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December 2010

We arrive in front of a house with high wrought iron gates. I think we drove for one hour.

The house is on a street filled with expensive properties.

I feel like I'm the leading character in some fancy, Oscar winning movie.

Edward presses a small remote, glancing at me.

There's a glint in his eyes—lust.

I press my thighs together, hoping not to ruin the nice leather seat under me.

This man is so fucking gorgeous—almost making me think this is a dream. He's too good to be real. He has a mane of crazy hair on his head, sticking in every direction, a square jaw that I want to nibble on, I want to feel that jaw and the stubble covering it against my pussy. His slightly crooked nose—probably result of some fight—is gorgeous in its own way. Then there are his eyes—I still haven't seen their color right, but he has a deep penetrating gaze.

He has long slender fingers, muscled arms and a toned stomach.

We roll inside the vast yard while the gate closes behind us. Edward stops the car near the front door of the house, but he doesn't get out of the car. Instead, he flips the inside light on and starts rummaging for something in the glove compartment. I can feel his warmth on my knees, he's so close.

A giggle escapes me as I see there are kiss prints everywhere. His eyes cut to mine and I see their color. Forest green eyes stare intently at me, a frown on his beautiful face.

"You're covered in kisses," I explain. "I bet you liked it."

He scowls and keeps his quest for whatever he's looking for. "I just indulged my stupid sister. As much as I hate her, she's my sister and I had to accept her crazy offer," he says quietly. "Aha!" He straightens back, a pair of keys dangling from his hand.

I make to leave the car but Edward puts a hand on my leg. "Allow me." Then he's out of the car and jogging to my side, opening my door, bowing slightly making me blush and giggle like a schoolgirl. "My lady."

I bite my lip and look at him through my lashes. "Thank you, kind sir."

He grins bashfully, closing the door softly then he takes my hand and leads me to the front door.

"Isabella," he murmurs, stroking his thumb on the inside of my wrist. "Tell me." He unlocks the door, all the while looking at me. "Has anyone gone anywhere near your lovely ass?"

I gulp thickly, crossing my legs as a gush of juices threatens to explode. "Just my faithful purple Sparkly," I tease him.

"Sparkly?" Edward scowls, twisting his nose. "What decent guy has a name like that?" He shoulders the door open, gesturing for me to step inside as he keeps the door from closing.

I laugh amused. "Sparkly is one of," I whisper, suddenly feeling shy. My whole face is burning.

"Hmm. That means you aren't new to this? I'd really love to explore that area."

The door closes loudly behind us.

"Would you like that, Isabella?"

His voice is low, deep, mesmerizing and alluring.

"It's been a long time since I... You know..." I mumble, staring at my feet.

"I promise to be gentle and make it as pleasurable as possible. Though, I'm not obliging you," Edward tells me, letting his hand rest on the small of my back. "Let me show you around. Would you like that?"

"Yeah." I nod, hoping that seeing his great house will ease my sudden nerves.

He beams at me taking my hand once again before tugging me to what looks like the kitchen. Instead of switching on the light like any normal person, he has a small flashlight on his keychain and clicks it on and off a few times.

I'm about to question his odd Morse signal when I hear something moving around and loud breathing—sniffing.

Only now Edward flips the lights on.

I clamp a hand on my mouth to keep from shouting in surprise. I'm face to face with a dog. We're both shocked at the person in front of us.

"Hey, Slob!" Edward says loudly crouching and patting his thigh. The dog pads to him, eyeing me curiously. "Maybe I should have warned you," he says quietly, watching my frozen self. "Don't you like dogs?"

I try to smile but I'm sure I manage a grimace. "I'm more shocked than anything else."

He smiles, stroking the dog's head. "Well, this is my best buddy—Slob."

I thought it was a form of greeting not the poor dog's name. "What has it done wrong to own that name?" I wonder, shuffling closer.

"He drooled a lot on my lap. It was actually Slobber, but Slob stuck. Now he lives up to the name Slob—all he does is sleep."

"He's a cutie," I coo, reaching to stroke his fur.

"Uh, Slob doesn't really..." Edward trails off, staring amazed at his dog. "Huh."

Slob whines softly, closing his eyes and coming closer to me.

"Figures, the old fart will desert me for a beautiful lady," Edward mutters, striding inside the kitchen. I fight a smile as I rub behind his ears, watching as Edward prepares the dog's dinner. A loud whistle from him has Slob wiggling his tail and walking to his bowl.

"What breed is it?" I ask, leaning against the doorframe.

"Beagle. He's around six or seven years old," Edward tells me.

"Aw, poor thing."

"Yeah, I usually yell to him when I get home, but I heard he was awake and used the light trick. He's slightly deaf, one eye is strongly affected by cataracts and well, if I'd let him he'll sleep the whole day."

"Seven years isn't that old, is it?"

"It kinda is. Only few dogs get over ten or eleven, but I'm hoping I'll have him for a long time. I can't imagine life without him." He shrugs, watching Slob chewing his treats. "Anyway, on with our tour. And you, you be a good boy and stay here." With a final pat on the dog's head, I'm led to the living room.

