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Anyway, this starts immediately after the last update. Enjoy :)


As he took in a deep inhale to sigh, he smelt Ellis' musky scent along his neck, and felt his sweat against his lips. It was so enticing, before long, he was back to nibbling his flesh, but not nearly as rough and aggressive as before. It sent a small shiver up the mechanic's spine, and he scooted just a little more to the edge of the washer to bring his entire body fully against Nick.

Whether he intended it to be a seduction or not, Nick was grabbing the Kid up in his arms and leaving out of the laundry room.

Ellis yipped and held tight to Nick, his legs wrapping around his waist, and arms tightening up around his neck. He didn't question him though, his mind still too foggy from his orgasm.

"Better get cleaned up, Ace. Wouldn't want Dad and Sis coming home to see the brothers covered in cum." He purred into Ellis' ear as he took them upstairs to the master bedroom. He was sure Coach had claimed the room shortly after finding it, but there was no way in hell he was letting those two take it, knowing they'd both take separate rooms to keep up with appearances. But the second the lights went out one would sneak in to the other's room.

Ellis blushed at Nick's brazen statement, and tried not to look too embarrassed by it.

As Nick lead them through the hall and to the largest bedroom of the house, he couldn't help but to squeeze Ellis' rump. Ellis yipped, bouncing a bit in his arms and blushed madly. Nick chuckled, kissing him quickly on the chin, figuring he'd never get enough of the Kid's blushing.

When they finally got inside the dark room, Nick leaned down and closed the door behind them, closing them off from the soft light from the falling sun. And just as quickly as he'd shut the door, he turned on a dime and pinned Ellis up against the door itself. The young mechanic gasped, blindly searching in the dark for Nick's face. Soon though, his search was over when it found him instead.

Nick caressed Ellis' cheek and used that hand to pin point where his mouth was, and to keep his head still, as he came down and kissed along the soft stubble of his jaw line.

"Nick…" Ellis breathed, one hand easing to the back of the Gambler's head, and carding through the dark, slick hair. His eyes shut to the black room as he felt Nick's thin lips gingerly ghost over his cheeks.

Nick leaned closer and planted firmer kisses up his nose, starting at just the tip, until he stopped right on the scar at the bridge. He let his tongue slip out to lightly trail over the spot, and he felt Ellis shutter at the sensation.

He grinned as he finally pulled away, reaching out with the hand he'd had on Ellis' cheek to find the light switch. Once the lights came on, he noticed how Ellis' eyes had been shut the whole time, and fully enjoyed the confused and innocent look he got when those pretty blues fluttered open.

He couldn't help that face and leant in to steal a quick kiss before pulling them away from the door and lead them into the bathroom just across the room. He flicked the switch on and quickly set Ellis on the sink counter, chuckling lightly when Ellis jumped from the chill of the surface on his bare bottom.

"Good thing about this place is its got hot water." Nick commented, bending and turning the warm water on. He let his hand trail through the rush of water and adjusted the temperature as he saw fit.

As he tampered with the water, though, what he didn't expect was the swift swat of his rump by work worn hands, followed by a light squeeze. He set both his hands on the lip of the tub and raised a brow.

"See somethin you like, Sport?" he turned his head to glance over his shoulder at the madly blushing mechanic, who even though was extremely embarrassed, still held a lustful gaze on the Gambler's body, standing just over him, eyes half lidded, biting against his lip.

Nick contemplated for a brief moment. He'd been planning to tease the Kid in the shower, and then ram him into the King sized in the bedroom afterward. But this was an interesting development.

Nick began to really get into the idea when Ellis' hands found a place at his hips, slowly kneading his flesh, and then worked their way to palm his ass firmly. Nick hummed, letting his head hang limply between his shoulders, shoving back just a bit. Yea, he could let Ellis top. In fact, he was starting to want Ellis to top. Just the thought of the mechanic mounting him, forcefully thrusting into him with as much power as he'd seen him plow through zombies with, it was enough to make him moan aloud, pressing himself into Ellis' crotch with a jut of his hips.

