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Present time

My hands are gripping the headboard so tightly my skin is white, but I need to leverage myself as I'm fucking my man.

And fucking I am.

Fast. Hard. Deep. So fucking deep.

His hands are in my hair making a fist of it and tugging my head back. It only spurs me on and he knows it.

I like kinky shit – just like him.

I buck wildly when I feel his long, skilled fingers running over my crack then ever so slowly one of them making its way inside.

Fuck, so good!

I thrash above him. His hand from my hair goes to my hip, helping me move faster.

Then I'm swirling down the hot channel.

As I lay lifelessly on top of him, trying to regain my wits, he rubs my back, kissing my hairline.

"I don't understand how you can still want my failure of a body," he says softly.

"Stop," I protest quietly. "Just stop saying bad stuff about you."

"How can I? Look what I've become! I can't even please you like I know you want!"

"You do a pretty damn good job!" I whisper, pressing a sound kiss above his heart. "Besides, if there's anyone to blame, is me." My heart constricts as I raise my head to look into his sad green eyes.

"Don't, baby. I drove you away."

"I should have known you were lying. If I hadn't run away…you wouldn't have to run after me and…that car would have never hit you." I sob. "But of course I believed you…there wasn't a reason for my kinky fuck buddy to share my crazy feelings."

"At least, we're on the same page," he murmurs, kissing my nose. "Now."

"Breakfast?" I offer.

"Can I help?"

I grin and slid out of the bed, rolling his chair closer then help him on it. "You cut the toast, I spread the jelly?"

He scowls but agrees.

We're perfect together.

If I'd known it before – no. If I'd realized it before…he had never been hurt.

My name is Isabella Swan, and to understand my story better, we have to go a few years back.

Winter of 2010

To be honest, I don't even remember much of that night.

All I know is that I wanted to party hard and have recently decided to live my life to the max because I had just this one life.

So after my epiphany, I go to the first bar and get smashed, become friends with a group of airless chicks I'd never even spare a glance if I was sober then we hit a private party one of them knows of.

The private party is a sort of orgy and I decide to leave quickly because as much as I want to live my life, this isn't the way I want to do it.

But then I see a man under the Christmas tree in the living room.

He's dressed in only a Santa coat, with a red hat and boxers. There are women taking turns at kissing him. He has lipstick marks everywhere.

I idly wonder how much he's being paid to be there.

Then I catch his eye I'm mesmerized by the pair of penetrating deep eyes staring at me through thick black lashes.

I'm so fucked. I don't even know how I cross the room, reapplying lipstick on my way to him. He has a smirk on his face as I kneel next to him.

"Anywhere?" I whisper breathlessly.

He winks and folds his hands behind his head.

"Turn around," I order, already pushing against his hip.

Surprised, the man does as I say, peeking over his shoulder to see what I'm doing.

Aware everyone is watching me, I lower his boxers' elastic band and not kiss the white flesh there, but I bite. Hard.

"Fuucck. That's hot," I hear him hissing. Then I roll him back and plant a kiss on his square jaw.

I turn to leave but his hand grasps my wrist. "Would you linger? My time will be up in half an hour," he whispers on the most desire dripping voice I've heard in my life.

"Maybe," I say cheekily and disappear into the crowded room.

Of course I linger.

Of course, I make a quick trip to the bathroom and take my panties off.

And I drink a lot of water to sober up. I want to remember this.

I'm outside the house, leaning against the cold brick wall, entertaining my latest habit – smoking. I'm not good at it, but I always wanted to try.

"Those will kill you," a smooth voice says from my right making me jump and choke on the smoke I inhaled.

"You came!" I exclaim surprised.

The corner of his mouth lifts up. "Not yet. I'm planning to cum in your tight pussy. Is it wet for me?"

My muscles quiver at his words.

"Why don't you find out on your own?" I tease, stubbing the cigarette on the stone banister next to me.

The man still dressed in his Santa costume, pushes me against the wall and dives his hand under my skirt. He inhales sharply when he finds no barrier between his fingers and my dripping pussy.

As his finger pump into me, he penetrates me with his eyes.

"Ground rules," he says heavily. "I don't kiss on the mouth. I don't get involved in vanilla shit. I don't wear a condom."

My walls clamp on his three fingers as I cum so hard my knees buck.

"I'm in," I breathe, staring at him hypnotized.

He throws me a bashful grin. "You won't regret it." Quickly, he opens his boxers to let his huge dick out. My eyes nearly cross at the size.

"I have one rule," I whisper, trying to stay grounded. He tilts his head to the side showing me he's listening, but he's also raising my feet, and pressing his dick against my clit. "I don't fuck strangers."

He chuckles. "Name's Edward. Yours?" He rubs the head of his cock to my pussy lips.

"Isabella," I moan, grabbing his shoulders as he dives inside me. Hard.

There's not much talking done after that. Just moans and grunts and a lot of swearing from his part. The swearing does weird things to me. I come undone at least two times and he's not even close to being done.

Our position changes constantly – against the wall, my back against the snow covered stone banister, my chest over the stone banister, my legs around his head.

I'm shocked when he finally comes that he pulls out, gasping on my neck.

"Why?" I feel disappointed.

"Are you on the pill or something?" he challenges me.

I bite my lip. "Just got the shot the other day."

"Awesome. Would you like to become my kinky girl?" Edward asks with a little sneer.

