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Chapter 5 - Caves & Convincing's


We finally had arrived in California! We were staying at our beach house we owned. Right now we were all at the beach. It took some convincing but my mom finally let us go. I looked up and suddenly noticed something well more like a place. It looked like an island of some sort and I wanted to find out more so I tapped Trish to get her attention.

"Trish," she looked over at me. "Look at that island over there."

She looked up and saw it too. "It looks cool, lets ask your mom if we can use the boat and travel there." She said.

I scoffed. "Please my mom would only let us go when hell freezes over." I sarcastically responded.

She rolled her eyes. "It's worth a shot right?"

I sighed knowing she was right and we both got up and went over to my mom.

"Hey mom," I started to get her attention. "Can me and Trish go to that island over there?" I calmly asked.

"No way!" She exclaimed.

"Jeez a simple no would've been fine." I said sarcastically.

Seeing that this conversation wasn't going anywhere anytime soon Trish jumped in. "Please Ms. D! If it helps the situation any better, Hayden can come along since she's the oldest." Trish persuaded.

"There's no way in-" I whispered to her but got cut off by my mom.

"Sure why not. Just be back at a reasonable hour okay? And be safe." She said.

While I stood there with my mouth open wide, Trish thanked her and we went to go find Hayden.

We spotted her in the water and called her out. She jogged over to us out of breathe.

"Y-y-yes," she pants. "Y-you w-wanted me?"

"Yeah, mom said we can go to that island over there," I pointed showing her with my finger. "As long as you take us cause your 16 and the rest of the girls are 15."

She rolled her eyes. "Alright just give me a minute."

We nodded and decided to wait for her by the boat. 10 minutes later she came over with shorts and a t shirt on covering her bikini. "Ready to go?" She questioned.

"Yep." We nodded.

We all got in the boat and she started the motor. We looked around taking in the beautiful scenery along the way. I couldn't wait to get to that island!

The boat was parked and we were out of it and on foot. I ran over to a sign that read Alchemy Island. What does that mean?

"Hey Hayden," I tapped her shoulder gaining her attention. "What does Alchemy mean?"

"It's a synonym for magic."


We walked until we got lost. We were standing on some rocks and in order to avoid the water beneath us that looked a little deep, we had to jump from rock to rock. Hayden and Trish just jumped while I was a little hesitant to.

"C'mon Ally you can do this!" Trish encouraged.

"Yeah baby sis you got this!" Hayden cheered.

I smiled then took my chance. I jumped but instead of ending up on the other rock, I fell backwards and slid down a little hill. I opened my eyes and looked around.

"Oh my gosh Ally are you ok?!" Hayden and Trish both shout from outside.

"Yeah I just scraped my knee a little on the way down," I look around. "You guys have got to come down here and see this." I say amazed. I get up and start walking around.

"Ahh!" I hear then another voice followed by the first one.


"Is that you guys?" I ask.

"No it's Bigfoot." Trish says sarcastically.

"And Robin Hood." Hayden says sarcastically also.

"Where the hell did Robin Hood come from?" I questioned.

She rolled her eyes but didn't respond. They get up and stand next to me as I gasp.

"Ally where are yo-" Trish cut her own self off when she what I was staring at.

"Whoa." She said breathe less.

"I know." Hayden agreed.

The sight before us was breathe taking. It was an pool that was sparkling blue underneath the moonlight. Wait a minute...moonlight?! Damn! My mom said be home at a reasonable hour! I guess I zoned out because I heard Trish call me.

"Huh?" I say as she waves a hand in front of my face.

She rolls her eyes and I took notice that Hayden disappeared.
"Hey where did Hay-"

"Boo!" Hayden jumps out of nowhere and scares me half to death. But apparently scared me so much that I tumbled backwards into the pool.

I purposely didn't come up for water and they started freaking out.

"Oh my gosh Ally!" Hayden yelled leaning over the pool. I took this chance to take both her and Trish's arms and pull them both into the pool right along with me.

"Ahh!" They both screamed. Meanwhile I was laughing my ass off.

"Haha very funny Dawson." Trish deadpans.

"I-I kn-know." I say in between laughs.

I calmed my laughter down and we all decided to look up. The moon shone into the pool then the weirdest thing happened. These little water orange-ish bubble things started coming out the pool as we looked up. Once it was over the moon had moved away. That was weird.

"Did you guys see that?" Hayden asks shocked.

"Yeah but we have to find a way out of here before mom gets worried." I say.

"Good point." Hayden says.

"How about we swim outta here since we're already in water." Trish suggests.

"That's a good idea but where do you see an outing?" Hayden asked.

"Hold that thought," I said. I went under the water and starting swimming I realized that a little down from the pool there's an outlet. I swam back and poked my head outta the water. "There's a little outlet underwater." I said.

"Okay." They both agreed. So we all went underwater and I lead the way, them two following behind me as we made our way out the cave.

"Great where do we go now?" Trish huffed.

Suddenly we see a boat and this bright light shines outta nowhere. "Water police!" We hear the oddly familiar voice say.

"Brandon and Zander quit screwing around!" Hayden yells, annoyed.

Brandon scoffs. "Be lucky we came out here to get you in the first place."

"Did mom send you guys out here?" I retort.

"Nope," Zander replies. "We came out here ourselves."

We question no longer and swim over to the boats getting in one by one.

"Ms. D is gonna freak." Trish mutters.

"I know," I say. "Her words from earlier keep haunting my brain." I shiver.

Be back at a reasonable hour.

Yeah, we have some serious explaining to do in the morning. I sigh and lay my head on Zander's shoulder and fall asleep not looking forward to the morning and my mothers 20 questions. Oh I know I'm in for it now.

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