Ellis lightly growled, letting himself thrust at Nick's offered ass, the friction plus Nick's submissive behavior quickly making him hard again.

Nick moaned, squeezing tightly against the tub, "Damn it, Ellis… Get in the tub." He demanded, quickly reaching out and hurriedly pulling the knob for the shower spray.

Ellis smirked as he pulled away from Nick and stepped into the tub as ordered. Nick stood and couldn't help but to stare at the young mechanic's body as water was sent cascading over his rippling muscles, making them glisten and shine in the bathroom's light.

Nick huffed, tearing himself away from the lusty mechanic to find some sort of lubrication. Going dry was not on his wish list, especially with Ellis' cock being as thick as it is.

He went through the medicine cabinet with no success and quickly went into the bedroom to check drawers.

Ellis let himself lean onto the tiled wall behind him and just absorbed what was going on right now.

He was about to have sex with Nick.

The man he'd just stopped hating for childish reasons, and started fantasizing about shortly after.

A shiver went through his spine and ended in his groin. A part of him had hated himself after he found out he'd had feelings for Nick, and another part of him would use that rage to fuel heated fantasies that would only make his orgasm that more potent. Hell, he was sure he'd even fantasized about this very same situation.

Ellis bit his bottom lip hard and shut his eyes tight as he resisted the urge to touch himself. He was glad he'd just gotten off not too long ago, so now he'd be able to last longer for their next session. This was going to be a hell of a night.

Thankfully, Nick quickly stepped back into the bathroom, smirking with half lidded eyes. He had a tube of KY in one hand, lifting it up for Ellis to see.

Ellis blushed again, but because of the heat from the shower, one might think he was just overheated. Of course Nick knew otherwise.

"Come'ere…" Ellis spoke lowly, his courage to be assertive quickly coming back.

Nick bit his lip as he smirked at Ellis, stepping over the lip of the tub and setting his hands on the wall on either side of the mechanic.

"Look who's being all dominant…" Nick teased and snickered when Ellis momentarily lost his nerve and broke eye contact by looking to the ground between them.

Nick began placing kisses at his ear, trying to coax him back into going through with it and then whispered, "How do you want me?"

He smirked when he felt Ellis' arms encircle his back and pull him against his chest. Ellis brought his face back and gave Nick two quick kisses before he slowly turned with him in his arms.

"I'm gonna get at'cha on the wall…" Ellis spoke against the Gambler's lips. His arms began to run down his back, slipping down his sides, feeling against his ribs, "Gonna make you cum, hard." Ellis' voice took on a husky tone, and just when Nick was going to chuckle at Ellis' declaration, he felt teeth dig into his bottom lip, making him gasp, closing his eyes for a moment.

Ellis smirked, liking very much how he was gaining the upper hand. He brought Nick's lip into his mouth to suckle lightly and nibble a few more times. He was disappointed when Nick set a hand to his chin and gently pushed him away.

He still held a smirk, so that was a good sign. "Let me wash you up first." Nick pushed back on Ellis with his whole body, setting the KY he still held on one of the shelves. He then glanced to the side and found a bottle of body wash. It was citrus scented, but Nick couldn't bring himself to complain.

Ellis stepped to the back of the tub, where the water's spray barely touched him and leant against the tiled wall, blushing slightly, but intensely turned on none the less.

Nick flipped the bottles cap open and squeezed out a generous amount, and then placed it back on the shelf, turning back to Ellis a second later. His body shielded Ellis from the water, so he could soap up the mechanic without it washing off.

Nick rubbed the soap between his hands for a moment, silently gazing upon the suddenly heavily breathing young man, a smirk pulling at the edge of his mouth, "Ever been washed by another man?" he asked teasingly.

Ellis lightly chuckled, rolling his eyes, though Nick was sure he'd turned another shade of red.

