lots of people have been saying that my story is a modified version of someone elses story. It's not. I really didnt copy it's just that the main story line is the same- with Clove leaving Cato and coming back with a child. I'm really sorry if it offended anyone.

"Mummy!" Cindy sobbed hard.

"Shh, Cindy. Good girl, don't cry." Cato hushed.

"I want Mummy!" She cries.

"Mummy's gone. She'll come back. She'll visit us."

After a half an hour, Cindy broke Cato's heart and he carried her to the car, and drove towards the airport as fast as he could.

Clove rolled her suitcase behind her slowly, thinking about Cindy, Cato… Maybe she still liked him. But what's the use? He's getting married. She had checked in but her plane got delayed.

"Clove!" She whipped around and saw Cato sprinting towards her with a red faced Cindy in his arms and her suitcase in the other.

"Cato? Cindy?"

"I'm sorry Clove. I never should've taken her away. I'm giving her back to you. You're a great mum, and you should be the one that looks after her." He rambles, face flushed. Clove picks Cindy up and looks at Cato with tears.

"Thank you."

"No worries."



They stare at each other, at each other's eyes just like they used to. Cato told himself that he could make her stay. He could beg her to stay, for him. But he just smiles and wishes her luck on her trip and in her life.

"Goodbye Cato."

"Bye Clove." They hug each other, both never wanting to let go.

"Bye Cindy. I'll see you soon 'kay?" He forces a smile through tears as he ruffles her hair and kisses her on the cheek.

"Bye daddy." She says sadly. Cato chokes out a laugh.. And waves goodbye as they walk through the gates. You can still make her stay. He says to himself.

You can stay. Clove says to herself. But neither of them do.

I'm sorry Cato, I'm so sorry. If you are reading this note, it probably means I've left already. I left because, I already feel like you've left me. I can tell that you still care about Clove, and Cindy a lot. You should go back to them. And start all over again. Don't worry about me, I'll be fine. Here's the engagement ring, maybe one day you can give it to the one true love of your life. Thank you for everything,

Love from, Glimmer.

Cato places the note down, tears forming. Was it really that obvious? Cato slumps down on the couch feeling lonelier than ever. Cindy wasn't here, Glimmer wasn't here. Is he just going to live like this for the rest of his life?

Thunder crashes and lightning flashes. Cato's eyes snap open. He had fallen asleep. The time read 12:28. He ran his hand through his hair and sighed. Their flight should've left by 12.

whats going to happen next?