My first slash story, ever. I got pulled into the Dean/Sam universe.

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There wasn't any other way for them to get around the conversation. They couldn't pretend what just happened didn't happen. Dean could try to forget it, but Sam sure as hell wasn't about to let him succeed. Sam liked to get things out in the open, despite how hard it may be sometimes, letting his brother know how he was really feeling usually was for the best. He hoped to high hell this time was part of the usually best.


Dean inhaled loudly, knowing what Sam wanted to talk about and there was no way he was going to spill his guts, even if said guts were coiling around his heart begging for him too. "Don't."

"Don't 'don't' me Dean. It happened. I'm not going to let it go like you are trying to. Can we just," Sam paused, trying to stop from hyperventilating "You know what, I know how this is going to pan out because I know you. You're going to ignore me, no matter what I say. Gonna put what happened in the back of your thoughts, buried, and it's going to eat at you. It's going to eat at you and eventually you're going to break down about it and it might be too damn late to fix this because I don't know if I can go through this without not talking about it. I don't think I'll be okay if we don't. Just hear me out."

He tried to keep his hands by his side, tried not to reach out to Dean and let him know things would be okay. He failed. And the moment he did Dean recoiled from Sam's hand on his arm. His fingers tightened on the steering wheel of the Impala, white knuckles bursting with the need to punch something. Instead, he pulled over to the side of the road, turned the engine off and let his forehead sit on the steering wheel of his baby. He breathed in slowly and then whispered out a soft but gruff "Fine."

Sam looked at his brother, nearly feeling guilty about doing this to Dean. Nearly. He just couldn't let this go. "We had to. The case made us and we can't take that back. More men would have died if we hadn't come up with something better and fast." He rubbed his forehead, wishing his heart would stop pounding so ferociously.

"I get it. I do. But it doesn't make it right," Dead replied defeatedly. "I mean. If we couldn't convince him, he would of killed more. But how the hell are we supposed to go back after that?"

Sam weighed his words carefully, feeling them on his tongue and wishing he didn't have to say them because he knew Dean didn't want to hear them. "We don't. We work through it, remember it sometimes, and trick ourselves into thinking that it doesn't matter. But it does. I mean it was just kissing."

Dean's head flew up at Sam's words, his head pounding and his heart aching. All Sam could see was the anger and not the heartache. "Just kissing? Dude, brothers don't kiss! It's not right, it's wrong and if I hadn't already known I was going to hell I sure as hell do now. How the fuck are we supposed to work through it, huh?"

He wanted to give Dean a different answer, but he knew he needed to let the truth out so that his head was clear and his heart wasn't as heavy. "I want to do it again," Dean's eyes narrowed and his mouth was tightened not in anger, but in shock. "Yeah, you heard right. I liked it. I loved it. I've wanted to do that since I was seventeen years old and I want more. I know it's not right, but dammit it felt right. I want you."

There. It was said. He'd come out of the proverbial closet and it felt damn good but the look in Dean's eyes was frightening and he almost wanted to take it all back.

Dean opened the driver door, got out and slammed it has hard as he could in anger. Sam wanted to stay in the car, he did but he knew he couldn't. They had to talk this out.

The case had required them to kiss, to act as if they were a gay couple, otherwise the warlock that was killing gay couples out of hate wouldn't have targeted them as potential victims and would of killed another pair of innocent men that night. Only two hours ago. Two hours ago they had walked into that club, saw the warlock they were searching for and saw the two desperately in love men he was going to target. The couple had been dancing in the corner, slow and in tune with each other.

Sam and Dean knew as soon as they walked into that club that they had to do something quickly otherwise the warlock would have burned them alive where they stood. So they started to walk to the bar together, and before they could reach it Sam had locked his mouth on Dean's neck and started to kiss, lick, suck and bite anywhere he could reach, without taking the warlock out of his sight. Dean had froze and then let out a desperate, surprised and filthy moan. That had grabbed the warlock's attention and Dean hadn't realized it. Neither had Sam because he put his hands on Dean's hips, gripped hard and pulled Dean's back to his front before grinding into his ass. He spun Dean around before Dean could protest and ruin the image Sam was trying to portray. He sealed his lips over his brothers, kissing him hard, his hand now gripping the nape of Dean's neck.

Dean's hands immediately went to Sam's hair, gripped and pulled as he kissed Sam back. Their mouths were hot, wet and perfect against each other's. Their bodies were pressed up hard each others, each man able to feel the other's rock hard erection. Sam moved his hips a little, causing Dean to gasp, which caused Sam to enter his tongue into Dean's open and tempting mouth. They both moaned, hands gripping harder into each other, tongues battling together in a hot dance, hips moving for more of that delicious friction.

All the sudden they both felt a burning sensation in their feet that slowly traveled up their legs. It had nothing to do with the near orgasms they were creating but rather the gaze of a powerful and hate-filled warlock. Sam regrettably tore his mouth away from Dean's and quickly murmured the spell that warded off spells from close witches and warlocks as he grasped Dean's hand so the spell would transfer through him to Dean as well, all the while making himself look like he was only nibbling on Dean's earlobe as to not gain any more negative attention from the warlock.

As soon as the spell was completed Sam drew away from Dean, gripped hand harder as if to say "Follow my lead," and moved towards to back alley exit, knowing the warlock would follow to finish them off. Dean followed, suddenly understanding why Sam actually kissed him and he felt a pang in his heart, wishing it hadn't been for just the case. When they got outside the exit they let go of each other and flattened their bodies against opposite sides of the wall by the doors. The warlock opened the doors and walked right into the alleyway, oblivious to Sam and Dean.