Nick finally came to Ellis, setting soaped hands on his hips, pulling him into a demanding kiss. Ellis moaned, just draping his arms over Nick's shoulders, shivering in just the slightest when his hands traveled up his sides, caressing his ribs and then smoothed over his pectorals. His whole body jolted when thumbs pressed firmly and rolled over his nipples.

"Shit…" he uttered once, leaning back to get some air, but soon returned to Nick's kiss, forcing the man's lips apart so he could explore. Nick smirked into the kiss as he began tweaking each nipple with a thumb and pointer finger. It was slightly difficult for Nick to create the pinching motion when the soap on his fingers made the mechanic's nipples slippery, so they would easily evade the motion, slipping through his digit's grasp.

He was able to give a few good pinches anyway, all of which made Ellis groan and arch into Nick's hands.

Soon, Nick had to reach back, blindly, Ellis not allowing separation from their kiss, for the soap and squirted more into his hands. Spreading a portion onto his other hand as he set the soap back, he went back to Ellis' hips and started to travel to his lower back, slowly working his way up.

This time Nick pulled away, "God, you're so fucking chiseled, Ace." He spoke breathily against his lips, his thumbs rubbing into tight muscles at his back.

Ellis murmured, biting Nick's bottom lip, "I'ma be puttin'em to good use here soon, too." He ground Nick's lip between his teeth for a moment before he let it slip free, reddened and swollen.

A sultry chuckle left Nick, very excited to see how Ellis would handle it, "That's what I'm countin on..." He responded, letting his nails scrap down Ellis' back harshly.

Ellis bit his own lip as he growled, his eyes squinting as he stared fiercely at Nick's emerald eyes. His arms, which had been mostly flaccid, tightened around his neck till his head lay on the mechanic's forearms.

"Know what I've been wonderin ever since I started likin' ya, Nick?" Ellis spoke in a low, graveled tone that turned Nick on greatly.

"What's that, Kiddo?" he answered, letting his hands come back to a rest at Ellis' hips.

Ellis suddenly pulled the gambler close, thrusting at Nick with full force, their cocks sliding against one another, "If you're a screamer…" Ellis practically growled it, and then swiftly attacked Nick's neck with harsh bites, sucking just as hard as Nick had on him, wanting to mark him up just as much.

Nick choked a moan, actually nearly yelping. He tilted his head for Ellis, rocking into their embrace, loving how hard Ellis had gotten already.

Ellis left large hickies on Nick's jugular, in the juncture where neck met chin and then down along his collar bone. He hummed as he leant back to examine his work and then chuckled. There was no way the others wouldn't see the hickies all over the both of them. The thought sent ripples of excitement up his spine.

He wasn't going to deny he had seen the way Nick had eyed Rochelle during their first couple of weeks. Thinking about it now made him jealous, and possessive, though he knew Rochelle would never be interested in Nick, he still felt it. When the others saw, there'd be no doubt in their minds Ellis had put those there. Ellis had made Nick his.

Something about making Nick his 'property' was exciting Ellis in ways he hadn't thought possible.

And making him think of all the possible ways he could have Nick.


With a sudden inspiration, Ellis shot a hand behind Nick and grabbed the soap. He yanked up Nick's right hand and squirted out some more.

Nick was confused at first, letting his hand be guided around limply, but when Ellis started separating and guiding his hand to the mechanic's dick, Nick had to smirk.

"You want me to wash that for you?" he asked, coyly, running the tip of his nose along the side of Ellis' face.

Ellis chuckled and turned his head to steal another kiss, "It'd be mighty kind of'ya."

Nick obliged quickly, slipping his hand out of Ellis' to caress his lower abdominals for a moment till his fingers curled around the hardened flesh.

Ellis shivered at first, the soap still being a bit cold, but then relaxed when Nick started to rub, sending the cold right out, creating a smooth warmness. Ellis leaned his upper body back into Nick, his arms draping over his shoulders once again with a satisfied hum.

