One chapter will talk about the past, one about the present until we reach the point where we began with the present. Confusing much? It keeps things interesting. ;)

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Present time

"Ready?" Edward asks from the doorway of my office.

I'm currently in the middle of a brainstorming session about the newest challenge we got—a new generation touch screen tablet that seems to be made for the whole family—anytime, anywhere.

I really don't like tablets. It may have something to do with the fact that Edward got his right before the accident, and afterwards? He'd have it with him everywhere he was in the house. He even let me snuggle next to him but never took his eyes and hands off that thing.

"Just a second," I answer, scribbling a few ideas on my notepad.

"Bella, it's nearly lunchtime. We'll get caught in a traffic jam and never make it on time," he protests.

"Go, Miss Swan. We got it."

I love my new team.

"Just call me if you need anything," I tell them, as I get up and grab my purse. "Let's go." I beam at Edward.

"How's it going, love?" He takes my hand, looking expectantly at me.

"It's going." I shrug. "Not my favorite project."

"Well, you know you can't win them all."

"Yeah." I nod. "At least I know someone from our company did this advertisement. We should stop this rivalry between teams. Seriously. I saw Sam trying to blackmail one of the new girls from Jake's team."

"Sam?" Edward frowns, glancing at me confused.

"Don't you know your own staff?" I groan. "Sam's on the Blue Team. Jake…remember? He was in your team with me from the very beginning? He's Yellow Team's supervisor now."

"I know the douche. Too bad he's good at his job. I can't stand him. Though, I still don't know who this Sam person is."

I shake my head. "Wavy shoulder length hair, tan skin, rather tall… ring any bells?" I joke.

We're in the garage by now, walking to his car.

"A woman?" Edward asks, looking more confused.

"A man, idiot!" I hiss.

"OH! Sam Uley! I know him as Indian Boy. That's how James refers to him."

I roll my eyes, because both of them can be such kids sometimes.

During the drive to the bakery where we're going cake tasting, I fill him in about the things Sam does just to steal some ideas from other teams, especially Jake's. Edward promises he'll find out why Indian Boy doesn't like Douchebag.

The bakery specializes in weddings from what I see in the windows, and even the big letters above the door are black and white, with a bowtie and veil covering them. Funny.

"This gets more real with every passing day," I hear Edward mumbling under his breath as we enter the place.

"Wait 'til December," I whisper, squeezing his hand.

He beams at me, his eyes shining with happiness and love. I rise on my tiptoes and peck his lips just as a short, plump lady in her late forties appears from a back door.

"You must be my twelve o'clock," she smiles.

"Bella and Edward," I tell her.

"Of course. My name is Maggie. Please, follow me," she says cheerfully.

We step into a large room filled with cake samples and different designs and sizes of real wedding cakes.

"What would you like to try first? Taste the cake or decide what kind you want and how you want it to look?"

Edward answers Maggie by walking to the table where a dozen plates are placed, labeled with the cake's name.

I give her a wide smile and follow my hungry man.

Of course, he's tasting some chocolate cake. I decide on a vanilla and raspberry combination.

"Brown doesn't work with the theme," I tell him amused.

"It will be inside the cake, Bella! We can make it all white and pink and however Alice wants on the outside."

"A chocolate cake for our wedding?" I pout.


"You don't want this? Here, taste it." He brings the small fork to my lips.

Oh, God. It tastes delicious.

It's not only chocolate cake, it has cherries or something in the cream.

"Good," I tell him, smiling.

"Just good?" Edward asks shocked. "Your face just now…it looked orgasmic."

"Shh." I narrow my eyes at him, glancing apologetically at poor Maggie. "I think a fruit cake will work better. I mean, think of all the food we'll have there. People will want something light for dessert."

"Okay, you win," he grumbles. "But I get to choose the top for the cake."

"Top?" I ask distracted, nodding.

"Yes, the bride and groom."

"Fine." He can't go wrong with that. Just two figurines.

A lot of cake tasting later, we decide on a wild berries cake with lots of cream and with two layers—one white made of butter and vanilla and the other black made of butter and coffee. It's an amazing combination. I never thought it would taste good when I read the ingredients, but oh, my God. As Edward said earlier—orgasmic.

Now to choose the design and the tops.

After much debating, we settle on three round layers, each decorated nicely with edible red and white rosebuds. On top, Edward finds a rather unconventional couple. The bride is in the groom's arms, her legs around his waist.

"Can you find something decent?" I beg him.

"How about this?" he wonders, pointing to a beautiful couple.

The groom is behind the bride, his arms around her, while one of her hands is cupping his cheek. It's lovely.

This being settled, we talk a few more minutes with Maggie, telling her to call us in case something comes up.

This was the easy part.

I'm dreading the dress shopping.


On Saturday, I'm stressed to the maximum about the day that waits for me, and Edward is in a playful mood.

I love seeing him acting silly, but not today.

Slob is extra friendly, too, staying only between my legs, not allowing me to prepare breakfast. Edward's laughing at my dancing skills as I jump and duck the dog.

The second the frying pan is off the stove, Edward's over me, kissing and nipping at my jaw. I melt against him, allowing him to distract me.

Sadly, when his wandering hands get under the large tee I'm wearing, the doorbell rings.

