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Present time

As time passes, Edward is getting better and better. He can keep up his balance without falling and even takes a few steps but nothing big.

Of course, to get here was a bumpy ride.

Only a few days after he got the crutches from the clinic, I came home tired only to find him drunk, on the couch. He refused to talk to me and just locked himself in the guestroom downstairs.

That happened for about a month. When he came to work, he was much more irritable than usual.

I guess everything accumulated and he didn't have control of anything—Edward loved control.

The only thing that snapped him out of it was when Slob got sick after eating God knows what. Edward called me panicked to come home and get them to the vet. He still couldn't drive, so I left everything and rushed to them. I love that dog too much to allow anything to happen to him, besides it would crash Edward if the dog died.

He snapped out of his stupor after that trip to the vet. He was almost that Edward I once met and fell for.

I'm currently at a restaurant with Edward's mother—I've finally been corrupted to work on our wedding. I never thought it could be so complicated.

My head is swirling with all the information she throws at me—patterns, theme colors, music, guest lists and guest sitting, flowers, church, city hall, a place for the reception—I'm going crazy.

When Esme's not paying attention, I extract my phone from my bag and text Edward.

SAVE ME! Please, bb. I promise a lifetime supply of bj.

That should mean something, right?

I never went down on him, but heck, for everything is a start. I hope I didn't just sign my death.

"As I was saying, we need to find the restaurant first. Or maybe, a hotel special ballroom?" Esme's relentless.

I smile nervously, putting my phone next to my plate. "I'll talk to Edward…"

"No, sweetie. Leave this on us. Men don't have any sense."

"But Esme…" I protest, staring at my phone. "You know we talk about everything." If the blowjob promise doesn't do it, then I lost all hope.

Answer me, dammit!

"Are you trying to set your phone on fire with your eyes?"

I glance at her surprised. "Uh, no."

That's when it lights up and with a huge smile I open it and…

Sounds legit, though I can't save you. We kinda have guests - YOUR MOTHER!

"Holy fuck!" I shout then clap a hand over my mouth watching Esme worried. She probably hates me right now.

"Everything okay, sweetie?" she asks concerned.

"My…mother," I choke out. I can't breathe.

What the fuck is she doing here?

"Oh, is she okay?"

I stare into Esme's concerned eyes then nod. "She's okay…I can't say the same for your son. We must save him," I blurt out. "Quick. WAITER!" I shout, waving my hand.

Mom can be so insistent when she wants something. Esme has nothing on my Mom.

All the way home, Esme clings to the holder above the window, but I'm on a mission. I have to save my poor fiancé from my Mom's claws. She never really liked him.

The car's tires screech loudly as I park in front of the garage then I rush inside the house. Edward's in the kitchen, stirring in a pot. His head snaps up when he hears my violent entrance.

"Is there something wrong?" he asks, frowning as he looks out the window. "You brought my Mom over? Isn't it enough yours installed herself in the guest room?"

"That's why I'm here." I walk to his side and hug him. "Did she give you a hard time? You didn't fight, did you?"

"You can be so adorable." Edward kisses my nose. "We didn't fight. Odd." He shrugs. "Anyway, she started complaining about the dog being on the couch then she scolded me for smoking—" He looks over my shoulder, smiling. "Hi, Mom!" Then he looks back down at me. "Anyway, we're cool. I think."

"Is Renee in the guest room?" Esme asks, already making her way there.

"Try not to go overboard!" Edward shouts, dropping his forehead on mine.

"I have a plan, sweetie. I talked with a wedding planner. The problem is how to convince our mothers that she's better."

"You did?" He looks relieved. "I knew there was a reason I loved you."

I nod. The smell of burnt makes me turn my attention to the stove. "What are you doing here?" I inquire, going closer to inspect whatever he was making.

"I'm just heating the sauce for the spaghetti you'll make." He grins looking all kinds of adorable.

"Who says I'm making spaghetti?" I raise my eyebrow at him.

"You won't?" Edward pouts. "Not even if I beg?"