Nick chuckled and started to stroke just a bit harder, "You like it when I wash your cock?" he growled into Ellis' ear, then began to lick up the lobe, nipping roughly at the shell.

Ellis groaned, shutting his eyes, "Fuck yea…" he answered, though he was barely listening to what Nick was saying anymore.

Nick smirked and pulled his body away from Ellis' draping arms. At first, Ellis tried to follow, but a hand on his chest stopped him. Nick turned his body, and allowed the shower to spray Ellis' sudsy body. Soap and bubbles washed away, trailing down his sides, abs, and hips.

"God, Ellis…you are just too damn hot for your own good." Nick commented in a low tone, eyeing Ellis muscular expanse with riveted eyes.

Ellis chuckled, bringing his hands up and sending them to drag along his body to hopefully expedite the rinsing process, "Can't say I haven't heard that before." He muttered offhandedly, smirking at Nick mischievously for a moment, though it got the reaction he'd been hoping for.

Nick smirked before he lunged forward, encasing him in arms once again to kiss Ellis, though he used teeth more than lips and growled rather than moaned.

"You better not be all talk…" he warned him, pulling at Ellis bottom lip before detaching completely. Before Ellis could form words, Nick had grabbed the soap again and dropped to his knees.

Nick slyly grinned up at Ellis from his point of view, squeezing out more soap, "You're almost done. Just gotta get that last vital spot…" Nick trailed off, crawling on his knees closer to Ellis' protruding length.

A throb shot through Ellis and he shuddered, feeling completely lavished. He hasn't even had a girlfriend who even wanted to shower with him let alone give him a complete rub down.

Nick used the hand not holding his dollop of soap and used the shower spray to help get off all the excess soap and bubbles, feeling every little twitch it sent through Ellis' body. When he felt like he'd done a good job, he set the hand around the base, and then smirked as he placed a kiss right on the head of his dick.

Ellis moaned, loud and unashamed. It'd been so quick his reaction had been slightly delayed.

Nick chuckled, kissing up and down the length, running his tongue down the underside till it met with dark brush.

"Ahhhh, shit…" Ellis moaned, his head tilting back. He set a hand on the wall beside him while the other curled and fisted.

Nick began to swirl his tongue around and around the head, horribly teasing the sensitive area just to hear Ellis whine.

"Niiick…" he whimpered, bucking his hips impatiently.

He took the cue and engulfed the head in his mouth, suckling just a bit before he started taking more of his length. All the while, Nick had taken his soaped hand and set it against the mechanic's hip, fisted as not to lose the soap.

Ellis' moan was a satisfied one, though it gained a few octaves as Nick sped up. "Yea, Nick." He breathed, his own hips slightly rocking with the motions.

Nick couldn't help the stifled chuckle that left him, and slowly edged his soap wielding hand around Ellis' hip. He seemed distracted enough.

One moment Ellis' head was swimming, not even registering the spreading motion Nick's knees created when his legs were forced apart. He took a wide stance, his slight rocking slowed. The next moment, Nick's hand was slipping between his cheeks and all he could do was react, hips jutting forward to avoid the touch, and hands flailing.

"SH-SHIT, Nick, Wh-" Nick's mouth left Ellis' rigid cock and spoke over his outburst, "We're almost done, Sport." He murmured to him, dragging his hand along his abs soothingly. He waited till Ellis stopped protesting before he went back to calming him with cheek hollowing sucks that made the mechanic shiver. As he settled back down, Nick's hand, which had stayed nestled between Ellis' cheeks, began to spread the soap, coating the inner flesh as smoothly as the soap would allow. It didn't take long for Ellis to start and enjoy the odd touch, moaning softly every time his pucker was grazed.

Nick took the opportunity and used his pointer and middle finger to tease Ellis' soon to be entrance.

Ellis jolted, but in pleasurable shock, "Ah-Ahh…" his hand set against the wall once again, and his other curled to the back of Nick's head.

