One chapter will talk about the past, one about the present until we reach the point where we began with the present. Confusing much? It keeps things interesting. ;)

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Present time

"Don't tell him!" Victoria hisses as we hear Edward approaching.

His eyes shift from me to his little sister then he jerks on the wheel and heads to the kitchen.

I put my finger to my lips. "Shh."

"Why are you here at the ass crack of dawn?" Edward shouts from the kitchen. Typical.

"To see my grumpy brother!" Victoria answers cheerfully, going to him.

By his loud grunt I bet she's hugging him. Then he's shouting again. "Where did you hide my smokes, woman?"

"On the table," I shout back because I'm too lazy to move.

We tried to quit a while back—it lasted one week. One week too long in my opinion.

They return to the living room and Edward parks next to me, stealing my cup of coffee which was on its way to my mouth. To pacify me, he kisses my cheek like that makes me feel better.

"Make your own coffee," I mutter trying to get my cup back.

"Aw, come on, baby."

I scowl at him and go to make another cup for myself. I hear them chatting and laughing. He's always been closer to Victoria than to Rosalie.

I'm dreading the moment he'll find out she's into our boss. I shudder and walk back to the couch. Edward maneuvered himself while I've been gone and he's sitting on the couch now, smoking and drinking coffee.

I pick the ashtray from the table and put it on his lap. "If you put ash on the couch, I'll kill you."

He peeks to his left side, away from my view then grins at me. I already know he put ash there.

He's such a kid.

"So…the actual reason I'm here so early…" Vic interrupts our morning spat.

"Here we go…" Edward grumbles, flicking ash in the tray.

"Mom made me," she whispers, biting her lip, eyeing me. "She wants to know the stage you're on."

"We passed every stage," Edward jokes.

I glare at him—it's not the time for dirty jokes. Especially not in front of his sister!

She looks confused.

"Is it planned out?" she asks surprised.

"I think we're talking about different things, sis," he says quietly.

Her eyes widen and she makes gagging sounds. "I don't want to hear about your sex life!" she wails.

"Then what the hell are you talking about?"

"The wedding," I explain.

"Fuck no."

"Fuck yes!" Victoria snaps making us both turn to stare at her shocked. "So what? I swear. I'm a big girl. Now tell me about the wedding. Mom threatened to not allow me inside the house if I don't come back with a positive answer."

"You can crash here," I say amused.

"Lie," Edward talks over me.

"How can you teach your sister to lie to your parents?" I demand.

"It's easy. If she thinks we're planning it, she'll lay off."

"Actually Mom said she's going to meet with Bella for lunch on Monday to discuss the details."

Panic bubbles inside me.

We haven't started thinking about….anything.

Edward fists his hair. "Fucking shit. Can you tell her we don't plan on having a wedding for a long time? I mean, look at us, do we look ready to get married?"

Victoria looks between us, sucking on her lower lip. "You know Mom, Edward."

"You know the saying about choosing friends but not family? So fucking true…." He rubs his eye, taking a gulp of coffee. "I will call her and talk. She needs to understand we don't plan to…tie the knot any time soon."

"Yep, definitely not ready," I agree. "People stay engaged for years, some don't ever get married."

"What she said," Edward whispers, pointing to me with his cigarette.

Vic seems to understand she won't win so she lies off. She starts telling us about high school while I offer to start breakfast, but she waves me off.

Edward shrugs so I settle back.

No one's hungry. Good.

Half an hour later, I close the door after Victoria and shuffle back to the couch. Edward opens his arms and I snuggle into his chest, sighing.

"Tired?" he asks, kissing my neck.

"I'm sore all over for sleeping on that couch," I admit.

He sighs heavily. "I wish I could say the same."

"Have you thought about calling the doctor?" I wonder, sneaking my hand under his shirt and tracing his side.

"I'll do it on Monday. Until then…can we just be?"

"Sure. What should we do today?" I ask, raking my nails on his stomach. I'm not even sure he feels it. I think he does because he takes a quick intake of breath.

His hands go to my hips and he turns me so I'm straddling him. "I'd like to get lost in you."

I grin and lean to kiss him. His hands go into my hair as I start rotating and grinding my hips into him.

It feels so good to feel him growing and twitching under me, his grunts, his panting, his lips on my face, his fingers pulling at my hair, moving my dress up my legs.