I cover his face with my palm, because I can't think straight when he looks at me like that. His lips pucker as he kisses my palm making me shiver in pleasure.

"Behave," I snap, pursing my lips. "Can you put some water to boil while I go change my clothes? Try not to make it evaporate."

"Ha, ha! You think you're funny."

"I thought I was." I peck his lips. "I'll be right back witcha! We have to tell our moms about my plan."

During our late lunch, I watch as our mothers bicker over different things about the wedding.

I'm sitting next to Edward at an end of the table while they're at the other end, facing each other. They usually get along, but apparently not when it comes down to overrated roses and beautiful freesias.

I clear my throat loudly, hitting my fork to my plate. "Uh, stop it already!"

"Bella, this is important. You finally decided to go with this weeding—which has been postponed for too long!" Mom hisses at me before turning to Esme. "Roses work for any occasion!"

"Mom, Renee," Edward says loudly, over their voices. "Just hear what Bella has to say and promise you won't kill her." He covers my hand on the table.

"You're eloping!" Mom shouts, horrified.

"Tell me you're not calling it off! I already talked at the restaurant!" Esme moans.

"What?" That piece of information sidetracks me. "Why would you do that, Esme?"

"Just tell us, already!" Mom looks at me anxiously.

I bite my lip, squeezing Edward's hand.

I'm suddenly sweating—this is ridiculous. I'm scared of our mothers.

"I talked to a wedding planner," I blurt out.

They stand up and I shrink into Edward's side.


"It's our wedding, so please understand that we want to do it the way we want! You had your shot when you got married, a hundred years ago," Edward tells them.

That kind of stops them and makes them ponder his words. They share a look and for the first time since we announced that we got engaged, I think they realized this is about us, not them.

"I overdid it, didn't I?" Mom whispers, coming closer. I stand and hug her.

"Something like that. You even got married twice, so let me enjoy this. I promise it's the only time I'm getting married." I wink, leaning down to kiss Edward. "Unless it's a vow renewing with this idiot, then there will be no other wedding."

"Hey!" Edward protests, dragging me on his lap, burrowing his face in my neck.

Esme is next to apologize, hugging both of us and kissing our heads.

This is too good to be true. After half a year of pestering us about this wedding, they are laying off.

Edward and I are instructed to go have fun while our moms clean the dishes. It's a nice change to laze after having eaten.

We go upstairs to our room.

Edward flops on the bed, face down. I prop myself against the headboard, phone in hand.

"What you doing?" he mumbles, slinging an arm over my lap and pulling himself closer to me.

"I wanna show you the site for the wedding planner company." I thumb through my bookmarks.

"We're finally fucking alone, without worrying about the parents bugging us about this and you start? Really? I just want to lie here with you…"

"Don't you want to see some pictures of the weddings she organized?"

"Bellaaa," he whines, taking my phone and throwing it on the other side of the bed. "Not now. Now…I just want you." Edward lifts my shirt and puts small kisses on my stomach making my muscles tighten. "You smell so good."

His hand starts tracing my thigh, going dangerously close to where I need him, but just as his fingertips reach my covered pussy, the door opens breaking our contact.

"I didn't interrupt anything, did I?" Esme checks, eyeing our red faces.

"It would be nice if you knocked, Mom," Edward grumbles.

"I'm sorry, my dears." She comes in and sits at the end of the bed. Edward groans and sits up. "Are we forbidden to get involved in your wedding? You must explain more about this company. I want to see what you do for your wedding—I'm sure you'd like to have a wonderful wedding day, Bella."

That's a low blow. I cave. "The phone's around there somewhere." I gesticulate to her.

My Mom joins us and that's Edward's cue to disappear, mumbling something about TV. I take my laptop because it's easier to show our moms the website and the beautiful weddings Alice organized.

The name of the company is so catchy and all the pictures from other weddings are ripped out of my dream wedding.

Put A Brandon Your Wedding is a small business, but I don't need something expensive or extravagant.

I promise both Mom and Esme that if I need their help, I will contact them, but unless I ask they are forbidden to get involved. Alice's ideas are exactly what I want—unlike what they had in mind.

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