Nick hummed, letting his nails gently scrap along Ellis' stomach, finding this a lot more enjoyable than he initially thought. Ellis was so sensitive and reactive… it was driving Nick crazy.

Soon, Nick decided he was done, and pulled from Ellis, both from his dick and from his ass.

He stood from his knees and spoke, "Turn." Only uttering a one worded command that Ellis quickly followed after he got his feet back together.

Nick poked his head out of the shower curtain for a second and grabbed a clean wash cloth and came back into the shower. He let the warm spray wet the rag and then set a hand on Ellis' shoulder while the other trailed to his bottom.

"Just relax." He told the mechanic, leaning into his ear as he spoke.

Ellis nodded once, but then gasped slightly when the cloth was slid between his cheeks, clearing out the soap Nick had spread only a moment before.

Ellis' blushed harshly throughout the embarrassing process, and then let out a sigh of relief when Nick tossed the rag onto the shelf. He was finally done, which meant Ellis could finally-

"Now my turn." He heard Nick say.

Ellis turned back to look at Nick, annoyed, and was greeted with the soap bottle being pushed to his face. He grabbed the bottle with a groan, "I get that'cha wanted me to be clean…" Ellis set the bottle back on the shelf and turned fully to Nick, "But I'm pretty sure I'd fuck'ya just as hard covered in mud." He stated, his hip cocking to the side, knowing he didn't have the patience to rub up on Nick for the next six minutes.

Nick chuckled, "Alright, alright, calm down." He held up both his hands, in a surrendering motion.

That's all Ellis needed before he reached past Nick's waist and turned off the water, and with the same hand, guided Nick closer to him by the small of his back. The shower generated too much noise for him, and he wanted to be able to hear every insignificant sound he could.

Ellis began kissing up the gambler's neck, making him sigh and murmur. Nick's arms were soon wrapping around his neck, much like Ellis had done before.

Ellis quickly reached out and grabbed for the KY, but after a second, he had to pull away from Nick's neck to find it, but then returned once it was within his grasp.

"Right here…" he whispered into Nick's neck, turning them till Nick was up against the shower wall.

He set a hand at the back of Nick's left leg and guided it up to wrap slightly around his waist. He really hoped he was going about this the right way.

Ellis then pulled away from Nick's neck to be able to watch what he was doing, opening the tube of KY and letting some drizzle onto his middle and pointer finger. He noticed a little too late that his hands were trembling in just the slightest. He really hoped he was doing this right.

Nick suddenly chuckled, "Calm down, Ellis." His leg tightened around his waist a bit, "Knowing this is your first time, at least with a guy, I know it's not gonna be perfect." He soothed him by holding his face in his hands until they smoothed down his neck and down his shoulders. He squeezed on his muscular biceps and Ellis was able to breathe a little more easily with the reassuring gesture.

"I just don't want'cha to think I'm..." Ellis averted his eyes, "Bad…"

Nick chuckled again, though it was more of a giggle, something light and amused, "You're not gonna be downright bad, Sport. I have faith in you." He then used one hand to tilt Ellis' chin upward, setting a gentle kiss to his lips before pulling away and winking at him.

Ellis grinned, his confidence boosted, and leaned into Nick, pushing him against the wall with his chest, "Now just relax, then." He cooed to Nick with half lidded eyes.

Nick hummed, his grin turning to a soft smile as he did as he was told, letting his muscles go slack in Ellis' strong arms.

Ellis let his fingers drift to the offered space in between Nick's thighs, letting the heel of his palm brush against his ball sack. When his fingers finally made contact with Nick's pucker, there was a moment of slight tensing, but he relaxed again soon after.

He circled his finger for a moment until he slowly slid the digit past the ring of muscle. He brought himself to a stop when he heard Nick groan.

Nick had pinched his eyes shut for a moment, "Ellis…please don't be gentle." He breathed, opening one eye to stare pleadingly at him.

