"What's wrong?" Cato's girlfriend asks when he gets home.

"I saw Clove today." He says, throwing his bag on the sofa.

"Really? That's good."

"No. Her niece really pisses me off. She's got a huge attitude for such a young girl."

Glimmer laughs a bit and sits down next to him. "Yeah, I guess it runs in their family."

This comment makes Cato laugh, because it was true. Clove had an attitude. She would get angry often and throw knives at people. And Cato would know. They went out for almost a year, before Clove suddenly left to another country. Then Cato moved on and met Glimmer.

A few weeks later...

Cato sat on the bench on the oval. He stared at the other people playing soccer, football whatever. He relieved memories of when Clove was still with him. When she sat next to him overlooking the field. Then Cato felt the presence of someone sitting next to him. He looked and cried out, "You again?!"

And so did the little girl, Cindy.

"What are you doing here? Where's your...Aunt?" Cato asks, trying to sound nice. Cindy just cocks her head to the side, confused. And somewhere in Cato's mind, Clove does the same.

"Hey, you have blue eyes!" She points out.

"Can't I?" He splutters, shaking the memory of Clove from his head. Cindy ignores his retort and continues on. "And you have blonde hair. So…Are you dumb?"

"What?! Did you just diss blondes?"

"My mummy says if you start yelling, then I should leave." She says, without the slightest trace of fear in her voice. "What? Wait!" He cries, grabbing onto her wrist before she leaves.

"Who's your mummy?" He asks. He never remembered Clove having a sister, or brother. Cindy's eyes trail across the oval before shrugging. "I don't know." She giggles and runs away.

"Hey, no!" Cato takes off after her. Cindy seems to find this amusing, she bursts into giggles and keeps running as fast as her small legs would carry her. Cato catches up and Cindy trips over on a rock. "Ow." She mutters.

"Oh, God are you okay?" Cato asks, crouching next to her and helping her off the ground. Cindy holds up her hands to him and he sees the scrapes on her palms, she also got a fairly large scrape on her knees.

"Ok, let's get you cleaned up." He says, picking her up in his arms. They find a tap nearby and he sits her on his lap, carefully washing the blood away with water. To his surprise, she didn't cry or complain about the sting. Just like Clove, who would never admit to pain.

"Hey!" Her voice snaps him back to attention. "What?"

"You sprayed yourself with water." She giggles, pointing to the large wet patch on his trousers. "Oh, um. Never mind." He sighs. "Now, where is your Auntie or is your mummy here?" He asks. "My house is there." She points to the street. "Okay, can you take me there?" He asks. "Yep!" She replies proudly. So Cato puts her on his shoulders and walks down the road to her house.