This is my new modern day fanfic: Clato. No hate please :(

Its a short fanfic :) Hope you like it! ~SomethingWeAsiansGot

"Over here!" Cato yells as his friend throws the ball through the air to him. He's running to get the ball when a little girl appears out of no where. A sound of surprise comes from his mouth as he stops himself from crashing into her. He swerves and trips over himself. A moan escaping his lips as he crashes to the ground. "Ugh. What the hell?" He groans sitting up. The little girl who couldn't be older than 5 stood over him. She had raven hair and blue eyes. A strange combination. "You nearly killed me." The girl says in an annoyed voice. "You appeared out of nowhere!" Cato argues, surprised at her boldness. "You smell!" She exclaims, pinching her nose. Before Cato could retort and tell her it was a thing in life called sweat, "Oh, sorry!" A girl calls, running over and picking the little girl up. Cato looks up and his eyes meet green eyes. "Clove?"

"Um...Hi." She mutters. "Who's this?" He asks. "She's Cindy. She's my...She's my niece."

"Yeah? Well next time, tell your 'niece' to stay out of my way." He spits, before walking off. "Do you know him?" The little girl asks. "Yeah..." Clove trails off. "Who is he?"

"He's Cato. Cato Hadley."

oooooooooOOOOOOoooooOOooOoOo Ooooooo

whats gonna happen next? .