Ellis obliged with a swift nod of his head, and a gulp to moisten his suddenly dry throat. He figured Nick would have wanted that.

With not so much of the slowness as before, he began to twist his finger, pulling it against the muscles for a few seconds until he felt he could fit another.

This time, when the finger was slipped in, Ellis gave barely any warning, just gave a slow exhale as he did so, trying his hardest not to get overwhelmed by the tightness itself. Nick had begun biting his lip, just gazing at Ellis with this look. It was a restrained look, yet still fully expressing his need.

Ellis went a little quicker, scissoring the muscle and stretching Nick in a way he never thought he would.

"That's good…" finally came wavering past Nick's lips, a bit of a whimper in his tone which succeeded in only making Ellis run his fingers deeper, pushing against his inside wall. He was thrilled to be treated with a sound he'd only heard the man make when suffering from sudden pain.

But the way his eyes had fluttered, and the tip of his head told him otherwise.

"Mmmm, yea…" Ellis murmured, bringing his lips over Nick's jaw, just hovering so his breath could ghost across his skin as he spoke huskily.

"Tell me about it…" he then proceeded to tease the man, thrusting his fingers into him, pushing against his insides.

"Goddamnit…" Nick moaned, his hands suddenly fisting, the leg around Ellis' waist tightening, as his eyes shut tight.

Ellis chuckled darkly, highly satisfied with himself and finally, finally, pulled his fingers free and retrieved more of the KY. Nick sighed, letting his head hit against the shower wall.

"I swear to God…" he mumbled.

"What?" Ellis chuckled, squirting more into his hand and promptly began to lube his stiff, aching member. But before Nick could speak up, and tell him there'd be no second time if he pulled that again, Ellis grabbed his remaining leg and quickly brought it up around his waist, simultaneously pushing against Nick to keep him on the wall, only emitting a small grunt with the effort.

"Damn, Ellis…" Nick breathed, somewhat impressed by his strength, but mostly turned on. Ellis chuckled, using one hand to guide his member to press against Nick's entrance. It made the both of them shutter.

Ellis watched as Nick took a deep inhale and gave a nod, encouraging Ellis forward.

Very slowly, Ellis pushed, breaching Nick with a certain care, it made Nick squirm. "Ellis…" he hissed sharply, his eyes shutting tight.

Ellis remembered his plea from before, and quickly thrust upward into Nick, sheathing himself inside a few inches.

"Ahhh, Fuck!" "Oh my-…Jesus…" they both moaned simultaneously. Nick's muscles squeezed Ellis so tightly, and he was so warm, and pliant.

Ellis waited, barely containing himself, he waited for Nick's go ahead. He knew this had to hurt, even if Nick tried to play it off.

Nick took in a few sharp inhales, slowly opening his eyes, "Move…"

Without a second's hesitation, Ellis slowly pulled back, careful not to let himself slip free, and thrust back into Nick, angling it a bit. The action caused him to sink deeper, and completely sheathed himself inside the older man.

"Ellisss…" Nick hissed, and one of his hands fisted into his damp locks.

The mechanic groaned, his eyes shutting as his head tilted back a bit. This was amazing. No one, not even the girls who it'd been their first time were this tight. Nick's insides were suffocating him in a maddening pleasure.

He pulled back steadily, not even pausing before he thrust again, this time keeping a slow, yet hungry rhythm, in and out of the gambler.

With every motion, Nick would inhale with the thrust and exhale with the pull back. Only When Ellis began to quicken did his breathing become erratic, panting as he squeezed his eyes shut. There was still some pain, having not done this for awhile, but it was quickly fading away, pure pleasure taking its place. And after a shift of the Kid's angle and a rather harsh thrust…

"Ahh, Shit, ELLIS!" Nick moaned, his fingers and toes clenching as his back arched off the wall.

It helped greatly to relax the tense muscles that suddenly clenched so tightly around Ellis with pleasure.