He curses and goes to answer.

I really needed this distraction, I think sadly as I stare after his delectable ass. His pajama pants are hanging low enough to let me see the curve of his ass.

"Why are you here so goddamn early?" he groans at whoever is at the door.

"We're here to get Bella!" I hear Vic chirping.

"Must you walk around without a shirt? It's not decent to greet your guests like that," Esme chastises.

Fuck. Are they all here?

"It's my house, Mom!" I hear Edward hissing just as Victoria skips in the kitchen. "Hola! Hey, old man!" She crouches to hug Slob. He whines and moves out of the unwelcomed hug.

Over time, I realized Edward wasn't kidding that first time. The dog didn't like being touched by strangers. He either barked or shied away.

"Hi, Vic," I answer, patting Slob's head which he's rubbing against my thigh.

"Mhmm. Pancakes!" she squeals and takes the plate and syrup to the table. "I knew there was a reason why I didn't eat at home."

"They're mine, you psycho!" Edward shouts, rushing into the kitchen.

My man loves my pancakes. He rarely even shares with me, so it's obvious he gets territorial when his sister is involved.

"I taught you to share," Esme comments, appearing in the kitchen. "Hello, dear!" She grins at me.

"Hello." I smile, sipping from my coffee.

"Are you ready?" she asks excited, while she separates her children who are currently tugging at the pancake plate.

I swear they're not even acting their ages. Okay, maybe Vic can act like a brat—she's a teenager and has just finished high school. But Edward? CEO? Please.

He sheds his grownup boss clothing when he leaves work.

I'm proud because that's my work. When we met, he used to be so strict and set in his little routine, it wasn't even funny. I got him to loosen up and live it up a little in his life.

Why limit yourself to only one room to eat?

Why have tons of movies and never watch them?

Why so serious when deep inside is a child waiting to play?

"This is how you act with Jim, too?" Edward bites, making me choke on my coffee.

I doubt their mom knows of her youngest's secret lover.

"Jim? Who's Jim, honey?" she asks confused.

Victoria pales before my eyes, and I'm afraid she's going to faint. Or puke.

Then out of nowhere, her fist flies into Edward's face before she flees out of the room, shouting that she hates him.

I abandon my coffee and rush to Edward's side. Shit. She split his lip.

I stroke his cheek as I dab his mouth with a dishtowel. I try to communicate through my eyes that he's in deep shit.

Seriously? To out his sister like that.

"What's going on?" Esme insists. "I better go check on Victoria."

"No, let me," I whisper. "Can you call Alice and tell her we'll be a little late?" I ask Edward. He nods, absently rubbing his cheek.

I kiss the red spot then go in search of my sister-in-law, or soon to be. Unless she kills my fiancé before the wedding can take place.

I don't have to look too far. She's in the living room, on what I learned to know is her favorite armchair—it's actually a beanbag. I always thought it was out of place, but then I met Vic. Edward loves her to bits and will do anything for her.

That's how I start my pacifying speech, actually.

"Edward loves you, sweetie."

"He has a funny way to show it," she mumbles, keeping her head in her knees. "I really hate him now."

"Vic," I whisper, going to sit next to her. My arms go around her. "You know he can't get used to this. James is his best friend, and you are his little sister. He'd hate to hurt his friend if this doesn't work."

"It has to work, okay?"

"Why's that? And I don't doubt it. I can see how good you two look together." I stroke her hair.

Victoria lifts her tear-stained face to look at me. "I…I'm…late…you know? I think it's just simply late, but it freaks me out."

"Holy shit!" I whisper yell.

"Yeah. It's just a day late, so I won't even think about…that."

I hug her again. What else can I do?

"You have to tell your mom," I add after some time.

"Are you crazy, B?"

"Not this." I giggle despite myself. "Tell her about James."

"She knows…that there's someone else. She sees I'm happy, but I'm afraid of her reaction. I remember how upset she was when Rose told them about Emmett. Now no one has a problem with him, but seven years make a difference when you're the teacher and your boyfriend is your student."

"From what Edward told me, Emmett wasn't her student, per se. She was just tutoring him."

"Same principle applies. At least he was eighteen. Like I am. And this is different. Jimmy isn't my teacher or boss or…" She hiccups. "I love him, Bella."

"I'll be there when you tell Esme. I promise."

"No need, Bella. I already heard it all."

We freeze at Esme's voice coming from behind us.

"Victoria, sweetie, I can't control who you date or who you love. Just promise me you'll be safe. I don't want to worry for you, but of course I will. James is so much older, and well, you're too young."

"That means you understand? You accept this?" Vic squeaks, keeping her wide eyes on her mom.

"Me, yes. Sure. Wait until we tell your dad," she snorts.

"If he throws me out, I always have their couch to crash on," Vic answers, nodding to me.

"No, you don't! We're engaged and still exploring our relationship!" Edward shouts from the kitchen.

Before I can shout at him, Victoria sighs. "Okay, I guess I have James." She beams winningly.

All hell breaks loose after her comment.

Esme shouts about her being too young to move in with her boyfriend.

Edward yells that he's going to kill his friend.

I simply slink away, drinking my coffee and watching the crazy family I'm going to be part of in a few months. God help me.

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