Can You Keep A Secret?

The sky, painted with thick coats of pure gleaming gold cast a amber light upon the face of whatever object happened to stand in its path of radiance.  It kissed the horizon with priceless lips as the crashing waves sank into mellow blueness.  As witness to it all, the two stood hand in hand atop the balcony of the lighthouse, smiles playing on both their faces, each remembering the night they had been there last… when he had proposed.  He drew his arms around her waist and they watched the sunset together, not needing words to convey their love.

"Hello?  Phoebe?" Rhonda's voice beckoned the small Japanese girl back into reality.

"Yes, Rhonda?"

"I said, 'can you imagine what it would have been like?'  I mean, Helga and Arnold- Married!" She continued.

Phoebe simply smiled, remembering her daydream.  "Actually, it wouldn't be all that bad."

Rhonda immediately stopped her mindless banter and looked straight at Phoebe.  "What do you mean?"

"Well… many people believe strongly in the philosophy that opposites attract. Arnold's optimism and happiness could mellow out Helga's pessimism and anger.  They could be very happy together."

"But it's such a terrible match!  There's no way!" Rhonda replied.

"I rather think otherwise.  When you take the time to think about it, they're everything the other's not."  Phoebe mused.

"But my marriage predictor was totally wrong.  The mistake I made… I was so wrong!" Rhonda stammered.

"What can paper tell us about the decisions of the heart?" Phoebe asked with a smile.  She was starting to sound like Helga in one of her poetic musings.

Rhonda sighed desperately.  "Phoebe, can you keep a secret?"

"Of course I can."

"I mean a super-secret.  One that could possibly alter reality and life as we know it if it were exposed!"

"Certainly I can.  What the matter?" Phoebe asked, noting Rhonda's distress.

Rhonda leaned in, and in a barely audible voice, she whispered, "the mistake I made with the marriage predictor was… I wasn't supposed to reveal the results."

Phoebe digested this information and smiled.  "I see why."

"You do?" Rhonda asked, surprised.

"Of course."

"Then tell me!  I don't get it at all!" Rhonda pleaded.  "Shouldn't we know who we're going to marry?"

Phoebe sighed a small sigh.  "If at nine years old we knew who we were going to marry, we'd spend our lives trying to pursue or avert it.  Ultimately, we'd change our fate." 

A look of enlightenment settled over Rhonda's features. 

As they filed out of the bus, Helga and Arnold ran into each other in a rush to get off the vehicle. 

"Sorry Helga." He said, offering his hand.

She took it, and in her eyes he saw a look… the glimmer she had in his dream when she finally confessed her motives for tormenting him. 

"Thanks, Football Head."

Phoebe smiled to herself.  "Looks like those two will figure it out sooner or later."

"Just like you and Gerald." Rhonda added with a smile.

Phoebe blushed slightly. 

"What about her and me?" Gerald asked, overhearing his name.

"Oh nothing.  Nothing at all." Rhonda said, offering a wink in Phoebe's direction.