Thunder crashes and lightning flashes. Cato's eyes snap open. He had fallen asleep. The time read 12:28. He ran his hand through his hair and sighed. Their flight should've left by 12.

Knock Knock. Cato shook his head. Was it his imagination? The heavy rain continued to fall. It probably was. But there it was again. Knock Knock. "Glimmer?" Cato mumbles as he walks to the door. He turns the key and opens the door. The door opens, revealing nothing. Nothing but cold wind and lots of rain. What were you expecting? He scolded himself. Did you really think Clove and Cindy would come back to you? He laughed at himself. He laughed until the laughing turned into crying and sobbing. He just really wanted them. He just really missed Cindy…And Clove. Oh Clove, I still love you. He cries to himself. And I will do anything to get you back.

Clove stepped off the plane and breathed in the cool morning air.

"We're home!" She exclaims happily to Cindy.

"I want Daddy." She pouts. Clove sighs.

"Cindy…I told you, Daddy isn't here. We can see him again someday."

A few days later. Clove's phone begins to ring.

"Hello?" Cindy picks it up.

"Hello? Is this Cindy?"

"Daddy!" Cindy cries.

"What?" Clove walks over and takes the phone from Cindy.


"Hey, Clove. Umm, how are things going with you guys?"

"Good. Just buying some stationery for Cindy. What about you?"

"Yeah, they've been alright. Glimmer and I broke up, the weddings cancelled."

"Oh? I'm sorry…"

"Yeah, it's okay, but I guess it's my fault."

"Why?" Clove asks, picking up a notebook and looking at it. "I kind of, fell in love with someone else."


"*sigh* Clove, it's you. I love you. I realized that I actually never stopped loving you. And when you came back with Cindy, I just-"

"I love you too Cato." Clove says into the phone, tears slipping down her face. She sits on a bench in the city as snowflakes begin to fall.

"You do?" His voice asks hopefully.

"Yes. I love you." She sobs.

"Now, if you can turn around and say it again…" Clove whips around and sees Cato standing a few metres away holding his phone up to his ear. Through her tears and the snow. She could see him smiling. And before he could say anything else, she was running towards him, boots crunching on the snow. She laughed through her tears as they collided together, embracing each other tightly. When they pull away, he kisses her. For the first time since she left, they kiss.

"Why are you here?" She gasps.

"Because, I wanted to be with you."

"I want to be with you too." Clove chokes out through tears.

"Then why are you crying?" He asks softly.

"I don't know…I'm just-" Clove stops mid-sentence and buries her face into his jacket, sobbing and laughing at the same time.

"I promise you you'll never cry again. I'll be with you forever and always, making sure you'll never be sad again. Not when I'm here with you."


da dum. :)