"Bella," he whines. "You're going to make me come."

"Isn't that what we're doing?" I tease, grinding harder into him.

"Stop. Christ. I want to be inside you…" Edward stops my hips. "Turn around."

Oh, we haven't used this position much because he complains he can't see my face. The only reason he stays behind me usually is to slap my ass.

I feel him shifting under me and I take the cue to help him move him pants down his ass just enough to have his dick out.

Edward palms my ass, slapping it lightly before helping me on his dick. I moan and lean forward, taking his whole length inside me. So fucking good. He realizes I can't move much from my position and he can't lift his hips, but he's inventive—so he starts moving me over his cock.

My hands squeeze his knees as I shout his name with every push and pull. I'm going to explode soon.

He may have realized it too because he raises me so I'm sitting on his lap, my back pressed to his chest, one hand molesting my breasts, one rubbing my clit. I reach a hand behind me a grasp his hair, slamming my hips into his, shouting as loud as I can as I come undone. I feel him shooting deep inside me moments later, his arm holding me pressed against him.

"I love you, Bella," he whispers in my ear.

I turn my head just so I can kiss his cheek. "Love you, too."

He starts chuckling, tracing small circles on my thigh, making me shiver in pleasure. "I may be biased, but the only motivation I have right now to get better is so I can fuck you like I used to."

"Any motivation is good. Just keep it to yourself if the doc asks you," I joke.

"Why? Let's keep it real. I've been doing exactly what I've done before…minus the fucking."

"You can't drive. You can't walk. You can't run. You can't walk up the stairs." I turn in his arms. "You can't mock my short height and how your back aches when you bend down to kiss me."

A few tears slip from my eyes.

"Edward, I still feel guilty. I want you to get better."

Sighing heavily, he brushes my tears away. "You're crying too much lately."

"I'm PMSing," I tease him.

"I wish you'd get back on the shot. I hate waiting to have you."

I roll my eyes and climb off him. "I'm going to shower then get lunch ready. You should check on Slob."

"You're headed upstairs anyway…push him down the stairs for me."

"Edward!" I hiss. "If I didn't know you loved that dog to bits, I'd say you're a brute."

"What?" he asks innocently. "Did you just call me a brute?" He grabs my wrist and tugs me back so I fall on his lap. "Did I tell you how much I love you today?"

"Five minutes ago," I answer, struggling to get up. "And don't get cheesy. It doesn't suit you." I finally free myself and skip to the stairs.

"Minx!" he shouts after me.

I find Slob sleeping in front of the couch in the entertainment room. I whistle loudly making his head jerk up.

"Wakey time," I call for him. "Edward's waiting for you downstairs."

His head falls back. He didn't open his eyes.

"Slob, don't make me come to you!" I insists, stomping my foot.

He whines and rolls around.


Ignorant dog.

"He refuses to wake up!" I call for Edward. "I'll be in the shower if you need me," I add then go to our room.

We rarely use it since we don't spend much time on this floor. Even with the mechanism, it's hard for Edward to get here.

For the past few months we lived on the ground floor. If he wants something from upstairs, I get it for him. Movies we can watch on the laptop, and most of our clothes are in the guest bedroom.

We spend most of the weekend in the house, going at it like the world was going to end.

I know Edward's worried about his appointment.

I know he's afraid of change, but sometimes change is good. It isn't that much of a change…he used to be able to feel his legs until that car hit him.

At five in the morning on Monday, I call the only trust-worthy person on my team—Seth. I apologize for waking him up and make him promise to keep an eye on everyone and take charge of them today because I'm busy.

Edward's shocked to see me in the kitchen when he appears there around eight.

"Why are you home?" he asks almost afraid.

"To get your ass to the clinic. I knew you wouldn't have gone if I left you alone." I walk to him, put my hands on the arm rests of the chair and dip my head down to kiss him. "I love you. You know that I want the best for you, Edward?"

"I'd have gone. Eventually."

I laugh and kiss him again. "Eat something. Do you want to shower before we leave?"

"I should. We reek of sex, but I do love my smell on you." He cups my cheek. "I have no idea how you can put up with me."

"It's not without difficulty."

As I fill the tub with water—might as well we both get washed—I try to keep the tears at bay. It's really difficult.

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