"Hey! Where do you think your going?" Inuyasha called, seeing Kagome running near the well that connected their two worlds.

"My time... where else?" She replied evenly.

He snorted. "Why would you do that?"

"Tomorrow is my graduation ceremony. I was lucky enough to make to the end of the school year, I'm not going to miss this last moment with my friends." She replied before hopping down lightly in to the well.

He ran after her. He had no idea what this "graduation" thing was, but he knew that anything that had to do with her school, she felt she had to do.

He's asked her before why school was so important to her, but all that she said was that it was important to her future. When he asked what she meant by that, she smiled at him and told him not to worry about it. So of course, he'd worried about it nonstop ever since.

Inuyasha hopped in the well and out once he was back to her time. Huh, he thought, "back" to her time. He was used to being in this time with Kagome, that he had come to think of it as a sort of home away from home for himself.

He hopped up to the the tree that was placed so convienantly outside of her bedroom. He heard her in there and didn't feel like going through the front door. He pushed off from the tree and landed on the small balcony just outside her window and pried it open.

"Inuyasha!" Kagome screamed. "What do you think your doing?!"

"Did you just expect me to let you come here without any protection, woman? As if..."

"I've already told you before, there is nothing that I need protection from, while I am here! It's entirly safe." She informed him, yet again, as she pulled on a strange, flowing yellow robe.

"Well, I also wasn't going to leave you... alone." Inuyasha stumbled over the sentence but made sure that he got the point across. He had finally started allowing himself to be soft around her, to open up. At least now that we are dating, he thought to himself, blissfully.

She glanced up at him and smiled, any sign of anger had dissapeared. "Well... I guess it would be nice to have you at my graduation ceremony. To have my boyfriend there." She said, with a flirtacious edge to her voice.

He grinned back at her and reached behind himself to grab and pull on the old baseball cap that had been hanging on her bedpost. The hat had once belonged Kagome's younger brother, Souta, but over many years of use, Souta had allowed Inuyasha to keep it as his own.

"I am so pruod of you, hunny." Kagome's mother hugged her as she walked away from her now graduated class.

"Thanks, mom. I can't believe I even passed, let alone got to graduate." She replied, giving her loving mother a gentle squeeze.

"Feh. Obviously you were gonna pass. You are smarter and stronger and know more than probably anyone in this room." Inuyasha reconsidered for a moment, then added, "Besides me of course."

She giggled a little at his huge ego, because she had known him long enough to know that it was just an act. When it was just the two of them, he was a big softie.

Kagome glanced around at her surroundings. She had been trying to spend more time her to pull her grades up enough to graduate. She had long since given up any thoughts of college but it seemed like a matter of pride to ensure that she graduated high school.

Kagome looked pleadingly at her hanyou.

"I was thinking about staying here for a few more days to catch up on some rest." The words were directed at her mother, but Kagome's pleading eyes never left Inuyasha's gaze.

"Feh," he replied. He would do whatever it took to make Kagome happy, even if it meant he had to stay in this strange time, that he had become to think of as a home.

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