Ellis smirked, as he squeezed at Nick's hips, using the grasp to help aid his thrusts, hoping to coax more of those delicious sounds out of the panting gambler.

"Ahh…ah…Shit…ah-shit…" Nick breathed, his eyes shut tight as his mouth hung agape, and only moving as he formed words of pleasure, his whole body rocking as Ellis pushed into him. Each motion became more fluid, more relaxed and less mechanical. Ellis was soon getting the hang of it, and started bringing on dirty talk that would shock Nick, but ultimately drive him absurdly crazy.

"Ya'like it, Nick?"

Nick had let one eye peek open and was about to respond with a frantic confirmation, but he was caught by a harsh thrust that ran right up against his prostate.

"ELLIS…" he moaned, and it didn't take long for the mechanic to continue with his harsh words.

"Yea…ya'like it when I ram my cock in'ya like this?" he asked in a mocking tone, not missing the whine he got in return and the gripping sensation on his shoulders tightening. He doubled his efforts, picking up the pace and made sure to aim just as he did before…

The result was Nick letting out a desperate moan with his every exhale, his head hitting against the wall behind him, his legs squeezing around Ellis' thrusting hips.

"Oh GOD, Ellis, YES…" he half moaned, his own hips trying to move in contra to Ellis' but only able to rock gently in his position. This was more than the gambler could have imagined the Kid being able to do, and he was glad he'd let the Kid top first. Having only ever fucked chicks, it was surprising that he was so damn good at fucking Nick.

He hadn't been this worked up on bottom since he was in his twenties. God, Ellis was good.

"Yea, that's right…" Ellis groaned, Nick's display getting him right where he wanted to be: on his way closer to climax.

When Ellis' thrusts became harder, it sent a surge of need through Nick's every fiber, practically screaming his want, "Fuck, Ellis, just like that, harder!"

Ellis growled in response and quickly leaned in to seal a kiss on Nick's lips, kissing him into the wall, where he couldn't escape it. He then did as Nick had commanded, giving him his all, thrusting deep inside him, putting an extra kick at the end of each harsh, bone crushing thrust.

Nick was soon reduced to incoherent moans, pulling away from the kiss to half slur Ellis' name, throwing in a couple half pronounced obscenities here and there.

Ellis uttered a "Nick…" and shut his eyes tight when he felt his climax approaching, gripping Nick fiercely as he pressed into him, kissing his neck dazedly. Without any hesitation, the mechanic brought one of his hands around to feel for Nick's neglected erection, grasping it tightly after finding it and setting a quick pace of jerking him off.

Nick's moans gained an octave for a moment, but then soon turned to harsh groans, snarling as his senses went into overdrive. His head hit hard against the tiled wall, staying there as he was pounded by the unstoppable force that was Ellis.

"SHIT, ELLIS!" It didn't take long for Nick to cum, three distinct spurts erupting from him to splatter against his stomach, chest and just a bit on his chin, his whole body trembling and locking up as he was rocked with such pure ecstasy that all he saw was white.

Not seconds later was Ellis right behind the gambler, a long, deep moan that rattled the both of them, tore from the mechanic, and hips froze in the peak of its arch inside Nick as he came.

Nick shuttered at the familiar sensation deep inside him, his eyes fluttering open to gaze at the mechanic just an inch from his face. Ellis looked to be half in pain and half euphoric. It was an expression Nick could get used to. His whole body turned to jelly, a lazy smirk pulling the edge of his mouth up, as he came down from yet a second orgasm.

Still panting, Ellis let his hips ease back, his limp member slipping out of Nick, letting the gambler's own weakened member come free from his grasp.

Even as they regained their bearings, their half lidded gazes locking with one another, their breaths mingling, neither attempted to move or separate from one another.

It was an odd bliss Nick hadn't known in a long time, a bliss Ellis might not have ever known. Nick couldn't be for sure, but he was glad he could share this moment with the Kid.

Round and round and round we go, when it stops? Nobody knows!