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New and final chapter!

It's been 15 years since Iza was born. She is sixteen, her older brother (MuMu) is seventeen. (Not a scene set, just a bit of helpful information.)

Kagome wiped her tears away as Iza walks into the room. She was lucky to be part demon, though unlike her brother, her demon blood had remained to be only one-fourth of her, because had she not, she wouldn't have been able to survive the first few years of her life.

The doctors had been wrong when she was born, she did eventually grow to be able to hear but she never did gain the ability to speak or see. She had always relied heavily on her scense of smell and hearing.

Iza signals to her mother to ask what was wrong, using the unspoken language that most people here didn't understand.

"Nothing, Iza. It's fine. Go on and find Noa." Kagome said, keeping her voice strong enough that the tears leaking down her face weren't evident.

About a year after Iza had been born, Kagome's precious family had moved back to fuedal era because it felt... more like home to her and they had built and lived in a fairly large hut, built by Inuyasha's very own hands.

Kagome had allowed thousands of tears to leak out of her eyes before Inuyasha got home and asked her what was wrong.

"Ka-Kaede. Kae-Kaede... sh-she's...she is...gone!" Kagome through out the last word as if it was a live bomb. She collapses into her bed again, her head in her hands. Remebering when she found Kaede.


"Kaede? Where are you? Kaede?!" Kagome walked into the modest hut of the ancient woman, too old for own good.

"Kagome. I'm so glad it was you to find me." Kaede said informing Kagome of her position on her own cot. Her cadaverous hand reaches out and wipes away the tears as Kagome begins to realize what is happening to Kaede.

"Child. It is besy if ye not mourn me for long. Miss me if you will, but keep living a healthy life. Finish raising you're daughter so that she is strong enough to stand on her own feet." Kaede paused and sucked in a strained and weak breath."I am so proud of you, Kagome, you have exceeded everyone's, my own included, expectations. Tell everyone that I said goodbye."


30 more years later.

Kagome coughes weakly again, remebering her life. Everybody, all of her friends are gone. Kagome was the youngest and is dying the oldest. She rembers falling for Inuyasha, screaming at Miroku, leaning weakly on her best friend Sango's shoulder, Kaede teaching her everything. They were all gone.

Even Inuyasha.

Only a year ago, fighting a demon to protect his family, it had been a new moon and the demon struck him in the heart just as the sun set. Kagome had technically been dead inside since then but still technically alive on the outside.

Good things had happened, though. Isamu had fallen in love with Noa and they had been married. They awaited their second child. Iza had met Shippo when she about 23 and they had fallen madly in love, Shippo caring for and marrying her. They had just bore their first son.

Sesshomaru and Rin had stayed together until last year when Rin passed. Sesshomaru had beared 3 kids by her and they were full grown now. He was severly depressed but stays around for those that he has grown to love. He even mourned his brother's passing and had helped Kagome with anything that she needed.

Kagome had only seen him twice since the day that she slapped him, but Koga had gotten married to Ayumi and they had a whole mess of pups and had no plans to stop anytime soon.

All of Sango and Miroku's kids (there were six) became demon-slayers, except Akio, the youngest, who had become a devoted monk. They had married other humans but none had come back to see Kagome after their parents passing, so she didn't know who they were.

Kagome coughed for a final time and closed her eyes peacefully. She was so tired. She just wanted to sleep and she knew that when she opened her eyes again she would see her mother, Sango, Miroku, Kaede, her grandpa, Rin and the love of her life, Inuyasha.

She sighed and let the black blanket of unconciousness cover her.

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