Dean then quickly ran to the warlock, automatically putting him in a choke-hold and waiting for Sam to say the spell that would bind the bastards powers. It was easily done, Sam was always the best when it came to spell work seemed his mouth was good at various things. The burning in Sam and Dean's legs stopped, the warlocks power bound and locked away forever. Sam met Dean's gaze and nodded,

Dean let go of the now mortal man and kicked the back of his knees, making the man drop hard onto the ground. He grabbed the man's hair, pulled his head back and growled, "Listen you son of a bitch, you do anything to anyone else ever again, I won't hesitate to kill you. Get over the fact that you're a whiny bitch that can't do anything about two men who want to be together and get yourself a normal life. Sam there has a tracker and motion spell on you that lets him know everything you do, every second, of every day. He gives me word, and I get to gut you like the bastard you are, got it?" The warlock gasped and nodded his head several times. Dean looked at Sam, their eyes connecting and he let go of the man's head and walked away with Sam to the Impala. Neither said a word.

Sam mused out of the memory when he heard the Impala's trunk open and he got out of the passenger seat and headed to the back of the Impala. He was met with a splash of water to his face. He spluttered and gasped, "I can't get possessed Dean! I still have the tattoo!"

"Well excuse me. It's not every day my little brother admits he wants me sexually. How could I not think you're a demon?" Dean then cocked his head to the side and ripped Sam's shirt open, wanting to see the tattoo for himself. It was there, undamaged, and it looked the same as the day he got it...Shit, Dean thought. It was Sammy, it was his little brother that said he wanted him. Unless..

"I'm not under a fucking spell Dean, I can see your thoughts running a minute a mile now Dean. I said everything cause I meant them dammit." Sam grabbed Dean's jacket and pulled him to his chest. "I want you and I want to I need to know if you want me the same way. I need you to say it."

Dean looked at his little brother, his beautiful little baby brother. His Sammy. His. He could have what he always wanted, he could finally have it. He was going to take it. He had to, he'd been to hell once, he didn't mind going there again to feel what he did when Sam first kissed him. So instead of answering Sam, he grabbed the back of his head and pulled him down to meet his lips.

It was more powerful, it was red hot passion and white hot power this time because this kiss wasn't initiated by the need to get some killing bastards attention. This kiss was pure want, desire and need. Desperate need.

Sam moaned, knew the answer even if it want vocalized. Dean's actions were always louder than his words. Dean pulled Sam's bottom lip into his mouth and bit it lightly before sucking on it, causing Sam to moan and bring his hands to Dean's hips to pull him to his body.

Dean rolled his hips into Sam's, cocks pressing against each other, hard, hot and wanting. Dean reached out towards the trunk door, felt for the top of it and slammed it down hard to close it. Sam jumped a little, pulled away from Dean only to be pushed against the back of the Impala, Dean pressing against him again. Dean starting unbuttoning Sam's pants, his hands not being able to control themselves any longer as he helped himself into Sam's boxers. He could feel the heat from his brother's body, like an overheated furnace, and he pressed his hand against Sam's cock, finally being able to touch and know it's okay, that Sam wants it. Finally able to live out his fantasies.

Sam gasped and then moaned loudly, as he felt Dean's hand grip his shaft, gripping perfectly and sliding up and down lightly, as if to tease him. "Dean," he pleaded, "please, please. Need you. So much. Fuck, I want you. Please harder." He knew he was babbling but he couldn't help it, it was so much to finally feel his brother touch, to finally get what he's been wanting for so many years. Dean pressed his lips against Sam's collarbone and grinned, somehow he thought his Sam would be quiet during sex since he talked so much on a normal basis. He was so glad he was wrong. He gripped harder but kept the motion slow and steady as he sucked on Sam's neck, determined to leave his mark. To make him his.

Sam placed one of his hands on the back of Dean's neck, pushing Dean's mouth harder onto his skin, his other hand traveled underneath Dean's shirt. He couldn't believe how defined and hard Dean's abs were. Fuck, he thought, he couldn't believe how in shape his brother was despite his eating habits. His thought process was shut off as Dean's thumb ran over the slit of his cock, rubbing the pre-cum over his head. He could feel his balls tightening, could feel the burning of his rapidly, approaching orgasm.

A loud honk of a horn was heard, and Sam's orgasm reared back as both he and Dean jumped away from each other and looked at the large truck passing them. They'd both forgotten where they were, middle of nowhere sure, but not private either. Dean looked back at Sam, breathing rapidly and took in his brothers state. His cock was still out, pressed between his stomach and his boxers, pre-cum leaking out and his shirt ripped down the middle, showing off his chest, lightly covered in sweat, rising and falling in quick pants of breath. Despite it being dark, he could make out the mark on Sam's collarbone and the mark underneath his chin...His marks. Fuck, they had to get somewhere private so they could finish this and not be interrupted.

He zipped and button up Sam's pants and leaned up and kissed his lips hard, murmuring against Sam's lips, "Let's go get us a motel Sammy, I gotta have you. Soon. Somewhere we can't be interrupted Now." He pressed his lips more softly against Sam's and licked his bottom lip before pulling away and heading for the driver's side. Sam swallowed hard and took a deep breath. He grinned as he walked around to the passenger side. As much as he wanted to come, he knew his big brother had the better idea of getting them secluded and alone. God...the things they were going to do.

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