Shin Sangoku Umineko SEVENAH!

Prolouge - Back in Time, The Three Brothers.

'What happened?'

'Why do I feel so strange?'

Opening his eyes, a red headed man woke up. Next to him, was his sister, a red haired woman. Feeling drained out of all of his magic, he wondered what the hell was even going on.

Then, he heard charges.

The sounds of angry men charging towards them, three of them to be exact. Quickly being alert, the red haired teen looked up in shock and tried to take out his sword. But it was already too late. The three yellow turban men pointed their spears at the red haired man. "Die in the name of the Way of Peace!" one said, in an unusually foreign accent. He knew that he was not in the Meta-world anymore.

This man, was named Battler Ushiromiya.

"W-what?!" he shouted at the turban men. One of them then spoke. "This kid's givin' us nothin'! Kill him and take the girl!"

Gritting his teeth, Battler tried to defend himself, but then the spear got really close to his eye. Knowing that it is the end, he just stood there... waiting for the men to kill him, and take his sister, whom was named Ange Ushiromiya.

But then suddenly, SLASH, SLASH, SLASH! Three blades were heard as soon he was getting read to kill Battler. Looking ahead, he saw a man in grey, and two other men who were wearing grey as well. The three men then dropped and the man held on to Battler. "Are you okay?" he asked Battler.

Battler looked up and nodded. "Y-yeah huh... who are you?"

The man who had the goatee who helped him, gestured a bow that looked Chinese. "My name is Liu Bei. Next to me are my sworn brothers, Guan Yu, and Zhang Fei." Battler then recognized those names... but he can't put a thumb to where he had met them before. "N-nice eto meet you." Battler said panting. Ange brushed off herself and picked up the spear to inspect it. 'This must be...' she thought deeply. She then looked at the three brothers. "Thats... the virtuous Liu Bei!" she said to herself. She then quickly saluted. Liu Bei then placed his hand on her's. "There is no need." he said with a warm smile. "Come. Let us get your armoured, and a weapon. I don't know if you'll do well in that." Liu Bei then pointed to Ange's partially tattered clothing and she looked over at Battler's tattered suit. Ange, intelligently picking up the spear that was going to kill her, came along with Liu Bei and his brothers.

Where were they? Was this Ancient China?...

Only time can tell.

If I only I had a cover for this... it would be so much more epic!

But yes, this is a new series I am working on!~ See you around!