brook yelped, jumping.

"School?" Luffy asked. "Is that some kind of sandwich?"

Dumbledore shook his head. "No, we teach young witches and wizards the ways of magic."

"Oh. Okay," Luffy replied.

"Well, I suppose you all need a place to sleep tonight. Would you like to sleep in the Great Hall for now? You may need to rise early tomorrow," Dumbledore suggested.

"Sure," Luffy answered, nodding.

They all slept in sleeping bags on the floor that night. The ceiling of the Great Hall was glittering with stars, and unlit candles floated in the sky. Robin stared at the stars, every single constellation unfamiliar to her, and every twinkling star she knew was either far away or completely gone. She sighed, closing her eyes.

She knew she was adopted, but she never thought that she was from another world. Or another universe. And she never thought that she was praised as a hero.

Turning around and gripping a handful of blanket, she was sucked into her memories and thoughts.

On the other side of the hall a man watched her, leaning against the wall with dark blue eyes that pierced through the darkness. No one noticed him; no one could even see, hear or feel him. He had one hand in one of his pants pocket and the other running through his messy hair, making it even messier. He wore a long white coat with two vertical black lines were his heart would be, a black shirt that was buttoned up to bottom of his neck and long black pants. His clothes were stained with blood that was not his own and burnt at the sleeves. It was Cariul.

He licked some blood off his hand before putting it in his other pants pocket. He walked over to Robin and hovered a hand over her head, crouching down. His hand glowed brightly, too bright for a human to see properly. If a human saw the light they would go blind immediately. "I'm sorry, this is rather unpleasant," Cariul whispered. He dared not to speak loudly, as if the pirates could hear him.

Robin shivered as if in response. Cariul smiled, showing his teeth. He stood up and looked at the ceiling, pointing at a particular constellation. "That, dear Robin or Harriet or whatever you're called, is the constellation named Phrinceo. It's a dull constellation. Crappy-Bara was born there. That's probably why it's so boring," Cariul laughed at his own joke. "Anyway, I'm off. I just had a little business to do. Work, am I right?" He chuckled again. "Man, those two better have dinner ready when I get back. I haven't eaten in two years."

His dark blue eyes turned bright white and he disappeared into thin air.

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