The living room hosts only a white couch, two just as white armchairs, a coffee table, the fireplace and a shag carpet. There are also a few very expensive looking paintings and a large vase in a corner.

"No TV?" I ask stupidly.

Edward chuckles and steers me to the next room. This is probably the dining room since there's a large table in the middle with twelve chairs around it. Black wood with leather tapestry. Again, a few paintings hang from the walls here, too.

On the ground floor there are only two other rooms—a guest room and what looks like a home office.

Upstairs, I'm introduced to a large room to the left of the hallway. It houses an in-home cinema, great audio system, walls full of DVD and CD cases on a side and on the far corner of the room is a nook. A piece of heaven—I can see myself snuggled on that loveseat there with one of the many books in the large bookcase that occupies the whole wall.

"I love that part of your house!" I blurt out, pointing to the nook.

"And you haven't seen the bedroom yet," he whispers. "Come."

We cross the hallway and there are two doors. One is open and I can see a bed there, the other is closed.

My heart is beating in my throat as I take a step toward the closed door, thinking he's taking me there.

"No!" Edward jerks my arm back. "My bedroom's right here." He tugs me after him but I'm looking confused at the closed door.

"You don't have any crazy wife locked in there, do you?" I check.

His hand squeezes mine then drops it.


"Unless your name is Jane Eyre and my last name is Rochester then no."

A man that knows the classics. I'm in awe.

"No, Isabella. No crazy wife," he murmurs. "It's just me and ol' Slob."

Present time

At work I'm shouting at the youngsters I'm supervising. I remember how obedient and hard working my team mates used to be two years ago when Edward was my supervisor.

So much time passed…

Now he's the advertising company's CEO's right hand, which still makes him my boss. Thankfully, James—our boss, is very understanding about relationships inside the company. All he told us when he figured out there was something between us that he didn't want fights and tears as a result of a bad relationship.

At the time Edward and I weren't a couple—more like fuck buddies. Of course, we shared a laugh and told James that there will be no hard feelings if we didn't work out. That was until we realized we hid our true feelings behind all the kinkery.

I shake off the horrid memory of Edward getting hurt as I finally take over the new project. Just one of the people on this team is relatively smart and eager to learn more. So I take him to the side and work together while the others…I don't give a fuck about what they do. And I'll tell Edward that I hate my team. He'll probably fire them all, but I'm sick and tired of them. My previous team was so good, unlike these airheads.

You can't do well in advertising if you don't have a great mind.

But today I'm not much good for anyone—all I can think is Edward's confession that he accepts treatment to get better.

At home, I'm surprised to find Edward with Slob outside, playing. I nearly crash the car at the sight in front of me.

Edward's near the garage door, throwing a ragged toy and Slob goes after it in slow motion. It's funny as hell. But they're out—Edward's out, on his own without me prompting him.

I just park askew in front of the garage and jump out then rush to my fiancé. "You're out!" I exclaim, plopping on his lap and kissing all over his face.

He chuckles and hugs me. "I was never in the closet to be out," he jokes.

Typical Edward.

"You know what I mean." I kiss his nose.

"To tell you the truth, Slob wanted out and I opened the door…when he didn't return in ten minutes I came in the doorway to see if he died or something," he explains quietly.

"I see he's fine." I turn to watch the old dog walking a little faster, wiggling his tail, his tongue lolling out, eyes on me. I love Slob—he's the best dog ever.

"The fucker wanted to play. Heck, who am I to deny the old mofo." Edward shakes his head. "Anyway, I rolled out, grabbed the toy and we started playing…then we decided to head inside." He snorts. "I truly hope you have your keys with you."

I explode in a fit of loud laughter.

Figures, he locked himself out here. It was too good to be true.

"Aw, baby," I murmur, cupping his cheek. I kiss him quickly then get up, pat Slob's head and search in my purse for the keys.

Once inside, Slob goes to drink some water then drops on his basket while Edward goes to the TV.

Instead of becoming more ambitious to get better so he could reach the upper floor easily, my fool had people create a mechanism on the banister to help him to get there. Only Edward. I really think he loves that a little too much.

I heat some leftover lasagna and carry the plates upstairs. Edward's browsing through the movie DVD cases for something.

I grin, remembering how I corrupted him to eat while watching a movie. He had so many and never watched them. We rectified that and now I can say I've seen more movies in the past couple of years than in my whole life.

"Wait for me," I warn him, depositing the plates on the small table near the couch. "I'm going to change my clothes."

"I'm still searching for something we haven't seen..." Edward mumbles, chucking away the case he was inspecting.

I make quick work of my office clothes then jump in a cotton dress I wear in the house, put on a pair of warm socks and head to my man.

Of course, the movie's already running and Edward's plate is half empty. He gives me his trademark crooked smile and a shoulder shrug.

I narrow my eyes at him and plunk next to him, snuggling into his side. He wraps his arm around me, dropping a kiss on my head.

The movie choice is about the madness that involves preparing a wedding.

"Is this a hint that we should start working on ours?" I joke.

Edward chuckles. "Seeing what it involves...I'd rather elope."

"Me too." I nod vigorously. "But there will be people mad at us."

"Fuck them."

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