"Didn't I already become?" I'm much braver than I used to be a week ago, but this decision to change my life radically brought me the best sex I ever had.

"Wait here a moment. I need to grab my things from inside." And he's already slipping inside the warm house. Loud music spilling from the crack he left behind him.

Unlike most people that decide to live their lives, nothing bad happened to me.

My parents are still alive, happily divorced, living with their suppose. I'm friends with both the step parents.

I'm not dying of some disease.

I didn't recently break up and decided I hate men and I want revenge.

I just want a good time.

I won't be young forever.

"Ready?" Edward's velvety voice whispers in my ear, his hand on my lower back.

"Ready," I agree, grinning.

Present time

"Baby, I need coffee or I'll cut my fingers," Edward whines, pushing the bread away.

I roll my eyes and take a cup from the cupboard, pour coffee in it and hand it to him. Always black like his heart – as he likes to say it.

"Thanks," he says into the cup, already gulping the magic liquid.

I end up making the breakfast while my lazy ass fiancé drinks coffee and smokes, watching me.

"I shouldn't even feed you," I mutter, placing his plate in his lap. "You always worm your way out of helping me in the kitchen!"

"Must I remind you of that time I tried making pasta?" he asks, chewing on some toast. When I cringe, he beams. "Thought so."

"Fucker!" I kick his chair a few inches away. His coffee which was on the arm rest falls on his lap.

Servers him right.

"Fucking shit, woman!" he moans, snatching the tissues box and dabbing himself.

"Wouldn't you have loved to just get up and…dunno…attack me?" I taunt him.

Edward glares at me, dabbing at his pajama bottoms silently.

I wish he'd be more motivated to get better. The doctor told him he'll be able to walk again, but he has to attend classes for learning how to walk, how to use muscles.

Of course, stubborn Edward won't even hear about it.

Suddenly he jerks his chair around and disappears from the room. I stare after him wondering what I should do to motivate him. I've been trying hard for the past three months since it happened. Nothing works.

I try to eat my breakfast, but it doesn't settle well in my stomach as I hear him banging around in the next room.

Finally, I go after him and find him in the tub, laying there at an odd angle. His head is on the tile behind the tub, one arm is in the tub, the other on the edge and his feet dangling over the edge. He looks so annoyed he could spew fire.

"Don't touch me," Edward hisses as I approach to help him.


Shrugging, I change my direction, going to the sink to brush my teeth. I watch him in the mirror. After a few long minutes, he manages to get all his body in the tub then he folds his arms over his chest and stays there, watching me brush my teeth. When I bend to rinse my mouth then wash my face, I hear a faint groan from behind me.

I almost expect him behind me to take me there. It happened before…a lifetime ago.

I towel my face then turn to him. Edward's bracing himself on the tub edges, his arms' muscles straining as he has a determined look on his face. Suddenly, he collapses and I'm there, checking if he hurt himself. And he allows me.

"Fine. I'll do it," he mumbles so softly I barely hear him.

I squeal and wrap my arms around his shoulders, hugging him tightly. Somehow, I end up in the tub with him. Good thing there's no water.

We just lay there, hugging each other for what feels like ten hours. The shrill ring of my phone breaks our moment.

"Work…" Edward grumbles. "I don't feel like it today."

I stroke his hair. "The boss can take a day off." I wink.

"Says my best chief supervisor."

I grin, beaming at him. "Not long ago you were my supervisor…"

"True." He laughs through his nose. "Totally cliché, my love. To sleep with your boss before you even met him!" he mock gasps.

I turn red, remembering our first night. "More like fucked in ways I've never dreamed of," I whisper, getting out of the tub.

Edward pokes his tongue out. I help him out and in his chair then take him to our home office.

"Jesus! All he does is sleep!" he mutters as I pass his dog. He claimed he had it for at least seven years when we met. If that's true, I bet the poor thing is too old to do much else.

"Well, I'll leave you with Slob. Be a good boy, don't burn down the house and I'll be back home as soon as I can," I promise, kissing him softly.

Edward cups my cheek, stroking it and staring into my eyes with a look he rarely lets me see – full of love and need. We kiss for a long time – then I pull back and go to get dressed for work.

December 2010

I'm expecting to walk to his or my place, but he takes me to a fancy sports car with tinted windows.

"We're going to my place. I have a lot of stuff we'll both enjoy." He winks as he opens my door.

A kinky gentleman. I like this.

There's never been anyone before him to open the door for me.

My eyes fall on the steering wheel, curious of this car. It looks familiar but I've no idea where I've seen it before. Not on streets definitely – it's an uncommon vehicle.

All I can make out of the sign in the dark is a pair of wings.

Edward slides in his seat, buckling his belt then starts pushing buttons making a lot of things happen – the engine roars to life, there's warm air filling the car, music spills from the speakers.

"Seatbelt, please," he says quietly, eyeing me expectantly.

I quickly snap it in place then we're off. Like a bullet in the night.

I know why I need the seatbelt.

"If you don't like the music, feel free to change it. There are CDs in the glove compartment. We have a long ride ahead."

I bite my lip. "How long?" I whisper.

"Don't worry. I'll take you to…wherever you need tomorrow."

"Work," I tell him. My first day at the new job.

It's truly a new chapter of my life.

Still with me? *looks around, biting her lip*

Most of this story will alternate between how they met and their life in the present.

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